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The Forest

"What happens in the forest stays in the forest"

The trees are trimmed, 
The leaves on the ground 
Proposing passion, sweet mist
Naked with nothing to bare or wear
Nature's breath lightens the atmosphere
She breathes in, he breathes out
The auditory sensation of rain 
   - drums down and deepens
The course is near its end, 
Deep in this forest night
A Gentleman among the trees, 
Hibernating new seeds 

"On the other side of the forest"
He guides a path, with ebony eyes
A convincing vent, I accept
The fear is broken, I sleep in glee
The whispers disappear 
Drying in peace by the secret bayou 
Broad leaves lay under raw landscape
Lulled by the chills he quills
A quarter past midnight 
Mr Romantic
   - prepares the new sheets of Winter. 


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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The Invitation

December 25th-  The Christmas Wedding

Surrounded by seasonal silver bells
Scarlet passionate pink poinsettias sit
Foliage scenery 
Entwined by Christmas and Wedding bliss
Frosty winter weather warmed up by:
Rings of “I Do!”

The eyes of Eve hide underneath a white veil
A bride walking down the misty mistletoe isle
Wondering why the majestic mustang moon sank without trace?

The aroma of pine trees idle into the death-defying fog
Fine firm decorated ribbons snug unopened gifts
Mistletoes wait above the tenable tint threshold
Kissing and Cheering
New Christmas Vows
In her hands, a beautiful bouquet 
-Bridal flowers for the maids
Forsaken by dark dusky dullness wedding cloud
Flustering fragrance thicken the chestnut cold air
Ornaments endured dreary tears

Despising the drapes of fog
That covers the newly wed winter show
Harmony withdrew from that winter wonderland
A white gown, not meant to be
Christmas crushed by her greed
The unkind erratic earth exchanged her own silent vows
In a horrifying hoary haze
A heavy foggy breeze dropped in like debris,
Blowing her tiara dreams away
On this very exact Christmas Day


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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Dead Winter Stray~ By: Poet Destroyer

Nearby paces, Combatants lost under the cemetery walls,
“Blessed Men and Heavenly Remedy Women of Ages,”
Feelings of dance at the beginning of nightfall,
Scenery of fire, sadness passing this history page,
In that distant curve, somewhere nears the sundown stream.
Far away from the vision of mortal eyes,
A child plays as beautiful and pale like the sunrise.
She plays on the coast this beautiful but pale, sun raised child.
Pursuing nature, in a hushed angelic lucidity,
“In hushed angelic lucidity!”
Fragile fastened, to those adequate bones.
Profound deepness beneath the snow winder dust,
Below the memoirs of her floating vessel,
Reminisces of water drowning down rivers and streams,
A shattered female kneels in salvation.
An anvil so heavy it troubles the mind.
Lost in profoundness, in what might have been.
What was, for a moment in this period?
The grimness of her weak vessel dwells.
A lifeless winter strays around. 
An album so old and dusty,
A christening gown not ever embraced.
Infinite, the woman and pale child of sunrise,
Soften footfalls beating out the torments.
Countless nights seeing the day of unspoken headstones,
Feelings of dance will never rest this heartache.
Eternity, in a dance of unconditional need,
Their hearts unite as one...
A closing of mother and child…     
~BY: PD~

Dead Winter~ By: Catie Lindsey 

There walks Warriors in that graveyard,
Holy Men and Medicine Women of ages;
at night you can see their Spirits dance,
setting fire to history's pages.
In that far corner, up by the stream,
far from the eyes of publicity,
she plays on the shore, beautiful Raylene,
catching poly-wogs, in silent lucidity.
In silent lucidity.
Brittle now, those fine bones,
deep beneath the snow drifts of winter,
beneath the memories of her body afloat
down rivers and streams of Remember.
A broken woman kneels in prayer,
a heavy weight on a burdened mind,
somewhere deep in what could have been,
what was, for a moment in time.
The grayness of her frail body lingers,
in a dead winter of the unborn,
on page forty-nine in the family album,
in a baptismal gown never worn.
Together they dance,the woman and the child,
their soft footfalls pounding out the sorrows
of many days at a worn out headstone,
many dances to come, many tomorrows.
Together they dance, The Woman's Dance,
their hearts as one...
the woman and the child.
~By: Catie Lindsey~

(for Catie's: Re-write contest..) 

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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White Devil

Call it what you want!
I call it, his favorite season hunt...
Two hoofs imprinted near the riverfront.
Echoes calling my soul with a loud, ferocious grunt.

I smell it in the air, lost upon the white golden stair.
A deep frost dwelling all over his lair.
Tangled by the frozen grip of my hair.
A decision, I declare to give what he won't spare.

This man has no red suit..
Lurking in the white to recruit.
A midnight suicide clouding me with pollute.
I pause my tongue on mute, lost in a white castle chute.

Headed straight into a shivering blazing star path.
The land of snow covered like a bubble bath.
Breaking icicles like crystal glass, suck3d by the milky-way mass.
Multiplying bruises like a cascade, enjoying the aftermath. 

Finding a way to slit the pain in my domain.
I grab a coat and lace my name to Mary-Jane.
Inserting the finest line to ease the drain in my brain.
I drink the icy scotch, and drop a silver nickel into the devils cocaine.

Fallen in to his bait, its too late, I got 7 lines on my dinner plate.
I'm covered up in snow, enjoying the amazing way to suffocate.
Eight beats to every minute is my new heart rate.
I'm reaching for the white golden gate, where the white devil waits.

Drowning like liquor in a frappe mixing the winter's high tide.
Death to my soul is where I hide under this white blanket neutral side.
Too heavy to uplift this storm lost in the devil's cold custard suicide guide.
Waking up in a coma, in a world where white collides with the rage of suicide.

