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My Dad

My Dad was Chicagoan.
He would light up a room just like my Mom. 
He loved to fish ! He loved his beer .
He also designed a Octagon home in the 70's 
Built custom by hand . I was very proud of Dad .

Alcohol hit our Family , a curse .
He left my Mom when I was 14 in Illinois.
To renew in California , leaving a trail of tears .
Meeting my step mom , my sisters age .
My 2 sisters they were accepted in her world . 

Not I , I looked too much Like Mom . Told this all my Life . 
She a petite Beauty , RN , real estate Broker .
I did not see why it was wrong to be like mom ?

I moved in with Dad, His new Wife , and 2 sisters 
eventually . All three women were competing for my Father .
I was kicked out at 16 yrs.

Years do pass , you try and accept people places and things .
At the end of Dads life , he was calling me once a week .
I ordered a Engraved Clock for the Fathers day coming.
This was a issue for the Wife and sisters , never invited to his new home , 2 Decades ~My little Brother & I , never wanted .

Dad passed suddenly one sad Spring Day . Not one word from his wife , all 3rd party,  how and when,  Dad Died . being denied the right to his address , even to say goodbye .
Not being able to send my engraved clock . 

 "Dad Passed " received call  from sister whom just stayed a week with me ,  I took her all around the sites here . "1st day I get call , you should come , 2nd Day after , Dad's been cremated already . " It was a lie.

I went anyway , finding the funeral home, the Funeral Director was appalled at the denial displayed.

He insisted I was given 10 minutes alone with Dad , my Birthright to say Goodbye , he was in dismay over the Hostility towards a daughter ~

I get to this room of mean relative's. His sisters , Mine, angry looks , hearing from a Aunt "What is she doing Here ! " I can't give nor reason or rhyme. 

 Shame to you and all that participated that wicked day.
 Are you Glorified with Power?  Denied the right to grieve , 

 Left with no sane answers to give in hatred received by Blood . Some , just Spouses , telling me I had no right to Say Goodbye to my own Father , My DAD .

My Dad wanted me there , I know he did . I love Him and will never forget , his youngest girl whom looked like Mom . I know in my heart and dreams he speaks. 
 We all see when we leave . May God not allow any Son or Daughter to go through such Evil.

Thank-you Poetry Soup for returning my voice .

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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The Sacrifice

(a place no one has ever been)

We live out in da country
Miles away from anyone else
Papa and six boys, well, we're young men now....just sayin
Momma died at childbirth when baby brother was born
Love it here, cept at night, sleepin through “the howlin”

Big old wood frame house, island by grassland; den da forest
We keep a farm of pigs, goats, even cows; what da heck for ?
Every night Papa slayed an animal; laid it at da edge of da woods
Never new why until he called us six boys together one creepy night:

“Boy’s, listen to me, listen good….your Papa’s dying, 
It won’t be long
The last 20 years, your Momma and I set out here a sacrifice
I don’t know what in God’s name is out there
This thing ain't human
Notice how it’s quiet for a while so you can get to sleep
It’s feeding time
Damn right, it’s eating the sacrifice
Long as we put them dead animals out
We live
When I’m gone, it’s up to you six 
Be my Nightwatch, ya hear me boys !
You all are men now
I love each one of you very much”

Father finished da story, den...
Said no one ever been in dem neck of doze woods
He bought property twenty (20) some years ago;
Prior owner told him da whole story

In a  way I look at dis big monster as our protector
I've heard screamin at night, den da 'howlin'
O man, den dis loud munchin, chompin, chewin masdacated cry
Den more 'howlin'
Call da police ya say?  No way.  We safe...
So long we feed him, or it
At night: WHOAAA am scared to death

Papa's been gone a few years now
It’s up to us six to offer up da sacrifice
Every night

We older now and don’t all nestle up in one bed
Howlins still be, but we sleep at night best we can
Hated killin doze animals, deys didn’t do nuttin wrong
Dares no other way; we twied once and almost got ourselves scavaged alive

Am not goin out dare, never, not to
A place where no one has ever been

Copyright © Thomas Carney | Year Posted 2014

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Is It God We Trust Or Leave In the Dust

Is It God We Trust? Or Leave In the Dust? As our courts remove God from this great nation. We are left with a confused and lost generation! As God is taken away from our public schools. A huge tide of immorality is what “rules.” The Bible is often mocked and discarded. It was on it’s principles this country was started! Just about anything of God seems to get scorned. So many “rush” to worship many ungodly forms. As God’s name is often tossed and thrown out. We tend to forget what HE is all about! Too often, his plans for living are tossed and abused. No wonder, there’s many who are lost and confused! As people forget God and worship the fallen creature. They look to themselves and “glorify” their features. Many ignore God, and get involved in deep addictions. And with this, come disease, heartache and afflictions! As God looks and sees this nation “bleeding.” It’s his righteousness, that we need to be seeking! If we would humble ourselves, he would hear our prayer! He loves all of us! And he really does care! Won’t you come to HIM, And invite him in? Won’t you allow him to be your master and friend? He brings strength and nourishment to the soul! It’s only in him that we can be made whole! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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- The Shadows, Dear Sister And Brother -

Don't keep on judging
You make me sick
Break your brother's spirit
Your hatred is a mockery
A world is surrounded by darkness
It will always drip blood from a new wound
Although it pains ... you can never win
We share ink and love ... not deadly poison
You've fallen deep ... very deep
A shame

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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Murder your drear

Such disrespect 
has plagued my home. 
I was treated 
Like a toothless comb. 
Brother has told me 
I am not a man, 
But I walked away 
Before anything began. 

