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Details | I do not know? |
The poem with no name.

There is a black raven at my tail, as I walk down the street;
It foretells me my tale will no longer taste so sweet.
The end is nigh, I hear from upon high;
In darkness I hear, the shriek of the beast.

I am coming to meet you, my maker;
Are you sure you are ready to meet me?
I will courteously scream at you, what have you taken away?
My life, your judgment; what a price to pay!

Too short was this living; your retort had better be good!
No I don’t understand!  Who on Earth could?
This darkness you befell upon me is bitter indeed;
Without you to blame and scream at, what have I left to bleed?

A soul snatched from this world and elevated beyond this life;
In God’s eyes I find meaning, to my premature demise.
What countless men before me, have suffered the same fate?
I see two angels at God’s shoulders; I guess he sent his Devil away.

I kneel before benevolence and beg for forgiveness.
The voice of angel’s raise my spirit;
Their songs of joy are relentless.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |
When one speaks of the Lord
In his presence an Angel shall bow
For if the words are true and pure
The Angel must keep their vow

There are many who will blasphemy
Holy Father let them hear your name
So they may open their hearts to your words
And not bury their heads in shame

But for those who are obedient
In your name are hurt and hated
Lord, send them your Angels for comfort
And the mansions you have created

Oh Lord, in thy Name we open up our arms
As we pray, protect us from these earthly harms.

March.11.2016   ^WW^

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
The Name Above Every Name “ 9Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name,10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Phil 2:9-11 NIV Christ took the nature of a servant And was created in human likeness. He humbled himself before all; His obedience provided our righteousness. God exalted His humble Son And gave Him The Name Above Every Name. At this name every knee will bow, In heaven and on earth His praise proclaim. Every tongue will confess That Jesus Christ is Lord of all. He glorified the Father above And harkened death’s necessary call. He made us children of God; Changed from slaves to heirs instead. The Name Above Every Name— The lamb of sacrifice to wed. The Name Above Every Name Is upon the lips of His faithful servants, Not through force but love alone; The Holy Spirit's implants. We should be so grateful, That Christ died for us to be saved; That He rose again from death’s pit; Eternity on our hearts engraved. The Name Above Every Name Is to be glorified for all time. Let’s worship Christ and give him thanks, For His love so heavenly divine. Let us shine like stars in the evening sky, So that all who look up will see, The Name Above Every Name, To be worshiped for eternity! Copyright © 2011-2012 Maureen LeFanue Featured in my Easter Poems Book published 2012 www.maureenlefanue.com

Copyright © MAUREEN LEFANUE | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
If our love were ever to become a gamble between the gods, And the Lord and the Devil both desired to see us flawed, I would make my plans for deicide and, as a mortal, face the odds. First I would build you a castle and hide you far away, So no god could find you or take you as his prey. They would have to go through a man if they wanted to get their way. Then I would fashion a sword of the most wonderful elements. Sharper than Satan’s wit and greater than God’s blessedness, I would wield it into battle and redefine the Exodus. Through the gates of Heaven and across the plains of Hell, I would meet the gods wherever to confront them where they dwelled. Yea, a mortal man I may be, their homes would be expelled. And if I should fail in my quest for our love, The gods would at least regret their gamble thereof, And I alone would stand as the martyr who set you above.

Copyright © Bruce Coates | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
I remember like it was present day a week before my birthday
On a Tuesday, Teen court every Tuesday
Some unusual about this Tuesday
Cooln with my Uncle Jerome O E's steady too the doom
My Cousin Eric came to visit home; Auntie Marinete White feathered home
Planned a midway visit at his home
And Uh hm I remember when Eric drove off, parked the brakes, Aunt And E said their daily goodbyes Aunt waived
If I had knew my final goodbye, phone ringing yo final goodbye
I'll never question God why the torment in my throat box tie
Cabbage stew your favorite healthy
Clouds are the dust from Lord God feet a cloud image of Aunt Said hey
Would you know me In the Heaven's sky
Star on earth sin wrapped around yo necktie
Would you know me if I said hey if you do If Its The Lord Will nephew would reply
- Loverboi

Copyright © Kenneth Melvin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
My name may not be special, and it may be very plain,
It may be John or Mary, it may be Mike or Jane.
But I know a name that’s sweeter than any name on earth,
And this is that great season we celebrate His birth.
One day a special angel named Gabriel came to say
Unto a virgin woman, “You’ll have a son some day,
And you will call Him Jesus, for He will come this way
To save all of His people from sin and sad dismay.”
That night there in a stable this precious child was born,
And now we celebrate it on every Christmas morn.
His name is far more precious than any name before
For unto you was born then the Savior, Christ, the Lord.
One day He died on Calvary His blood to shed for me,
To give mankind salvation abundant and so free.
I bowed in prayer to trust Him, forgive me from my sin,
He wrote my name in heaven, a new life did begin.
So now this Savior Jesus is the sweetest name I know,
He knows my name in heaven where some day I will go.
If YOU don’t know this Savior, He calls from heaven above,
“Trust My name for salvation, receive My gift of love.”
And when you do, He’ll give you eternal life so free,
And write YOUR name in heaven, forever there to be!

