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Details | Free verse |
Grey clouds the innocent sky ambushing light turns dark 
stumbling over a tombstone opening up cold graves

When eyes become frozen behind scenes in hidden truth  
as a weight deadens upon the shoulders without hope 

A ghost from past experience consumes the present 
and golden sands blacken beneath your feet fallen one
Deep undercurrents strains awaken in the ocean 
Invisible cloaked dagger pierces without mercy

I pray waters calming find peace in this mortal frame
as the whirlpool of desires casts an ominous spell

Upon the sea of life Satanic storms enter Hell
and exudes within the malevolent clouds failure
Forgiveness stands at the crossroads beholden no more 
within promise of a dream transparent through the rain 

As yellow moonlight draws one pathway clearly cutting  
brings you safely home to love under a fragile roof   

Under black currents of loss when the heart returns beat 
in the last teardrop sorrow remained faithfully loved 

In collaboration with The Irish Poet Liam Mc Daid 

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
A hole in the head shooting pain trembles
nightshades coldly down the spine
a soul lost in the land of the living
carried away in darkness
flying inside dark clouds holding just a dream

Distant thunder roars lightening splitting cracks
sure as the crow flies crawling opens hells gates
dark jewels of the night
charred remains churning in a cauldron
boiling goodness tears of thoughts

Piercing screams spawning nightmares
holding a promise once made
walking in a valley amongst the dead
shadows now smile hearing animals scream
as the moon plays silver dancing light

Dreams snatched away from reality
the crow calls echoes in silence
victims of this world howling over and back
tragedy cries in their pain and suffering
eyes seeking light
whispers through the branches
a heather bleat creature of the night calls

Haunted by humans chained to the earth
awaiting shadows and sunsets 
a cursed banshee wails supernatural screams 
from everywhere and nowhere

Mind numbing winds passing through
a white silhouette shredded shroud
around a heart entombed
in agonies' twilight shades clouds darken
storms brewed stirring specters chase the wind

Cold rains become lost tears
the willow weeps in eternal sorrows
a lament for the dead
as the silver crescent moon smiles goodbye

Blends in clear as day after sunrise
forgotten in a valley of unrest
death bell's toll out from the past
onyx feathered crows call painful cries

Forever seeking heaven's gate now sealed
that promised choice was lost ages ago
only burning hellfires
or cold earthworms await

Written by: Liam McDaid & Kelly Deschler

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2015

Details | Narrative |
In Michigan, the weather can change for the worst in October.
This particular Halloween came a blizzaring.
The lights went out and in a dark, dark room, candles were lit; therein, the opaquest 
narrative was captured.
* With the shape of With figment With look I will invent the human. Through the mind Via light With aspect The being I will project. I saw sadness. It stared directly at me. I gazed back. It begins to glare. I looked away. Why am I afraid? It is an ape, a primate. With child fists, I walked toward this apelike creature and strike out. Finally, I saw more than eyes and it pounces. It is a little child as a man. My hands represented some insight. Would we fight? ** The universe stood as earth. Solar we are to the sky above. Humanity shouts with a hoarse voice. Man, woman, and child stands as an echo. God sent the demons. The sinners are all of us. Through commandment of what Hell is Heaven is not. Demons are with God. The Pacific Ocean is the end of the world. It runs east and west. Why do we not investigate this? [Because our capabilities are limited!] Are we afraid of what we will find? We discovered each other and now we hesitate. Procrastination is a thing that delays knowledge. Are we wise to seek? Demons are with God. Are we? *** Body [body] {Body}! Gut (gut)! Skin and bones wake up! I am a reincarnation of that that is not known. Many have come before me but none was as I am. I am the body for the human to gut a man. However, women are now involved and they want to be in the belly. Instinctive they are but this was only for man to do. Why do they want to be that damned fool? Unconscious to the world that they are within, one would ask self why they want to be like men. The answer becomes to fit in. What if there is one left out? The answer becomes their bodies have been gutted and they are only GI. **** The Moon has no Gods. The Sun is what speaks to us. It tells us prophesy and what the world shall become. We are mongoloid, brown and bronzed spiritual to our existence. Our tribes are of North America. A hundred plus [we] stand[s]. Our land is our strength. We fought. We won. We lost. Died from disease but gave birth once again. Our population stands now and we are healthy. The European man has given our wisdom and knowledge. Our minds are set on our economic growth. We will become political minded. Five hundred nations are we those lost tribes of our history. ***** The mockery of man is a stance of incorrectness. It transforms through government and states that your freedoms are not anything to believe in. You, as people, are nothing but possessions and no one knows who is blessed. You are lucky to be here. Your way of life is given by our nation’s wealth. We are brought together as immigrants and the natives of this country are indigenous. We cannot pretend that we are more than that. We must pedestal ourselves to unity and know that people are only structure to adhere. One came for liberation. Others came via slavery. Nomads were unbound. They let them in yet they were said to be uncivilized. Today we are unified. We are the United States of America bound, bonded, and realized. {We are gratis; free to form our own lives.} ______________________________________________| PENNED ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Angel of Death,
Cloaked in black.
With black scaled wings,
Upon her back.
Angel of Death,
Coming for me.
As soon as I sleep
Then dead I will be.
Taken by the night
It swallows and consumes me.
Now I am the angel
And death becomes me.

