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365 Days

"This is dedicated to all who understand this. Whether we like it or not." -D.J.E.

I wasn’t gonna write this


Emotions are stirring high
Cannot believe
How much time has passed

Still feel your presence

Of the slowest death
Ever felt
Running parallel
To these present seconds

An ugly revelation
Tainted the sunshine
That bared on our souls
365 days ago

So many tears
Had filled the ocean
Of despair
For love’s river
Were held back by presumption’s walls
The dam’s of what could have been

Here I stand
In this present moment
Your essence still lingers
Like the flakes of a dandelion b r e a k i n g 		f r e e
From its home

Tormented echoes of “why”
“How come”
“Please don’t go”
“I love you…I love you so much”

High pitched resonations
Float upon
Rafts of secondary importance
And yet
This heart still knows

For it will always recall
Its truth

Played me a fool
While you held hands
With inevitable

Crossing fingers
With diffusion
Across my shoulders

Left me uncomfortably numb
All my rights

And all the while

In tomorrow

My foolish hopes
Continued to warp my mind

Maybe if I didn’t look back when you walked away
Like the rules said…
…No matter.

These soft acoustic riffs
Replay in my head
You were my “Wonderwall”
“You could’ve been the one…to save me”

But I overcame
For I
Saved myself

Didn’t want to be an inconvenience for you

Colors of Fall
Your favorite season
Kinda ironic
You were like Summer & Winter

Knew when to turn up the heat
Make me sweat

Each new arrival
A summer equinox
Each departure
A rainstorm

But, when it was over
Nothing but cold
Blizzard languages
Even solace’s bandages
Could not heal

But, I weathered the storm
And would do it again
Cause it was for real


Here I am
52 weeks have past
Occasional recollection
Of that hourglass
With no more sands
Buried in dragon’s chest

You are in my silent prayer

Know this

Even though you are contained
Within my heart’s asylum cell block home
I loved you
With all that I had

So much

That you will be the only regret
I will ever be proud of.

© Drake J. Eszes

Copyright © Drake Eszes | Year Posted 2011

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Bastille 2016


Many years ago
They stormed the Bastille
Two hundred and one lost their lives
The tennis court oath however survived

Jacques had his heart with the masses
Necker could not be dismissed so easily
The storming of the Bastille was to be
The birth of a nation for all men free

And free men they were
Running naked through the streets
What they lacked in cake
The made up with in red wine

The Republique was born
A democracy in infancy
Would grow through trials and tribulations
To become a multicultural great nation

Lone angry men filled with such hate
I welcome you to Bastilles’ gate
Of medieval prisons long ago
It is there, you I shall throw

You kill in the name of a God
A God you do not know
Love has escaped from your very soul
Only hate tarnishes your bitter heart

The ghosts of Bastille are mocking
The coward who is filled with such animosity
There never shall be an escape
The soul of the dead shall eternally taunt you

A criminal with no compassion
You have only given us our determination
To battle for the peace of this great nation
You bring us tears; alas we shall turn them to wine

Naked through the streets we shall always dance!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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My Last Wish

If only I can ask the world
To gather all the love
Each person has.

If only I can feel the love
Free of inhibitions in some extent 
And share it with everyone.

If only I can be 
With the love of yours
So that I can have my last wish.

If you permits me to  live and die 
Unconditionally with and without you
Oneness reflected indeed.