Written for our children's Christmas program at church, 2011

Copyright © Clarence Billheimer | Year Posted 2011

Details | ABC |
Verse 2)
Grandma Willie Mae ,March 14th and a K

Back in 90 Jr birthday; The Gilcrease DNA

The A between M & E Grandma are you missing me Pontiac Phoenix
heart Key

Driving me crazy, memories of when I use to Z

Mash Potatoes sound yummy and Seven Kids said Mommy

Would you know me if I mumbled

Will it be the same like Double

Click It Or Ticket so I buckled

And Um If there's A Will grandson may Add a second to your life

20 10 Eternal life a Life tag and a price

20 acres my Grandma life the old skool smelling of rice

Killing snakes sharp like a knife President and Vice

The sweetness of you is in Pooh's hive your Baby Son is married to the same wife

And Grandma I have a question would you know my name in Heaven if so that's a Blessing
- Loverboi

Copyright © Kenneth Melvin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
No other Name under Heaven
   can bring you forgiveness and grace.
No other Name under Heaven
   gets you to that eternal place.
He came to earth a we baby boy
   to ransom man and bring him joy.
       No other Name under Heaven.

No other Name under Heaven 
   can ease so much sorrow and pain.
No other Name under Heaven
   can make you brand new again.
No other Name can bring you such peace
   and provide a comforting,blessed release.
      No other Name under Heaven.

No other Name under Heaven
   conditions your heart like Christ can.
No other Name under Heaven
   paid the debt for all sinful men.
No other Name under Heaven above
   brought down to man the power of God's love.
      No other Name under Heaven.

No other Name under Heaven 
   provides the strength that we need.
No other Name under Heaven 
   gives love that is totally free.
No other Name under Heaven so high
   fills us with peace when He hears our cry.
      No other Name under Heaven.

Acts 14: 12

Nov.6,   1987

Copyright © Judy Radach | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
Won’t you come in Jesus’ name?
And allow him to remove your shame?

Won’t you come and bow down before him?
And give him your praise? Worship and adore him?

Won’t you come?  Your name, he’s calling!
The time is now!  There’s no need for “stalling.”

Won’t you come, and let him refresh you!
He wants to change and really bless you!

By his blood, your sins can disappear!
His love for you is very evident and clear!

By his word, you can be made brand new!
You can be changed, and totally renewed!

By the time this day is over and ended…
Your life can be forgiven and “amended!”

By the time you may  feel like you’re alone…
Why not invite him to be the lord of your home!

By the time you think about how you’re living…
You can receive all, that God is giving!

Come one and all!  And sit at Jesus’ feet!
Only his love can make your life complete!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Verse |
Sometimes in Virginia when the scorching madness of xenophobia conspires 
with a fragile, violent countenance, I fall to the darkest, bitter poison.
And in that carnage, a nation learns of impending destruction.
But the sounds of heaven like an unstoppable flood, poor over New Orleans and 
comfort forlorn victims of embedded justice.
I am men, putting women in cages for birds, beautiful yet bound, loved but 
I am women, forsaking my sisters as they struggle to understand my privilege.
I tell you I am a paradoxical reflection of power and fear, love and vengeance.
And I am unstable.
And when the weight of unpaid wages reaches the precipice of doubt in young 
impressionable prisoners of comparison, husbands shoot their children and run 
to the abyss.
But I tell you there is a sound of redemption in Jill Scott prophecy and Bell Hooks’ 
gentle wisdom.
I tell you there is a sound of heaven that leaves me fearless, come what may.
Today, I went swimming with my daughter with a final exam the next day.
And in that moment, I knew that this crucible, does not rule me, bind me, or 
define me.
Whatever this is, this unstable suffering of paradoxical reflection.
It does not rule me.
For I am an image of a sacrifice so sublime, that the gates of hell, pain, 
conquest, or corporate idolatry cannot stand against it.
And in the end, I know peace forever.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007