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Details | I do not know? |

American Pride

Americans are proud people
bringing peace to every steeple
causing wars they will not do
destroying enemies for their due
eating fast foods they will 
forgetting all the thrill
God’s a tricky subject for some
having faith but no one will come
Indians have lost their lands
jackpot slots replace their sands
Kamikazes hit us hard
no one held a winning card
military keeps us safe
nuclear threat is unsafe
open arms policy long gone
Policing neighbors? Should be done
quit pollution always a goal
recovery is in my skull
science against religion
we’re better than a pigeon
understanding is the key
I hope we’ll always be free
war should never be the answer
with many falling to Cancer
youngsters keep growing up quickly
with parents becoming sickly
hold on to that American pride
we’ll take on challenges with stride

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

A Service Member's Prayer

A Service Member's Prayer

Oh, God, I feel that I have cause
To know my life might give You pause,
But fair as You are sure to be,
I seek Your way on bended knee.
I wish neither to kill nor die,
Though from engagement I'll not shy.
For if my duty calls me there,
I'll do whatever I must dare.

I seek not courage for the fight.
I seek not comfort from the night.
I ask not pardon for my deeds,
Nor any salve for any needs.
I only ask to know what's right,
To do my best to check my might,
To render mercy where I should,
To know I serve the greater good.

Oh, God, if You will hear my plea,
I ask so very much of thee.
I fear not men, I fear not death,
Yet bow my head and still my breath
To ask You, please, to do Your best,
To keep me from eternal rest,
Until the hour my duty sends
Me home to family and friends.

And if You grant my humble prayer,
Oh, God, I ask You, keep from care
Those people whom I hold most dear.
I wish them not to shed a tear
In anguish over days now done,
Where my dawn was their setting sun.
For then, if You will grant my plea,
I'll soon be nearer them and Thee.

Copyright Shawn H. Hall 2014

Copyright © Shawn Hall | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Lewis And Clark

They were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark,
Her name was Sacagawea.
On an expedition they did embark
Finding the passage to the sea.

Down the Missouri they traveled, 
Then slithered 'round the Snake River bend.
Rocky Mountain weather and sickness battled;
At the Columbia River they'd end. 

©2013 Honestly JT

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend. 

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet. 

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. 

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now. 

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

Copyright © Mac McGovern | Year Posted 2010

Details | Rhyme |

God's Purpose of the Rainbow

There’s many people who claim they’ve nothing to “hide!”
They tend to use the rainbow
 as a source of their “pride.”

But if you read in the book of Genesis, it is revealing.
God’s purpose of the rainbow had a different meaning!

The rainbow was there when much
 of mankind disappeared!
There was a promise of God that was so very clear.

He promised to never again destroy man with a flood.
This was his promise...  An extension of his love!

It was never intended as his approval for perversion!
Mankind still needs a Jesus filled holy conversion!

The colors of the rainbow can’t wash away sin’s dark stain!
This can only happen by the
 power of Jesus’ name!

The colors are beautiful…  But man’s heart is filled with deceit!
Without the soul cleansing power of Jesus… 
 We’re never complete!

No court decision can give the freedom that many desire!
Only the power of the cross can
 change you this very hour!

The only way to find equality with God, is through the cross!
Without his words of truth…
We are forever LOST!

Look past the colors of the rainbow!  Seek the power of the blood!
Then you too, can be changed from
 God’s power from above!

By Jim Pemberton   

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Catching Fire

Catching Fire
Some of us are watching the skies for works of fire
While some of us are quietly catching it.

Which are you?