Copyright © marvin celestial | Year Posted 2012

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Standing Amid Thank-fullness

                                             thank God
                                                for the present.
                                                  The present through
                                                       past and current
                                                          trials and
                                                                 Present through
                                                                   laughter which
                                                                     has become
                                                                    our strong foundation.
                                                                  To my dearest heart of hearts, it
                                                              doesn't go in vain the love you’ve
                                                        given to me.  And I myself must agree, that
                                                   as a man, I’m sincerely lucky to be me.
                                               Knowing that…When I stand…
                                          You stand
                                      then We stand
                                    becoming the
                                     singular while holding on
                                       to life hand in hand.
                                         Regretting not anew the treasures
                                           and experiences we’ve shared amongst
                                             each other with no one else
                                               to compare… And for that, 
                                                  I love you, I love you, I love you

Pace, G

Copyright © Pace INK-U-SCRIPT | Year Posted 2013

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missing piece

i sit here thinking about the days.
remembering the time we first met.
i was crying in the rain,
feeling the water and the pain. 
until you came, and wiped my tears away. 

you were like an angel in disguise, 
you never ever fail to make me smile, 
you were a stranger in my world, 
but you made me realize my worth 
when you touch my hand
i know that you understand. 

I feel so safe whenever i'm with you, 
the way you hug me tight when i feel blue. 
you are just like a dream come true. 
i wouldn't need anyone else but you. 
and from now on i offer you my heart.. 

so i thank you for coming into my life,
for bringing the sunshine and making me feel alive. 
you made my life complete, 
baby, you're all i need
you are my missing piece. 

PS:wrote this 2 years ago. i had this poem hidden and reserved for Mr. Right. :-)

Copyright © imee murillo | Year Posted 2014

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This Present Darkness

Freedom I long to hear your bells ring
If you only knew what it would do to me
Auspice and a pair of Jacks, its sudden destruction
And the Poetry World's composure was completely destroyed
As we complete the circle of Life and Avalanche and bury the Poets
The organ plays and the funeral starts
As they compete with a man of God
Angel's and Chariots of fire
A demonstration of God's Power on earth
Extraordinary as her performance, I express myself
Court is convened now, she got the message
A star falls, I expand, 
Lost Treasure discovered inside ourselves
How could I deny the fact
You gave me strength when no one else was ever there!

Copyright © Timothy Jacks | Year Posted 2013

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When I Emerged

When I emerged from the black ~~~
Acrid smoke and dust impaired my vision ~~~
Once settled ~~~
Iconic giants were no more ~~~
History reminds us, where we were at that time ~~~

(1)~when      2~I         3~emerged      4~from
5~the         6~black    (7)~Acrid    8~smoke 
9~and     10~dust        11~impaired   12~my
13~vision       (14)~Once     15~settled   (16)~Iconic
17~giants      18~were     19~no     20~more
(21)~History        22~reminds           23~us
24~where    25~we         26~were   27~at
28~that      29~time

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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First Love

We treat it like a marble 

in our pocket for a while 

we win it 

we lose it 

but no matter where it goes 

it always holds 

the warmth of our hands

Copyright © Gerry Mattia | Year Posted 2009

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Long Live Nigeria

We have toiled for long
Our forefathers have trend the path
And made their mark
And the rest is history

We have had our share of sorrows
We have had our share of victories
Battles we won, battles we lost
But amidst all these

All we see ahead is our bright future
Although our dreams may be over shadowed by
the wars we are still battling within
Our hopes may be limping by indecisions

Our stability may be wavering
But we aren't giving up!
And definitely, we aren't bowing out!
Truly, Nigeria has had her own share of war

We aren't retreating!
And we surely aren't going to surrender!
And with every painful but purposeful step
We are claiming our position back
as the giant of Africa!

Nigeria is beautiful
and her people, her glory
Maybe slowly, but definitely, God will heal our land

Copyright © Abosede Ogundare | Year Posted 2016

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Traces of Chalk

In the dead of night, the crickets holding their breath
Our love brooding the full moon's tide on our anniversary
The wind stirs our risen ashes and revived passion
That had remained dormant down eternity's timeline

Tonight, we're reunited once more as we'll be forevermore
Our ghosts dance in the shadows of our old, forgotten steps
Down this moonlit, memory paved path to our short lives
Past the traces of chalk where we laid holding hands side by side

