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This Woman's Prayer

I pray not for power or place, only for the 
simple grace to look my neighbors in the face.
I seek not for silver or gold but only for the peace of God that brings
contentment to the soul.
I pray for the devotion and virtue of Ruth.
For the wisdom to take kindly the counsel of years and 
gracefully surrender the things of youth.
For the courage of Esther I pray as before the king she 
stood that day.
Father, give me a will and heart to be all you created me to be, and prosper 
my hands to your work accordingly. 
I pray that my life be an example of Proverbs thirty-one. 

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure | Year Posted 2011

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Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Daddy's Little Girl

Ballerina’d beauty…
She was always on beat and the most fluent mover. Never hesitant to step out onto her linoleum playground, Letting the stage lights beam down at her like sunshine, only refracting rays to intensify her lime light see she… was a dancer. &no I’m not talking about ya everyday tutu wearing mannequin. This one was special. The music was a part of her, she found a rhythm in every void and a tune in all speeches, it could only, flow thru her mind like water through the globe, more than she runs through my thoughts, like the way those greens slips of sustenance fell to the ground as she worked her pole. 
Tragic ending to the perfect fairytale. 
Mommy and Daddy had her dancing at six and in and out of auditions, wishing for her dreams to be realized unlike her own. Praying that her daughter could be somebody important, the next best thing since Broadway, better than Dejan Tubic, another Janelle Ginestra, but daddy had a sweet spot for his youngin. Wanting more for an innocent life and only turned her out of a fantasy. Pushing her on with the hopes only fools in the Ghetto would believe. Graduation day, she crashed hard, spinning back into reality. With no way to pay for her Julliard dream, a fistful of issues, and not a pot to piss in. She was strolling the block one night, and, heard music. Got sucked into the charisma of a strip joint. One second she was on the corner, everything goes black and when she comes to… she’s bare, with enough ones to get a place and put some food in her belly. That night she looked in the mirror… breaking down crying… all the dreams she had, crushed by the nimble fingers of fate. She doesn’t pity herself for long. Her mind’s already made up. “Gotta do this for me…” She rests, and the next day she finds herself back to the club to make more ones and satisfy more customers. It wasn’t the life she chose, but it’s one she’ll never regret, cause always had that sweet spot for her in el Corazon.. and she’ll always be, Daddy’s Little Girl.

Copyright © William Smalls | Year Posted 2011

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The World Is My Dinner Plate

The world is my dinner plate
my wilderness school
there are many varities 
of dishes laid out for me
to swallow
to chew
to spew
many things to choose
oh, the lessons are many
and not all fun
the Lord has a since of humor
sometimes not
but, I find the world can be hot
and sometimes very cold
there are too many teachers
to many tests
the textbook of life
is mostly ignored by the crowd
and Babylon is great
but, I am in the world
but not of it
and I stubbornly resist the road
most traveled by the crowd
oh, the road less traveled
the road Frost speaks so highly
is the one I travel
and oh the rocks are steep
and sharp
and the devil hides in the bushes
throughing his rocks of criticism
making fun of me
the fingers of those in the floating building
the one with the Babylonians
all pointing their fingers of scorn
and all that I would consider porn
the world is my dinner plate
and I sometimes sample the good
skip the bad
because I am a picky eater
I am the least seen in the theater
just one of the observers
hiding along with one of the props
someday I expect to recieve my crown
and rise to meet my Savior
and recieve my graduation papers
that would mean my exit papers.

Copyright © paulette mckendrick-tunnell | Year Posted 2006

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John Ashbery

We will often fight against the goads dealing in premortal slime 

It's the turning of the tide then exposed;

Through various loop holes we then get confused even feel used...

Faith is the substance of things not seen,

In neglect to what will search for a hidden need

While the entire world outside longs to see you bleed
As sadness in its beckoning call,

Faith is each personal toward their own belief

Shattered glass on its parchment door filled with sadness etched iin madness

Major Jackson & John Ashbery remarkable poetic historians amidst the timeless cloud;

A willingness to dare to explore fascination heads to the floor...

