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Details | Villanelle |


My garden is such a colourful sight,
with pretty roses and scented sweet peas.
An abundance of blooms, what pure delight!

Beautiful butterflies gently alight
on flowers dancing on the summer breeze.
My garden is such a colourful sight

Sweet night scented stocks abloom at midnight
their aroma is always sure to please.
An abundance of blooms, what pure delight!

Carnations in purple, scarlet and white
are visited by busy bumble bees.
My garden is such a colourful sight

A haven for birds I watch them in flight
they alight on peach blossom from the trees.
An abundance of blooms, what pure delight!

Pretty pansies smile in clay pots so bright
I love beautiful flowers such as these.
My garden is such a colourful sight
An abundance of blooms, what pure delight!

190 syllables, 10 syllables per line checked with how many syllables

Contest Villanelle me flowers Sponsored by Broken Wings

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

A glimpse in the garden

      My garden lies between the trees
 Where lilies dance in gentle breeze
      And lilacs whisper pretty please
 To  a butterfly's caressing tease

         Nearby glows the  buttercups
   Where  honeybees come to sup
        While  hummingbirds on branches squint
  To catch a glimpse of hyacinths
      And daffodils in yellow coats
 Sway to songbirds dulcet notes

 Queen Anne's lace is also grown
 With Forget-me-nots and anemones
     But the rose in beauty stands alone
 And smiles demurely from her throne
         © 5/2/14

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2014

Details | Monorhyme |

Shadow to Shadow

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
In youth the Eden where you played
was left bereft, destroyed, decayed,
by trusts malignant masquerade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Sweet crops die in your fallow glade
as opportunist needs invade
and bleed the life from every blade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
First, victims surging song is brayed,
but dirges of the wronged soon fade
as urges pant their serenade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Agendas you've arranged cascade
to keep your motives undisplayed
and cover cracks in your charade

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
You've planted with your soiled spade
these rancid seeds in hopes that they'd
conceal the putrid plots you've laid

Shadow to shadow, shade to shade
Your blighted past will be replayed
and every bloom on whom you've preyed
must lie now in the beds you've made

Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

''Fluttering Gems''

As I stood in my garden amongst my flowers,
       a parade of blue butterflies was drifting;
past my lovely brilliant primrose rock garden,
           they kissed a purple cornflower growing.

They stopped and caressed rainbow painted daisy,
      drifting over to drooping bleeding hearts;
resting on white campania with their trumpets,
            like sparkling garden gems quietly hovering.

Blue larkspur and columbine called for them,
      the tiny rubies twirled over in a waltzing dance;
and between yarrow, sage and yellow tick seed,
            they spotted echinacea and came fluttering. 

Floating on over they kissed orange scabiosa,
      then the assemblage of sweet butterflies left;
just stopping for a quick sip of fountain water,
            and gone this parade of fluttering blue gems.
August 11, 2015

Verse/"Fluttering Gems"
Copyright Protected, ID 699038

Late Summer Premier Contest
Brian Strand

First Place
Any Poem Written in 2015, Contest
Julia Ward

Third Place
Butterflies Among Us, Contest
A Skat

Fourth Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Hoping the flowers bloom

Hoping the flowers bloom

Sifting through my day,
withered masses of an old heart
searching in the wrong corner,
dreaming in muted grays on a white background,
wandering through the garden
of my every lost dream,

hoping the flowers bloom . . .
and I get to see them

Long hours only offer relief
when I look past the walls
formed around my smile so long ago, 
they are now only a faded memory
flickering in and out,
losing clarity

Then out of nowhere comes a light, 
so brilliant, beautiful, electrifying
I can only stare and wonder, 
is this for me to keep, 
or dare I say . . . to love? 
Love, now that’s a laugh 

Love only finds those who deserve it 
and those signs have long since
pointed a different direction
But a voice speaks otherwise
a soft tone, a sweet noise I’ve not heard
or imagined . . .  

