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Details | Haiku |
line against the wall
fat birds too wrung out to drive
later, rooms' sweet ease

Copyright © Michael Miers | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
My Little Boy Lost
by Katherine Huffman
Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, I can't find you, why aren't you near?

As I walk the streets in search of you, 
I feel a pull, a tug, not sure what to do.
I passed the park as I looked for my boy, 
Even passed our play spot, but in my sight, not even a toy.
After everywhere I thought that I could go, 
There was one place, but it can't be right, this is all I know.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can't see you, can't find you,
Why can't I feel you near?

This evening begins as I lay to rest my head, 
There are some things I'm unsure of, 
Like making your tiny bed.
Oh God, whats happening, haven't I counted your toes?
What about cradling your head or kissing your little nose?
What are these things I am unsure of, have I even done? 
Where are you, where are you my precious son?

Mommy lays here, in tears, her face on something cold.
Where are you my son, it's you I need to hold.
I've searched all day, it's turning into night,
I'm tired, I'm lost, but I still won't give up this fight.
My eyes start to close, slumber is far too near 
If I fall asleep, I may miss seeing you my dear.

Next thing I know, as I wake to the sun.
Wondering what it is, what has been done?
As I sit, my eyes focus, I start to look around.
Then, for some reason, they are drawn to the ground.
As I look, I see what has become,
This can't be, what's happening, where am I my son?

That cold my face last night laid upon, 
Was a marker, with your name, 
Of your body my little one.
Those things I wasn't sure if I'd ever done, 
Were but the memories, I'd hoped to make with you my son.

You were here, I know you were here 
My beautiful, precious son.
You were in mommies arms, such a little one.
As though it were as simple as reading a book,
I start to realize
These tangled webs have become unhooked.

That tug, that pull that led your mommy here, 
It was your spirit, it was your soul, 
It was your heart my little dear.

Here you were, here you were, 
Right with me, so very near.
My little boy, my son, 
Mommies little one was here.
You see? You led me where I needed to go.
For it was well past the time,
To accept this I know.

I feel a tug, I feel a pull.
I feel like I need to hurry, 
Like I have to go.
There is someone I remember,
I need to get to I know.
He's a small one, a little boy. 
He's your brother, my son, 
He's pulling, he's tugging, 
Needing mommy my little one.
I have to leave, I have to go, 
To find my baby, my son.

Oh Thank You my boy,
For bringing me here.
For letting my mind begin to see clear.
You showed me the way, 
I now see the light.
I am so close, so near in this dark night.

So here you are, here you are, 
With mommy, my baby is so very near.
You are in my heart, my mind, 
And this little brother of yours, my dear.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost, 
it's you I have found.
You were there with me,
as I slept on that ground.

Hello? My son, are you here?
I can see you, mommy found you, 
In my arms I hold you so near.
I've bathed you, I've clothed you, 
And cradled your head.
I counted your toes,
I bent in and kissed that little nose.
As you fell asleep in your bed.

Without him, 
Would these be memories
we are making my dear?
Without him would mommy, 
Be able to hold you so near?

We have a little angel to watch over us for all nights.
In spirit, with us, his soul,
Our endless guiding light.
He's your big brother, my son, my precious little one. 
He's right here, a part of you, 
Never again to be gone.

My little boy lost, my little boy lost,
It's you, I can see.
I have to Thank You 
For guiding me!

