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Leap of Faith

Not long after The Beginning,
There were Animals and there was Man.
A great chasm lay between, that legend said
Only a Leap of Faith could span.
Animals seemed happy on their side;
For, after all, such a leap could not be done
“Make the best it,” they all said;
All, that is, but one.
There stood Dog, alone upon the brink,
The distant Man’s reflection shining in his eyes;
Something was robbing Dog of peace;
Something was urging him to try.
Compelled, he stood and stared,
Nothing could distract his gaze.
Now and then, Horse would come;
Each time, the same old words to say.
“I understand.  I really do.
I admit it.  I’ve thought about it too;
But it’s too far for me to jump,
It’s certainly too far for you”.
One day, as Horse spoke his words,
Cat rudely interrupted with a sneer.
“Go ahead and try.  You’ll break your silly neck.
You can’t go there.  Your place is here”.
More resolute now, his vigil became duty;
Still, he often wondered, “Why?”
But something deep inside kept saying,
“You must.  You must.  It’s do…or die”. 
Then, one day, he turned and walked away.
Oh, yes, he’d need a running start.
He knew now, he had the Will;
But only a Leap of Faith could prove his Heart.

Just before he made his Leap of Faith,
Dog saw the loneliness in Man’s eyes.
“He needs a friend, someone to help 
And always stand right by”.
With those unselfish thoughts,
Dog had reason, he felt whole.
And well he should, for at that very moment,
God granted Dog a Soul!
But Souls don’t come so easy,
And his leap was short that day.
If Dog was to make a Leap of Faith,
Man would have the final say.
Dog’s faith was truly tested, front paws upon the edge.
He hoped  Man’s eyes hadn’t lied. 
Then Man’s Heart swelled and touched his Soul.
He helped Dog up and placed him proudly at his side.
Oh, so jealous was Cat I’m told;
His eyes turned green that day.
“Oh, you are an heroic mutt; 
A friend of Man, you say?
I’ll make that leap by myself.
You can bet, I’ll find a way”.
So, Dog had made the Leap of Faith.
He and Man became Best Friends.
So it shall be, for all eternity;
That is to say, until the Very End.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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Lewis And Clark

They were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark,
Her name was Sacagawea.
On an expedition they did embark
Finding the passage to the sea.

Down the Missouri they traveled, 
Then slithered 'round the Snake River bend.
Rocky Mountain weather and sickness battled;
At the Columbia River they'd end. 

©2013 Honestly JT

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2013

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XXX Movies (in IV scenes)

i closed my eyes
and heres what i saw:

a horse being burned
by other horses
they all had the same owner
they all lived in the same place
but the burning horse was different
or as the others called him:
odd and EVIL

i opened my eyes
as i sat in the pew next to you

i covered my ears
and heres what i heard:

seven voices singing in unison
six of them were VILE
they cursed
and swore their blasphemous lips until they bled
and the last one
was so beautiful
it killed me

i started to listen
and realized today was your weekly Christian day

i closed my mouth
and heres what i tasted:

this sweet poison
intoxicating me
it seemed so perfect
(it wore a VEIL)
so i married it and consumed it
i felt fine at first
but the poison did me in
it burned and tore my flesh slowly
all because i chose the wrong goblet

i vomited
and never went to you again

i closed my heart to you
and this is how i died:

i emptied my soul
into your bloody rivers
i demolished myself
and made me you
i shredded my heart
so you could repair it
i died in their church
so you could show them
that you never told us to die
''because of my son, you LIVE"

and there my story ends
and you have no part in it
evil, vile, veil, and live
are all spelled the same
(when coming from your pen)

but you are not the author
nor editor of my life
you are but a simple match
striking yourself upon me
with the hope to consume me in YOUR flame
just so you can feel better about yourself
feel better about you
feel better

Copyright © jeremy rudko | Year Posted 2006

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I Believe In Unicorns

Now don't think me mad
Or one of those crazy chicks
Because I believe that Unicorns
Really did exist
Don't roll your eyes
Or make that face
Just humour me
And I will make my case
You see I was one of "those"
A horse crazed girl
And for my grade six science fair
The Horse
Its history I did unfurl
From the dog sized Eocene Eohippus 
Family lines that include the Tapir
To lineage linked to the Rhinoceros 
I ask
Can you assert without fear
That an equine beast with a single horn
In the forest did not disappear
As the rhino's horn is made of hair
It is possible no fossils would be found
So on my faith that 
The Unicorn
Did exist
(and might still)
I firmly stand my ground.