When whispers of affection from her
fall upon my ears . . . my ears?
Like I am something, somebody, and it feels good 
even if it is still hard to believe
And I feel tears forming, could this be happiness
I ask, when there before my misted eyes 
The flowers are blooming . . .
and I can see them


Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

Details | Haiku |


morning quiet time
in nature's warm bosom found
sun kissed flowers shine

12 March 2015
POEM OF THE DAY - 14 March 2015
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

Burning Daylight Day Lily

Hurry, hurry we are burning daylight,
      The flowers are wilting;
Mother was planting a cottage garden,
And we needed the right perennials;
Flowers durable, enduring, perpetual,
      Oh sweet dreams of flowers;
This was a journey I shared with mother,
      Daylight pours into this memory;
          That I recall vividly.

Fragrant burning daylight day lilies,
      Flowing emerald leaves;
Intense beautiful orange-yellow colors,
Trumpet shaped delicate soft blooms;
We set them in a sheltered location,
      So attractive in the shade;
They also thrive in fields growing wild,
     After mother died I took some;
          Placing them at her tomb.

Darkness turns to daylight as I recall,
      Mother's cottage garden;
Some tell me that I must let it go,
That all the time I spend grieving;
The less time I spend living my life,
      But how dear to me the memory;
Of me and mother in her garden,
      Planting burning daylight day lilies;
          With petals that sleep.

April 14, 2015

Verse (unrhymed)

For the contest, Burning Daylight, sponsor, John  Lawless

Second Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Tetractys |


Seeds Planted Then nurtured See how they’ve grown Into pretty pansies for my garden How I love to see their smiling faces In lovely shades Of purple Pink and Red They Brighten My borders Bringing colour Especially on wet dreary dull days Triple Tetractys 2 Contest sponsored by Eve Roper Checked with how many syllables 07~15~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

She liked picking flowers, I liked growing them

She liked picking flowers, I liked growing them She liked picking flowers, I liked growing them Her basket filled with pretty blooms, freshly on the stem She walked into my garden, scented sweet and true I tended to my marigolds with tiny buds so new She saw my Gerber daisies, just smiling in the sun Then glanced in my direction, she only wanted one I nodded my approval, for what else could I say To the loveliest of flowers in my garden on this day She thanked me with a kiss, upon my cheek so soft I felt my old heart skip a beat, my mind it went aloft Then as she was leaving neath springtime skies so blue I could only stand and stare, for on this day I knew Of every perfect flower, so wondrous and pristine She was now the prettiest that I have ever seen She still likes picking flowers, I still like growing them But now I tend my plants and wait till she comes back again

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

Details | Senryu |


her husband made her a beautiful scented bath… pity it’s outdoors! Inspired by the above picture which was taken by my hubby when we were out walking today AWARDED POTD 3RD SEPTEMBER Please go to my poems page so you can see the accompanying picture as it doesn't show on the POTD page 09-01-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

Details | Pantoum |


Look how they dance in the warm summer air See them sip nectar from my pretty blooms As I relax in my comfy deck chair I just adore all the floral perfumes See them sip nectar from my pretty blooms They gently flit from flower to flower I just adore all the floral perfumes Which come drifting to my shady bower They gently flit from flower to flower I watch the beautiful bright butterflies Which come drifting to my shady bower They land on blossoms, then soar in blue skies I watch the beautiful bright butterflies As I relax in my comfy deck chair They land on blossoms, then soar in blue skies Look how they dance in the warm summer air removed from contest as it needed another verse adding 10-05-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |

Blossoms and Bubbles

In the hush of dawn wild flowers bloom, Blossoms mingle sweetly amongst the row of tombs; Scents drift in the air setting free spring perfume, The lovely flowers transcends the sad dark gloom. A rainbow of colours swaying in the breeze, Pink dances with purple and orange with yellow; And dipping and soaring the swirling bees, Your soft sweet voice mother is but a faint echo. I pause my journey to you and pick wild flowers, Holding beauty I press a kiss on your stone; A love for flowers that dark death cannot alter, Lovely bright flowers I leave on your tombstone. In the quiet a soft humming voice hovers, And above her tomb a wild flower bubble lingers. ________________________________ March 28, 2015 For the contest, Blossoms and Bubbles Sponsor, Olive Eloisa Guillermo 9th Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Mother's Garden

