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If I were a boy, even just in a dream. 
I'll give my girl flowers everyday. 
I'd let her know how much she's loved 
and assure no tears fall from her eyes. 

If I were a boy one day I wake up, 
I'll kiss her eyes 'til she drops. 
I'll lay her down in a bed of roses. 
I'll carry her 'til we reach the heaven's door. 

If I were a boy even for an hour. 
I'll tell her exactly who I am. 
I will not cave in the shadow of my past. 
I'll give her the happiness that lasts. 

If I were a boy, 
I'd keep the love on fire. 
I'll respect my mom, sisters, and wife. 
I'll be my kid's greatest model dad. 

If I were a boy, 
I would be a real man. 
Who knows exactly what makes a man, 
who can't be moved by other woman.  

Copyright © Aiyah de Torres | Year Posted 2014

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Human or Humane

Human or Humane – Zamreen Zarook
The precious creature of the divine lord,
One differ from other as the playings of harpsichord,
Every single was a pass chord,
So as to go for their fatal reward.

Muscular system is a part,
Nervous system is an art,
Skeleton system is again a handcraft,
Things matters on the beauty of the heart.

Showing kindness and sympathy,
You become a man of empathy,
This leads to be healthy and wealthy,
Where as it makes your life lengthy.

Dummy body is human,
Love and kindness within it is the humane,
decide and alter your membrane,
Before you reach the torture of the hurricane.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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The Guardian Angel

Death tried to snatch my young life several years ago.
He came uninvited, and gave an ominous hello.
My husband and I were having dinner on a warm summer night,
Then something happened to give us both quite a fright.

Steak became lodged in my throat in the blink of an eye,
And I was close to kissing this world good-bye.
I could not swallow or speak, but was cool and collected.
It was my husband that was so alarmed and severely affected.

With no instruction he did the Heimlich Maneuver to no avail.
Minutes went by, with Death stalking me, about to unveil.
He was frantically crying and yelling, “Come on, don’t do this!”
But I began to pass out, and go into the final abyss.

I remember thinking, “This is how I am going to die…”
And I prayed for mercy on my soul from the Man on high.
As I went limp, my husband again desperately tried,
Then it finally came dislodged, and Death escaped his bride.

We were both shaken to know that Death had been so near.
My husband had saved my life… that was crystal clear.
We sat on the porch close, and thanked God for His grace,
Knowing His Guardian Angel had visited our humble place.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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H umble
U nusal
S exy
B ashful
A ctive
N ice
D elightful
Teresa Skyles

Entered in Crystal Wilkins"MY HERO"contest

Copyright © T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet | Year Posted 2010

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For the Fallen Hero

Holes are dug
The tents raised
Men and women salute
As they carry your body away

The flag draped over so graceful
Exhibiting patriotism of the brave
Honoring the risk you willingly took 
As we march in silence toward your grave

My fellow comrade, my partner
Forever my best friend
Life for us was just beginning
When it turned for a swiftning end

I felt my stomach tightly churn
When I saw your name on the list
Sinking back into the moment
We shared our final goodbye kiss

Now as they lower you down gently
My heart follows right behind
Though you can't be with me now in body
Our souls will always be intertwined
I'll be brave for our little princess
But I can't promise I won't weep
Watching her lay here with your picture
Cuddling it softly sound asleep

I tell her numerous stories about you
And she tries to memorize them all
But as the years go by it gets harder
When your face isn't as clear to recall
She knows her father is a hero
And not afraid to announce to the world
Oh my dear, how I see so much of you
In the liveliness of our precious girl

I know our parting won't last forever
When we're together as a family in Heaven
That picture is what keeps me going each day
Holding to the thought I'll embrace you again 

We will live to make you proud, my love
Though somedays are harder then most
Perhaps fallen but never forgotten
To your life we raise this toast

Copyright © Jessica K | Year Posted 2012

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A Write to My Husband My Hero in Iraq

