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Skies From A Little Girl's Eyes

She wades in until the water reaches her waist,
looks out and continues into the endless sea.
Her imagined long gown floats behind her.

Her little girl shoulder blades 
become hidden beneath the water.
Each time she raises her arms because 
it is cold, but the sea is calm and peaceful,
too cold for the others who prefer to watch.

It is her moment alone to feel like a Princess.
She lowers her regal eyes
but not her head, to keep her crown from falling.

She sees how her feet glide on the sand,
her legs extend to touch the bottom as golden 
sun reflects her movements on the water.
Sunlight penetrates the depths
as her toes penetrate pristine sands.

When water becomes chest high
her arms rise and then she lies back 
to float so she can view the azure sky 
in great wonderment.
Are the clouds shaped like a person ? 

Translation by Connie Marcum Wong
Original Poem:
By Ariane Dreyfus 

Elle s’arrête quand l’eau lui arrive à la taille
Regarde, avance à nouveau, et la mer infinie
La suit, traîne qu’elle sent à peine, la robe elle l’imagine

S’effacent ses omoplates de petite fille
À chaque fois qu’elle lève les coudes et se hausse
Car il fait froid
Mais l’eau est calme, pas embêtante

Frileux les autres sont restés derrière
C’est donc un instant de princesse

Elle baisse les yeux, mais pas la tête
À cause de sa couronne qui pourrait tomber
Regarde comment ses pieds glissent
Sur le sable
Parce qu’il est très loin les jambes ont grandi
Elles se tordent à plein de reflets
Le soleil y va, en profondeur
Et plus en profondeur la pointe des pieds
Pour aller jusqu’au sol intouché

L’eau presqu’à la poitrine, elle étire ses bras
Ainsi flottent les mains

Puis s’allonger, sinon comment voir que le ciel
Donne un si grand vertige, et les nuages en forme de 
Rough English Translation I had to work from:

By Ariane Dreyfus 

She stops when the water comes the size
Look, move again, and the endless sea
Follows her, drags that she feels, the dress she imagine

Fade her shoulder blades of little girl
Whenever she raises the elbows and to increase
Because it is cold
But the water is quiet, no annoying
Chilly the rest remained behind

It is a moment of Princess
She drops the eyes, but not the head
Because of its Crown that could fall

Look how her feet slide
On the sand
Because it is far away the legs grew
They writhe in lots of reflections
The sun go, deep
And more in depth the toes
To go to the ground untouched

Water almost ' chest, she stretches her arms
Thus float hands
Then lie down, otherwise how can I see the sky
Gives a great dizziness, and person-shaped clouds?

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

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Summer of '95

red and curious, looked up as
two lips 
kissed with passion,
and sins waved farewell
to leaps of faith

on a gorgeous afternoon
in Jardin des Tuileries.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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Catch Me If You Can French Sonnet

<               enticing to eyes watching mama's pink roses bloom
                 fourty years later someone else now cares for them
                 fresh cut daily and seen in her arms their long stems
                 tears streaming down face I sit under swollen moon
                 waiting watching for sun to come up again soon
                 to catch one more glimsp of mama's planted old gems
                 unfurling petals before been chopped or condemned
                 think I'll ask if can take one for my dining room

                 aroma bursting amidst thy supper's table
                 bowed heads we come and thank our Heavenly father
                 somebody still cared though sick and times unable
                 and answers it's door for which one has come bothered
                 to let bask in roses empowering fable
                 and not to be called as it's one's roses robber

French Sonnet is a poem with rhyme scheme
Syllable count is 12 syllable per line.

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2011

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Black fruits - in french -

Fruits noirs

Sans qu’on y prenne garde,
Le ciel se tisse du grillage
Sombre des branches.
Elles  s’étendent  chaque année,
Et chaque année,
Grignotent un peu plus d’espace,

Au point de parfaire une voûte
Et d’arriver à se rejoindre,
En confisquant le peu de lumière,
Stagnante, sous les dernières
Feuilles de novembre,
La sève lentement rétractée.

Une pluie insistante, et froide,
Corrode la symphonie des ocres
En une bouillie sombre et gluante…
Les buissons moroses abritent
Aussi des fruits noirs,
A la densité lourde.

Ils pèsent de leur deuil,
Leur poids d’approche hivernale,
Et font oublier les envolées légères,
Des passereaux insouciants,
Qui se poursuivaient
Dans l’azur cristallin.

Ce sont des corbeaux    ;
Et leur noir luisant,
Semble une menace anthracite,
Barrant quelque part,
De branche  et branche
La lumière et la joie .

Without being beware,
The sky is woven with wire mesh
Of dark branches.
They extend every year
And every year
Eat away a little more space,

To the point of making a perfect arch
And arriving to join
Confiscating the little light
Stagnant under the last
Leaves of November
Sap slowly retracted.

An insistent rain and cold
Corrodes the symphony of ochres
In a dark and slimy mush ...
The gloomy bushes shelter
Also black fruits,
A with heavy density.

They weigh their mourning
The weight of winter approach
And make you forget the light flights,
Of careless sparrows,
Chasing each other
In the blue skies

They are crows;
And shiny black
Seems a anthracite threat
Barring somewhere
From branch to branch
Light and spirit of joy.

Copyright © rene Chabriere | Year Posted 2014

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SEXY FRENCH GIRLS encounter an American 15yr old boy

 in the eyes of an
15 yr  American old boy


My son
Sweet naive
Raised in China
Where MTV and YOUTUBE are banned
Where no girl kisses
Until her university days end.
Raised in China
Where knees are covered--
Lips are sealed--
Where boys
Only dream
Of the wonders of Red sex.
My son
Said he loved Paris
     For the Eiffel
     For the Louvre
     For the Seine
     For the wine.

But I knew
He loved Paris
For the
Blackest  panties
Barely hiding
Knowing smiles
Short tight skirts.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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horizons of sunflower yellow-
becomes oceans of oil,mellow

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2011

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The French simply call them: " Dents De Lion. "
They have tiny, fragile yellow rays,
and can be used in multiple ways;
my grandama tossed them in salads and more.

Mothers, do you want your gorgeous kids
to be healthy, happy and tall?
Then feed them these delicious, green herbs;
I am sure they'll eat them all.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

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Clematis Cirrosha (French sonnet)

Great grin, glow, O glow, ‘til grizzled I grow, humming
Brightly bring bliss back before boredom burns me black 
My morn muse minding merry mountains’ moulded rock 
Tantalizes thoughtless thought that taunts thoughtless thing   
Lulling, longing, life with you, my love lives each day    
Whispering wind warmly wheeze words o’ awe, I feel 
Forever, firm beauty you own, as always will
Be beauteous blossom, bed o’ boredom stays at bay    

Dearest darling, don’t dare dry honeyed aroma 
Tempest thorns o’ thunders though sure to us they throw 
Yet, you-- yodelled youth o’ yore to death not to sow 
And, Angels adore you-- Clematis Cirrosha
Let love o’ mine, for you, flow in the darkest night
Heart diamond o’ thine, how precious is your light	

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2008

Details | Couplet |


On the brown lawn,yellowed leaves putrefy
Temporatures die as daylight hours fly.

American doublet form

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007

Details | Idyll (Idyl) |


The water,
Is cool and refreshing,
It invigorates more than the body,
It is a psyche boost,
A thought catalyst.
Swimming through the sea,
In the never ending,
Solitude of the sky.
The serenity of the sand,
Mutes the ambiguity,
Of the dark sky.

Copyright © Jacob Beilinson | Year Posted 2017