I grew up amongst every kind of plant and flower, Beyond our gate was the garden of dear mother; This Eden was colourful, tangled and so sensational, So erratic, untamed and just totally unmanageable. Mother knew the Latin names of each blooming posy, The iris, lily, rose, aster, dahlia, marigold and peony; I really loved the purple larkspur and pink gardenia, Mother said she loved them all but adored camellia. Brightly painted butterflies danced and glided happily, And the nesting birds all sang their songs so loudly; We had an old swing and we would sit and sip tea, In the shade of the trees, just my mother and me. O to turn back the clock of time, moving and clicking, To be in my mother's garden again, a child dreaming. _________________________________________ July 2, 2014 Rhyme/Mother's Garden Copyright Protected, ID 580302 Mid August Standard Contest Brian Strand Third Place ___________________________ Any Poem Under 15 Lines A Poet Destroyer First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

I am a Red Rose

Regardless of the scene, I, determined to stand tall Wavering, bending slightly on breaths of breeze Allowing pertness to show flaunting to thrall My stem of strength tipped enlightening please Petals prom in blood red, they peak to bloom My curves of delight like silken sheets, splayed Undulations tremble as they beautifully plume Such an attraction so joyous in hungered display Let my scents lure, tickle those nature tongues Taste my nectar becoming entranced by I For every dawn allures my stem to sprung In stance I'm proud as wanting eyes espy I, the garden jewel, the prime delicate Rose Swelling whenever I'm warmed, boy see me grow . The beautiful Red Rose - meaning Passion & Love.

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Blossoms And Bubbles

As I entered the garden the scents enticed
rampant rose blossom the arches fenced.

Cascading aromatic blossoms greeting me
amidst the climbers were the sweet pea.

In the centre stood the patio so glamorous
sparkling bubbles of champagne  so amorous.

Tickling the throat buds saturated with scent
from the tumbling blossoms as they descent.

Blood stream and breath full of roiling bubbles
and past swish the gentry parading in couples.

Raise your glasses in a toast as friends are wed
laughing, knowing they will all too soon be in bed.

Ah what a perfect day in this romantic garden
bubbles and blossoms tumbling as skies darken

Blossoms and bubbles never somniferous
mixed together they are becoming toxiferous.

written 03/25/2015

contest Blossom and Bubbles

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |

Memories Of Grandma

I am reminded of... the days I would watch her work 
in her flower garden for hours at a time
I am reminded of... the days she would take me by my
hand and say come along help grandma
I am reminded of... me carrying my little bucket along
to help her water all  of her flowers
I am reminded of... The smiles that would cover grandma's 
face when new flowers would be blooming
I am reminded of... sitting on the bench with her and watching 
the butterflies fluttering amongst the flowers
I am reminded of... The birds singing their happy songs as they 
flew around the flower garden
I am reminded of... the wind drifting by us and the fragrance of
the flowers floating all around us
I am reminded of...our walks back from the flower garden and 
our talks along the path back to her house
I am reminded much I miss her everytime I smell these 
beautiful flowers that still grow in her flower garden

In Loving Memory of my Grandmother
Helen Lyvine (Fosnaught) Myers

Entry: 5th Poem on the Soup for P.D.'s contest
12th Place winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2011

Details | Abecedarian |

Flower Garden

Asters litter beds in rainbow colours
Berries red and black slowly growing
Clover adding bright patches of green
Daisy's dotting the rolling lawns
Enchanting us with their beauty
Fox gloves waving their wands of trumpets
Gerbera brightly show the sun their faces
Hibiscus blown by gentle hot breezes sway
Irises joining in glinting and glimmering
Jasmine flowers spreading out profusely as
Kale fish swim in the pond flashing colour
Lilies floating gracefully give them shelter
Mums giving ground cover to the rolling banks with
Narcissus poking out between them while the
Orange hues of asters are a delightful background for
Peonies some tall most very short nestle beneath
Quince flowers, still their tight buds vie with 
Roses stately and wafting perfume clouds around 
Snapdragons closing their petals over insects
Tansy's rarely seen now a days, here do thrive and 
Uniformly line the garden paths whilst timid
Violets of deep purple shyly peek out and the
White tulips dance amid the rest under hedges of
Xylosma giving height and deep shade for plants
Zinnia's with rings of colour exploding

04/24/2014 by Shadow Hamilton

contest What's in your garden placed 1st

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

As Spring is Felt


Warm rains, shaken from winters' pelt

pelt earth into reform below.

