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Forever Rider

Bleached bones of a fallen beast, Casting a shadow that points To the east, A cowboy rides out With a noose round his neck, Travelling north on a Perilous trek. The noose is a reminder That his life is not his, Not that he needs it To tell him the truth, He's atoning for sins Committed by him And the noose is just there For some proof. His horse pointing northwards, His spurs jab its flanks, It jumps on a journey It knows not to where, He has been advised If he gets where he must That he must handle all things With great care. Long weeks follow days, He ne'er stops for food, He feels neither hunger, Nor thirst or fatigue, His Horse is the same, Feeling neither hunger or pain, Though they travel on league After league. He stops on the brow Of a mountainous peak, To gain the bearings He felt he had lost. His eyes sweep the plains He travels in vain, Without ever revealing The cost. His life had been shortened For the most part by death, He had suffered For what he had done, His actions alone Had been the sole cause Of the loss of his wife And his son. And so for his torment He had been given a task, That he knew he must Always repeat, There was no respite And no task to be done And his journey would be Never complete. And so he rides on O'er the endless red plain, Destined as ever to Be all alone, And maybe one day His skull will be seen By another as abandoned Bleached bone....

Copyright © Simon Henderson | Year Posted 2012

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The Horse Affair

“Oh! That hurt!” I tried to duck as a vase smashed on my head,

“You rat!” my wife screamed out at me, her face was very red,

“How could you be unfaithful?” she raged at me again,

“I’ve found this piece of paper; so Sally is her name?”

“Now darling hear me out,” I said, “you’ve reached the wrong conclusion!

I can set your mind at rest; there is no real confusion,

Sally is a horse I backed; she was highly recommended,

A filly of the highest breed she’s really rather splendid.”

“Oh what relief” said wife to me “I’m sorry how I acted,

I doubted you, I’m so ashamed, I rather over reacted,”

“No worries” I said with a saintly smile “the incident’s forgotten”

(Even though my head did ache and I felt dazed and rotten), 

So I sat down and rested and soon fell fast asleep,

Until that is another blow stirred my slumber deep,

“Ouch!” screamed I, my head recoiled from a frying pan I think,

My wife was like a demon, was she the worse for drink?

“What have I done, why hit me again?” I shouted with a groan,

“Because you need to wake up - your horse is on the phone!” 

Copyright © Paul Hayward | Year Posted 2017