Copyright © Alexander Schwartz | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ode |

The Indian soldiers

They are like the Roman aegis protecting the nation,
Their  valour defines the strength and courage of nation,
For them success is not wealth or fame rather it is martyrdom,
They have the courage of a lion, discipline of the nature, always full of moxie to deal with the foe,
Our sleep is their gift for they look for enemy from the siachen,
Their enemy is the enemy of nation,
Their  eyes are full of dreams for the nation, wants to behold  nothing  but  victory against the enemy, 
Their  palms have the fortune of thousands,
Their blood is more pious than the water of ganges or the zamzam,
Their mere thought welled up my eyes with tears for the ineffable sacrifice they make for the nation,
Their life is the life of nation and their death immerse the nation in sorrow, 
Their  existence define the incredible and ineffable India ,
Salute ,a thousand salute to the  valour of my protectors.

Copyright © mohd naeem khan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Terza Rima |

Have a Say

Knock wolf, I want you to lend me an ear.
I know, you are right there watching my side.
My temper you want, but it, I won’t tear.

Unlike you, I have learnt more than a slide.
All of which are not meant to ambush you,
But to strengthen me swims against the tide.

I am real, and I live on what is true.
The why, I can’t call black, purple or white.
And don't stand, thinking I haven’t a clue.

I am among souls begot by the Light.
Soul, when climb and fall, would double and rise.
Soul, that in the dark, would summon and bright.

Have you any hands with this soul, the bricks,
To build a wall, void of falsehoods and tricks.  

For: Craig Cornish's Terza Rima Sonnet Contest

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

America Is Being DESTROYED From Within


As sin and perversion often become integrated… So many lives and families are being “disintegrated.” Many are being driven by sin’s temptation force… It’s no wonder much of this country is way “off course.” The morality and values that once made a great nation. Are evaporating…. Leading to a “spiritual separation.” Love, honor, and respect of God… Is often a “thing of the past.” Anything of God seems to be disappearing FAST! God is our only hope! And him alone! Only he can bring healing to our broken homes! He’s the answer to this wounded nation, that bleeds! It’s only God that can meet all of our needs! He’s our provider… The great: “I am!” Won’t you reach out to him? And give him your hand? Why not give him a chance? And allow him in? A brand new life for you… Is waiting to begin! May we allow God’s holiness and love to reach down into our hearts… Asking; “Lord please forgive our sins!” Is a good place to start! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Ideological War of the Worlds

 The coming times can unfold,
far accross to all lands,
the casting shadow has fallen,
with it's far reaching hands,
accross our four cornered world,,
 Humanity progressed to progressive sufferage,
that comes with many names,
the ideology won without a shot,
convinced populations into guilted shame,
lost are voices of courage,,
 The warring world will arise,
between makers and takers,
parasitic ideology's green eyed mind,
re-writing regulations by progressive thinkers,
big brother's utopian great enterprise,,
 Dependent we all become, parasitically,
even forced fed into submission,
by governmental state so enlarged,
numbered you are by institution,
nothing owned, only redistributed cynically,,
 Paupers suffer under progressive fortitude,
soulless programs of living propaganda,
your worth, what you produce,
socialized into this living agenda,
living taxed products of servitude,
           , and then...
 The rise will come independent,
carrying courage and freedom proudly,
with wisdoms weapon in hand,
knowledge in the other soundly,
honor reclaimed by the sentient,,
 Independent declarations germinating from seed,
feared by any progressive regime,
warriors in freedom stand tall,
threatened is the progressive dream,
renewing freedoms that will breed,,
 The liberty that spawned revolution, 
alive from all moral conceptions,
viewed as evil that's progressive,
feared are soulless seeking redemption,
the light of liberty's salvation,,
 Beating freedoms of sentient heart,
the salvation of fighting worth,
a force greater than any darkness,
warriors of liberty step forth,
champions of honor that impart,,
     , next, the final chapter of...
 Ideological war of the worlds,
eye to eye never seen,
the hatred between clearly drawn,
problems with peace to intervene,
the conflict as it unfolds,,
 Coming as thieves of night,
armys on both sides  comes,
fortifying and building societial walls,
truth and lies propaganda welcomes,
armored suited masses to fight,,
 Emerges the lights of honor,
the independent class called defenders,
private elites of character gold,
the shadows behind all pretenders,
opperatives that's far more superior,,
 Defenders are warriors of light,
core beliefs that's solely independent,
religiously organized they never follow,
thorns in a crowned tyrant,
independent wills of great might,,
 They are why freedom thrives,
true leaders leading into tomorrow,
that govern by liberty's will
that invites everyone to follow,
founding fathers of our lives..  