7th Grade

Copyright © Andrea Rose | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
                         Born with pain
                     Grown with misery
                           Lived in dark
                        Longed for love.

               Then you came, As a boon.
        And then sparkles showered all over..
             And then life stared once more..
                            Time flew
           All your promises were broken
                         My heart too

                              You lied 
                           Truth killed
                              You left
                  I was broken so deep
                 And then I looked back
              And then again the old me 
                 And then back to dark

                     Tired of loneliness 
                         Tired of sorrow 
                         Tired of misery 
                           Tired of pain

                             And then.... 
              A rope was around my neck
              Where years back chain was... 

                         Buried so deep
                       My emotions too
                   Now in eternal sleep...

                      And then no pain 
            But still in dark of happiness..

Copyright © Manu Ranjini | Year Posted 2017

Details | Dramatic Verse |
My Dad was Chicagoan.
He would light up a room just like my Mom. 
He loved to fish ! He loved his beer .
He also designed a Octagon home in the 70's 
Built custom by hand . I was very proud of Dad .

Alcohol hit our Family , a curse .
He left my Mom when I was 14 in Illinois.
To renew in California , leaving a trail of tears .
Meeting my step mom , my sisters age .
My 2 sisters they were accepted in her world . 

Not I , I looked too much Like Mom . Told this all my Life . 
She a petite Beauty , RN , real estate Broker .
I did not see why it was wrong to be like mom ?

I moved in with Dad, His new Wife , and 2 sisters 
eventually . All three women were competing for my Father .
I was kicked out at 16 yrs.

Years do pass , you try and accept people places and things .
At the end of Dads life , he was calling me once a week .
I ordered a Engraved Clock for the Fathers day coming.
This was a issue for the Wife and sisters , never invited to his new home , 2 Decades ~My little Brother & I , never wanted .

Dad passed suddenly one sad Spring Day . Not one word from his wife , all 3rd party,  how and when,  Dad Died . being denied the right to his address , even to say goodbye .
Not being able to send my engraved clock . 

 "Dad Passed " received call  from sister whom just stayed a week with me ,  I took her all around the sites here . "1st day I get call , you should come , 2nd Day after , Dad's been cremated already . " It was a lie.

I went anyway , finding the funeral home, the Funeral Director was appalled at the denial displayed.

He insisted I was given 10 minutes alone with Dad , my Birthright to say Goodbye , he was in dismay over the Hostility towards a daughter ~

I get to this room of mean relative's. His sisters , Mine, angry looks , hearing from a Aunt "What is she doing Here ! " I can't give nor reason or rhyme. 

 Shame to you and all that participated that wicked day.
 Are you Glorified with Power?  Denied the right to grieve , 

 Left with no sane answers to give in hatred received by Blood . Some , just Spouses , telling me I had no right to Say Goodbye to my own Father , My DAD .

My Dad wanted me there , I know he did . I love Him and will never forget , his youngest girl whom looked like Mom . I know in my heart and dreams he speaks. 
 We all see when we leave . May God not allow any Son or Daughter to go through such Evil.

Thank-you Poetry Soup for returning my voice .

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Little Black Box
Where You lie Sleeping
Little Black Box
Your Secrets Keeping
You'll Never Talk
In That Little Black Box

UnMarked Grave
Where You Are Wasting
UnMarked Grave
In Soil Basting 
Just another Knave
In An Unmarked Grave

Barren womb
Just Like A tomb
Barren Womb
Life exhumed 
We're all Doomed
In A Barren Womb

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
Gazing out upon dusky barren moor,
Where gray grass grasps the air
Finding no purchase but sad allure
Straight stalks elapse their endless despair.

