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To the Birthday Girl -and Guys

Happy Birthday to this awesome THREE: to Frank, Kashinath, and P.D. Those born this day SEVEN have blessings of Heaven in wit, charm and poetry! Resurrecting this oldie for the contest of PD: You three guys are tops with me!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Birthday Girl

Birthdays are a bitch
I don't want to get old that's true.
Rows of wrinkles like a shar pei
Thinning hair looking sort of blue.
Heart and Hearing not as they once were
Droopy boobs like udders on a cow,
All your joints are wearing out
Your hips and knees are new ones now..

Going to the loo is a timely nuisance
In your bladder you no more trust. 
Remembering to note the toilet areas
Liners in your panties are a must .

Penned 27 August 2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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Love for someone,

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Life has listened to me,
Why do you co-exit?
Love you all,
We all hate hatred.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?

Everyone broken my heart,
Why do you do me love?
Why do you want us everything?
We have given everything to us only punishment.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017

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To The Girl Who Doesn't Love Me

                    To The Girl Who Doesn't Love Me (by: Josner Saintil)
     Forget you!
     You think I'm not good enough
    You think i ain't worth it.
    Since you rejected my love,
    You got me feeling worthless...

    So you went ahead dealing with the better guys
    On to the next one it's no surprise
   You switch teams like Lebron James
    But this ain't Cleveland style.

   Never wanting to be with the lonely weird kid, 
   And to be clear, I'm not alone
   And I accept this
   Life that I'm livin'
   And my heart is my home!
   I'll be the best you never had,
   Livin' on Malibu beaches 
   You'll be working for that paper,
   I'll be where it all is.

   And when i recollect,
   I see that you're just a mess,
   And yes i'll be the greatest, 
   You'll be filled with your regrets!

   SO R.I.P...

Copyright © josner saintil | Year Posted 2016

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Birthday warning!

A cold autumn morning, 
new rains have arrived 
today not so ordinary 
A little girls birthday goes by 

she had an accident 
she awoke in her bed wet 
today she is six, a present she did 
not expect 

A day without the jug cord 
would be her birthday wish 

Her hope is soon faded, 
for there her mother stood, 
A birthday beating just begun- 
her mothers' way 
of a little fun 

"you dirty little b!#@h"! 
I'm sick of washing your sheets 
this will fix you...and fix you good 
till you're black and blue 
...or till I'll make you bleed"! 

Happy Birthday to me... 
through aches and tears 
I am happy 
I survived to date six years 

alone in her closet 
she'd make this her car 
travel to far away happy lands 
go shopping for a star 

once she bet the jug cord 
she collected up the sheets 
took her mums' old coal shovel 
buried them under the house 
darkest corner beneath, 

her father gave her sixpence 
every time she was dry, 
or if she wet, he'd make her wetter 
he'd put her in a cold bath 

the little girl would trick him, 
moving the sheets about 
her mother would come in the room 
catch the little girl out 

the little girl did such things 
out of fear she lied 
the little girl was in a place 
she was trying to survive 

she adapted to her father 
she adapted to her mother 

though difficult it was 
it affected everything 
looking back the way she was 

she changed her life completely 
eradicated the fear 
her life gets better and better 
year after year 

her mum and dad to this day 
the little girl forgave 
she understands the way they were 
a woman she has grown 
forgiving to her grave 

she struggles on her birthday 
preferring to enjoy 
her spirit accepts what happened 
on that day the present 
she avoids 

Copyright © Eileen R. Kelly | Year Posted 2007

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

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The cute little girl with the impish smile
Has a compelling distinctive style
She smiles demurely with a comehither look
But her mind is like an open book

Inside, her thoughts are those of fun
She wishes joy for everyone
She only wants a happy day
And more often than not, she gets her way

She writes great poetry for all to read
And to her talent, I must concede
I'll never be able to write so well
Although I try, I seem to fail

But more than that, I call her friend
Best wishes for you are what I send
She's my idol in verse, you see
Happy Birthday Blessings on you PD