Copyright © Katee Surface | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
when you stand by your baby's grave and the breeze flows through your hair,
that’s your angel playing with other kids that are there, 
she whispers in the wind you only have to listen,
for she is not sad, 
she dances around your legs and sings, 
coz now she has wings, 
she stops only for a while, 
to look at the tears you have shed, 
she whispers in the wind, 
mummy and daddy, 
the tears you shed will soon disappear, 
the pain you feel will slowly ease away, 
for I am the quiver in your lip when your heart breaks, 
and I'm the tears that sit apron your cheeks, 
for I am with you, 
I am in your heart and when it skips a beat that's me giving it a squeeze, 
for you will never forget me, 
then she turns and starts to walk away and she hears her mummy say, 
you are everywhere I go, 
you are the breeze in the trees, 
a snow drop on my knee, 
you're the rain that’s falls on my head, 
you're the sun that’s rises and sets, 
you're the night, 
and maybe the moon, 
but most of all you was my baby that was taken to soon. 
she comes back quickly and looks up at her mum who was looking down, 
she believes that her mummy see her standing and makes eye contact when she frowned,
then daddy starts to say, my sweet angel, 
my heart is broken and I miss you dearly, 
just remember I love you sweetie, 
so go dance with the angels up above, 
bounce on the clouds and sleep on the stars, 
be my strength that gets me through my days, 
for your in my heart and thats where you will stay, 
her eyes filled with tears and then she replied, 
daddy you will always have me with you, 
for I have left my footprints on your heart, 
I will do has you said bounce on the cloud and sleep on the stars, 
the little angel moves in close and pulled at her parents hands,
she pulls them together so their holding hands,
her parents pulled each other into their arms and cries then and only then she turns starts to walk away opens her angel wings and fly’s away R.I.P

Copyright © Davina Browne | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Here lie the Purvis babies.
Seven of them, now no more.
Short lived, one only two days old.
One lived to the age of four.

Four baby girls and three boys
Graced their Mother’s home for a time.
But their untimely deaths filled the family plot.
Here they lie, seven short graves in a line.

It’s been ninety-five years ago today,
Since the last baby breathed its last.
Did the Mother and Father move far away?
There is no grave with their names, 
And no other trace of their past.

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

Details | Dizain |
(from a father's point of view)

Crepuscular rays filtered through the trees:
Tall black cypresses around a dark shrine,
Evening grim bells toll as I feel the freeze,
Conscious the tomb covered with rambling vine,
While nocturnal butterflies just decline.
I could not help utter a maze of sighs, 
My desolate unborn baby just lies, 
Never forgotten, but always evoked
Except the woman who'll never get wise.
Cursed she'll be, an oath I never revoked.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
You'll see that in time
When the skies fade to gray 
I'll be seeing you 
When you squirm away 
But baby 
You'll be writhing back one day 
Because you're on a rope 
Attached to your neck 
Attached to my feet 
Got nowhere to go
Got nothing to see
So baby
Come back to me 
Sit on the steps 
In the alley alongside 
My contortionist brain
Take off your slippers 
Off with your berry beret 
Take off your witchy attitude 
It will all be OK 
You were under my spell 
Listen to what I don't say 
Nothing will be this way
As the sky fades to gray 
All goes away
All goes away

Copyright © Christian Fuller | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
I didn't get to see your sweet face
I didn't get to feel your embrace
I didn't get to hear your cry
I didn't get to say goodbye

I didn't get to call you by name
I didn't get to rejoice when you came
I didn't get to show you beautiful things
I didn't get to hear you sing

I didn't get to show you new places
I didn't get to show you new faces
I didn't get to see your smile
I didn't get to have you stay a while

I am sad with all these things I didn't get to do. But I feel blessed with the one thing I did get to do, was love you.....
Goodbye my little one, just know that you are loved....and missed.

Copyright © Karah Jowders | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lay |
I'm so bound and tied to your love, 
let me not die early 
Please don't dig my grave early…
 because with love I can't see you clearly 
I've given what holds my life to a mere human hand I've given my heart, don't tie it down nor band Because I have no choice than be your love and one husband 
Please don't dig my grave so early because my treasured heart is in your hand

Please don't dig my grave because I didn't keep it to self
 I couldn't stop the feelings and senses so strong to serve
 There are no life challenges stronger than the word 'divorce' 
It is the earth down casting force 

Please don't dig my grave for love early
A little more love keeps us stronger
Love in a wrong direction can cast out forever 
But this love, the lord will tie us like never
Let me not die for love instead to live for love
 Love is what all the living sought for, but few have little to love

Copyright © MICHAEL EDISON | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
What are these
small, toothless skulls?
I asked naively;
What are they? What?
They are the skulls
of babes taken from their cradles
abandoned to die and rot.

Copyright © Jessica Amanda Salmonson | Year Posted 2018