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Evil Autumn Poems | Evil Poems About Autumn

These Evil Autumn poems are examples of Evil poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Evil Autumn poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | I do not know? |

Breath of a different weather

To Never Breathe Again 

No  breeze in the night-time
The winter weather goes
The heat runs out of sunshine
nobody knows
Summer refuses
Spring is passing a different change
The last fresh air we use
The world's gone strange
The weather's confused
No autumn leaves to rearrange
No whispers in the wind
The air is dry
No pouring in the rain
The storm does not cry
No loudness in thunder
The lightning no longer strikes high
No one then wonders
The answer is why?
The water is not splashing
No clouds in the sky
The weather's not passing
Can the weather just die?

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

Details | Diminished Hexaverse |

The mystery with no viel

Life is a creative 
A playful
A dance with 
No reason
A non-sensical Mystery
Extending through and beyond logic.
Nothing holds it at both sides
Yet here it is. (There it is)

Copyright © Graham Eakin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


I see you 
stand around
looking confused
being useless

you might come 
my way
maybe I say
, but you don't
and just walk away

I then see you
stopped dead in track 
you pull out your phone 
to give me a text

try to get away
you  say through
your letters
I reply okay
because I know I better.

Copyright © jessie conner | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose |


By: Shannon R. Giedieviells

A chilly autumn night. 
Tolerable when the air is still, but as the wind blows 
it sends the feeling of a frozen metal spike into the spine.

Her pace is steady. Her arms are crossed to keep the 
chill out of her body.
Just ahead, an old, rusty lamppost is the only source of light.
The candescence is surrounded by a dim ring, fading in the distance.

She briskly walks to her destination 
as if she will soon find warmth and comfort there, 
wherever it may be. 

She is alone.
But, she does not feel alone. 
Her pace is faster now. 
She wants to step into the center 
of the ring of expanding light 
as if she believed the illumination from the lamppost 
was some kind of heavenly body. A savior. 

She stops. 

Only for a second--

She looks over her shoulder.
But, she only sees the radiance from the lamppost growing dimmer 
before leaking into the darkness. 

Her heartbeat resonates in her ears.
Breathing in the crisp air numbs her chest. 
She reaches the lamppost and slowly exhales
before continuing to her destination, wherever it may be.

Into the dim, a dark figure slowly follows. 

Copyright © Shannon Giedieviells | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Witches Dream

A scream that echoes through the night
A wicked laugh in grand delight
As dreadful as it all may seem
Could only be a witches dream

When darkness falls this hallowed night
And shadows move in erie light
My happiness will be supreme
Could only be a witches dream

In every shadow dark and gloom
That creeps across a moonlit room
There hides a little bit of fear
That something evil could be near
As silly as it all may seem
Could only be a witches dream

When clouds move heavy dark and gray
And darkness hides the light of day
My evil apparitions rise
Their ghastly figures fill the sky
With evil laughs and dreadful screams
Could only be a witches dream

Flayed cat, toad, lizard, snake
What foul potion do I make?
When cast upon hot ash and coal
Turns to powder smites a soul
As dreadful as it all may seem
Could only be a witches dream

Light beams strike my window glass
I dream no more it’s here at last
My holy sabbath has arrived
Tonight my broom and I shall ride

The autumn wind will sting my face
As through the night my broom will race
A million moons have seen my ride
Through sleepy towns and countryside

I raise to you a glass of cheer
And challenge you and loved ones near
To look upon the midnight sky
To see my grisly soul pass by

And when you close you eyes to sleep
Into your dreams my creatures creep
As dreadful as it all may seem
Could only be a witches dream