Teased by tales of golden reach
Tricked by gales, whose song they preach.

Redtail’s velvet wings breach the sky,
Maroon lips who kiss the grass
Stirring the song, its desperate sigh
Catching the words, her beak of crystal glass

Behind her, midnight shadow draws
Fells her beauty with unseen charcoal paws

Scarlet tears dampen the earth below
Nurture the roots held by dusty truth
Finally, the wind, gray grass’ will bestow
The hawk once, now the fountain of youth.

Litany of silence reigns in dusky glare,
Each blade bowed in mournful prayer.

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ninette |
Living in the Dark

Never truly finding the light

A glimpse here and there

Only to be stolen again

By Loves Selfish Snare

Resting in a open coffin

Awoken now and than

Only to be duped for Prince Charming Evil Sin.........

I close my eyes and heart once more

And return to my destine box

Hopefully Never to be Kissed
Putting Emily's Heart to Rest

And in Her Dreams

 She Once Again Couples Her Eternal Bliss.......................
The Corpse Bride......

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |
When it hits my chest
It would not lay me to rest
It cannot bring about my end
So long I refuse to bend
Death on my chest
Is but a test
On my will to live up
To see if I would give up
The Giver would allow the pain
After seeing my faith on life
He would restore me again.
Death test is but in the while
Of a second
After which we can go on.

Copyright © Divine Friday Idiong | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic Verse |
*Walking among the tombstones
*Conversing with the dead
*Alone, crying at a grave
*A woman on her knees, bowed was her head

*Her hair was dark
*Her eyes were too
*I couldn't help the strange feeling
*That this was a woman I knew

*As I approached
*I quaked with fear
*And in the blink of an eye
*The mysterious woman disappeared

*Curiosity got the best of me
*I threw caution to the wind
* What I saw at that stone
*I could not comprehend

*My breathing became erratic
*Tears fell from my eyes
*My heart sank
*As I read those lines

*Here lies Valerie
*Mother, daughter, sister, and wife
*Such a pity and a shame
*She took her own life

*Her mind and spirit broken
*Her heart was shattered
*So tired of being worthless
*To him not one moment together mattered

*Couldn't close her eyes
*Her nightmares carried her fears
* Suffocated by lies
*Drowned in her tears

*She could still feel his heart beat
* and hear his breath
* she still felt her hand on his face
* and his head collapsed on her chest

*She gave her last breath
*Praying and begging for one last kiss
*And to hear him say he loved her
* to feel the fire and emotions she had missed

*A love she once knew
*So real and rare
*So strong yet so frail
*Forever they were to share

*his promises were broken
*he chose a different life
* living for everyone else, without her
* he walked away and let her go and didn't even cry when she died

*My hands began to tremble
* What I began to realize, I just couldn't believe
*I had lost her so very long  ago
*The woman who had vanished was the me I used to be...

Copyright © VALERIE THE HEAVY HEARTED POET | Year Posted 2014

Details | ABC |

Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors of the night, 
from an evil source that I fear to strike. 
But as the evil forces, who limited my choices 
that when I found my stallion horses. 
Swiftly it came to my head I can run and I cannot hide, 
feeling the Beast closing in on every time I decide to hide. 
Tired of running and tired of alluding this
relentless creep as my red bolt eyes weep 
feeling rest-less, likes a lonely defeated warrior from his home in retreat 
that is when I knew it time to rest, to release my Beast. 
But in a fight, I may not win however as I cast out my dirty words sin
I made sure it felt my impact, to the bloody end.

by Keith Kadell

Copyright © Keith Relf | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
The innocence is transfusing
and overturning 
the goat skin drums
children of the mills,
children of the junkyard,
and savaging
and we keep filling them with
mercury, nitrate, espestice, baby bombs
blasted out of their shaved heads
and foraging

Copyright © Blake Holland | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |
In a strange 
environment under gross 
darkness and whispering 
night,I found myself with 
a companion.
 We walked an endless 
journey across the 
woods..eerie sounds we 
heard,a crack! then the 
undead resurrecting from 
marshes,we ran seeking 
for cover.
  These creatures howled 
as they drew near with 
blood dripped 
mouths,my fear 
deepened,I called out to 
my friend a flesh eater he 
  Under the whispering 
night I stood alone, 
seemed the world stood 
still,as these monsters 
encircled me,I closed my 
eyes wishing I was not 
   Suddenly,a bright light 
darkness,repelled these 
zombies-then eerie noises 
ceased, and the world 
revolved once again. 
  A knock,I realized I 
drifted to sleep as my 
companion entered my 
  We zoomed off towards 
the horizon under the 
bright sky.

