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Details | Haiku |
Now my tendrilled soul,
Has found its pergola-- Christ--
To wind its way up....

Copyright © EMMANUEL SAMSON | Year Posted 2007

Details | Acrostic |
Wind and frost have come to bite our noses while 
Images of glistening snow sparkle in the moonlight.
Nights in this valley have brought us a taste of heaven,
Tranquil scenes we see while taking our evening stroll.
Everyone in their houses getting ready for evening in silence,
Reaching home we cuddle drinking cocoa by the fireplace enjoying winter.

Judy Konos: The Lazy Contest 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
        Leaving the last days of August
          memories of the sea waves crashing 
        Tides that leave shells broken to find ~
        picnic memories ~
                      fireworks night 
                             Birthday cakes sparkle ~

    sunburns under a sage kissed dessert Moonlight 
         The Summer reminds us of happier days
             scents of coconut oil and lime 
            reminds us all of what is yet to come ~
              The rain comes down hard
          crying for all souls lost and left behind

             The birds fly in perfect form 
           reminding all of the September storm 
           begging for history not to repeat ~
                 ~   In war 
                        no wins 
                            only defeat ~
            two beams of light straight to the Heavens   
                stay through the whole month of September
                   they remind us to listen silently we stand still 
          For the city lives and breaths left with loss 
                    many questions unanswered remain ~
               Leaving behind August
                    entering Septembers fears ~

 I love this poem because it reflects on the past and the coming month in remembrance of history that took place September 11th 2001. In a way it is a oxymoron . from passionate summer nights to the fear embraced in the month coming :)


Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Autumn Rain

Walking down the old country lane 
I can feel the first drops of rain.
I want to share this joy with you, 
Express it as a divine view

Of how each droplet causes bliss,
The tenderness of heaven’s kiss.
I watch the mighty storm unfold
And feel God’s power to behold.

It may not be the same for you,
Nor I would not expect you to
Understand joy that makes me cry
As raindrops fall down from the sky.

For rain renews the thirsty earth,
Gives it a new beautiful birth.
So when autumn winds bring forth rain,
I smile and rejoice once again.

© 2013 Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |

                chilling breeze of swift Autumn leaves
                through a misty toned Lavender path

                 Feeling closer to Heaven and Earth

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Strange colored skies climb northernly this night
Calling our future with wild deamons eyes
Abscure as the creatures who answer the call
Wild are the answers of the reasons and the faults
Certain as the well swept winds
Alluring in it's grasp fought negatively through single wins
I pray twords the skies and it curdles and swims
Thoughts twords the sun and it scorches my rims
Carry me far enough I can be within your sights
Stash us away and the sun will be bright
Motors may break but oceans will be light
I will stay on the coast and wait 
The award I will do is make the evening a minute late
Parched is the gulf as the single minute breaks
Great is the second docks a seperate mans gate

The Earths crust slowly begins to crumble
It quivers, then quakes, it slowly opens, the rivers break
A star is born somewhere, a beautiful new star
Great is the struggle, born from the heavens a small light it makes

The new star pulls, it turns, then it feeds and it's fuel it burns
Gently it orbits following all things it understands
The new star bends it dances it stands
Tancing outwardly as creations comprehend

A continient wavers as the new star binds its brand
It feeds off of our oceans as our tides wash in
It goes just as softly forward and back
As the rays of its placement barrow up to the sun
We watch very carefully because it's damages are already done

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |
All sunny days gone
Lovely memories remain
sing a hymn.Amen.

Copyright © Rakesh Arava | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |
 S-  Silent
 N-  Nostolgic
 O-  Opalesent
 W-  Winter's harvest
 F-   Fabulous
 L-   Lumminesent
 A-  Arksending
 K-  Kraftingly coledged
 E-  Earth things
 S-  Snowfall

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
Spring is the most adored of all the lovely seasons,
its starts with blossoms, then ends with flowers;
in solitary landscapes the curious mind wonders
captured by beauty, it seeks the hidden mysteries!

Summer lets our sun reach the wondrous Celestial Sphere,
and standing over the extreme Zenith, it brightens everything;
sails and ships are seen in every sea and ocean glittering,
soothing breeze turns into a rapturous wind ready to interfere!

Fall has its own idyllic charm changing the green landscapes,
towards sunset they blend with the russet of the deep woods
unable to distinguish which is sky or earth that has no roads;
take an evening stroll and explore the bliss of sheer loveliness!

Winter is the bearer of calmness and profound reflection,
all the sound are hushed, even the farthest stars appear;
and who doesn't love this season of snow and redemption?
Look at the magnificent heavens, sigh to release each fear!   