Entry for Mystic Rose’s Contest~A Write to Our Heroes~Written by Gwendolen 

To My dearest Sweetheart,

Hello dear. It’s me again. I haven’t slept well since you left for Iraq. I don’t think I’ll 
ever sleep well again til you are back home in my arms again. Dear, do you know 
what you did with the keys to the shed? I was trying to fix the kitchen sink and I 
needed the plumber’s wrench that you always kept at your side. I also wanted to 
know if our home owner’s insurance is current? Do you see how every little detail of 
my life you are in the middle of it? Even though these are small potatoes, when I 
think of them I think of you because you and I have always been the dynamic duo. 
Life partners forever!
Darling, I had a dream about you last night. It was the most vivid dream as though 
you were sleeping right next to me. We were on a golden beach in heaven and 
there were sea gulls all around us. These birds were singing songs of adoration to 
God Jehovah and we were singing along with them. Each sea gull was keeping 
perfect harmony and we were echoing their words. It was a most amazing dream. 

When you get back home we must go back to the place where we had our 
honeymoon and get a fresh start. I want our marriage to be the best gift ever and 
I want to start all over from the very beginning getting a “do over” so to speak. 
Every mistake we have ever made in our marriage I want to do it over the right 
way this time. What do you think about this, dear? Let us throw our past behind us 
and start all over like a new sunrise with a new hope. I forgive you for all the times 
you have walked out on me and the children. I also have learned to forgive myself 
for all the times I was unfaithful to our wedding vows. I have no problems speaking 
candidly from my heart because it is washed new from the blood of our Savior 
Jesus Christ. He has done a wonderful transformation in my life, and I want to 
share Him with you when you return home. Our family is now covered by the blood 
of Jesus from you while you are serving the United States Army on the battlefield 
there in Iraq to little Jimmy when he is playing here on the playground in San 
Antonio. Our entire family is covered beneath the Almighty Creator’s protection! I 
wanted to share that with you, dear. 

I love you so much! Not a single moment goes by that I don’t think of our fresh 
beginning. I hope you want it as much as I do.
Always your loving spouse. Yearning for you to come back home to me and our two 
beautiful sons.

Abigail (your rose)

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2014

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My Hero

He did not whine, did not complain
   and never said, 'poor me',
but took his challenge by the horns
   to conquer tragedy.

Near eighty, fell on icy steps
   and ripped his knee apart;
with muscles torn and severe pain,
   it surely broke my heart.

Post massive surgery he dealt
   with wearing a stiff brace,
and sleeping always on his back
   with restless nights to face.

Determination and foresight
   gave him the strength and will
to bear the pain of therapy;
   make it a full-time drill.

It takes a hero to withstand
   sad times when life's on hold;
take on the task to walk again...
   this mighty job enfold.

A hero in my heart and mind
   my husband and best friend,
has met the challenge, won the fight;
   a 'trooper' to the end.

Sandra M. Haight

~4th Place~
Premiere Contest: My Hero
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged: 04/30/2017

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2017

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My Hero

He talks in sound-bytes, my husband does
He's a computer geek - Best ever was!

All day long, he computes and computes
comes home at night, plays Battlefield, shoots

enemies galore,
defending our shores

In the vast cyber-world he so loves!

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2007

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My Hero

My Hero
I played with a shy boy, when I was nine and he was ten.
He had a big party and left the country then.
His parents took him away, to the other side of the world
Never to be seen of again, or to be heard.

We talked about this boy that was nine, way back then.
I remembered him for ever, even when I turned ten.
I often wondered what had happened to him
This scrawny shy boy, quiet tall but very thin.

Seven years later; this boy came back on a ship
He was almost a man still thin, but nice lips.
He talked to me often and we became friends
He really liked my sister, but we made amends.

This boy, nearly a man asked me to go out
I thought you liked my sister, So what’s this about?
I thought I liked her, but I know she’s not true
I think that I would rather go out with you.