Name:ifeanyi B. 

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Beneath the full moon's illumination, two darkly dressed
Figures are quietly digging, gentlemen collectors, of the
Cadavers of the undead, desecration's henchmen of
Greed’s loosened purse strings, murders of the dead flesh
Grave diggers for hire, the fresher the body, the more
Coin is made, Burke, and Hare always say, cash only on delivery!
What will it be Sir Professor of medicine, or science, large or
Small we provided it all, young or old, care we not, just tell us
Your preference, money does the talking here, sir!
So what will it be than, what's your pleasure governor,
Say these the body snatchers, of Edinburgh Scotland!
Shadow hunters with clubs of diversions in hand,
Tempting the male with passions of the evening,
Alluring co-horsts, walk their living dead victims,
Into deaths pleasure zone, then flee as the fatal
Blow is struck, by their gentlemen companions!
The Doctor you see, pays better coin, if the corpses
Cadaver is still warm, smothered, bashed, or strangled,
It’s all for the betterment of Science and medicine.
These sadistic serial killers of the past, rightly
Believe, and joking laugh, in the cold evening air,
Of this city’s seeder side of the tracks,
We’re doing this for the just cause, of
Humanity’s sake, ha ha!
Criminals after all my good man, is a harsh
Word to use, is it not for the future medical
Professional’s must be taught with the best
And freshest material possible after all, right governor!
Times are hard for the working man, we have
To fed are own after all, Burke and Hare
Relate, so if one unmissed individual puts
The spoils into our cooking pot, what the ####,
Simply does it really matter!
Let the gallows swing high on their reckoning day,
For sixteen lives will these guilty men pay for,
In their dearest bloods shedding, but in an
Eerie twist of fate itself, their bodies will
Go to the same medical professional,
So you see the joke is really on them in the end!

This is a true story, it happened in England, and these men were 
Were eventually found out and hung, there bodies were than sent
To a university for the betterment of medical research!

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |
So done with this Drama
What a waste of our Time
You will now face Your Karma 
All I hear is Your Dismal Whine.........
Both families inflicted with the aftermath of a Self Serving Trauma 
A Unspeakable Crime
Forever Your Loved Ones Will Pay Your Fine........

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
Cold and dark, the eyes of the depths
glaring at the stars above.
Few dare descend the steps
which reach down to oblivion’s cove.
Heavy, the desire for truth,
like the chains dragging my body further down
unto fate unknown.

Beyond recompense, lies the ruin
sunken to forbidden ground,
now home only to the strangest of creations
and catacomb to the drowned slaves of history.
Will all memories be as this one day?
Ghosts that haunt the corpses of humanity’s ambition?

Black are the bells that once chimed to announce omen.
Buried are the thoughts that walked my mind.
Broken are the tables where ideas once feasted.
Bound are the hopes, eaten by preying sharks of doubt.

Weighing down, the garments choke the breath of life.
There, where insanity was sane, beneath facade’s streams
lies truth, in the sea of forgotten dreams.

Copyright © Robyn Thomas | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |
A Demon Confesses

I shun the light and do so cast the stone, 
rot the meat , ravenously eat the bone
Cut my way deep in every man that falls,
eat my thrills as my victim mercy calls!

Shadows, adorning my cloaks worn with pride,
once entered I rot the mind as I ride
Pain and agony my pets serve so well,
my purpose, sending 'em all right to Hell!

Long claws my daggers I do finely shine,
accept my gifts, your soul then is all mine
Dark laughter is my sweet joy letting loose,
long is you wail, your head is in my noose!

I too, serve my dark master very well
loyal demon, freed from the bowels of Hell!

Robert Lindley,
 no date- Edited today, shortened to a sonnet 
written so very long ago!

A taste of dark,
demons a reality so very stark,
I write safely within this brilliant light
spewing truth out to win another great fight..-08/24/2014

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
He fell to the floor with the very last beat
And never did breathe again.
No one was nearby to help him survive,
For he had not a single friend.

Awareness was in his surroundings.
He knew that perhaps he had died . .
Upon seeing his agonized body convulse,
Then breathe out one last suffering sigh.

Bewilderment then came upon him.
His mind grasped outward for truth.
Where was the tunnel and where was the light:
Those stories from out of his youth?