Composed for Julia Ward's A Mythical Creature Contest

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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Horse racing 3

watching you without knowing
it's all there
how I adore you.
I am in this body for a while
and I never had a better angle
as I have with your lips
to breath
and breathe

Copyright © marinescu victor | Year Posted 2013

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Back on the Horse

If any of us were perfect then you wouldn't need to be here
It being how your soul will reflect Who holds you most dear
Here is certainly not the case as perfection is no where near
But with the help of His Grace slowly it'll become more clear

In that falling to the ground and the pain that it will cause
To what you were once bound, replaced by your own flaws
But from the pain as you reel and you reach out and plead
The changing how you feel is now showing what you need

Every horse will be different as each day more of the same
To know what's truly meant and not that life is just a game 
Just a big rodeo where everyone has the same goal in mind
So no matter how things may go it's the Lord that you find

Everybody will eventually fall for it will rarely be an easy ride
Get up and stand tall and don't ever worry about such pride
Sitting there up upon its back waiting for that horn to sound
It's not about what you lack, it's about the lessons you found

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2015

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Rdie On And Show Me The Way

I stood in front of the finest white horse
It looked at me all energetic to carry forth
Suddenly, a new spark of life took its course
As one, we rode to a place that is lovingly worth.

Your eyes are so open and ready to go onward
See on, and ride with me, you know where to go
The wind is blowing your mane forward
Everything is alright now and in the right row.

As the horse road on, I sang a song of joy and desire
I will go with pride and never have evil prevail
I want to know where the answers of love will fire
Show me the road and where replies won’t fail.

The horse carried me back in time that was only free
Life was filled with happy smiles and no sorrow
One looked in time and saw only moments at ease
Like a bird that wanted to be solemn and had no woe.

I see loving visions in my eyes as I ride on in time
My wishes are focused open now for only you
I would be so lost and alone if I had no pure sign
And I know my heart can show me the right view.

Now that I have found my way, I will stay in this zone
I can never go alone no matter how much I wish to
When I move forward I will no longer be on my own
See me, I travel on and I am no longer without you.

Copyright © Monica Engeler | Year Posted 2009

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Are We in the Last Days?

Are we in the 'last days' 
where tribulations fall? 
Where the horsemen of The Apocalypse 
trample over all? 
Where talks of peace will falter; 
Nay, they will all break down! 
A rider on a white horse 
will appear with a bow and crown. 

The second seal was opened 
and this horse was red; 
The rider was given a massive sword, 
many were rendered dead. 
The third seal was opened 
a black horse appeared; 
He held the scales of justice, 
now that was pretty weird! 

The fourth seal was opened 
a pale horse came into view. 
The riders name was Death and Hell; 
More killing, nothing new. 
The fifth seal was opened 
the souls of the saints were there! 
White robes were given to them 
on the golden stairs. 

The sixth seal was opened 
a great earthquake did erupt; 
The sun became quite black 
and the moon it turned to blood. 
The great men and the rich men 
the mighty and the free; 
Hid themselves from the face of God 
and His wrath which had to be!!! 

This poem is a warning 
that God will not be mocked. 
Make sure the gates of heaven 
are not eternally locked. 
Now is the appointed time 
to call upon His name. 
Don't miss the boat to Heaven, 
As Hell is far from tame! 

Robert Cartwright-Davidson March 2009 

Copyright © Robert Davidson | Year Posted 2009

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This is the story of a beautiful horse named Glory Freckled and spotted She stood but a twig Lost in a forest Of abandonment Tires and barbwire Surround her by day And at night she suffers The coyotes cries, not far away Left with no food Or water to drink She stands by a tree And hopes for relief Halter grown in And hooves overgrown Not a grain in that belly And left all alone Withering quick She stands by her tree And hopes a kind soul Will help her to see There is life still No matter how grim Things seem from beneath This horrid, old tree This halfhearted twig Awaits her relief As the days pass her by And she writhes with grief Her name is Glory All freckled with spots Like a giant Dalmatian Trapped in this spot At the end of her lead She was finally freed Not a day too soon She'll now find relief Halfhearted no longer And happy at last Whom once was a twig Knows Glory at last Halfhearted no longer And free from that mess Glory has found relief At Horse Creek Ranch* *Horse Creek Ranch is, to the best of my knowledge, a fictional name.