Thabang J. Ngoma

Nette Oclaud's Sense of touch contest

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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love's touch

the swans glided gracefully
making circles on the pond
the sun's luminous glow
a mirror reflection of their souls.

her heart skipped a beat
as her lips parted to smile
his arms wrapped her tightly
tender fingers graced her cheek.

he gently caressed the softness of her hair
his touch, a warmth she always adored
she clasped his hand in hers with care
the feeling electric; the way it had begun.

her hand stroked his lovingly
she beamed with pride from within
slowly she turned to gaze into his eyes
he was her heart, her joy, the love of her life.

he tucked her hair behind her ear
cupped her face in his hands
as he deeply & passionately
kissed her rosy, full lips.

they soaked in the moment
of love's words through touch
feeling the beautiful essence
they had created with love.

with nature as their witness
guarding their precious moment
they honoured their day
their anniversay; the way it had begun.

Copyright © Lynn Marie | Year Posted 2006

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To my mother on the Anniversary of her Demise

I blink back my tears
as I look down
on your frail body.
If only you can understand
what I feel for you,
there's nothing I wouldn't do
to see you healthy and strong,
to see your limbs full,
to watch you walk alone,
to see you eat a hearty meal.
Alas it is not to be.
Cruel father time will take his toll,
and your strength will recede
more and more,
like a wave that strikes the rocks 
only to rise and fall.
Yet I shall never forget
I was born in your womb.
You are my life, 
I owe you much.
Forever we'll remain, 
forever we'll soar.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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Found Love

When first I came to know this world, my eyes were young and hurt,
And O're the years I came to know, the expression in my heart,
I fought my way through love and pain, through heart break, and much worse,
Until one day I found a man, who could love me at my best and worst,
He would drive me to the point of insane, yet bring me back to laughing tears,
He could make my eyes weep in shame, yet hold me close and i would heal,
18 years, it took to know that I would never leave his side,
For when I was born I knew this man; Inside my soul, the knowledge survived,
I found him after 16 years, And knew I loved when i reached 17,
Now the age of womanhood is apon me, and if asked Ill respond,
it is his wife I shall gladly be,
Sweet eyes so young, but aged too,
my love today, I explain to you.

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2012

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This morning I
Allowed God to open his hands
I wanted to see
My space in the universe
To find some meaning
For the the sixty years I traversed his grace
And never reached the edge of it
I wanted see again
The zig-zag path of my search
But the water gnawed the sand
Where my footprints were stored
In the world of God's hand
This morning I
May never know where the road bends
Or where it will go up a hill
I only know that I follow a calling
That following it before
Make all meanings strange to me
For faith determines nothing
More than an agreement to be pliable
No matter what
The sunrise comes to me
And the sunset leaves me here
In God's hand I
Have no where to go
Nothing more to know
Than there is no edge near my feet 

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2012

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Fort Sumter

April 12, 1861 the cannons could

be heard for miles around,

the war had started,that

led both sides to a long

and hard struggle.

Why was this site

chosen to start the fight,

it may have been that

this fort was not prepared

for a battle of any kind,

a shortage of cannons,

and other weapons,

hardlyl gave them any

chance to defend the fort

Abe Lincoln later in

his most famous speech,

said A Nation divided cannot stand,

which is a true statement.

The Civil War was to become

the bloodiest war in our history,

before the firing

on Fort Sumter

it was an unknown place

to most of the  people,

now it stands out

as a major landmark

in our country.

wrote 4-12-11

Copyright © James Foulk | Year Posted 2011

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Gene, Gene, the Singing Machine

(in memoriam, Eugene Lawler, d. January 29, 2012, aged 83 years)

--- Note:  "The singing machine" is a not so tongue-in-cheek reference to Gene and his penchant for singing whenever and wherever he wished, as well as to his karaoke
equipment and his nickname at bars that featured karaoke nights. ---