Copyright © Paul Harris | Year Posted 2012

Details | Narrative |


Stepping out into the Autumn night of Halloween
It is the Witches and the Warlocks turn to dance
Their air of mystery and mystic is all around
The zombies or the Undead cannot speak
but,their presence seems to be abound
Ghouls of the Men
Vampires within the Ladie's evil grin
It is out here on this Night
When old wives tale frighten us with delight
My footsteps carry me beyond the hill
A cemetery there which omits a deathly thrill
We(meaning a friendly spirit beside me)know the Cackle
Inside many tomb,ready to come out like a babe from its mother's womb
The moon is full and the Old Man paints his smile
Trick or treaters are out,,having fun for a little while
Tonight all Halo as strange yellow mist creeps from behind a boulder narrow
Dancing amidst the moaning dead,darkened shadows surround this timid Head
I feel like Ichabod Crane,strolling,with terror,upon the Midnight Domain
Maybe the old Headless Horseman
Perhaps,the wretched creature of a certain Frankenstein
Many of these apparitions could be just a figment or Reality having a smile
The Corridor of the dark as I wander through a deserted Schoolyard park
An evil happened there,just a few moons not  long ago
Halloween Night..1980 when I was ten
A grade schooler was being hazed upon
He was locked in a decrepit old trunk,tucked,not so sweetly away,in the attic of 
this old place..his peers left him for the night

They came back the next morning before the session began
after lifting a set of keys from the sleeping janitor,they went up to the attic to see
The trunk was open,HOW COULD HE HAVE GOTTEN OUT??
tip-toeing near the open trunk and peering down with trepidation..
only to find,a bloody handwritten note,written with EXTREME AGITATION


The school was beset by this horrible deed,and it was closed forevermore 
because the children confessed and the Pain would never recede
some say..the spirit of the little lad still haunts the old school
Laughter could be heard if many,who dare,decide to explore it and play it cool

Pardon me,my weary Halloween reader..it is TIME for me to head back before
I become no more,by an ominous Night Creeper(or the Ghost of The Attic Child!!)

Copyright © Bart Jonas | Year Posted 2006

Details | I do not know? |

The Pumpkin Gang

They roam the streets with such evil grins, Spreading mayhem wherever they've been, Smashing pumpkins, toilet papering trees, Stealing candy from good little girls and boys, They are known in these parts, As the pumpkin gang. They ride their bikes throughout the town, Terrorizing both the young and the old, Chasing teens down with their eerie lights, That give off a faint greenish glow, Cackling madly in their pumpkin-like heads. The gang comes around every Halloween night, But nobody knows where they came from, But it is rumored they come, From the old Jensen's pumpkin patch, Deep from beneath the ground where they slumber, Until next Halloween night. They appear to be human until they remove their heads, Dressed all in black from shoulders to feet, Rattling chains around their wrists, And sometimes they like to throw them at kids, Their laugh can be heard echoing about the town, Like banshee's they cry on this hallowed Halloween night. Bikes ablazing with greenish fire, dancing in the night, Like some old deepish broken desire, They ride the streets like speed demons, Chasing off any who get in their way, They do not speak but rev up their bikes, You better beware, When the pumpkin gang come to town. The moon hangs high in the midnight sky, Pumpkins lay squashed at every doorstep, Candy from torn bags litters the street, And green fire glows from where their bikes touched the earth, Goodbye pumpkin gang, return to whence you came, Until next Halloween, we will be ready..., We will be ready... to end your mischievous ways.

Copyright © Robert Needles | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Fulda awaits

She shudders with a frozen fatal touch,
In a carriage pulled by skeletal horses,
Halo of crows in a deadly clutch,
Laughs in darkness of humorous morbid,
Tormented souls with four minute pulse,
Misses the sunshine call her Mrs.sordid,
Longing for warmth with wolves and such,
Mrs.Sordid in courts until the midnight forfeits.

Her feet barely touched the marbled steps,
Ascending down to the ball with jaded lips,
Blood moon shrouded eviscerated eclipse,
Blood in wine as she takes a sip,
All the men transfixed collapse from her poisoness kiss,
And she danced in to the night with no regrets,
Humming a tune sanguine blood now drips,
Evil in her words with the world on her fingertips.

Copyright © Corwin Donovan | Year Posted 2017