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I've been waiting up late for you,
watching the clock like a featured film.
Suspense waits no longer.
Here you arrive at 12 am
with a firework's bang.
At this hour,
this is your greeting?
Hello, January,
we need to talk....
I haven't seen you in months,
and you come barging in.
You come on so strong,
but sometimes you can be so cold.
You let me down last time you were here,
like torrents of hail and snowy hills.
Snow can be fun, though,
and you did warm me up
with hot cocoa and a blanket.
Thanks for your reviving comforts.
What I'm trying to say is
that I've missed you,
and I forgive you.
I hope you can forgive
my past as well.
I'm sorry about my negative attitude
and my disorganization.
We should go on walks more
and eat healthy meals together.
I promise I'll be kinder,
and I'll try to appreciate
all the good you offer me.
Can we now start anew?

Copyright © Juliet Ligon | Year Posted 2014

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Vaporous hazy fog,
listless light,
permeated by the sound
of early birds.

Gulls cawing,
delivery trucks thumping,
competing as they 
emit their harsh cries.

Singing the tune 
of way wards movement.

Devoid of green,
this place of concrete and plastic
hums in endless reverberation.

As the feral scrounge
and the contented pray,
life echoes on.

An orchestra
emanating from the edge
of the world.

Dispelling the night,
unfurling with the mist,
awakening this city.

Copyright © Teagan Taylor | Year Posted 2015

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Chaotic rain divulges errantly how can this be God’s poetry it plunders like a tsunami the Devil’s masterpiece How can this be mercy torrent waters surge floods creating oceans inescapable drowning Each rain drop becomes louder caught in the line of fire no escaping the bullets tranquil peace destroyed Peaceful melodies are lost storms reflect unpleasant music senseless evil heavy metal lyrics no purpose – shouting and screaming Doused, drenched, engulfed suffocating – soaking strain where is Noah and his Ark? Will this barricade conclude
The Silent One Originally written 7 January 2016 Repost: 1 January 2018

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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~Blooming Tale~ 

In limbo, we crawl on walls
Stare into a world behind curtains
Puzzled by the ends of -October dreams
A fight to scream, no one remembers
Once December is gone

Dark illuminating stars 
Will carve magic notes on trees
January comes to life!
Ones the old resolutions end

Mortal mountains ready To Bloom 
Taking from the clouds of yesterday
Surrender to the ascending view 
Never to gloom again........ 
The winds of a thousand words form a new scent 
A Flower-
-A new year begins 

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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When she was the first to step across the threshold
I knew things were off to a good start.
Outside, dark and lowering clouds pressed in,
But inside, her beaming face made me warm all over.
I wondered if we should still go for a walk,
But she insisted, hinting that I was afraid of the stormy skies.
In no time, I shrugged on my leather jacket and we set off.
The cold winds whipped at our clothing all the way to the park,
A little raindrop spattering here and there.
It soon intensified to a downpour.
The freezing drops soaked right through her coat
And her dark braids had raindrops sliding down them,
So we ran to a pine tree, and I placed my coat on her shoulders.
My shirt was instantly drenched,
Chilling me where it touched my skin.
But I did not care.
Because I was huddling under a tree with my favourite girl
And all it took was a look at her beaming face to make my heart warm.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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                       The fog lies like a thick blanket over my city
                         It is gray, damp and heavy to breathe in
                         Grey and wet ..... gives me a headache
                     Morning turns to night, without any difference
                         I have to get the light and the sun back
                                 Neither cat or dog will go out
                                  I've heard about rain dance
                           Now I would like to take a sun dance
                              Will you join with me in my dance

A-L  Andresen :)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2013

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     Hello January
     A whole year is over 
     A pregnancy of twelve months 
     with all the symptoms 
     Time is running like a marathon 
     The birth is started 
     The new year is here 
     again with new hope 
     expectations- joy and tears 
     Burning colorful stars 
     flashes in our eyes 
     Fireworks in the sky 
     like the sunlight
     gives a warm pleasure 
     Just a few seconds 
     All the church bells ringing 
     Smile ... kisses and hugs 
     We are ready - we are waiting  
     Please welcome the newborn year 

Sponsor:Vicky Tsiluma
Contest Name:Hello January 
Deadline:2/1/2014 12:00:00 AM

A-L  Andresen :)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2014

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We met in 8th grade...We became great friends and
Years later,

She Dared Me To Write my First Poem January 21, 1948...we were both 16...I on January 9th and she on January 20th same year.

