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Merry Queen of Squash

Pumpkin, merry queen of squash,
regnant on accord.
With a smooth and ribb-ed rind
clad in pepo-orange,
two strikes to sever
from the vine.

*Mary, Queen of Scots was beheaded by order of her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England in
1587.  Detailed accounts record it took two strikes of the axe to sever her head completely.  

**A pumpkin is truly the sovereign of gourd squashes. .  Ironically, the word 'gourd' is also a slang
term for 'head' giving this poem a most appropriate ending whichever way you look at it!.

***The word ribb-ed in the third line is read as two syllables.

Copyright © Thvia Shetley | Year Posted 2010

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breaking my heart

chinese food dripping sauce
spicy beef and noodles
steaming vegetable rice
eggrolls and plum dip
spareribs and garlic

oh so delicious-    most of us have all the food
we want      but wait    I do not have to go far away
within canada     in my proud country
there is starvation      poverty      and death

now this will never be taught in schools     but not a secret
that our first prime minister     sir john a macdonald
starved aboriginal people into submission     deliberately
to clear a path     for the canadian pacific railway

his national dream . . .        

it was not enough that fur trades brought    diseases
    small pox
but they hunted the bison almost to extinction
     leaving the aboriginals starving and desperate
         the government withheld food
            until the first nation people agreed 
                 to live on reservations

designated areas              trapped and humiliated
unable to leave     they could not farm    not hunt
dependent on the government for food 
        and if they complained
the substandard food rations were cut     food
contaminated withheld      children died  many died

sir john boasted of the indigenous people
"on the verge of actual starvation"       some hero

and even today      2015    there is widespread poverty
starvation    on first nation reserves in canada
     infant mortality
       access to drinking water(laced with e coli)
          high price food (brought by air)
               living on welfare (with no way out)

oh no    I do not have to go far     to see starvation
   slum conditions    overcrowding    sewage backups
garbage     and broken houses     and extreme poverty
it is a national disgrace

oh yes    there are some sanitized reservations
   there are some really pretty places     but still
there are many not so nice

it is a  horrible situation     the hopelessness agonizing 
    and what is the answer       the circle that goes on
and on since sir john a macdonald stole   
     their land      their way of life
the government of canada should be     ashamed
to allow this     in this day and age
    of abundance
in my proud country        it is     breaking my heart

July 2, 2015

Epulaeryu and Free Verse

For the contest, Food Can't Live With, Can't Live Without It
Sponsor, Debbie Guzzi

First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Ice Cream Delight!

National Ice Cream Day    July 15th

Benjamin Franklin was the very one.
In the year of 1771.
While in France dessert did come.

What is this wonderful delight!?
"Ice cream dear sir,
I hope you like."

With quill and ink
And much insight.
He acquired the recipe that night.

And sent it back across the sea.
To share Ice Cram
With you and me!

Copyright © MAF Longfellow | Year Posted 2007

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Hawthorn leaves,butter and cheese
Kiss-me-quick,tansy salad
Butter and eggs of toad flax,
Crab apple jelly
with rose hips and sloes-
Flows !

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

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A dinner of red herrings
and pumpkin porridge-
A pudding of small birds
and sheeps head broth
or stewed sheep's trotters
So working
Class !

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2008

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The first fruits

Go and feast of unleavened bread
For seven days and now
In this sanctuary at his altar
May we drink his wine
From the scarlet cups
May you never

From exodus lv2310f:dt16,9.

Copyright © Laura Mckenzie | Year Posted 2008