You fancied yourself a singer,
and indeed you were.
What songs we heard from you
you had made your own,
and you gave them freely
to all who would listen
(though we were just a few
who were, at times, inattentive.)
Time and remembrance may color
the images you left behind,
and the sentimental songs
you sang (and scribed on silver disks 
for us to hear when, and if, we will)
may prod us to recall
your willful, dour demeanor
which could bloom into benevolence
or darken further in stormy sneers
at tardiness, or at perceived
maltreatment of any sort.
You were your own arbiter of behavior
who kept before you expectations
of what was appropriate, for yourself
and for us, the others of your kind.
We were few (still fewer now),
who flocked together on occasion
to celebrate, in quiet fashion,
whatever anniversary we chose --
perhaps your passing date
will become another to be marked.
And your voice, reproduced mechanically,
amplified, may remind us of our loss,
and of yours.  

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2012

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Government Sales Tax GST

Government Sales Tax GST
Since the introduction of GST, a sales tax newly  introduced back in April 1st last year,
GST or Government Sales Tax has wreaked untold financial miseries all thro the year.
Despite the various publicity shows and nationwide tours to dispel  citizens’ early misgivings,
What was feared and dreaded  is now an unforgiving yoke of taxation in most daily dealings.

Through the supply chain, with this  imposition of this 6% tax at each level, everyone suffers,
The debilitating effects of its cumulative nature has given rise to spiralling price increases.
From services rendered to most consumables and non edible goods, top it up, GST is a must,
And when crude oil hit USD 100 per barrel, from a sedately USD40plus a barrel, we curse.

All retailers were quick to raise prices, citing the drastic rise of petroleum to justify rising costs…
The ordinary citizens, as consumers, we can only mutter and curse  impotently at the costs.
Except for some basic consumables that are classified as essential goods, all others are taxable,
When one settles payment  at the check out counter, there  is a 6% additional payment for the government.

So to the man in the street,  there suddenly is a double whammy to the rising cost of living,
A consequential price increase in goods attributed to rising fuel costs, and a 6% tax for sales servicing.
It is just a 6% service tax, replacing the 10% service tax, so the cost of goods would be lowered,
A reputable minister, in his fervour to curry acceptance from all Malaysians, blared loudly all over.

Despite the opposition political parties and their  vehemence against this 6% GST tax,
The ruling party, with its overwhelming  majority, approved and passed this GST tax.
One year down the road, petroleum prices are down to about  USD40 or thereabouts a barrel,
Surprise, Surprise! None whatsoever any lowered prices even when petroleum dipped down to USD25 a barrel!

Today, Malaysians all over are struggling to stretch the buying power of our hard earned earnings,
If there is a corresponding rise in monetary pay, rising costs and GST would not be so demanding.
And of course, if only  there is less profiteering or greed to lower the much risen prices,
Government Sales Tax of 6%  is acceptable for it is much lower than in the other neighbouring nations.

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Our Anniversary

Our anniversary is in a few days…
Paula publicly became my wife
that day and the rest of my life!
Yeah, she kind of found me adrift…
although I was still a float,
I had no real coordinates. 
I am not sure what she saw in me, 
but maybe a puzzle worth her energy.
Yes, yes, yes, she did say yes;
We have pictures to prove it!
It has been enlightening, a journey.
Thank you for sharing your life my beautiful wife.
I Iove you very much, your husband.

Edward J Ebbs - June 6, 2015

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2015

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All of Me Loves All of You

All of me loves all of you; My Love for you, Is more than something I do. It’s who I am; It’s the breath I take. It’s my happiness; It’s the memories we make. It’s the good times and bad; It’s the steepest of hills. It’s the joys and the tears; It’s the never-ending bills. It’s the wind that is blowing; It’s the twinkle of stars. It’s the depths of the ocean; It’s this journey of ours. I’d rather have the hardest of times together; than have it easy apart. I’d rather laugh and cry; and feel the beat of our hearts. Hope, Love, Respect, Devotion and pride. No journey too long; No desert too wide. My Love for you, is more than something I do. All of me, Loves All of You.