"I bet you can't write the second verse to this poem!" she said to me in sassy manner...

She shoves a note book page to me with a scribble in her handwriting.

The title was "I Love To Dance!"

How absurd I thought, after all, I was a "singer!"

Without hesitation I took the paper and began to write..."I'd love to be held close in your arms where only I could share all your charms..." 

I followed with a few more line of "poetic bliss", to my thinking, and her respone was..."How did you do that?"

I replied, hands on hips, "Well you wrote the first so I wrote the second!"

Eloise replied in evident astonishment, "Girl, mine was from a song sheet!"
We fell out laughing as any 16 year olds would do.

Of course, I've written thousands of poems since then and I often say, "It's like breathing to me!".

My friend Eloise will be laid to rest tomorrow, March 16, 2013...Such a sad song for me. We stayed in touch over the years and often still laughed about that dare for me to write a second verse...Who knew?!

My heart is filled with the sorrow of Eloise's demise
Yet I sing still

Copyright © Cynthia Alvez | Year Posted 2013

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Upon Westminster Bridge, January 18, 2016

The etch-o-sketch skyline with its
razor sharp lines. 
Cuts into the analogue sky	
like an old Victorian pop-up book.

Its glass windows crying out its (pains)
screaming out in parallel symmetry.
The outlines, like a child’s colouring book.
Pencilled cleanly right up to the edges.

Clear cut digital lines.
A scene so ethnically cleansed.
Awash in the landscape.
Wobbles silently in the ebbing reflection of the Thames

I move from afar
To close-up, 
general to specific
I make fine adjustments to the microscope
The sharp outlines become corrupted

The perfection of the macro gives way 
to the Petri dish of the city.
Humanity moving in
never ending circles

Nothing is what it seems.
What’s lost cannot be found.
What’s found can easily be lost.
Fallen, like lost love 

The bankers in their shiny suits
and worn out wallets
Like 21st Century prophets.

"In the beginning was the market
and the market was the word.
and the word was Profit"

A stage on which to perform transactions 
All CAC if you ask me

This division within 
cannot be more stark.
There is no society in London city
Just individuality....

In this sterile terrain
We reach for the Ibuprofen
The buildings groan under the weight.
After all these years
that mighty heart is still beating

Copyright © Tony Kirk | Year Posted 2016

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If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

Copyright © Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. | Year Posted 2013

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~Snowy Winter Days~

In winter there's a lot of snow
In many places is falling I know

It is so cold right now outside
And snow continues to gather aside

Most folks have difficulty getting everywhere
There's too much snow, more than most foks can bear

Snow is falling steadily hard and slow
It is only growing very high and wide
Folks want snow to stop, for it they don't care.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~ Author's  Notes :  

The  " Trine "   is   a   French  poetic  form or  style.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2017

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At the beginning of her life 

the flower blossomed big and 

her pedals were bright.

Her skin shined with glow

and her laugh was delight.

Then one day

the storm came and

loosened her stem 

by a nudge. More and

more it came around 

as it kept getting 

stronger. Even through that

she still kept her smile and it 

has yet to knock her crown.  

The wind blew

and the sun tried to shine

She cried herself to 

sleep and tried to stay in line. 

Her imperfections impacted

her greatly and she'd scream as

her leaves fell off. 

Eventually, like the rest, all her 

dreams were doffed. 
When the next storm came back around it knocked her stem half way and she was forced to look down 
But stood so droopy was her crown
Then her hope grew less as she wasn’t

able to grow from the sight of the sun.
Her roots were giving out 
as she finally realized it was almost done.
When I went to visit that beautiful flower while the others came along she told us her time left  wasn’t long

So the bed gathered to tell the flower
How beautiful she will always be. 
She will always be bright and big 
No matter how tall the trees got to be
As her Dark purple became lavender 
Everyone got to say good bye, all except one.
When the last storm came it knocked her whole stem down. She laid there looking up at the dark sky crying and screaming “why?!”
And as her delicate heart gave out, her crown laid side by side to the beautiful flower that shriveled up 
While everyone buried her and her coronal I cried because I never got to say goodbye.
And what I’ve learned from this beautiful flower and broken stem is to never take the time you have 
with people for granted. You never know how long you have with them.