The promise in exploration during its tragic duration;

Still faith isn't intellectuallized it just is/

Words are endured through its timeless dialect filtered through the sand
Hoping someday all will understand it's delicate premise of realization
Fixed on an appease to please blatant fascination
The grass withers & the cards will fall as they may

In chosen asps filtered through its viable way
The bargain basement deal to seal its wholesome branded feel
Filtered through its beckoning call asunder is it any wonder the way our children deal?
Cheap thrills in the back of a car to cry 

Shelter lies dormant amidst the pain
Less of course I shall refrain in matters of emmense strain
In graduation the whole essential scheme ends
Within problems we get a glimpse of the appetite of friends
Shattered memory's with lines drawn in the sand
John Ashbery is the poets friend a very unusual man
In equated demise a word to the actual wise,
Poetry is heightened in the mystery essentially
The barbarians would quite often disagree in their lost pedigree
Through words expressed amidst the mesh with polished vest
In words one can look closely to its vested guess
Within a world that is many times upside down in some mess
I must confess the pillar of truth to relinquish its timeless cue
The very proud & few/

John Ashbery stood beneathe the heavy tide of the 1960's slide
In ovation in which he stood never in some dreary mood
A poets friend to strangers & even enemies
Along lines visualized in the shifting sand of vested memory
John Ashbery

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2012

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Proudly watching my daughter
Questioning her trail of fate
Restless with anticipation
Sitting watching her future; patiently she waits

It’s hard to let your child go, but even harder to hold them back

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007

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Celebrate Life

We come into the world with a push and a burst,
So years of studying must be done first.
We learn about history, science, and math,
Proper etiquette, chores and how to take a bath.

Then off to College - more classes to learn,
While the midnight oil we continually burn!
After College graduation we get a job and maybe a mate,
All of it depends on the decisions of fate!

Slow down my friend, it's time to relax,
Put away the phone, computer and fax!
Enjoy all you have and Celebrate Life,
Away from the stress, worry, and strife!

The time we've been given be it short or long,
Celebrate Life with your family and friends in dance and song!
Spread happiness and good spirits wherever you can,
While striving to help your fellow man!

Copyright © Tamara M. Kohlstaedt | Year Posted 2006

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The Morning after Graduation Day

The morning after Graduation Day, 
You wake up to start a life in a new way.
Wondering what life will have to offer you as you are feeling so free.
May the Lords grace provide you with the wisdom to make wise choices as you develop who you will be. 
You really don't understand the capacity of what life will teach you
all your years through. 
You see it is Gods grace that teaches us what He wants us to know,
It is the unanswered prayers that teaches us to grow.
There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer,
Layered beneath our hurts and tears are the silver lining.
It takes time to find it to see it shinning.

Copyright © lisa elam | Year Posted 2005

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When I was born,
I learned how to breathe.
My Mama held me in her arms. 
She said that she would never let me leave.

Several months later,
I learned to take my first steps.
Mama watched close, so I wouldn't trip.
She filled my heart, to the deepest depths.

A couple years later,
I learned to tie my shoes.
Mama taught me how to button my coat.
I had all I could want, nothing to loose.

I grew a little,
Then I rode the bus to school.
Mama followed the bus all the way there.
She missed me; there was no one to fool.

Soon after that,
I left for summer church camp.
Mama made sure I packed my bug spray.
I think her eyes got a little bit damp.

Some more years passed,
Then for the Lord I made a decision.
Mama stood proud with a big grin.
My life had great dreams and visions.

About two years later,
I talked to Mama, told her God's plan.
Mama smiled, sobbed, and cried.
I told her I must follow God's hand.

Still today,
I stand strong and believe.
Mama says I've taught her strength.
And trusting God leaves her heart relieved.

One day soon,
I'll wear a graduation cap.
Mama will congradulate me.
With her gentle hands she will clap.

After that,
One day her hand will let me go.
She'll watch and wait for my return.
But her heart will hold me close though.

Copyright © Kimberly Clarke | Year Posted 2006

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Her Hiden Beauty

  Her Hidden Beauty

She was such a lonely child but not by choice,
She had no reason to smile, no reason to rejoice.
She would stutter when she talked, and the other children would laugh,
Seemed none of the other children would stand up for her on her behalf.

She dreaded each day that she went to school,
The kids never stopped their teasing, life was so cruel.
But she never quit, though the going was tough,
She just wished somebody would tell the other kids enough was enough.

But her beauty was such that it out shined the problem she had.
God always gives you something good along with the bad.
And she would always pray, not for a cure,
But to give her strength, so she could endure.

All through the years she maintained grades of straight A’s,
And now it was time for graduation in a few short days.
As Valedictorian a speech was required,
And a beauty she was, one which God had inspired.

As she stood before the crowd, with her speech in her hand,
She started to read with a voice so beautiful and in perfect command.
Not one hesitation, a masterpiece she spoke that day,
And her final words were “I Love You All and That is all I have to say!

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2009