Copyright © Danielle Fenske | Year Posted 2015

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A devil
Evil spirit
Regarded as cruel
The jealousy

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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Bearded Dragon

Scaly small lizard
Eats bugs, but not very often
Where’s the beard?
It has no hair

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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A Candlelight Dinner

I had a candlelight dinner last night.  My love and I was feeling alright.
Neither one of us was frustrated.  We cherished the moment and our
love was so elevated.

We both stared into each other's eyes, our heart racing oh so fast, just
sitting and thinking how long or love would last.  We each touched each other
and felt sheer pleasure, we could not forget about this special moment we
both enjoyed, it helped relieved some of the pain and struggles that we
had confronted that day, right at this moment nothing seemed to get in the

The candlelight shining so clear and bright gave reflections of the way in
which we felt that night. It was so peaceful and serene, nothing but our
souls and spirits feeling one another, there was no trouble.
We both felt blessed to have enjoyed such memorable moment at the
present time we were in, just he and I sat there sipping on some gin.

Copyright © Shirley Long | Year Posted 2012

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Happy Anniversay

For making it a little easier to get up in the morning, and putting up with my less than friendly 

For making everyday that much better because you are a part of it....

For spending your nights dreaming with me, and working everyday to make those dreams 
come true....

For being a great husband and father, and helping to make our home a loving place to be....

For spending the last 14 years loving me and making me feel like a special part of your life....

For being my best friend, and always being there for me no matter what....

For all these things and more, I LOVE YOU! Happy Anniversay to the love of my life!

Copyright © Kirstie Fontes | Year Posted 2010

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We could get caught

"How's yours coming? Got any ideas? "
"I'm in the fifth stanza already, this is going to be neat!"
That's me and 4 other friends of the poetry club, 
Scribbling away in a corner where the tree's shadow
Builds a shelter from the sun, and for the Muses
Larking away in its green rustling branches. 

Really though, we should be in class....
But what's the point in hunting for an "x"
Which is written on the page, and has no meaning, 
Nor content? They call it a "variable"! 
Well, these words for sure are variable too, 
But to play with them and twist them to falter into 
New meanings (see what I did there?) is divine. 
No weird symbols from a Cyrillic alphabet today for us! 

We're scribbling our souls on pages, to see them live. 
We could get caught but no beating could ever beat the
Exhilaration of the ink dancing into new thoughts like Adam's first breath. 

(c) Nyonglema

Copyright © Nyonglema Pisoh | Year Posted 2015

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One Day

As I sip on aged Cognac
swirling in circular sadness,
contained within cup made
of broken stained glass memories,
I witness.

Witnessing Cloud 9’s silhouette
surround this glued enigma.

Lionel Ritchie was the rock for this moment’s bliss.

“Truly in love,

Emanating across cathedral uncertainty,
breaking its glass.

This was a celebration of priceless Silver.
A currency only earned by the Philanthropists of Love.

Creating justifiable fantasies
with attainable dreams.

It was amor, maintained.

While I sip on Cognac’s remnants,
mixed with retina’s loneliness,
with smile craving soul-pack solution,
I exhale.

In “Deep Sigh” Symphony: No. 9.

With my ventricle chambers
kissing subconscious on forehead,
in preparation for dream come true.

Because one day,
that will

© Drake J. Eszes

Copyright © Drake Eszes | Year Posted 2011

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I see you now and your smile
Lips parted and your black hair
Hair that smells of freshness
I wonder if you see me
And miss me as the sun
Eyes blue and loving only you
And those famous lips
Do you reach for me in your dreams
Can't catch me through the mist
My tears fall as rain and burn my soul 
I promised to love you
I failed and am filled
with shame
The ticking of the clock
A bird chirps
The bugs rub their wings
It reminds me of the walks we will never have 
Arm wrapped on mine and your head on my shoulder
Where do I go now
How will I breath without you
How will I make it work
I see you in the window searching
I hope you find what you look for
Hope you find love
Peace and joy
Light a candle for me when it rains
Cool fresh rain that washes all the sad memories away
Leaves me fresh 
Light a candle and pray 
Pray God sends me air 
Pray I will sleep
Long sleep and know you were loved
Loved like no other 
Know that for once in my life I meant something
That I felt loved for once and it was the greatest moment of my
Life !!