Copyright © S.K. Y. | Year Posted 2013

Details | Choka |

The Greatness Of A Country

The greatness of a country 
lies in its fortified unity:
one soul, one mind, one ideal;
woe to him if truth
does not honor his promised words,
they'll strip his title of all
dignity and pride...
many before him have sworn 
an oath of true infamy.

He salutes his flag
in a military pose;
silence fills the hall,
the voters give him
a long standing ovation:
he's their President.

Written on 7/22/2016

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |

What's in Our American Future

Is our American Nation, now the new frontier
by accepting All People that seek work and life here

I understand technology has shrunken this world
Did the Rights of Citizens shrink, as our flag unfurled

It seems that the loudest voices that you hear today
All cater to self interest, while trying to lead America astray

"We the People" does it still mean Citizens have the Voice
To decide what is best for America, We The People Make The Choice

When big money and interests from outside these states
Try to dictate Our Future, by buying people to act as mates

Remember the words shouted by Paul Revere on his ride
Listen to the cries from our ancestors as they seek to divide

When limits are the only solutions and if bans become fact
Citizens think for yourself, what you lose, and judge the impact

If our States Rights are limited, to a path by government as planned
It's our ancestors battles, blood and voices that put a vote in your hand

We can Teach All The Children of whats right and whats wrong
To pray, Trust in God, the value of family and how to belong  

We have been leaving teaching to others to seek and accumulate wealth
Without thinking coins can't buy an Angel or protect children's mental health

Their are so many different answers That We All Need To Discuss,
so cut those puppet strings, start thinking, instead of riding the bus

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


I am not made a full blown beauty..
Nor I live a life of purity; charity & piety..
All I like to do is to live with identity..
Not of being a witty but a life of humility..

I tried to be a more social person..
Cracking out the shell I have put up..
Breaking from my own weakness..
Doing best in my found strengths..

I have craved to reach out to people..
Widening my horizon, increasing my knowledge and awareness..
Learning to acknowledge fellow human beings..
Regardless of who they are and where they from..

They said: "I must not do this as it is dangerous.."
but I stand to what I know: "Inside all human beings is the reflection of God.."
I give due and equal chance..
As my God have freely given me opportunities too..

We people are living in same earth..
Different are we because of status, faith or race..
Let not this be the reason for us to be divided..
Rather we must come in unison conquering divisions..

By: olive_eloi

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

And Liberty For All


Our nation’s liberty remains stern and strong,
Though there are people who wish us to fall.
Our shields are the strength of our nation's force,
And the will of the people will never default.
Composed of people from every nation,
Building together a nation of prosperity.
America was and is created by many,
Teaching us of her sensitivity and intensity.
Built on the backs and the strength of the people,
Despite the fear and relentless aggression by defeaters.
Our strength and shield from offensive intruders,
Only forces our nation to become the aggressor.
Where are we now and where will our strength come from,
That is needed to defeat the aggressors who hate us?
Why have they come to the country of the free,
If they resent the freedom, we possess and breathe?
We must continue to rebuild and regain strength,
To fight for our freedom and rights we possess.
We must build on our faith and rely on our God,
To help us protect and defend all we’ve got.
We must thank our God for the good and ask to protect,
The hungry and weary that wish for the best.
We must take from our forefathers their strength to hold tight,
The freedom we now have and will hold through the night.
We’ve taken a few steps backward on the battlefield of freedom,
We’ve given into the greed so many pledge to behold.
We’ve stumbled and fallen into the arms of the greedy,
Without a thought for those who are needy.
Why have we followed instead of leading,
And taken the easy road we were given?
We must take a tact and one minor step back,
To preserve the hundreds of years we've been given.
Our freedom is threatened, and our lives left pending,
The selfishness of others who are jealous of our freedom.
We must stand tall and bare our strength,
To preserve this land for the young and the living.
God Bless America!