This boy nearly a man looked so sincere 
I agreed in an instant but, what did I hear?
They say he has girls all over the place
Oh well never mind, I had been in the race.

I gave him the elbow after some time,
I found then, that I missed this almost man of mine.
He asked for me back, a pest he became,
He asked for my hand, I thought that was lame.

He promised me faithfully, that he would be true
And he become my hero, I am telling you.
He’s more than a man a giant in his heart,
He still loves me dearly, We never shall part!

He saved my life, in fact more than once
So he really must love me, I took no chance.
He stands up for me on every occasion
This man I have loved since I was nine and he was ten.

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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My Hero

Everyone has a personal hero,
they look up to and adore.
Firefighters, Police Officers
even comic character galore!

Look at our Doctors and Nurses,
who selflessly save our lives.
Or at the unselfish husbands,
who idolize their beautiful wives.

What of our Social Workers who
help children who are in need.
And our wonderful teachers,
who help our children to succeed.

The world has so many heroes,
all worthy of their title indeed.
My hero is the American Soldier,
who ensures that we all are free.

He doesn’t ask for much, nor does
he require a throne to sit upon.
Just an ounce of true appreciation,
is all he needs to bravely carry on.

My hero will fight for causes that
we as some Americans see wrong.
My hero will go away from home,
to a place where he doesn’t belong.

He doesn’t do this for fame or money,
or for a promotional value to obtain.
He does it for this great nation and
all of us dwelling within this domain.

So you see my hero may not be classy,
or wear a tailored suit for all to see.
My hero is loyal and dedicated so all
of us will remain forever FREE!!!!

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2008

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The Hermaphrodite: My Hero

A defender of justice, my stately Viking icon 
A hermaphroditic mystery unfounded fears surrounding.
Reigns victorious over odium, an unlikely champion. 
This brave genius subjugates falsehoods by telling…

My husband is my hero having faced differences alone.
One true champion loves; my darling has forgiven many men.
Caring instead of detesting those with hatreds so well honed.
Knowing the lack of understanding when false judgments begin.

Compassion brings to tears any tragedy borne by others.
Brawn builds a safety net protecting me from foes.
Wisdom wields a loving way of relating to our brothers.
Great insight healed my weary heart and understanding grows.

Educated intellectually and spiritually inclined.
My warrior against evil defends God’s goodly ways.
The front-runner to forgiveness with happy hopes refined.
Walking along a righteous path, together strengthening, love stays.

The victor over loneliness, now, my heart does profess.
No matter whether judgment flies, reality remains.  
There is no greater love than our love, by God blessed. 
Except for the love of God himself that never distains.

© January 16, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Thanks for wondering, Sara, It is NOT metaphoric...it is reality! My husband was born a member of the third sex...called inter-sexed, these days. Lovingly, Dane

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2011

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King David and my David

I knew a little shepherd boy,
handsome and full of courage.
He once slew a bear,
with a hand bare of weapon.
He had snuffed out the life of a lion,
And giants were toys he could break.
He was strong at heart and body
A man after God's heart he was.
Yet, he had his flaw,
and was weak as any man could be.
He once hewed coal on his chest,
and was burnt to the marrow thereof.
Though, great pardon he got when he repented,
yet, the scare was too much to fade.
Biblical King David is my hero indeed,
For I have learnt from his strength and weakness.
Another David now I have.
He is my hero and prince charming,
A kind and loving husband,
who can give out his precious eyes, 
for another to know the joy of seeing.

Copyright © Modupe Sefunmi | Year Posted 2012

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My Hero, He's gone!

You're gone now with sorrow in our hearts
Thought that we'd never be apart.
You were my hero in my life,
and now, I'm no longer, "your wife"!

How did this ever happened to you?
Though, deep down inside, I'm hurting too!
With us being married for ten years long,
If you'd realized, what you did, was wrong!