Below new soil, as spring is felt,

felt springs uncoil to melt the snow.


Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Abecedarian |

The A-Z of gardening - contest

A flower beginning with A is easy you see, an Aster I would sow
Bluebells of every colour and size in most gardens grow

Colourful  Cornflower and Coneflower fills the scene,
Dianthus and Daisy look bright and so clean.

English lavender whose perfume fills the air,
Foxglove of many hues love to see them there.

Gladioli grow tall, look great cos of their beauty,
Hostas loved by the slugs til pellets do their duty.

Iris, so elegant, in wet areas love to shine,
Jasmine, whose heady perfume is divine.

Kalanchoe is a pretty plant likes to live indoors,
Lilac means Spring is here, buy lilac soap in the store.

Marigolds and Mistflower have their place in most gardens we see,
Nasturtium, a pretty old flower, yet smells like cats wee.

Orchids so majestic shout, look at me, I'm the prettiest of all,
Poppies of all colours, lovely to see them wafting so tall.

Quitensis is a plant that loves dusty conditions,
Roses, love to bloom wherever it's positioned.

Spring-flowers so beautiful heralding winter is over,
Tubs of tulips  so elegant amongst the clovers.

Umbrella plant have leaves that look like a brolly,
Violets used to be made into posies and sold on a tray.

Wall flowers look good but the perfume's not the best,
Xeromena is a poor mans lily, to grow it, is a test.

Yarrow you will find in the spring,
Zinnia the last one, hope my list a smile will bring.

Penned. 3 July 2015

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

Details | Abecedarian |

In My ''Dreamy'' Spring Garden

Ajuga, will be a must, a blue beauty that blows in the wind.
Bellflowers, charming and faithful and lovely, of course I must have
Candy Tufts from gardens of long gone, enchanting. And mother's favourite,
Daylilies, in a rainbow of colors, Delphinium and Daffodils also, so dramatic.
Evening Primrose along the fence will create quite a stir, and on the porch
False Watercress spilling out of a container, and then old dependable,
Geraniums and Glory In The Snow, I love my dreamy dream of spring flowers.
Hyacinths, scented jewels of color sparkle in my garden, along with
Iris Reticulata, an early spring treasure, it will be a wonderful place.
Jacob's Ladder, with blue-purple blooms, mingle with Johnny-Jump-Ups.
Kalmia Latifolia, pure white blooms, related to the laurel family.
Lily-of-the Valley, so sweet and fragrant, how could I forget you and,
Meadow Rue, a lavender wave in the wind, and anther old dependable,
Nasturium, a gardeners dream and it is also edible. Oh my list is long!
Oriental Poppy, was there ever a more heavenly gift from God, except maybe
Pasque Flower, unfolding from beneath the snow, and those Pansies and Petunias!
Queen Anne's Lace, so pretty is her lacework, did you know ishe is a wild carrot?
Rosemary, with a scented pretty flower, like dew in the morning is a must, as is
Sage, that billowy haze of lavender, pushing away the rainbow Snapdragons.
Thrift, delightful vintage touch to my rock garden in the shade, sweet the tulips too.
Umbrella Magnolia growing in the garden corner, with creamy white blooms, and
Vinca Periwinkle with lovely blue flowers, friends to Violet and Viola.
Wall Flowers, who love the sun, drooping with snow cap jewels, oh over there
Xenia's blooming in marine colors, so unique. And here a childhood love,
Yellow Anemone, aka Buttercup, who does not love Buttercup?
Zinnia, friend of Sunflower, elegant and colorful, nods.  Must this dream end!

April 13, 2016


Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

Details | Etheree |

October Flowers - Etheree

In October,
Full of dahlias,
And huge chrysanthemums,
And bright delightful asters.
Sweet, wonderful rainbow garden ~
I really love them in the rain,
Entangled with yesterdays faded gems.