© 2012 by Lee Christine Brownlee. All rights reserved

Copyright © Lee Brownlee | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


A woman who was known for a love and passion.
The depth of her devotion for God she all adore.
Time has come to test her loyalty and faith.
All of her loved ones were killed by fate.

The only reason she still behold,
She moved with Naomi, left the home she'd lived.
With a heart full of kindness she didn't leave alone.
Share the rest of her strength and serve the old.

In a far away land, with no family.
Keep the faith so strong and praise God into thee.
The woman who can sacrifice a majesty.
Has become a good daughter with Naomi.

Copyright © Aiyah de Torres | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

The prayer to God

Let's jump straight Into The Fray. But before I do, to God I will pray. I will say Lord please let not your people be led astray. Lord if you find our  hearts to be Grey, please Lord let our souls not decay. Let us stand in dismay. As you mold our hearts as clay, allow a single ray of light from your Son, to play a musical array that will spray our souls with his truth and love today. Whey the unbelievers heart my Lord. It is my hope that the unbelievers Do Not delay, and that they hear the magnitude of what I say. Open your heart to Jesus and he will come in to stay, And even if you believe there will be times you will stray. Turn to Jesus and don't look away. Jesus will relay in your soul how to portray his sacrifice that we never have to repay. Yes the Lord's heart breaks everytime we disobey. But if we turn to the Lord he will slay everything that is sin and cliche. Jesus truly met us more than halfway. Come What May! To Jesus everything is prey. Even if you don't believe and you're saying nay. Those who don't believe they say hooray. Plant the seeds of truth in their hearts and the song of Truth will begin to overplay. Through the Holy Ghost they will be able to finally understand and obey. The Eternal salvation of the soul in Truth is not risque. Because no matter what happens in the world the Father's will is always underway. I pray for the hungry, sick, poor, anguished, those who commit sin, those who do not believe, Lord I ask for their salvation, blessings and understandings, and forgive their sin anyway, on this the Lord's day. Okay my Lord Jesus I ask one more thing, please send the Holy Spirit  to forgive and bless the USA.

Copyright © David Waldrop | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Believe It

Believe Nothing
Believe Something
Believe Anything
Believe Everything
You are free to believe as you please
As long as that belief doesn't include killing me
If your fist threatens my nose
We will come to mighty blows
Live in peace
Or die in pieces
Don't tread on me
Let me be
Believe it

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Flirting with disaster

A life and a nation much like a flame 
When young burns bright 
Only to grow old and fade in the night. 

Especially when that wind is blowing right 
Too quick with the energy to take a life
Don't sleep that potential is much alive.

Drill those facts  into their brains now!
Forever embers are remembered vividly.                                                       
Fear is motivation but caution is the key.
                                                                                                                    Knowing right from wrong.                                                                                     as kids we were trained proud
Why fix what's not broke like tradition worlds plagued now.

While the concept of peace gets no love.      
Prioritizing war is in order 
Home of the brave lost my faith 
Are nations front line just got shorter.

These are my thoughts now certain I'm stuck in my ways 
One nation under god? 
I thought the whole world prays? 

Our nations flame that once burned bright 
Is now starting to flicker                                                                                Enough resources to share 
With are greed they went quicker. 

