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For Kids Mom Poems | For Kids Poems About Mom

These For Kids Mom poems are examples of For Kids poems about Mom. These are the best examples of For Kids Mom poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Captcha WHA6

When I was only five
Heard mommy always's say
Angel  keep being naughty and you won't make it to

Entry for Adam Hapworth's
Captcha Acrostic Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Thank you

Thank you – Zamreen Zarook

Thank you is a sweet word in the nature,
You may be a guy of adventure,
May be you are a person of agriculture,
What matters is your architecture.

Never forget the people, who guided you,
In no degree neglect who were with you,
Don’t ever overlook a creature, who gave a smile to you,
Because, you will meet them above you.

People forget the past due to selfishness,
They have no time to remember their unawareness,
Society, most of the times behave in awfulness,
They will understand when their lives come in to bitterness.

Be a person to thank and remember,
Don’t consider them as December,
Because, you might need them in November,
So, always be as a good subscriber.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

Details | Footle |


Yummy Mummy Chubby Hubby Jumping Pumping Moaning Groaning Huffing Puffing Orgasm Sarcasm Wants more Loud snore

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lanterne |

Leg Pain

Having leg pain 
May mean legs not getting 
Proper blood flow
Called Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

What is PAD
With PAD arteries that carry blood to your legs
Feet or arms clogged with fats, others
Can slow or even stop blood flow

Common sign of PAD leg pain or cramping
Pain comes when you move
As you Walk, climb stairs or exercise
May go away when you rest

Treating PAD
Healthy lifestyle can help
Provider may ask you to
Get regular exercise

Eat a heart healthy diet
Quit smoking
Important to control problems

High Blood Pressure
Unhealthy cholesterol
Sometimes  medicine
Surgery is needed for PAD


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |


I’ve seen all my life
So many people come and go
Passing so quickly
Leaving a faded memory
Of the moment we crossed paths.

So sadly I must say is true
Rarely do I see anyone
Staying around long enough
Getting to know me.
Hardly does a person stay.

You, Bubby, My only son,
The most important man to me,
I’ve come into my life only
To stay and never ever leave
Me all by myself.

So grateful to know you,
And proud as a mom can be
You’re the greatest 
Young man this world has seen.
My only son, my BUBBY.

To see you smile, hear your voice,
Always fills my 
Heart and soul with love.
My only son, my hero, 
Sent from up above.

Copyright © Linda walden | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

My Mommy

	I trust my mommy,
She never leads me wrong,
At night she sings me
A go to sleep song.
	I love my mommy,
She holds me when I cry,
She tells me not to go to
Strangers and say, “Hi”.
	I honor my mommy,
She’s done so much for me,
She teaches me to help
My enemy’s family.
	I respect my mommy,
She teaches me right from wrong,
She helps me go through
Nights that are long.
	I copy my mommy,
She does what is right,
She helps me see
The world in a new light.
	I pray for my mommy,
She is humble and nice,
She does things for others
Not once but twice.
	I love you mommy,
For everything you’ve done for me,
You’ve taught me that the world
Is a ginormous family.

Copyright © Stephanie Weeks | Year Posted 2013

Details | Senryu |

The Kids of Divorce

Mom and Dad divorce; the kids are damaged for life; but some are relieved.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2012

Details | Limerick |

The only girl

Hey Son, I wrote this to warn you
In your whole life, many girls are coming through 
You might have only girl to love her much over
But you have to remember that do not hurt your mother
She is my only girl too...

Copyright © Panya Chanthavong | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

As A Parent I Want My Kids to Serve God

As A Parent, I Want My Kids to Serve God! As a parent, I’m trying the best that I can…. Though there are things that I don’t understand! I remember my parents teaching me right and wrong. And taught that God’s laws certainly belong! I’ve tried to share these values with my kids too… The choices they’ve made, and the things they do! When situations in life, seem to have changed… I know that my heavenly father remains the same! I think about what in life, to my kids, I have given… And pray they’ll serve God all the days they’re livin’! Even though I’ve failed and stumbled along the way… I hope I’ve taught my kids how important it is to pray! This family that God gave to me, has grown over a period of time. I’m thankful for the opportunity to call them “mine.” I pray they’ll seek God’s guidance! Wherever they go! May the word of God strengthen and nourish their soul! And as my kids get older, and they move out on their own… May they seek God’s love and protection over their home! I pray that my children will give God their very best! May they serve him daily! And let him take care of the rest! I’m trying my best, as a parent, to trust Jesus and believe! His goodness, in our lives, is what we need to achieve! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |

you dont listen

you think I got listen to you, 
you just my kids father,
there noting between me and you,
it seem the words take you back to court is your favorite words,
get this Sheena Shenia Jackson isn't scare of no court system or even you,
its just a word that is there, 
so if you ask me you just things to make women scared im not scare of you like I use to,
I have became stronger and wiser, 
I have the Lord behind me, 
I believe in him very strong,
so if you want to bring me back to court lets do this now, 
you are just a man that God put on this earth, 
and I fear no man, no woman and no body, 
I am a King child forever,

by : Sheena Shenia Jackson 
May 23, 2013

Copyright © Sheena Casanova | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Neighbor Kids