Written on 4/7/2016

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

Details | Dramatic Verse |
Oh, tragic feather what is thy tragedy
No longer freedom gay or certian loft
How is this thy new translation
From a majesty, unto a wing thou hath mighty dropped

Were thou thus, shunned, cast away 
Or merely, cut out or off
As limb from downward spiral angel
Perhaps, a troubled finch or insanity in wayward hawk

Lie, if thou must, be it amidst a deafening silence, lonesome soft
But, I plead, please tell me fallen feather, what hath befallen thee
Thy tuft to ne’er evermore touch again
What life should be, warmth of the summer's breeze

Sleep, sleep now 'neath the alley's gutter greys 
Catching Weeping Willows damning drops
Adrift as the drowning lily dying
In seas of the myriad scattered rots

An accomplice I shall say, within a winter's willing white
And alas, buried ordinary in this doth the corpse delight
Far beneath the crowds held at bay and forever lost
Now thou hath become the naked grove of wicker and then...
                                   the more of naked souless crops

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2013

Details | Tanka |
All the stars are gold
As the moon within my eye
Scattered here below
Light of heaven, come to fall
Fall so soft within these eyes

Could I catch the breath
Such life that calls to awake
Long awaited grace
Hold me here that I may fall
Cradle me, Oh sweet embrace

Copyright © Christopher Steven Coan | Year Posted 2010

Details | Sonnet |
My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

Copyright © Ann Rich | Year Posted 2010

Details | Blank verse |
Some years ago there was a man in heaven and he gave gifts unto men,
I listen to the sound of Christmas all around me,
Glistening snow reminds me of loved ones in heave,
My daughter sings of silent nights alone with God,
There is no sacrifice great enough to thank him for his submission,

Sometimes we must stand alone, because that is what he asks of us,
But we are never alone,
The sound of Christmas envelopes us and says, “I see you.”
It whispers to us, “I love you.”
It caresses us with my daughter’s winter chilled cheeks,

Some years ago, there was a man in heaven and he gave gifts unto men,
And these tears I cry, are not tears of sorrow, or merely joy, but a sound.
A ringing of gratitude, that gently chimes with the gracious bells of salvation army reps.
A ringing of brotherhood, throughout the stores and slushy streets.

Yes, it’s true there is much sorrow in this world.
There is much pain,
There is much darkness,
Yes, there is much for us to learn,
And this sound, this wondrous coo of an incarnate God who loved me enough to sell his soul
on my behalf.
Who loved me enough to sell himself to sorrow.
There is no better melody.
I am enraptured by flowing snow that tell me sister that she is entwined in a beautiful
My father in law shot himself, but the coo of my incarnate Krishna, of my child Savior
whispers to me that he is at peace.

There is much sorrow to this world,
And my soul is often heavy,
And there is this sound, this sound of brotherhood that assures me, that my sister will
stop cutting herself and men will live in harmony.

This sound of Chrismas.

I tell you there is no greater glory than to know that he chose us,
He chose us for this moment, to know that Christmas is risen,
And it gives gifts unto men,
With the sound of a babies coo,
And a man’s sacrifice.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
There's no heaven above me 
and this world's trying to bring me down
Thinking what goes, will come back round
But there seems to be no heaven above me 
And the worlds getting ugly
I'm searching for comfort 
but your arms, they don't want to hug me
I guess there's no heaven above me 

Sitting still in this storm, Calm, and i can't breathe
Running homeless for days and I miss Autumns leaves
Vacant are my tears But i can't breathe
Rain falls from my eyes But i won't leave

Take me to a place Where i can live
Flowers no longer growbecause man can't give
At the bus stop But i won't turn
My patience's fatigued But i won't learn

I believe in me and i believe in you 
i believe we hold the truth and it will see us through
Crystals no longer shine for champagne is trust
When it's all said and done, again i'll see your dust

There's no heaven above me 
and this world's trying to bring me down
Thinking what goes, will come back round
But there seems to be no heaven above me 
And the worlds getting ugly
I'm searching for comfort 
but your arms won't hug me
I guess there's no heaven above me 

"Sometimes we go through things 
and there seems to be no end in site, 
Smile, because there could be"

angels, demons, bad luck & Champagne

Copyright © Jerry Golden | Year Posted 2010

Details | Rhyme |

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What If…   Christmas Never Came???

What if Christmas never happened?  
What if Christmas never came?
Things around here would be different! 
It wouldn’t be the same!

What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger?
Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger!

If the baby Jesus wasn’t born.  There would be no nativity.
We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.”

It’s almost like this now! 
 It’s an “ever increasing business.”
It seems like nearly everyone wants
  “Christ out of Christmas!”

Why does it seem like Christmas is 
 losing it’s true meaning?
The very words; “Merry Christmas,” 
seem to be quickly disappearing!

Many say; “Happy Holiday.”  
They worry they may “offend.”
Having a “holiday” without Christ….  
Once again!

We need to put Jesus Christ back into 
our CHRISTmas season!
He is what Christmas is about!  HE is the very reason!

May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth.
May there be shouts of JOY!  From the corners of the earth!

Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration!
We need him so much right now! 
 All over this great nation!

May we bring to him a heart of love
 for everything he’s done.
As we bring honor to Christ.  God’s precious son!

May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise!
Not only at Christmas time…  But all of our days!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
Your kiss from Heaven,
Is what I would call
When the skies open up
In Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

In Wintertime your kiss it comes
With different snowflakes everyone.
The way they linger on your face
Like a lover's longing gaze.

In Summertime you feel it when,
The sunshine fades and the rain begins.
The gentle rain touches your skin,
Your gentle heart begins to spin.