Then a cold, steely calm overtook him.
Understanding and irony seeped through.
Tunnels and light were for heaven bound souls;
Those going to hell get a far different view.

As the bad day wore on and another one dawned,
He was forced to accept his grim fate.
And to face the hard fact he must pay for each act,
For his greed, for his lies, for his hate.

He determined that hell just might suit him quite well,
For he'd garnered low marks in life's test.
What he needed just now, was to get there somehow . .
Become one with the worst of hell’s best.

Soon the pitch and the sway of his coffin,
Toward a hole freshly sculptured nearby.
No funeral, no friends, just a few muffled sounds:
Not for him, would there be sad goodbyes.
Then he felt the grave swallow his casket;
Dull thuds of moist earth soon grew dim.
Felt horror and dread in the silent, pitch black,
Implored Satan to now come for him.

But no one would come, because no one could hear,
Silent screams from the depths of his vault.
He lies there in the dark, imprisoned in rot,
With the knowledge his fate is his fault.

And his wait will go on, forever, then some:
Like dead leaves fallen into a well.
Jailed by the grave in foul suit of decay . . 
Screaming day after day, "This is hell!"

Copyright © Diane Lefebvre | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Hell-Hound Allows No Souls Out

Deep in the darkest pit,
where anguished screams resound
Evil thoughts feed the it,
fanged , demonlike hell-hound

No mercy for those so lost,
only torture to pay the cost
Gnawing on its victims with relish,
the monster growls so hellish

Desperate pleas never heard,
too late for any praying word
Looking in deeply is insane,
here, mercy calls always in vain

Dark shadows skirt about,
hellhound allows no souls out
Fear forces me to not see,
that fate once was awaiting me

Distant pits rumble much the same
Death final victor in this hellish game

Robert J. Lindley, 2-14-2015

note --  Edited and shortened poem from a very much longer 
write many decades ago.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |
In the attic, above wooden floor,
through the hallway of psychotic, locks upon my door,
near the broken window and glass of the sore,
hiding in the shadows,
bloodstains on the wall.

 Number nine,
house at the end of the street,
where lights are low,
where silent never sleep.

Copyright © Miche Ulman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic monologue |
She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

Copyright © Bill Kim | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatern |

Hiding in the shadows, there
at the corner of my eye,
I am slowly made aware
there is someone else nearby...

"Who is that?!" I bellow then,
"Hiding in the shadows there?"
"I've no use for boogeymen!",
I yell into empty air.

One more sheepish peek I dare,
feeling harebrained to have thought,
hiding in the shadows, there
was some scare that there was not....

But my heart begins to race
when that cursed glance I spare,
suddenly reveals a FACE
hiding in the shadows there!


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |
Read the Grahams and Templetons.
Sifted the Calvinists and Arminians.
Tried to qualify the Mortals and Venials.
John’s comfort was lost in Hebrew’s six.

I got the faith and conviction in
The Holy Ghost and Christ the Son.
Been given clear skies and sight,
but pre-meditated sins still done.

Eternal security for some so easy,
seems wide steps on a narrow way.
Deceit often more subtle than
Branch Davidians and jungle Kool-Aid.

This - A Seed of fear?
Carried by the winds of Mount Azazel, 
watered by fallen whispers in my ear?
Or taking no heed, a fool plays with sin?

Don’t want to wake up under the wrong Throne,
Just think about the ‘few there be that find it’,
Intermittent obedience and lukewarms thrown.
Always, the fear of this, has been with me.

Contest:  Where Do You Think You Will Spend Eternity?
Sponsor:  Laura Leiser

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2015

Details | Terzanelle |
Mute hues of dusk gone, still ‘cept for clerid
Sight is slight, sloe murk taunts with ‘a whisper
Shadows come creeping, silence grows trepid

Twilight so stark, not ‘beam of pale lunar
Seeps through this chill shroud of ritual arcane
Sight is slight, sloe murk taunts with ‘a whisper

My thoughts become smart as my wisdom fades
No sense or viscera to ‘vert brae’k bone
Seeps through this chill shroud of ritual arcane

I lone am the wolf whose fangs turned to stone
Close my feigned eyes, yearn for glimpse of sea green
No sense or viscera to ‘vert brae’k bone

Barren confines for this degrade machine
No solace comes for a soul like me..... so
Close my feigned eyes, yearn for glimpse of sea green

I spied too late what I chose to forgo 
Mute hues of dusk gone, still ‘cept for clerid
No solace comes for a soul like me….. so
Shadows come creeping….. silence grows trepid.