Copyright © Mistylove Lopez | Year Posted 2012

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your blooming horse


teach me 
how to ride 
your blooming horse

so I can bring home 
unto thee, my God  

without any scratch

this soul 
o’ mine

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2008

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Song Angel's wink on America for the party

Wild angel's, in the heart of America, Wild angel, you
make the world sing, Black beauty you ride HI, party
party hardy, party hardy, Wild horse, in the sky, on
the 4th of july, Wild America you make the World
sing of the creator on his brithday, party, party on
down, party, party wild angels party, party hardy,
Wild things, wild black beauty, on 4th of july, on the
4th of july,, Whild things you make the world sing
party, on the party, party hardy get down way down
get funkey, get funkey get down way down lets dance
let dance it isn't the last dance let's get on down.
Wild America, lets dance Black horse Red horse
white horse with wings blue birds in the sky HI
lets party hardy make the world sing happy brithday
you make America sing get on down. please I
don't want any money do what you can

Copyright © diane henning | Year Posted 2007

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A Spaceship And A Horse

Way out in space in what's called the dark hole.
       There's a place that many know of and many have been told.

It's a place where the final space ship is being built.
       And men are sending materials each day the way they live.

If you know the Builder and have accepted His Son.
       Then your part of the spaceship will someday be done.

But friend if you don't know Him, then get in the groove.
       And start sending material so that spaceship soon can move.

The space ship won't consist of metals, bolts, and screws.
       But the prayers of the faithful, and for those who did choose.

It will fly through space in the twinkling of an eye,
       And many of you reading this may never have to die.

The Pilot of the space ship that I'm writing about.
       Is none other than the Christ Child from Christmas, there's no doubt.

But He won't be a baby this time when He comes.
       But will be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and some folks will run.

He'll give up this spaceship for a white horse to ride.
       And the Bible says everyone will see Him and no one can hide.

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2010

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The Coming of The Horsemen

Galloping, galloping from beyond the world’s end,
From the hand of God, the message they send.
Faint and distant, like the ticking of the clock
Man’s  indiscretions, the gate to unlock.

Galloping, galloping the closer they come.
Punishment and judgment, weighing the sum.
Wielding the sword and bearing the scale,
Our sentence it rides upon the horse pale.

Galloping, galloping hooves beating thunder
With tears and moans, our world is asunder
The horse of red is awaiting its cue.
The horsemen cometh for me and for you.

Galloping, galloping to deliver our fate.
To stop this madness, are we too late.
From the deepest place in our hearts, we should say,
To the ones next to us, “Forgive me, Forgive me, Forgive me, I pray.”

Copyright © Jeanne Berger | Year Posted 2007

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Pegasus, The Legend

Sprouting full-formed 
From the crimson life blood 
Of a snake eyed medusa, 
That succulent seducer, 
The white horse shook his 
Glittering diamond wings and 
Wild mane that sung 
Of untamed adventures and 
Lost prophecies

Reigning the skies with 
Giddy joy and bliss, 
He came to land, 
Enticed by a golden bridle 
Wielded by a princely hero

Singing his praise and 
Carrying him through the 
Winding canyons and 
Glacial seas 
That were the home of 
The fire-breathing chimera, 
The epitome of chaos rising

Carrying his rider to a 
Flawless victory and above 
And beyond to a 
High flying adventure, 
The hero rode his 
Glittering white horse 
To the high mountain, 
A godly matter at hand

The skies opened and Zeus 
Hurled his thunder, 
Tossing the princely hero 
To the still ground, 
Forcing him to 
Roam the earth, 
A melancholy wanderer, 
While his white steed 
Ascended to the heavens 

Copyright © Kelsey Kopec | Year Posted 2007

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The White Horse

The white horse had just died a lonely death

His rider was crucified as if he were the coming of the 2nd

May the one who killed the innocent form of justice

Be the one to carry the weight of grim until pressed

The rider was sent on a mission to relieve the chosen one

The one was chosen and brought to the black hill to wait

He waited for we failed him

We have not committed ourselves to the savior of good

We have only one last chance to rid evil for before spilled blood

If this is the chosen ones ways to allow us to view

What we need to turn us away from the few

For our lack of committment and honour to the wise

Left the white horse and its rider in sure lifeless demise

The one who killed the beast and his proud man

Was the ones who will kill the future of this tiring land

It was not of evil that rid there energy

If was failed priest to hold her

Try to sleep with peace even though the burdon in on YOUR shoulders

Copyright © Penn Kname | Year Posted 2006