Copyright © Julie-Marie Alvarez | Year Posted 2015

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A Poem to love 

To day I am placing here a great Hindi poem of a renowned poet
Translated by me as a poem which I hope would touch your mind 
And heart intensely.
From the day I read this poem in between a play its wordings
Have touched me very deeply.

Since the poem is a beautiful piece of poetry by a great Indian
Hindi writer, poet, dramatist and story writer I am trying to
Bring its translation as much I could make from my mind without
Claiming that this is the best.

Brief background story for poetry soup lovers to judge the poem 
In light in the light of its real beauty:

The heroine who was in the age of sweet sixteen was in love
With someone very intensely, but his actual lover ask her to
Show her love for someone else for obtaining a greater result
For the sake of his motherland and the heroine tries to love
Some one else, who asked a price for the same and gave only
Pains and agonies to her. But, when she sees her actual love 
Her hearts is willing to welcome him and how- you will see 
In this beautiful poem:
Translation of the poem of Jai Shanker Prasad a great Hindi poet.
Jaishankar Prasad (January 30, 1889 – January 14, 1937), 
one of the most famous figures in modern Hindi literature

“Intoxicated by the wine of youth, in the age of sixteen
She cared only to love 
And to whom she should give her heart, 
She had no desire to know
And the one to whom she sold her precious heart,
Was asking a price for the same
The greedy even took away
The only treasure of pains and memories from her

She felt dusty storms were rising in her heart
And her love was coming totally unaware,
She thought to sprinkle water running from her eyes to  
Make the path slippery 
So that her love may walk slowly 
And she may behold her love, a little more
The longing of her life may get fulfilled
And her hopes may get a base to stay a little more

She knew all the steams of the world would be running from her eyes
Making it more difficult to recognize her face  
As the deep sea in her eyes would be splashing water on her face”

Only translation is made by me and the poem in Hindi belongs to
Late Jai Shanker Prasad.

Kanpur   India  29th January 2010  


Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2010

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as the nights morning within
its coldest grasp woke us


as her sleep interrupted
gave her,
and I,
thoughts of the warmer blast

Copyright © James Peranteau | Year Posted 2014

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Goodbye cloud that
Once held grip,
Out of your arms
I have the plan
You cannot take
I thought I needed
I don't, so bye.
And Hello!
My new friend
My wings are spread.

Copyright © Alexis Bennett | Year Posted 2014

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I look out my window
No longer white and fluffy 
The snow has turned a sickly gray
Much like my mood towards this season of death
Tired of dark clouds and cold winds
The birds are wise to abandon this desolate place
I dream of sunshine and blue sky
Running barefoot across green grass
Smelling the fresh scent of spring breezes
Lazy days of summer accompanied by young lovers
For now I am a prisoner in a cold land
Wrapped in my blanket staring out at the gray
Nothing seems to warm the coldness that has invaded my soul
Old man winter has stolen another day 
I wait and I wait
Time seems to move in reverse
Is there any escape?
I go to my computer
Warm weather awaits me
Just a click a way
Visions of spring dance in my head
I can cheat on winter
Escape cold fingers
I can fly away to some exotic warm land
Run through Sun drenched waves
Drink umbrella drinks
I can follow those clever birds
I long for this escape
Just four hours away
I arrive at the airport bags in hand
Feeling oppromistic
Then comes a storm
Old man winter refuses to release his icy grip
I look out the airport window
The snow covered runway is pure white
All flights cancelled
A block of ice where my heart used to be
How I long for spring

Winter Be Gone Contest
Poem written January 27th for your contest.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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~Winter Is Here~ (Rondelet) Winter is here The air's freezing and snow just falls Winter is here More days like this will come I hear Snow hits very hard the grounds and walls It keeps falling as the wind howls Winter is here. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2013