September 20, 2015


Theme - Flowers in October, sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

Seventh Place

For the contest, For The Love Of October, sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Rose of Annamarie

Collecting the colors of nature,
the yellow, the blue and the green.
From the top of the stair,
I see a color so rare,
I go into the garden to see.
A snap-shot in my mind,
of the color I’d find,
just as my mind’s eye took it…
I continue my quest,
searching everywhere lest,
the dim light of dawn overlooks it.
I spy a fresh rose,
with petals of red,
I pick it not-
but admire instead.
It’s splendor and color,
at times wild and free,
are all reminiscent
of Annamarie…
Copyright © 2013

Copyright © Cole Banner | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

A Garden With Wings


      A striped butterfly hovers on Chrysanthemum,
      With blooms providing the beloved sweet nectar;
The sweetness that butterflies want more than life itself.

      Bright dazzling orange bursts in a sunny garden,
      Calling to the flying jewels swirling and twirling;
It is said butterflies and flowers are meant for each other.


      In my little city garden I have planted flowers,
      And it is there that I find inspiration for poems; 
A place of contemplation where flying flowers soothe my soul.

      I work to create their wish list safe sanctuary,
     Of sunny open space and muddy water they love;
Shelter from the wind amongst asters, cornflowers and daisies.

      A flat garden stone for basking in the sunshine,
      The solitude creates feelings deep within my soul;
Images that float on wings in my mind and flutter into words.

      Surreal poetry that I release into the wind,
      That go drifting on beautiful butterfly wings.


May 6, 2015

Free Verse/ Ekphrasis

For the contest, Your Favorite Old Poem #3, sponsor, Shadow Hamilton 

Third Place 

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

Fantastic Flora Masquerade

Creeping creepy creepers, the crawling trellis
jutting out of everywhere
snaking through country and metropolis
twisting turning in floral bliss
but more like snakes that hiss
But in quietude feign death for self-defense! 

Weeping willows with an unreal surreal sorrow
weeping tears of dew onto the silted furrow.
Perhaps weeping for bretheren felled
in deforestations and land clearings in
my imaginations of the call to preservation.
Against ethnic cleansing of greenery for selfish building
As per man's construction for mere recreation

Velvety-green tear- stained faces or rather foliage
When dew is stuck on them as nature's trinkets of pearls.

And over there touch-me-nots swaying coyly
like prim and proper maidens
in the fantastic floral gardens.

And what in the world is this case? 
Imitation flowery in place of imitation jewellery? 
Yeah, thats poinsettia in a vase
Leaves in the disguise of flowers
Its actual flowers relegated to backstage.

And ethereal fairy-slippers await their never coming wearers
and Indian pipes to be admired by Red Indian sightseers.

Oh and here's another spectacle- but sniper tactics this time
Yikes! Let the naive insect world beware! 
Whilst the bloodthirsty killers lie in ambush
Those camouflaged jungle guerrillas
or should we say the venus fly-traps! 

Or a more harmless one yet mimicking the scary
A snap-dragon flora, its mouth opening and snapping shut.

Then watch that mega-sized jumbo giant flora
The world's largest flower
No stems, no leaves, plant-eater plant, rafflesia.
Is it too much for the faint-hearted ha ha.

And wow now watch that incredible costume, oh my! 
A flower masked as some pesky fly! 
None other than the remarkable fly orchid.

And yet another, the silent music of the fiddlenecks
Fiddles as if for the light-weight fairies.

And lastly not forgetting ofcourse
the sky-blue unforgettable forget-me-nots
A memorable bouquet but themselves devoid of memory.

Ah nature lover poets if you wish to view
more of flora in a fancy dress masquerade
Go ahead and flip through the pages of
a botanical, floral
pictorial journal.
And see for yourself the fantastic flora's charade
or else imagine them dressed as a floral renegade!

Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |


Cherry blossoms stargaze as spring air comes; East and west cross at Bells of Ireland: warm and calm; Welling slowly to cede: tender sage thoughts, Upon two hearts link, after hundreds of sought and fought. Cathedral posts accent with ribbons of violets. Congregate white orchids grin alongside the aisles, Roseband sings tunes: forget-me-not to highest. Wearing her lavender gown,Heather walks with smiles; Clasp in her hands,tulip bouquet, guests she stun Her Lilac in tuxedo waits: eyes locked tight in knot Gentleness bestow from heavens, ever won Their iris fuse glued; love radiating allot Matching band's inscription: embroidered golden rings Baby's breath, a grand wish soon very soon, will spring.
NOTE: All bold words are different flowers.. :) I always love flowers. I am always fascinated of their beauty and charm but more than these I am inspired by them: philosophically and emotionally as well ... :D (c) Olive Eloisa 11:45pm June 24, 2014 Sponsor Cyndi MacMillan Contest Name GARDEN PARTY: VERB-alized NOUN-sense with FLORAL ACCENTS placed 2nd place.. :) to God be the greatest glory :)