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2013

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( Poet Destroyer-our dearest PD) Loveliest and greatest poet, sis and friend of mine in poetry site, Loved so much by everybody, I’m shouting this with all my might; Let’s make October 7 a very special day again for her this year, Let this poem of mine heralds the biggest party, I loudly cheer! In this home and family of ours, now extended… big and so happy, If she isn’t around, everybody is lonely without her and her stellar poetry, I’m making this day the most memorable and happiest moment as can be, In this world, she’s one of our most precious gifts from God, the Almighty. North to east, east to west- -in both primary and secondary directions, Never miss this moment… let’s all dance and sing in her grand celebration, Now sending all my loving wishes as she blows out candles on her birthday cake, Never fading love, joy, health, blessings and more best wishes, she’ll take. Dearest sis, friend of mine and greatest poet of everybody, Day ‘til night… every moment I whisper special prayers for you so dearly; Drop all your loneliness and keep in mind that everybody cares so much and love, Dream of yours will be fulfilled for I know you’re blessed from above. An exceptional poet who never ceases to amaze us, A unicorn lover dazzling us with her unique and stupendous writes; A queen and muse of both poets and Librans, so brilliant and so smart, A very beautiful celebrity deserving great adulation, here’s our huge sweetest hugs. Sept. 22, 2013 7.15pm HER BIRTHDAY: OCTOBER 7, 2013 (Now, Monday here & Tuesday in US)
HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST POET SIS & FRIEND LINDA. I LOVINGLY WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS, GRACES, BLESSINGS , GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LUCK & PROSPERITY AND ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THIS WORLD THAT LIFE EVERYHOLD TODAY AND THE YEARS TO COME! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY/ LOVE ONES! Notes: 1. This birthday poem was posted ahead of time on my special blog for our very dear Linda because I was worried that I can't post a blog anymore due to the expiration of my pm before her b-dday. I supposed to post both this poem & the blog on the 7th. 2. The above special birthday poem is called ACQUAINT FORM/Leo form. ;)))))An acquaint form is my newly experimented form of poem combining 3 forms: an acrostic, quatrain form ( stanza with 4 lines) and a quintain english ( with rhyme having no set of measures or foot) ;))))))). Proven & tested to be one special form in my mini-poetry lab.;))) This is my give- away sharing to u for enjoying my birthday poem & special blog for her & also for your greetings to all Librans. I hope you will enjoy! Thank you so much! First Place Contest: Birthday Girl Judged: 10/7/2013 Sponsor: My greatest poet, PD

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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Birthday Girl, Heart Throb Swirl -

She is many things,
like what Spring brings to shivering wings,
creatures like us sing from her touch, fly to her much,
feeding from the everlasting song her beauty transmits,
Linda's face is always strong, sage, and sensuous
as a symbol of liberty that says to the fatigued free thinker
you have more to achieve, to believe,
don't rest until you've won, trust in now,
PD. is the perfect noun with the most,

unwise to show envy towards her
for she has earned all her roses & garlands
knows suffering more than most, throws inspiration to those in need
like a pelican weeps and swoons
in the blood of self sacrafice, loving us, telling us we're the fuss,
she'll cry with you and then shock One into strength,
slam boom bam you if you fail to admire her Divine Genius,
teaching by taking the first step,
I love Linda because she is the greatest I know,
the sweetest and the wisest in the show,
her feather teaches me, her heart reaches me,
Linda is my Sphinx,
giving heavenly links, expelling my jinx  -

This write is dedicated to Linda, aka. Poet Destroyer, my Sphinx
for her birthday - she is ageless, and her life is a gift to me -
with love & respect - J.A.B.

Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2013

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- Birthday Girl -

                    I know your face
                    but not your soul
                   "Drama and Love"
                    Yes, I know
                    Today you will be
                   "drama queen"
                    with style
                    Riding into
                    a fairy garden
                    Not on a horse
                    Neither a dragon
                    No, on a beautiful
                    unicorn as white as snow
                    You sit there so beautiful
                    with a lovely dress so fine
                    On the tables in the garden
                    lots of tasty cakes
                    with pink icing and hearts
                    In the large trees hanging
                    gifts in nice shiny paper
                    they sparkle in the sunshine
                    I know your smile
                    and your laughter
                    Hooray for joy, happiness and "the queen"

                                 *** *** ***

Note: You asked for a poem .... and here it comes .... :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!! <3 (07.10.2013)
Have a nice and happy day, Linda!

Contest Sponsor A Poet Destroyer
Contest Name Birthday Girl
Deadline 10/28/2013 12:00:00 AM

A-L  Andresen :)

(1st place in the contest)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2013

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For The Birthday Girl

The candles are aglow on your birthday cake,
where a wish awaits for only you to make,
a cascade of confetti thrown by many a friend,
balloons and flowers, gifts and parties without end,
a year filled with new smiles and never a tear,
and with many heartfelt words of good cheer,
like those I have written right here on the page,
a happy birthday to you no matter what your age!

I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Linda! :)

Written by: Kelly Deschler

For Poet Destroyer's "Birthday Girl" contest.

(Yet, I meant every word of it!)

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

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Five Sweet Letters for the BIRTHDAY GIRL

L  egendary is her poetic soul
I   nvincible in reaching her goal
N  aughty, but she can also be nice
D  aring, with not a thought to the price
A  mbitious, she will climb to the heights

Linda…she shines in all that she writes!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS...Linda, HAPPY BIRTHTDAY!!!!! I wish you all the best!!! May God bless and keep you. I've so come to appreciate you during my time here. You are strong, smart, you speak your mind, you know what you want, you know how to get it, and you are fearless. Qualities I love in a woman! Also, you know how to be caring and tender when the need arises. You are a TITAN of Poetry Soup. Your name says it all. Divide and conquer. Sending you hugs on your special special day! :)

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Birthday Girl

On the cake the candles top.
On the plate the cake goes plop.
On the chair the birthday girl.
Onward dance the final swirl.

One less chair the party sits.
One less person the game of wits.
One less song the record plays.
One to win the game of praise.

On the Ass the tail goes.
On the mask so fairness shows.
On the mark to win the game.
Onward winners' prize to claim.

One more chance to swing the stick.
One more time to make it quick.
One more smash to free the loot.
One for all is what we'll root.

Birthday girl for just one day.
Birthday girl come out to play.
Birthdays come to those who wish.
Same time next year and we'll play fish.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2015

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Our Sunshine on PSoup glows today born in October ‘s bright-eyed morn I’m sending her a floral bouquet; Adorned with a crystal unicorn. She enjoys having a great, fun time Gracing the pages signed with her name Linda, which means just ‘ beautiful’ A firework of delight, aflame. To dear PD, I make a wish For happier birthdays and cheers; Roll above with your pretty horse And travel on joyful frontiers! --------- * Have fun, PD,and dance the week away Rememebr to smell the flowers ,it's your DAY!* Birthday Girl, Yes I Went There For PD's Contest written by nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

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Seven times ten birthday girl

i wonder when your seventy
will you be just as kind
a little old lady wearing glasses
aged by troubles and time

i wonder when your seventy
will you remember me
someone who wrote of you
who's in his heart you'll be

i wonder when your seventy
and you remember all the times
that i woulds write you poems
dispight the jealous minds

i wonder when your seventy
two thousand fourty something
or maybe in the fifties
it's rude to make presumptions

i just hope when your seventy
that you are seventy "FINE!
widowed, available or just divorced
willing and able to be all mine

(happy birthday special lady. I'm 
sending you a unicorn for your b-

Copyright © John Loving III | Year Posted 2013

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Ya say it's your Birthday Girl

         ~~~ Happy Birthday Linda ~~~
           Ya say it's you Birthday ....
              The day the angels kissed the earth 

           The day a beautiful girl was born for all to cherish
               Her destiny in writing and teaching others 