So how does it end? 
Eventually every flame does go out
It doesn't help that were blowing 
Until oops we burned out

Copyright © Jack Edwards | Year Posted 2014

Details | Bio |

People vs People vs The World

Beaten and Bused,
Seem Like A Holocaust.
But I Rather Be Free, 
Then In The System And Lost.
You Talking About Struggle, 
Look At Me.
I Too Been Through It, 
And Im In Need.
You Cry Those Cries,
And Say What You Say. 
There's Only One Path,
That'll Lead The Right Way. 
Take My Advice,
It's What You Should Know.
Once You Find The Truth,
Your Heart Will Glow.
See Ain't Nothing Wrong,
With Being BLESSED.
But You Cant Be Blessed, 
If You Full of STRESS.
Im Tired of Being Sad,
Tired of Crying.
For All These People,
That Careless About Dying.
This World Is Not Loved,
It's Full of Hatred. 
Keep Playing And You'll Be Like,
All Those From The Patriot.
I Am Confident,
And So Should Too.
If No One Cares, 
Just Remembered Who Died For You.
Everything That Goes On,
Was Meant For A Reason.
But This Time Is My Time,
Your Due In The Next Season.
So If Anyone's Against You,
Remind Yourself Whose On Your Side.
Not The World, Your Love, Not  Even Me,
Just Him Up HIGH.

-People vs People vs The World

Copyright © MyRanda Buckley | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

District 13 Revolution

Fireworks slide down the back of my tongue

Some went north to imitate stars, 

knowing all to well they wouldn’t even make it to the stratosphere

A fire can’t breathe with no air

Ask that man in the alley why he has to shoot black skies into his veins to see them.

You probably have more in common than you might think.

Satellite transmissions making waves like the oceans they cover

Healthy food is expensive, while poison is damn near free!

There is a storm coming

Grab your blankets and I will tell you how it ends with a new beginning.

Copyright © Alexander Schwartz | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |

Where Wisdom Is Lacking

Where wisdom is lacking, the ego is king
Self-deception’s most likely the lay of the land,
A life without boundaries formless like clay,
Without God, all that’s real falls through fingers like sand.

“No God,” precious friend, means the future’s not yours,
And the past, though it’s dear to you, cannot be owned,
The present means nothing if you say it’s earned
Mortal’s souls have no value if they are not loaned.

For Satan’s the prince of those “KNOWING the TRUTH,”
Help us God, not to rest till all fools are expired,
Let’s honor the men who build towers of LOVE,
Give the Nation one voice, “Donald Trump you are fired!”

Long Tooth
October 22, 2016

Copyright © Roof Missing | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

The Child in a Fundamentalist Family

Why was I a puppet?
For my parents views, 
For their animosity,
To my teachers’ dues. 

They even exposed hatred, 
To the Jews cultural, 
Not with understanding, 
Of things traditional. 

They asked me if I wished to, 
Sing secular songs in music, 
Along with the class, 
‘Cos I would wear a different tunic.

But I just went quiet, 
And didn’t really answer, 
Because singing was just that best, 
And made me into a prancer. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Epic |

Humanity 2

In a world of democracies, in a world where the great projects that have set humanity on fire are the projects of the emancipation of individuals from entrenched social division and hierarchy; in such a world individuals must never be puppets or prisoners of the societies or cultures into which they have been born. 
Child slavery is a crime against humanity. Humanity itself is at stake here. A lot of work still remains, but I will see the end of child labor in my lifetime.
I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of  humanity. It is something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.
There is no present.
We are living in the future.
Risk, risk, risk
We are all risk
Risking to go,
Risking to die,
Risking to learn.
Risking to fly.
We have made it.
We are ancient as we speak.
We are living in the future.

So some give their lives to history.
We are history.
So some give their lives to us.
Humanity has been challenged.
They have challenged humanity.
We have risen out of the ashes
That are not ashes.
We have picked ourselves up
Out of the oceans
Over and over again

We learn that we’re not safe
So we redesign.
We learn that we are wrong,
So we scrap and start a new.
We try again.

They call back to us,
"Please, try again!
Over my departed dreams,
Try, try again!"