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |


nothing    nothingtodo     today
so I am in my little     citygarden 
     sitting on the porch
                    in the shade    with my tea
   the garden full of rainbowgems   and greenery
old fat cat is stretched out   snoring
    and little cat is on my feet
purring      she just finished killing-
    a blue flower   it lay under her claw
the air is still    the wind chime is waiting
   and then a faint   tinkle      asoothingbreeze
in the distance the hum of traffic     so faint-
             it mingles with the silence 
a hummingbird zipped by   but did not stop
     to say hello       nothing     nothingtodo
but sit in the shade       watching my garden grow

August 11, 2015

Free Verse

For the contest, Don't Fight it .....Write it!  Sponsor,  John Lawless

First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

Details | Personification |

Down The Garden Path

Dozens of gallant white tulips swooning
Promising fragrant notes to ponder
Fiery stains of red passion tattooed 
Whistling breeze freshens her view

Last petal standing determines her fate
Daisy has faith her true love won't escape
A golden heart stems from his solid core
She needs no reminding she's been here before

Lilies devotion so luminous and pure
Never flounder's nor dies it flourishes matures
Each anniversary love blooms in delight
Countless colours displayed in unique garden sunlight

Rose picky so quick to sympathize 
Stands by her bouquet can't help but comply
Strong and resilient her beauty mystifies
One fragrant note you cannot deny
Tulips they swoon they puff and they sway
Gallant and fragrant their beauty displayed
Flowers they flourish in our lives each day
Love and attention is what we must convey

Copyright © Carol B. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose Poetry |

What blooms in the spirit when spring comes around

When the red wasp come out,
and the lush tree limbs begin to sway in the breeze,
Shaking off the residual drowsiness of their six month slumber,
I know that it has come
I see cool bitterness chased from the atmosphere
The misery is melting
Prompting jollity to come out of hiding,
It's petals bud slowly and then blossom into euphoria
With no concept of boundaries it overtakes the heart,
spreading its green tendrils along the ground until it
finds the cracks in the walls of my spirit 
So that even the crumbling parts of me hold life again
Giddiness flits around like a bee playing tag with its companions
becoming intoxicated off the nectar of flowers
This is the season in which my body buzzes with contentment
I am a reclaimed house 
in a garden of good vibes
And every day I pick a bouquet
Of smiles
Wrap them in brown paper
And deliver them to the world

Copyright © Alex Roberson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |

Where Nature's Beauty And Man's Design Meet

Where Nature's Beauty And Man's Design Meet

As bright red rose pierces with its sharp thorn
serves to remind, we are all mortal born.
So often pleasures of beautiful sights
counter the awaiting pains of dark nights.

Amidst color of flower garden's scene 
arrive pretty birds to nest and to preen.
Each day fluttering to match garden's hues
which is the more beautiful, hard to choose.

Such beauty must be cultivated first
for it quenches soul's spiritual thirst.
Sunny days beaming under God's blue sky
we see growing treasures and beg the why.

Where Nature and man-made design there meet
gentle spirit finds life so very sweet.

Robert J. Lindley, 11-14-2015

Poem Syllable Counter Results
Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Words: 100

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Pantoum |


Look how they dance in the warm summer air See them sip nectar from my pretty blooms As I relax in my comfy deck chair I just adore all the floral perfumes See them sip nectar from my pretty blooms They gently flit from flower to flower I just adore all the floral perfumes Scents come drifting to my shady bower They gently flit from flower to flower Iridescent wings are so beguiling Scents come drifting to my shady bower Mother nature always leaves me smiling Iridescent wings are so beguiling They land on blossoms, then soar in blue skies Mother nature always leaves me smiling I watch the beautiful bright butterflies They land on blossoms, then soar in blue skies As I relax in my comfy deck chair I watch the beautiful bright butterflies Look how they dance in the warm summer air Write me a Pantoum Contest Sponsored by Kim Rodrigues 10-05-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017