The Spring brings hope once more renewed,
Warmer days chasing Winter's blues.
Your heart turning to thoughts of romance,
rising as those growing plants.

In Fall or Autumn properly named
The kiss you feel is unashamed
When Autumn leaves from the trees do fall
And touches your nose, do you recall?

The seasons each bring us that kiss,
Each is a moment to not be missed.
For each of them is Heaven sent,
Reminding us to not forget!

Copyright © David Brown | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
Walking with the love of my life in light drizzle, hand in hand to breathe the fresh damp evening air, and view the late sunset's glare as the end of summer preludes with crickets' hymn and night birds sing that razed the fire trees last majestic bloom Amid the howling cur, not a care in the world, we share one heart for that is all we have and need, so richly blessed we found True love Though seasons change, as they surely will, when leaves shall fade and fall to icy white, well keep the warmth in each other's hand. Till the last twinkling moment, we let go, to walk ahead, and wait until once more hold hands, to walk in love on that endless summer day that never fades away

Copyright © Jun Gonzales | Year Posted 2017

Details | Haiku |
A burst of freshness
A fountain of flowers sent
Perfume everywhere.

Copyright © LEON WILSON | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |
With Christmas day almost here 
I wondered do the angels share this time of year
Do they hang Christmas lights
To make heavens Christmas bright
Are all the stars that i see 
Twinkling lights from their Christmas tree
Is their gift a fallen feather with the ends painted gold 
Or are they all sewn together making a quilt for the cold
Do they have garland made from twigs and berries
Or shortbread cookies topped with a cherry
Are the stockings made from fluffy white feathers 
Do you sing in twos or gather together

Copyright © colleen laforme | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |

I felt it heaven in my attic room 

Overtaken by a silent peace
through parted curtains
I saw it was the snow had
come to veil the land with
ribbons from the sky.

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins

Copyright © kathryn collins | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |
we walked around heaven all day
just like they said 
walked around heaven all day
but the greatest part about heaven
i keep thinking all the time
is that in heaven there is no illness
not even in the mind
everyone can walk and every one can talk
we have eyes that can see the farthest star
but the greatest rewards in heaven 
you feel them with your heart
remember that old dog
you loved so well
well when you get to heaven 
you will see him there
and all the folks that prayed you 'd make it
with tears in their eyes
mothers, fathers, uncles, friends
to them it was no surprise
you can't stop shouting "Hallelluia"
when you see your children there
but never give up hope
when someone isn't there
often times in heaven 
Arch Angels come around
Michael, Gabriel, Raphael
and the gate keeper Uriel
And the multitute said
Alleluia! salvation and glory
and honor and power
and we all knew that this was the hour
back to the world went
The Word Of God
riding on a white horse
wearing a robe dipped in blood
the armies of heaven followed close behind
dressed in clean white linen
everyone knew it was time
then began the thousand years
called the Millinium
and the souls of those beheaded
were raised to reign with him
(To be continued)

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2008

Details | Free verse |
Dear Abba Father,
Your people are searching for water
Their thirst lingers on their tongues
And I know, that I have read your: WORD
And that You're the Healing One
Please bring them peace 
From their own lack of immortality
Help them understand that you
Live in them; active and free
Your love is captivating
Your comfort floats beyond the way
And even when they hurt themselves
You still ask them to stay;
Stay where this is protection
Stay where there is peace
Stay where there is no more restless nights
Begging to the air on their knees
You already know their calamity 
Their ills, their wickedness barks. Oh! The creep
And yet, you shelter and engulf them
In your Compassion as they lay their heads on their pillows
To sleep
You are worthy.
All glory and honor will always belong to YOU
In the Supernatural, Mighty and Powerful  name of 
Jesus Christ, Yeshua. The Son of the Living GOD 
I pray. Amen.
And Ever 

August 17, 2016

Copyright © Jalysa Dalmida | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
Raise your tired head and touch the fading sky,
 The summers last orange glow, 
Behold with your wondering eyes.
Soon the leaves will turn and the season will pass,
Winter will arrive, so I say loudly,
Tip heavy your sharing glass.
Grow with me as I watch over you so tightly,
Blowing softly into your flowing hair,
I’ll kiss you oh ever so slightly.
You’ll turn to me with such love within your eyes
Looking after you never we do not fade,
Never do we lose sight.
Yes summer is gone and fall is yet so near,
Soon the snow will be ever so great,
Our white blanket of trust,
Sheet of our faith cover us.
 Heavens white cape.

Copyright © Kenn Hubbs | Year Posted 2009

Details | Lyric |
Most cloudy, sunny days
Many people lonely
Yet they live
No reason to gather together
No one loves anymore
Holding hands is a new role
So I let in the rain
Until the Son comes again
I let the storm wash
My sadness
Jesus the rains gone you dried my sins away
Now you shine and it's a  cloudy day
I'm gonna let God and not the storm wash my sadness away
I come together for my fellow humans
And I pray one day in heaven
I'll get that big hug
One day in heaven there be just love

written by James Edward Lee Sr.

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017