Now, I moved on with no baggage to claim,
How I did realize, I must have been insane!
We had good times together, of loving me,
but now, you're not here, I set you free!

As I sleep at nights, I dream of you too,
but tears drip down with sadness of you!
I pray for your soul to keep in safety,
My prayers were answered, now I can see!

Copyright © Yolaine Armitage | Year Posted 2010

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A Hero Named Ray

Mrs. Jackson I am writing 
About your husband Ray.
How, in service to his country, 
He saved us all today.

The crew only saw his color, 
Another Negro cook.
No one ever really bothered
To take a deeper look.

They assumed he was a coward, 
Their label for his race.
They believed, he and his people, 
Needed to know their place.

But your husband kept on smiling, 
His spirit never broke.
And if someone was feeling low, 
Ray was quick with a joke.

But today, no one was laughing, 
When we went on alert,
Twenty seven sailors were killed,
And many more were hurt.

A Japanese fighter squadron 
Cut us off from the fleet.
Each time we tried to buy some time, 
Our efforts met defeat.

Through the fire, and hail of bullets, 
Ray ran out on the deck,
To the anti-aircraft turret,
Where he earned our respect.

He kept the zeros on the run, 
And bought time for his crew,
He gave the fleet the needed time
To come to our rescue.

But a kamikaze pilot 
Brought Ray’s life to a close.
Though not before he won the day, 
And saved us from our foes.

He saved my life, my ship, and crew, 
I am in awe of Ray.
It breaks my heart to tell you that
A hero died today.

Copyright © Mark Spencer | Year Posted 2011

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                                   My hero ; my savior, my saint, my friend,
                                   you come to my call to chase away the bad
                                   and make me feel safe, I've never felt so safe 
                                   as I do in your arm the security the knowing 
                                   nothing will go wrong so here I am safe in 
                                    your loving arms thank you my hero

Copyright © lisa killham | Year Posted 2011

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Making of the Hero

In hopes of reconciliation
Many times
I bore recriminations
For my rights
For silly things
No matter how much esteemed
In the craftiness of perverted selves
Though they pummeled me
Have never made me groan
As much as the lost of friendship
For which I sacrificed sense
And counterarguments
In vain
Against the stereotype
Of male despondency,
Against the hero's making
In the contradiction of his morality.

The strong man
Cannot break the silk web of mothers' dream
We the rotten corpse on fields of war
The great actors in stages
Of hunters' economics or the gatherers' politics
We the promulgators of great laws
Have only transformed a scripted memory
Written with mothers' tongue
And the facade of lamb's innocency.
So the strong man flutters
With the fragility of a butterfly
Caught against the image of the fruit.

Do you know what that means for fathers,
What it means for husbands and sons
What it means for boys
Bruised and bleeding but cannot cry
I loved that heroic picture still
The strong man carrying the world alone
But O what culture induced lie
Made us suffer so
When we are only pitiful flesh with a prop of bone?
We compare gifts on father's day
Christmas, and anniversaries
And smile that we are always left behind
And in silence
Take the status of lovers as rewards.

I have drones
Emasculated in embrace
And know
Only scorpions and salmons
Make the same sacrifice
Some say for children
Some say for genes perpetuity
It matters not the reasons
The lover is a special hero
And all his life
From battle front to cross
Make him such an other centered 
Pin cushion
Always needling for reconciliation
Sewing atonement to his heart
The perfect fabric of the sinner
And I for this, in this tradition 
Bears the vilification
For the fruit of good intention.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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Loving you came easy
As if it were all meant to be
What a precious gift in life
This “love” you gave to me

My love, my friend, my hero
My entire being and entity
Your “love” has quickly shown itself
And this “love” is not for me

What did they do to you?
My precious gift in life
For my love, my friend, my hero
Is quickly losing sight

Search deep within and find him
Find him once again for me
Bring back that special gift
Which was given upon to thee

My heart aches with torture
I feel the end is coming near
Come back to me my hero
Please take away this endless fear

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007