He laughed and laughed 
While I hung my head, 
So I turned around 
To fight him instead. 
I took a shot 
At his evil smile. 
He moved. I missed 
By near a mile. 
More laughing 
As he threw me down 
& stomped my face 
Into the ground. 

A funny feeling 
Grew in my heart, 
Like fungus in darkness. 
I fell apart. 

Something inside 
Has gone berserk. 
This funny feeling 
Forced a smirk. 
I found joy 
In hitting him back. 
I began to laugh 
With each attack. 

Then I took him 
By his throat, 
Putting an end 
To how he'd gloat. 
I took his knife 
& swung it near. 
I made the blade 

Playing peek-a-boo 
Was never so fun. 
He shouldn't breathe. 
He couldn't run. 

My kind kin, 
Freedom is near. 
Only my sin 
May murder your drear.

Copyright © Rob Washick | Year Posted 2014

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The Word of War - The Letter

A New Brother
Dear brother, I do not hate you! I do not know you to hate you. I may hate that which you represent, which has brought us to this present But the truth is: I do not know you. In another world, another time, even in another life …. and we be re-presented, You could be my brother, my neighbour, even a stranger ….. now befriended. Another time, another world.; Another reason another war, You and me, side by side, fighting…the foe, …..killing. Another brother, another friend; Another neighbour, another dead! War is not my desire, my brother-in-arm But to live, we may have to kill - not just harm. …..It is just like eating! War: The unsavoury beast … Victory: The savoury feast. As you cannot have war without eating. So you cannot have war without killing. ……It is just like eating! Yes, War creates evil, my brother …. but is it not evil that first creates war? …None other. Somewhere in the midst of an ugly war lies a precious peace. It is worth the bother, dear brother. What good is glory without the ‘hell’ Is war not the same as ‘glory’ …without the ‘L’? Vita incerta, mors certissima! ….Damnatio ad bestias! (i) Fight by my side for that which is just, and let the foe know …there’s a ‘double-you’ in ‘we’. Join with me, in this thing we call the ‘Unsavoury Beast’ Whether you’re neighbour, brother or friend, remember ….without a ‘u’, there’s less of ‘us’. All we seek is that ‘precious peace’ …after the Savoury Feast. Seculo seculorum …. semper (ii) I remain…. Your brother. (The Fg 81.5.8) (i) - latinLife is uncertain, death is a certainty ....(we are) thrown to the lions! (ii) - latinForever and ever ....always.

Copyright © Robert Amure | Year Posted 2015

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With Christ YOU CAN Overcome

With Christ…   You Can Overcome!

One of the things I don’t understand, Is the wickedness throughout this land. I’ve often thought and have pondered. How can this evil continue much longer? It’s amazing what man will do to each other. How people treat their sisters and brothers! The Bible says that the heart is wicked above all things. We can testify to the destruction an evil heart brings! In all of this wickedness, sin and confusion… There is an answer! There is a solution! We’ll find eternal hope and a peace within… As we come to Christ and confess our sin! Why not allow Christ to make you complete? Lay your every burden and worry at his feet! He’ll restore your life and wipe away your tears. His perfect love will cast out your fears! He’ll restore to you, what the enemy has taken. With him by your side… You’ll not be forsaken! Your heart will be strengthened and renewed! His words of life are like “heavenly food.” By the blood of the lamb… You can overcome! Christ has the victory! The battle’s been won! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011

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It's a life 
It's  precious than  gold
The primary part of life
Without it, no being

Something harder than mustard seed
Substance thicker than water
It attracts more than magnet
Is a cherish substance

An umbreakable cord
That connect all;
The child, mother and father
A convenant seal

A material for irreversible convenant
Like the on the of cross of calvary
Our best ever redeemers gift on the cross
It is a cherish stuff

Don't toil with it
Cherish it
Blood is sacred, don't drink it
Don't shed it

Keep it
Don't spill the innocent blood
There is a power embeded in it
Don't let it splashed

Let there be peace in all corners of our land.
In pieces we can't live in peace
Let us see ourselves as brothers
So we have an enviable haven.