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

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While granules from past season’s flakes thaw the impatience of my own caprice amidst the restlessness of mid-winter, clay gathers new fragrance of tangy moss. Back at one, infant stars bequeath light upon clouds resting on a drape of reverie, the music of firstborn days stirring the wake of garnet’s ardour with time’s new dial--- a little fiery perhaps---as opposed to the acrid taste of a cycle’s old debris. My January, you cuddle the balm of my fortitude in your arms streaked with breathing hope, to nurse the fertile seeds of renewal with ovules so despicably beautiful that moonlit fireworks glaze steadily on night’s eyes, grounding my balance with acceptance that trials and love come from same flame: how this moment must be relished in praise of fresh dowry… Call me home instead and warm my skin as I roam with you, my January, fulfilling my quest’s return to a patient self... the kind which blesses fire and ice.
Hello January Contest by nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2014

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Sighs yet again

a fold here,
a crease there

origami wings
that are limp,

looking pretty lonely and pathetic
under, that, crying, sky, , , ,
                               , , , ,


It ironically fits well
into the day that is filled with cracks, 
     that spills into the evening----
s h a t t e r e d   eggshells 
                  that can't be beared to be buried,
only placed carefully with the dried leaves...

If only for a moment,
I keep my cradle of tears at bay,
as I let the moon do the weeping for me.

A mental tracking back
of the weeks, days, hours, minutes;
Let the scientist return to inference

Walk back to the time of hope and grief--
The dendrobium. The grasshoppers. The twisted bonsai.

Looking behind,
the footprints
are still there... .   .   .    ..

Wash them away 
with waves of laughter,
Erase all vestiges of me.

Forget I was ever here;
that should be easy

...I never meant much to you anyway


This is a mash-up of sorts of several writes of mine. I stitched it up with some lines. Very rough, I know, just felt like squishing some of my writes & edits together.

Copyright © kabuteng P.iNk k. | Year Posted 2016

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People connect, people want to connect, if stranger-you, stranger as you find yourself, as I see you, wish to speak to me, The Poet once asked, then why shouldn’t you?

We lose touch with it, we try to tease it out in poetry and song, and wrong it comes
In the wrong form and shape it shows, we are embarrassed to try to: I am embarrassed to know. 

There are things on YouTube that make us cry. Homelessness on YouTube that make us cry
But why? 

I lived in Brooklyn for twenty-five, twenty five years of me in Brooklyn and I saw them everywhere. 

With no place to go, the phantoms of the train.

Those who tried asked for dollars and cents and some didn’t. And a lot of them smoked crack, many of them brimming high, capsuling, in clouds of mist of drink, most of them had to. 

& there are nights of coldness collected in the steel, and there is blue-coldness that hardens the steel

& to them, we look as blue as it, unable to peel the ring off their voices, silence, not flesh-like like they feel when the blue-coldness touches their skin,

& to them some of these holidays make no sense, for out of misfortune or kin they have not a thing to attend  

In subway carts I see some leaning, bending with the weight of O’-that-feeling
O’ that hit of steel that makes them want to

Spiritual, black women prayed for them and sang to them I remember. Y algunas, las viejitas, afraid to look their way, said an ave-maria in their heads. 

Some white folks prayed, others gave change and some played in their minds other moments that made this one naught. 

But that was all of us.

We made the train ring with our laughter and indifference
	O’-that-feeling is why I can’t quit
	And homeless they are and have been and then has-beens
	& we give change and expect none in return

These subway doors open: 
“O’ I hope he gets off” 
			“He’s making me sick”

The songs we sing

People want to connect even when they don’t want to stranger, you
& through train-sliding doors, a glimpse of this,  and we try, we try not to lose sight of it 

locked eyes looking and no fear
	human recognizing human & no fear
		pain recognized by pain & no fear
			& no fear, and fear not fear

& they will slide 
And you will move - and you may remember and may not

Copyright © Ayendy Bonifacio | Year Posted 2014

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Its been a long time
Since I've seen you last
Beginning the new year off
Is what makes you even more special
Along with the cold weather
You bring in reminds me
Even more of your existence
Unlike the other January's

This year you've been extra wonderful
By giving me the strength
To leave the old behind
And embrace the new
I've also discovered
"A brand new me"
Leaving behind past 
Hurts, insecurities, and doubts
All have been a delight
As you have approached

A new love interest,
Financial blessings, and
A new outlook on life
Although it's just the beginning
The first of the year
Is always the best
Simply because my expectations
Of you never seem to amaze me

Copyright © Donielle Smith | Year Posted 2014

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I now perform the annual alchemy,
my purpose :
to capture Spanish sunshine in a jar.

