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Mercy Our Saviors Birthday Coming

Prayers for this world said 
they stand in honor of peace 
as war looms ugly terror invades
twisted darkness plots and schemes
Turning it's back on love thy neighbor 
godless afflictions of the deceivers tongue 
my heart bleeds watching such evil deeds 
them carried out calling God is one curse

In the abominations of what is done 
I feel so sad all the tears shed 
to wash away the sins of pity 
then crying to our almighty Lord 

For loves sake sweet humanity 
stop the killing of innocence in this world 
it has gone mad enough filled with the devil's hate
consuming everything that is good

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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The mystery with no viel

Life is a creative 
A playful
A dance with 
No reason
A non-sensical Mystery
Extending through and beyond logic.
Nothing holds it at both sides
Yet here it is. (There it is)

Copyright © Graham Eakin | Year Posted 2013

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on this city street
they walk the beat
under whit sheets
on  in the dark
where cars or park
they get bump
make this jump too
there no street light
some scream its hollween

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2014

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Its Christmas down here

                            It’s Christmas down here

                          Happy birthday Jesus Christ.
                              You would be old if still.
                                     Down here!

                          Bet you’re glad you are not.
                     With all the evil we have now got.
                                     Down here!

                               I hope up in Heaven.
                              All is calm and serene.
                                      Unlike it is.
                                      Down here!

                                     As if it is not.
                              Please don’t call on me.
                                   I’ll put up with it.
                                       Down here!

                                  A Merry Christmas 
                           All who do read this prose!
                        And a Happy New Year as well!

                        Down here! 
                                  Down here!
                                           Down here! 

                        OK Dragon this is down enough.
                          Happy Christmas to you too!
                               The new mad Author
                   &  A Poetry Soup Honorably Mention. 

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Let Evil Deeds Be Over

K-ind weather remains as is, 
I-nclement clime cannot enter; 
M-arch eleventh sunny Friday, 
B-ad times turn to laughter.
E-arly morn has broken, 
R-ain and chill are over; 
L-onely night is gone, 
Y-our day of birth is brighter.

B-etween right and wrong, 
O-nly one must be chosen; 
L-earn to decide what is best, 
A-lmighty God says, 'Listen'.
N-o one in his right mind
O-r thinking will pick evil; 
S-electing the good means life because you obey the gospel.

C-hoosing what pleases God
H-as brought peace and love; 
I-nstead of making Him angry, 
Q-uest for mercy from above.
U-nless you follow God's commands, 
I-t's your life that will be in danger; 
L-et transgression be left behind, 
L-et evil deeds be

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016