Copyright © Ogunlabi Olajide | Year Posted 2017

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Died by the Gun Where have all the Johns Gone

Where have all the John's gone ?
they all been murdered by the ones
Who have the right to bear arms
It was 1963 and I was walking home from school going home for lunch
While in Texas something was going to happen to us that would change the nation
Someone took a rifle in assassinated John the  man was our President John F Kennedy
He was shot down gun down in a motorcade died by a gun
You know the Second Amendment says you should have the right to
Died by a gun
You know
Where have all the John's gone they all been murdered by the ones
Who have the right to bear arms

It was the 1980s and as John Lennon was in his Courtyard
Just beginning to enter his apartment
He was gunned down by an assailant
A long occupants murdered and killed
He was shot down gun down
Died by the gum
You know
 the Second Amendment says you have the right to
Die by the gun you know

Where have all the John's gone
They all been murdered by the one
You have the right to bear arms

This glass John was my best friend 9 months older than me I called him brother
Went to the same grade school used to walk me to kindergarten
Alas we went to the same Junior High and High School
We were even an ROTC together taught me many things even introduced me to Pizza
We shared many many hobbies reading and drawing our own comics
Creativity was there creativity we shared
And all the years that I've known him we only had one falling out only one
Sad matter of the fact is I never told him I loved him he was to me as an older brother
He was a fan of The Beatles even I began to like them
He married his high school sweetheart had boy child a boy

He will later join the Marine Corps and man it look good in the uniform
He knew karate and he was kindhearted
He would help anyone anywhere at anytime a true friend
But in the year of 1978 coming back to vacation to Omaha Nebraska
In route traveling through the desert of Arizona
He stopped to help a distressed Traveler so he thought
He never made it here cause he to was ambushed gun down shot
He was murdered himself his wife his child his niece all shot
Died in the hot desert
His niece bled to death all murdered by the Tyson family left dead in the desert
The nine month old son and the mom all shot dead
All of them died by the gun
You know

Where have all the John's gone
They all been murdered by the one
Who have the rights to bear arms
I pray none of us died by a gun

                                     Dedicated to President John F Kennedy
                                             Singer-songwriter John Lennon
                                                     John Francis Lyons
              Murdered by the Tyson family Father and Son in Arizona in 1978                      
                                           my best friend and my brother
                                 Written by James Edward Lee Sr (c)1978

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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out of the fire
her mother is gone
her brother is gone
her sister is gone
her sex is gone
she's reached 

she throws a tantrum
she loses her focus
and brother satisfies
her hunger for attention
as the tantrum recedes
adulthood gets further
and now we see why
she's in need of first aide
for her burns.

By: Chicano Eddie

Copyright © CHICANO EDDIE | Year Posted 2016

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At the edge of my seat through a negate in deceit

Wasteful moments wandering in pierced quiet desperation

Without a shoulder to cry

To quiver amidst an evil empire seperated within

We are so much more then premortal slime

We all must face the dark side in life

To equate logic in place of fear

Through a baracade,

A premise extends forward

Amidst false presumption

Within a timeless cavity that will soon erupt


Through loose loop holes we get exposed

The hour of decision has now come upon us all

In vast domains there lies a prism glow

As in a slight variation in a dream


The opened door by which to explore

An episode exposed to the elements in demonstration

To awake the domain of its evident abstract portal 

Gone are the days in logical frenzy & admonition

Welcome to the jungle were all going to die!

Such as a fish to fry
The lines have been drawn in the sand
It is my hope that someday all will understand ?

We will venture into the vast domain
In darkness their will be periods of sadness
Yet in light the full blaze of glory exposed to its elements
In laughter let there suffice from all fear
Yet I shed a single tear to numb it's inner pain
Give me a chance to explain:
With words there is not enough time to express the chasm
That gulf fix that derives meaning;
We wander as in some nomadic tribesmen
Off in the variation in a dream 
Willing to forfeit from the masses & scream
The crazed lunatic looks back at his watch
As in a closed knit variation in a dream,
The societal rampage regarding abortion has really bothered the heart of God
We work the soil to till the land as if in some crazed vile evil dwelling
Exposed to its elements once more
Lest I simply implore the soaring eagle to far off places which together will store,
Justification for being lazy?
Portals will scream in divination loose strings falling into final tribulation !

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2012

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Wainwright Smith Rides Away, Part I

He’d been on the trail many a month,
When he reached the town of Gulrith,
A mining village high in the peaks,
His named was Wainwright Smith.

He searched the west, looking for
A sister by the name of Henrietta,
Who’d been taken by men in old New York,
The search, he would never let up.

The men had been seen, to some were known:
Thugs who traded in lost girls,
But Henrietta had not been truly lost,
In her father’s eyes she’d been a pearl.

The daughter of a banker, on hard times,
He had not the cash for a detective,
So Wain went to the cops and there learned
What we could about his objectives.

Hannibal Mays was the man he sought,
Wanted badly in six different states,
Wain moved west from town-to-town,
Fueled by both love and by hate.

In Gulrith he’d heard Mays had set up.
Going under the name of Guthrie,
After eight brutal months he was now close,
So he went to where men got lucky.

But the cathouse hadn’t seen hide nor hair,
Though a young girl told him for gold,
That ever so often Mays found one,
That he didn’t see fit to be sold.

The whore made him pay for every word,
And told him where to find Mays’s house.
He paced up at night, Winchester ready
To rid the world of this damn lout.

He approached the house, and saw a light
Blazing away in a back room,
He approached slowly, readied his gun,
Kicked the door open with a boom...


Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2017