Seville :
white fragrant flower to bitter orange sphere.
Childrey :
sugar, water, shredded peel to liquid gold.

Now attend
and carefully stir the boiling cauldron,
witch-like, the transmutation is complete.

Scottish myth.
Her courtiers cry “Ma’am est malade”, forsooth,
Mair’s headache
cured with orange confiture, a royal preserve.

At breakfast.
The early morning sun aslant the glass,
light shining
through shredded peel makes goldfish in the swim.

The bitter-sweet tang melds with buttered toast.
flavour.  What better way to start the day ?

Copyright © Mike Jones | Year Posted 2014

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Hello, January Yea, the Roman God Janus The ruler of new beginnings, The first hour of the day The first day of the month The first month of the year. You are blessed with two heads One head to look forward And the other for retrospective view I take inspirations from your two heads For new objectives and new commitments And to renew the old commitments. To cast the old and welcome the new. The shortest day has passed The days are getting longer Soon I can stay out in a twilight. Though January named after you, Two seasonal diversions are around To ease the bites of winter. Though there’s quietness all around But secret activities are in full swing The soil absorbs the pure rains And micro organisms converting Fodder into usable nutrients For the next crop of plants. The hungry earthworms force a way Impregnating the soil to welcome The seeds and bare roots to come.
++++++++++++++++++++++++ Date 8-1-14 Form: Free verse Dr. Ram Mehta Second Place win Contest: Hello, January by Vicky Tsulima

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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The year is new.
The season fresh 
Like ripe bananas
Ready to be picked, 
Plucked and eaten.
Like the jungle.
Ready to be explored
Experienced, caressed. 
Opportunities ocean-wide
Optimism skyscraper high
Helium filled dreams just waiting
To burst and fall into your hands.

The year is new.
She has exchanged her clothes,
Washed her face,
And now and refreshed,
Eager to take you
Hold you, 
Teach you.
Welcome her with open arms.
Wherever she leads you this year
Follow her with cat’s curiosity.

Copyright © Elayne Ogbeta | Year Posted 2015

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Beggars, tramps and lost children

Poor men, homeless and brethren

Roam aimlessly the stark streets

They pass days without treats

And when they die, no one cares

Noone sheds a tear or just dares

They bear the cold of winter

They burn in heat of summer

They sleep on cold cement and rocks

And don't eat for long days.

They do not need our words

They don't need our rhymes

What they need is a piece of bread

What they need is peace and mercy

When they wander why dont we wonder?

Why don't we ask why they venture?

Give then what to fill the tummy

Give them, don't let them go needy

And when you do, you' ll see the smile

And you smile too for eternal while

Copyright © Lonely Shepherd | Year Posted 2016

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   Part One

Now as I account for myself
I know the fight is over
   You made me feel if I was worth saving
I was worth having
And I knew as the man flattered to grow
    He also learned the crafts of
       clinging on to his sleazy self

When we have to account for ourselves
When we have to take stock of the unaccountable
When we have but ourselves to account for
When all but you and I alone are left
Amid the crowds that hover at our presence
                                      in your eye
Amid the lashing lolling tongues

Amid the squelching claws of distrust
And the deriding press of after thought
What are my lean-throated words
What are my bleating pleas of
When we have to account for ourselves
In the awakening stillness of other judgment worlds
What account do we have for ourselves
But the rabid thirst of a search
When we may have met in this or that town
But in this land and in this continent
  This world
     This incarnation
This temporal crevice

You in the fresh burst of discovery
I in the aftermath of debunking rediscovery
Time was then held alike that summer
Growing only to fruition in our recognition
My senses were growingly numb from blunt use
  burning when the electric fondling
   dared enter and worry the concealed corners

I saw you then
 Not as the strapping dash of bubbliness
 Nor as the plaitted innocence of schooling youth
Trundling the scenes of covertly revisited crimes
Forming with others the dutiful mannered habits
  Nor as the tall preening blot of shyness
    at the hedge of a group picture
Fronting a personality
Dicing friendship
Simulating elder precepts
Feeling your maidenhood pulsate in reveries
Testing its beat upon hidden hay heaps
Nor as the pure shaft of consciousness
Thrusting into the wake of frightfulness

