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Smilin' Jack

I know a little dog.
His name is Smilin’ Jack.
He is white all over,
But his right eye… it is black.

For sure, he’s not a big dog;
But much more than a mite.
He’s very sweet; but, for a friend,
He won’t hesitate to stand and fight.

And you should see him in the park
Where all the children play…
So much love for one pup to give
Each and every day.

He has such a personality,
Like no dog I’ve ever known;
But I’ve not seen him for several days,
And I’m afraid he’s gone.

Smilin’ Jack, he has no master;
Tho’ I count him my best friend.
I’m so concerned he may have met
His untimely end.

So, I walk the streets and call,
“Smilin’ Jack, where can you be?
I need to see your happy face
Smilin’ back at me”.

I turn and look at every bark.
I’m alert to every cry.
The thought of losin’ Smilin’ Jack
Brings tears to my eyes.

Oh, my lonely heart is heavy.
It’s rainin’ now, the sky is black.
I’m hopin’ that he’ll be alright
And prayin’ he’ll come back.

As I trudge the squeaky stairs
Up to my lonely flat,
I hear a bit of sympathy 
In the meows of my neighbor’s cat.

My door is shadowed by my gloom, 
But there stands Smilin’ Jack.
He's wet and cold and now I'm cryin’.
My best friend has come back.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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Caution - Fireworks

E-Z Glo Punk, Lightning Flash,
TNT Devices will burst, do crash
Southern Night, Piccolo Petes
       are hard to beat...

I like hand held Sparklers, Tanks
 flashing fountains, Solar Flare
 Six to #20 Gold I have to share,
 no incidence, no burns, thanks...

  Whistles blow, fountains glow,
 pop'n sounds, entire sky all aglow
 I love those colors, high an low
  trails eched onto my retina
  inspired me to let ya know

  Now you close both eyes
in pitch dark, what a surprise
  for you to see, right there
 darkness, absolutely  anywhere
beautiful trails of lights in motion
"Always read a label of caution"

Copyright © Perry Campanella | Year Posted 2013

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      Bittersweet brown big bars
    Oh! I want you from the start
    I want to put you in my mouth
  Letting you melt and melt and melt

     One bar sure will not be enough
 I hope my thirty two really that tough
      For once, I got a taste of you
   My oh my! I will look more for you

    It will cost some coins and bucks
  It is alright as long as I'll get a pack
  In the fridge, I let you become hard
For later, I will eat you even in the dark

7:39 pm


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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7th Sense

I could see auras
Blotched on the walls before me
Around human heads

I could see colors
Floating around head gaily 
Like precious halos

I could smell - 1st sense
I could taste - 2nd sense
I could see - 3rd sense 
I could feel - 4th sense
I could touch - 5th sense
I could sense (intuition) - 6th sense 
Guess my seventh sense?

If you don't, that proves that your dense! 

Get the hint?
If you do, here's a cookie!
You get it? 
If you don't, shame on you...
Shame to you, 
dude or lady! 
Really now? Really? 

I could sense
When someone is ill...
Or when someone is sad...
When things go still !
I could sense that you're mad...

I'm seventh sense
Can you guess my 7th sense?
*hint* hint* Read the first 6 lines! 
It's not that complicated! 

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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Where A Dark Path Leads

If you have a troubled teenager or a child with a trouble teenagers tendencies this is for them. I hope that I can change the way that they look at life and please leave a comment if I helped in any way. I need to know that there's hope for them....

You live your life how you want because of your upbringing. 
You're either spoiled, was exposed to so much negativity, dealt with a lot physical, sexual, or emotional pain, feel like your parents didn't care enough, or just plain bored.
Your mom cried and your dad yelled.
How could they ever understand you when they're part of the reason why you are the way you are?
Their words goes in one ear and out the other.
You're going to do what you want because you're against the world on the outside.
Inside, you're at a constant struggle with yourself. 
Still, your outside always win.
So you curse, party, and get involved with people just like your outside.
Everyone else is boring and seems old before they get there.
They should get with the trend or get teased and bullied.
Besides all the arguements, you're life is fun and exciting. 
You couldn't ask for better.


But who can you talk to when you hit rock bottom and your support system gives up on you?
Who would believe that you're going to change when you say that constantly?

Think about it.

I was all of the above. I said I'd never do most of the things I've done. I lived my life how I wanted to because I felt alone. I Ignored the positive words given to me thinking that they were negative because people were angry or I thought that they were jealous of my life. Now I see it's because of disappointment. Dont think that your parents or guardians are being hypocrites because in reality they want you to be better than them. Never take them for granted because they could be here for one moment and gone the next. If they're telling you that something is unhealthy then listen to them. I'm just now doing it at twenty-one with a preschooler, anixety, down to two friends who didn't follow me and Im not in a relationship. Im still just a baby myself. I look at my child and pray that they're different from me. Don't play follow the leader and never let anyone get the best of you just because you're different or trying to be for a better future. Know your worth and how much you mean to those around you because your current blink could be your last. Don't waste your life. Love yourself positively. 

R.I.P. to those we've losted to bullying, drugs, abuse, and diseases.

Copyright © Ms Renee | Year Posted 2016