I got a call one day,
it would be my first babysitting job,
so I was excited and nervous.
I got there 'round five;
the mom was friendly, 
I loved her smile,
she'd be back by eleven, she said,
and I waved to her when she left.
The little girl, Marly's her name,
a sweeter cherub one could ne'er find,
I coloured Cinderella and Care Bears for an hour,
then made paper airplanes that went every which way.
I made them chicken,
they said they hated pepper on it,
so I put it away and never saw it again.
They ate for an hour, it was relatively quiet,
and afterward it was time to wake up the baby.
At first I was unsure,
babies are a little tough,
but we didn't turn on the light.
Marly came with me, she told me what to do.
We sang "You are my Sunshine",
and the little one, Lucas,
said to play trains.
We played trains,
and built long winding tracks,
driving Thomas the Train around and around again.
Then it was Cartoon Time.
After three episodes of Spongebob, it was Bed Time.
A change of diapers was next, another new adventure,
and the two elder ones went to bed.
I stayed up with baby,
and he was as quiet as can be.
I nearly jumped when the door opened,
but is was just mom coming home. It all was good,
I told her,
the kids were asleep,
(one in Mommy's bed!)
and the baby was ready to go snuggle up in his crib.
I bid her goodnight and stepped into the dark,
thinking of the fun time I had,
and slipping in the fresh mud on my shortcut back home,
still smiling.

Copyright © Sharon Downer | Year Posted 2006

Details | Verse |

A call for mom

Ma, ma, help Please,
Can you give me love? 
Hold me, hold me, 
Very tight; 
A smile for my heart,  
And one from the start,
Give a hug to show me love. 
That is why your mom.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

Lullaby For A Stormy Night

Little child, be not afraid
The rain pounds harsh against the glass
Like an unwanted stranger
There is no danger
I am here tonight

Little child
Be not afraid
Though thunder explodes
And lightning flash
Illuminates your tearstained face
I am here tonight

And someday you'll know
That nature is so
This same rain that draws you near me
Falls on rivers and land
And forests and sand
Makes the beautiful world that you see
In the morning

Little child
Be not afraid
The storm clouds mask your beloved moon
And its candlelight beams
Still keep pleasant dreams
I am here tonight

Little child
Be not afraid
The wind makes creatures of our trees
And the branches to hands
They're not real, understand
And I am here tonight

And someday you'll know
That nature is so
This same rain that draws you near me
Falls on rivers and land
And forest and sand
Makes the beautiful world that you see
In the morning

For you know, once even I
Was a little child
And I was afraid
But a gentle someone always came
To dry all my tears
Trade sweet sleep the fears
And to give a kiss goodnight

Well, now I am grown
And these years have shown
Rain's a part of how life goes
But it's dark and it's late
So I'll hold you and wait
'til your frightened eyes do close

And I hope that you'll know
That nature is so
This same rain that draws you near me
Falls on rivers and land
And forests and sand
Makes the beautiful world that you see
In the morning

Everything's fine in the morning
The rain will be gone in the morning
But I'll still be here in the morning

Copyright © julia chebukina | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Lunchbox by Mom

A lunchbox full of healthy food
Prepared by mom, she made it good

Cold, hard but sometimes delicious
For me who is always precious

When left untouched mom would get mad
Worried for my health to be bad

Told me to bring it back home empty
Mom wants me to be strong and hefty

Copyright © Merly Coloma | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

For my kids

My reasons to smile, my reasons to laugh
My heart and soul, you're everything I have.
I'd give the world to see the smile on your face.
Don't grow to fast life is no race,
Everyone goes their own pace.
I love you more than words could say,
never forget that mommy is here to stay.

Copyright © Kandy Brant | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |


theyer told be bold
and santa will reload
his goal
of your toy boxes
will fill your cox
only if your good not bad
to do this you must
to them be glad

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Mother With To Many Kids

There was a mother
Who lived in a shoe
Had so many kids 
She needed a break, too

All they knew what to do
Is drive mom so crazy
They refused to help 
Because they were so lazy

She was ready to hang em 
By the strings on the shoe
In her mind, she kept thinking 
Boy, was I a fool, too 
Never stopped to think
What am I going to do 

I'll be a senior citizen 
Before last kids through school 
Why didn't I think
This just isn't cool 

Then she said, got exactly
What I really deserved
Having a family, I should
Have put on reserve

She got up and went on with her day
It was her fault, she didn't think
So what else could she say


© Copyright by Melanie Palmer. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Country Girl48 | Year Posted 2014

Details | Light Poetry |


its was snowing
wind blowing
it began to make stack
we took shove off the rack
when out back
it was snow ball fight
we had fun doing the night
we were happy not sad

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2014