           Ya say it's your Birthday ...
             So lucky is your Mother 

          For God gifted this woman with a beauty indeed
            Many respect many artist she leads

          Ya say It's you Birthday ...
             well I would like you to dance 

          Always takea chance chance chance ! and Dance 
           Happy Birthday all Month our beautiful poetess ~
             I am very happy you went there ~

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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heartbeat candles for her haiku

her sensitive heart
beating smoothly for today
made another year

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday

A friend, forever found to pick me up when I'm down
Let's me be myself and I've never had to watch her turn around
Incased in a closed shell, hides the deepest poet
She's to afraid to open, so she grabs the door to close it
Over the rainbow, she's the pot of gold that I found
Noticed that beautiful smile, she taught me how to never look down

Missed my shot a couple times, but I still dribble the ball
At first impression I never thought I could make her my all
Till the first kiss who knew, the hard work payed off
Tomorrow doesn't have to come as long her lips stay soft
How could someone sweep someone so far, so fast, it was all luck
Every old friend jealous because we ditched them, because we were us
We stay true eachother, we're poetic and we'll always be
Say goodbye to the past, cause without you there's no me

Copyright © Aaron Guttery | Year Posted 2013

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Birthday Girl

Am I being too bold?
To say Lordy! You’re OLD

Old enough to grow
Old enough to know
Old enough to show
Old enough to sow
Old enough to flow
Old enough to glow…

Glowing as you are
Glowing as a star
that sparkles so bright
at the speed of light…

***Written for a very special and unique lady to celebrate her upcoming birthday
(Oh well, what the hell…It’s for her contest too)

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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A Poem About A Lonely Birthday Girl

She sits alone on her bed,
Trying to figure it out while scratching her head,
She figures she better go downstairs instead,
She goes down into the diningroom where her sister sits with all her friends.

She feels a tear roll down her face,
as she ran and broke her moms favorite vase,
The cops trying to figure out this case.
They took a step into her room where that gurl had been broken.

Maybe it was her sisters greed, 
or her moms  weed sitting on the table,
That little girl had past unto another round of life,
Her mom knowing, leaving her daughters funeral in strife.

Copyright © Shayla Dendinger | Year Posted 2009

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On butterfly wings - Birthday girl

  On the wings of a butterfly I send this wish
               Inspired by  titles from your poems list
  Hoping you'll get a butterfly kiss
                And that your golden dreams bring joy and bliss

  A yarn of sunshine I spin for you
               To warm your smiles 'neath  skies of blue
 In the stars may your unicorn run free
                Or upon the moon and the  shore of the  sea

                Sweetness of words dipped in Indian ink
 Bringing verses to light in skies of pink
              For your birthday I wish you all things nice
  Roses for you and sugar and spice
               Now blow out your candles when I count to three
1....2....3...  Happy Birthday PD!

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2013

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Wendy's surprise

one day, with no one to be found,
just Wendy all alone, no one around,
walking in each room, walking in the halls,
no one to be seen, nothing but walls,
then Wendy found her friend name melody,
taking Wendy somewhere excitingly,
in a room with Wendy's own eyes,
witness everybody yelling surprise,
with a big smile, in a shocking way,
it was a party to celebrate Wendy's birthday.

Copyright © verlena dillard | Year Posted 2014

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Birthday Girl

From India I have arrived in Windsor
Today is the first day of December
It’s your birthday, Nikkie, remember!

First let’s blow up some light balloons
And make some tunes with the spoons.

If you like, you can sing along with me 
As we sing off tune, be happy not crappy.

Then, let us make bake a tasteful cake
Mind, it may make our stomachs ache

Now it’s time to untie the knots of boxes
Let the adults around call us clever foxes.


**** I dedicate this poem to my granddaughter Nikkie, Windsor (Ont.)****

Dr.Ram Mehta

First Place win in
Contest : Birthday Girl by P.D. Wish you Happy Birthday, P;D:

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2013

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A Gift for a Girl Turning 8

Your day is coming.
The celebration is soon.
The birds will be chirping.
The flowers will bloom.