We the undernourished,
We the underfunded,
We the constrained,
We the brave,
The daring,
The curious,
The planet,
The humans.
We are nothing if not inspired.
We will find a way
To our stars.
From whence the atoms in our souls
Were fashioned.

We are Challenger.

I am a Challenger.

A  Challenger Challenges only?
To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.
By Aliza Kashmala Kiran 

Copyright © Aliza Kashmala Kiran | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

Patriots Cannot Be Caged -Roundabout Poem

These times at hand are volatile,
We need faith and courage!
When Evil reigns,
Let Truth remain-
We need faith and courage!

When Danger enters Freedom's stage,
let men not live in vain!
We take our stand,
fight hand in hand,
let men not live in vain!

Our countries are not for their gain,
they can't control our land.
our freedom steal
with deceit's skill,
they can't control our land.

They come and then they make demands,
whose guile dictates at will.
We can't be caged
by Terror's rage
whose guile dictates at will.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~02.20 16

The Roundabout poem is a four stanza poem, with each stanza consisting of 5 lines. The poem is written in iambic and the lines have 4 feet, 3 feet, 2 feet, 2 feet and 3 feet respectively. The rhyme scheme is abccb/bcddc/cdaad/dabba. Roundabouts can be on any subject.

Copyright © Cynthia Buhain-Baello | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Pledge and Prayer

Pledge and Prayer

Complain and gripe of all the things
that happen in our schools
Yell and scream and carry on
like you're a bunch of fools

Be offended, feelings hurt
how could you dare to pray
What about the anti christs
won't let you have your say

Who cares about what's in the heart
they're changing all the rules
They don't care what made us great
there's no more prayer in schools

Offending those that don't believe
how could you be so crass
Tearing down america
take prayer away from class

Pledge allegiance in the schools
you're taking that away?
Fastest way to bring revolt
no more pledge or pray

There are a lot of countries
in this world where you can go
where you will have a "life time room"
if you aren't with the flow.....
			Pete Yuhas

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2017

Details | Classicism |

Time to Write about Charles Ives

Ives was an influential composer
He wrote about the question everyone faces 
What we all want the answer to 
Made a bundle in the insurance business
Dissonant American sounds 
Dissonant American sounds!

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |



It was a Tuesday,
The world was told.
Terror filled the skies,
Murder cold and bold.

Americans are secure,
Our world is safe, we said.
We work in total comfort,
Rest securely in our bed.

September is a lovely month,
Along the Eastern shore.
With turning leaves and autumn breeze,
Shouting peace forevermore.

The eleventh day began the same,
Warm winds and shining sun.
Our dreams were real, our hopes were high,
In the year twenty double o' one.

What were these planes doing in the town,
Why were they flying so low.
The world's twin towers would soon come down,
Then all would surely know.

New York will never be the same,
Nor will the U S A.
People now stand hand in hand,
Because of that frightful day.

Americans are now united,
Our newfound faith must stay.
You and I will conquer,
If we take the time to pray.

God gave His son to guide us,
With a message of Peace and Joy.
With love and understanding,
If His Glory we employ.


Copyright © Raymond Morgan | Year Posted 2015

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Birmingham And Beyond

shepherds of the Lord demand unity
a voice through the written word came to say
tied to a lone garment of destiny

an eloquent plea for equality
scraps of paper led us to change and prayer
shepherds of the Lord demand unity

from a mountaintop we could see clearly
and what we saw has brought us here today
tied to a lone garment of destiny

a clergy of scorn spurred our majesty
freedom penned within a Birmingham jail
shepherds of the Lord demand unity

through clubs through canines through fire hoses we
stood audacious and forever became
tied to a lone garment of destiny

hatred set our minds and millions more free
as our children now enter the foray
shepherds of the Lord demand unity
tied to a lone garment of destiny

Copyright © Richard Evans | Year Posted 2017