Copyright © Victoria Wood | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ottava rima |
Tis midnight, no star shining,
My sorrow is nearly burning
All my soul, within me, stirring,
In my heart all hopes are dying.
As I watch you, dead you're lying,
There upon the velvet poppet,
Like a cursed, lethal prophet,
“Oh, my love! “, my poor heart crying.

But the echo still replying,
In this gloomy, hated tower,
In this late nocturnal hour, 
Still you’re lying, not replying.
It is now no more worth trying,
Begging, weeping, pleaing, kneeling,
I have lost my happy feelings,
Only lying, not replying.

You look like an angel sleeping,
Filling my black heart with sadness,
Making me a slave of madness,
Angel sleeping, secret keeping.
Now beside you I am lying,
On a velvet, so smooth, poppet,
Smiling at that cursed prophet,
Happy, cheary, almost dying.

Our bodies the spell is binding, 
And there is no more life in love.

Copyright © Max Corvus | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |


i tick the trickling time of your heart
set in a fast paced, rat raced end of nought
burying your precious life for my rise of worthless death
in traitor riches of an annihilating amassment
and you lose his gain for my vain
forever lost in the hell of my heart in eyes
rich reddest ripe
trickling slowly fast the sweetest hate within seen.


the sweetness of terror
in the deepness of horror
shrinks my ink in fright of freeze

callous craftiness in cunning cuff of call
of tempting taste of a sense’s sensuous fall
an invite of worms womb rich in pregnant rot
of delicious decay blind in a mind’s fold of nought
takes a guided, guarded watch of a self destruct
onwards a chill of feet, six in plan of instruct

oh! where is the angel of sorrow
to bellow the looming loss of a tomorrow?
life is in a serious cell of “OH NOO!!!”
and heavens’ eyes rains a cat and dog of flow.


never scream your frightened prayers at me
whose mouth made a dross toss of my heart and hands
and killed my voice in horror of rich rot pleasures of pukes
never seek for my unseen oblivion please
for I have been buried in your long lust lost
of the eyes, flesh and heart
his eyes, flesh and heart

the time ticks a harvest of gory
and its sickle sicks a pleasure of dark story;
never be high pitched at its deep simile throat seek
and never rumble a resonating quake of its fear feast
for the reward is black ripe of a red hot sorrowing
and hades hungers hell fill in a piercing thrill kill


let your begging prayers go
let six feet of summon do as told
let my drossed oblivion wave your bye of sorrow
let hades have its meal of nasty shudders, cold.


Copyright © TANIMONURE RICHARDS ADEWALE | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
Seeking accompany- Zamreen Zarook
I kick to wonder what made me to cry,
Am really writing as a fry,
Myself launch to be dry,
This ink will be a victim for my cry.
What really went wrong with me all these day,
What made e to forget my last day,
I realized I jumped out of my track yesterday,
So I regret for that, what is called as present today.
Happiness have started to wave hands for this sinner,
Sadness have started to move inner,
The faults that I considered as miner,
So far changed as a miner of a winner.
My face was a comparison to sunlight,
Where as my routine changed it to moon light,
I wish to get that twilight,
As a sinner I started to search for that enlight.
I started to enjoy what is right,
I remade my faults as a kite,
I wished it would fly apart from my  sight,
My system said, you are free from your rubbish weight.
It proved that I always should depend on god,
In whatever the variation of my mood,
He is there to clear my victorious road,
So, I started to live according to His code.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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Can I catch you
Can you stay?
Forests at wood
There we play
A gentle hand 
That fixed the dress
Brushing tears back
Saving stress
I can not bare
The oaken wave
Only memories
Can I save
I miss your hair
And what it covered
More than a mind
God knows I loved her
The ghost I knew
She rests away
I can not catch you
You can not stay.

Copyright © John Paluszek | Year Posted 2013

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When the witches from Lemgo assemble,
At night when the cities asleep,
Many souls in their beds they do tremble,
As they hear the witches that weep.

Their rusty old chains on the cobblestones,
Are heard as they lie in their beds,
Loud screeches producing, unearthly tones
As witches all dance in their heads.

They are cursing the souls who have burnt them
They’ve gathered some hot flames from hell
Hate has adorned their thorn crowns like a gem
Now vengeance will serve them real well.

If ever in Lemgo you wander some day
And believe that witches are not;
You’ll hear them gather the mayor to pay
For his sins as they watch him rot.

Brenda Meier-Hans

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014