The day will be bright,
Filled full with your light.
Happy with smiles,
Pure fun and delight.

I hope 7’s been great,
A wonderful dance toward 8.
I made you a little something
I just couldn’t wait!

You can open it now.
One early gift is A-OK.
Enjoy and feel special,
Lots of hugs sent your way.

Happy BIRTHday!

Copyright © Deb Adams | Year Posted 2017

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Birthday Girl

I'm so proud to be your poet friend
And grow prouder every year.
Each year your birthday finds you
More lovely and more dear.

From the poems you have posted 
To the woman I admire,
You've proven you are worthy of
All the things that you desire.

You've nurtured us as family
And helped us when in need.
You've sponsored many contests
To help us to succeed.

Is it any wonder I'm so pleased 
To sing your praises loudly
And tell the world how great you are?
I do all that and proudly.

For Linda's birthday.  10/7/13

Linda, I remember when you first started posting on Poetry Soup.  You started with a bang
and you haven't slowed down. It didn't take long for you to be one of the most prominent poets on the site.  Have a wonderful birthday.  With love, Joyce

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2013

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                                  Her heart is nice like a holy baby
                                     voice is sweeter than sweet
                                               mind is open sky 
                        under it's aegis glittering thoughts rest all the time
                                     words she paints marvelous
                                           golden ink she pours
                                             with diamond nib 
                                     leaves no chance to stay bad
                               constructs good on the P.Soup's plinth
                                 to the better and better to the best
                                            inspires all the time
                                               a very nice soul
                                             May God bless her 
                                         May God Keep her happy
                                          Praying for our lovely PD

                                      HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO OUR LINDA

For PD's Contest

Copyright © BL DEVNATH | Year Posted 2013

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Happy birthday my baby girl

Today you are seventeen years old;
We have brought to you our lineage gold.
We have brought our swiss vevelt lace
And sweet powder for your cherubic face.
Happy we are you are not a "broodlord":
The broodlords, the unhatched -
They say eagles waft in the air,
They see marauding cobras in the jungle,
They shrug at the pain of laying,
Grimace at the fast of brooding;
Tick, tick,tick; broodlords rot the eggs.

March 17 you broke the wall;
The honey was not spilled, the jar was not broken.
Seventeen years  now you are pruning your wings.
Sweet to see you bristling your breast.

Happy birthday my baby girl;
Next year I shall greet you again.

For my daughter, Amogemola, on her seventeenth year birthday.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode | Year Posted 2016

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Birthday Girl

Sometimes it takes a random gesture 
to warm the soul of the birthday girl 
I never met her before,
I know she is beautiful inside and out 

I want to tell you thank you 
for letting me write something so sweet 
to the unknown 
you could be my neighbor, classmate, or potential best friend 

All I know is, 
Its your special day 
your gifts should be endless words of 
encouragement, empowerment, and embrace 

Happy Birthday Linda 
your 19 and in a new found place

hey girl her enjoy your day sorry I don't know how to make it pretty I just started this profile today 

Copyright © sierra messam | Year Posted 2013

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Elsa birthday funny kids

There once was a girl called Elsa 
who was given a balloon for her birthday
It all went so swell 
Then Elsa went and 
let it go .let it go, let it go  

Copyright © stephen pennell | Year Posted 2016

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Sing Angel Girl On Her Day

            Sing Angel Girl On Her Day
Angels came to play and lay a cloud of snowy white beneath her feet
As they treat her to a Happy Birthday party
And sing her name in praise and peace

Hi Girl, they would whisper to her soft and low
How lovely you look today

And she would whisper back hello 
Thank them for the fluffy snow 
For melting it away
So she can enjoy her special day.
Thank you for the flowers glowing blue and red

Angels smiled at her kindly and kissed her head
And blessed her hardships that make her strong

They danced in flowing summer fields so soft and long
They danced around her with a Happy Birthday wish   
To have her join them in joy and happiness 
To join them in a song and endless bliss

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014