Copyright © Patrick Cornwall | Year Posted 2014

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Seven Year Anniversary

I thought for a long time

to try and do something right

(in your eyes)

I've taken the blows

and the comparatives 

of every beauty you know

You love me, you loathe me,

I'm evil and detestable

You take me to my depth,

then, deny I've ever been

(there in the shadows of destruction)

(where one must sometimes fight to see the light)

I've been under bondage, n'er a day passes

that I do not try

Yet you splattered the truth and it helped me

for all the time living and giving,

 never drawing a breath for today;

 reflections of the past

Today my God Given name is special

For maybe I am not what I seem

Beneath this shell, redemptions plea

Seven years and months I've thought of how I could say

what it is that I need to say

Once the weight of humanity sat upon me, 

every part of me cared and in my depth, 

darkness and despair shadowed me, moving about

It doesn't matter the cost,

the dead are not living, but it's the lost

Lost was I, so cold to the Lord and I told you so

You were nice to me and cared

I loved you

Far be it to me now to brush back the tears streaming

at all cost, freedom is what I want

free to believe that I can be redeemed

Somewhere in days ago

was the writer that was the big joke

the one whose feelings meant the least

This monster

something evil

Your woe

A Wo-Man

Trust me not, for I do not love you anymore

Lest I shall die a horrible death

Seven years and months to say what I needed to say

You gave me brushed pink and yellow pastels of love

and brushing another tear back,

where the darkness's of all your lusts and loathing resides

Do not trust me, for I do not, could not love you any longer

Stars at night tell me I am right

they synchronize their twinkling with fallen hopes gone by

still it is beautiful

a light none the less

Where struggling through our nightmares we found dreams, awakening this 

Do not trust me, I am deceit, I am your fear, I am the worst for you truthfully

I am your woe, man

Your woe

Now go

For John Rhinem aka Johnny

link<>, John Rhine M John Rhinemiller Rachel st cross, tristen temple Jeremy Street  Christopher Marcum whoopi goldburg

Copyright © Cindy Cayton | Year Posted 2014

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Roswell -July 8th 1947

The inhabitants of Quintar V Were in many ways like Man They evolved from legless blobs And from the unkind sea Ventured onto land. Their technology advanced In only a few thousand years. Hyperspace was soon available. So the greater minds left to search the stars. For many light years they travelled. Through universes and galaxies galore Generations grew up on their ships The young were taught space ship skills And prepared in peace to greet new life. Eventually they came upon Earth. And at Roswell began their descent. But despite all the knowledge gained. The spaceship into the ground crashed. The brainiest creatures in all the Milky Ways Did not know how to land.

Copyright © Ken Duddle | Year Posted 2012

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Midnight Lullaby

I wrapped all my tears, to see you smile.
you are the best, always by my side.
I tell you my feelings will get you crying,
you must think I’m out of my mind.

You don’t know, what I know,
all the angels let me go.

We were born to teethe and die,
you will grow to be so fine.
Fall in love, feel your softer side,
Remember me when life is kind.

When you go, let me know,
don’t walk away like the world and go.

Life is rough and the world unkind,
fight them down and you will be fine.
The truth of live is a brutal sight,
make no mistakes, you can learn from mine.

You have a strong heart, you are unique
I treasure times when you smile at me.

Live the life, I could not find,
be there for me, when I say goodbye.

Copyright © Karan Patade | Year Posted 2013