I saw you
Only as a parcel come to me in mortal need
In a prelatic bestowment of fruits and tins
The salt and pepper of spicy tables

I saw you come to me
  in disguise well wrapped and well meant
I saw you come to me
That low day of my life
As a parcel bound in the selfless vines of veins
  As the blood of transfusion
    As the hope of persistent verse

It was one big inconsumable heart that arrived
Unnamed and unasked for
And I stood and stared
   Stared and stood
No longer in unbelief
I did not live from victuals coursing through
I lived and thrived from gorging one
   Insuperable unknown heart

(Continued in Part Two)

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2012

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Falling fast and hard with a chill in the air… I am drenched with the essence of winter…Safe and sound I am content in my warm and cozy home where I hide…

What do I see? Out of this window of mine…

The harsh storm grows stronger as I gaze intently…The wind billows along searching for its target to tear down and destroy…

What do I see? Out of this window of mine…

I cringe as I stand…my eyes deceived by the site…It takes its first victim… with unfounded strength, small and large, branches are yanked off a tall hollow tree… lay scattered on the frozen terrain…

What do I see? Out of this window of mine…

Copyright © Meg Anderson | Year Posted 2015

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Ladies and Gents, 

I come bearing full my compense, 

For all of my misgivings causing reader repents, 

Upon further review, 

the message I was trying to construe, 

at times crossed over boundaries that originate in the pew, 

Fortwith presently I swear, 

forswearing manner seen debonair, 

I shalt tone down the rhetoric whilst maintaining it's flair, 

To those in the know, 

whispers abound my style has begun to plateau, 

this has filled me with anguish and tempestuous woe, 

from my hedonistic head to my calloused big toe, 

My blessed constitution moves forward yet forcefully with no fear, 

For my resolutions, with some substitutions, I shalt devoutly adhere, 

As we embark on this journey to the 2013 frontier, 

I endeavor to wish All of you Good Tidings and a Happy New Year!

Copyright © Donald Reith | Year Posted 2012

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White icing spread atop cut-out trees,
Shrubs melt,
expose green cutout cookie snowflakes,
Blue skies shove away clouds,
reveal warm glossy blanketed fields,
Sunshine toasts the breeze a golden crisp.
Gazing out the picture window,
I watch as God bakes another day of Ohio January.

Copyright © Robin Maughan | Year Posted 2009

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He stood stalwart
watching western dusk
promising pink and red ribbon of light
crevice of Presence
between dual dark starless night
and vaguely outlined Earth's end of bright
for yet another day's journey 
through spatial time,
diurnal rhyme.

Boot journeyed feet planted
centering weight and stretching spine
reaching to breach this transitional last gasp
of hope's new day,
grasping for how this time is without precedent
yet timelessly emerging
re-submitting into unto worn-dark cosmic consciousness,
narrow gap of fading pink with blue-grey veins
networking night of sky with Earth
to close this endless day.

Where was he when this time started and closed
and before?
Standing stake-out watching Earth Day's fading string
of time's co-gravitational light
folding in Earth's darkening rim
rolling toward him
across cold black twilight night
reaching toward his Elder future
staring blind toward endless time
glaring timeless blind back through him.

At last, he inhaled deaf heaven and blind Earth's embrace
one more time
less day turning night
breathing light in and out of dreams
through lives of ages 
lost to reasoned memory.

Treasonally forgetting
to say farewell
and namaste
before gently closing his back yard's western door
with full will and warm co-arising intent
to thank morning's dawn
for showing up
despite his lack of eco-social grace.

His dreams drench absorbing graceful face
smiling Earth's radical revolution
with timeless eternal pace
of dusk's red ribboned grace
warning dawn's threshold of climatic race
toward upside-down political economies,
Heaven dressing Earth's night
in moon-revolving star light,
while Earth cooperates her most regeneratively sexy synthesis
through sun revolving light's full ecoconsciousness;
all dressed up
with every ecorevolutionary place to go.

He stared this dual dressed study
until his turn to exhale once more,
while opening dawn's eastern gathering door.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016