 (( Trapped in a snowy blizzard))

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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The Fall of The Winter King

The Fall of The Winter King    

He had risen to power
fueled by a vicious and ruthless determination
to reclaim a lost throne.

His tactics had stunned the unsuspecting,
laid barren the fields,
blanketed the forest,
silenced the sounds of life itself.

A dictator, seeking no counsel,
accepting no offers of surrender,
driven by the desire to destroy
the kingdom that had usurped his throne.

Rumors spread of a daring bud – sprouting -
a tune hummed by the imprisoned trees
adrift on the whipping winds of war
in defiance of the heartless king.
A call to arms sounded
by the most gentle, the most delicate.

The first acts of open rebellion,
The resounding crack of the ice jamb
the aching roar of the river’s rage
surging over its banks
awakening those still held captive.

Slowly the insurrection took root
buds gathered in hidden clusters,
trees quietly bloomed
muffling the screeching gales,
offering safety to bands of rebels.
Flocks of warblers met -
feathered archers - hurling their
darting arrows against the glare
of a cold king’s horror.

Sweet grasses spread across
the brown, despoiled fields -
a verdant gauntlet tossed in the face of dread.
Flowers crept from thawing dungeons
waving their colors,
swarms of banished pollinators
followed the call to duty.

The ebb and flow of battle -
frosted retreats,
clandestine sunrise maneuvers.
The resurgence of heart,
the growing hope of warmth.

As memory of the chilled repression
faded preparation was made
to receive the beauty and bounty
of a new and peaceful King. 

John G. Lawless

For SKAT’s Winter’s End – Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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One Winter's Night

I stood on the balcony one night,
The land was bathed in luminous light,
The air was filled with winter's chill,
Frost had covered the window sill.

I stared into the sky above,
My heart had swelled full of love,
The galaxy glowed with bright stars,
Lights so heavenly, from afar.

The night shone bright on every hill,
Yet, everything was quiet and still,
Through the valley no wind did blow,
The little village blanketed in snow.

What joy the Yule is going to bring,
At the break of dawn, the town will sing,
Making this, one eve to remember,
On one magical night of December.

But, in this fantasy land it is late,
And this seasonable panorama is great,
I want to take this long walk alone,
Through unchanging scenery, I wander from home.

I'll take a candle to light my way,
Upon the ice, I could walk until day,
I made it up a deep, glittering bank,
In the glistening snowflakes, my feet sank.

A million diamonds now covered the land,
I pulled my mittens on, over my hands,
The snow could never melt in this cold,
The Northern degrees of stories once told.

I will enjoy the winter as in days of old,
The still photographs of the past unfold,
A thermometer shows the drop of degrees,
The thaw of the snow I hope not to see.

Mirrored is my reflection along the river,
Quartz crystals of ice, makes me shiver,
Icicles hang from a cabin, near the woods,
Silently, wolves and elk in the forest, stood.

Reindeer and rabbits run through the snow,
A memorable sight in the lovely moon's glow,
An owl calls out from high in a tree,
Imagine all this, as a keepsake to see.

Tomorrow the snow will make the children sing,
To the hills, a toboggan they will bring,
Soon, we will hear his sleigh bells ring,
And, all the Christmas bells will be jingling!

Written by : Kelly Deschler
For Leonora Galinta's contest - Christmas Epic

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

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Winter's End

A robin's song is heard nearby, so faint and sweet is the sound. Showing now it’s winter’s end. For the baby birds will flap their wings and cry to their mothers. The wild mare will gallop to her secret place and lay in the green fields again to bring a new life to her band. A snow leopard creeps along the craggy mountains a white owl flies silently back to her den. But on the breeze a change is felt, Blowing now on past. Showing forth a hint of thaw, upon this winter cast. Every day the sun does shine with just a bit more heat. The air seems just a bit fresher, with every breath more sweet. Green needles sprouting A rebellion taking place Against snowy ground Winter's end comes with soggy streets and green saplings of young love and renewed friendships. Immigrant season, empty hands looking for work, finding promise in pockets of dust, bringing back the birds, competitive as pretty sisters bickering in birdsong, speaking of seeds. Spring, wetting itself, wipes muddy feet at the door then passes through without notice. As the sun warms the sidewalks, The sandy beach and our soul. Green sprouts everywhere, in a brightness of different shades. Gone are red cheeks, cold icy lips, Layered clothing and frosty fingertips.
+++ January 18, 2015 Form : Free Verse (Epic)

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2015

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Aguta - Alaskan Bounty Hunter

This place is unforgiving to the life of any man
who fails to give atonement to the Spirits of the land.

I hunt the foes who break its code to lay their claim to fame
and seek to soothe the Spirit’s spite...Aguta is my name.

Suka was a wanted man with bounty on his head
and compensation mattered not whether live or dead. 

He fled into the wilderness and thought he would be free.
The call went out to hunt him down; he now belonged to me.

I tracked him to the Koyukuk, so mighty and so vast.
The frozen bridge we tried to cross was not to be surpassed.

His path to freedom fell away; he plunged to his demise.
Death had won this reckless race and Suka was its prize.

I dove beneath the frozen mass and pulled him from the drink
then gazed upon the broken ice and watched my snow-horse sink.

With all gear lost I used his coat to pack his body tight
and knew my chance of getting home was nothing more than slight.

With many many miles to go, our scent had filled the air.
It called out from the wilderness the Spirit of the bear.

I soon became the hunted and I knew of its demand
and so I took what I would need to prove I’d caught this man.

Suka’s body was to be the price I had to pay.
I gave my bounty to the bear but I survived the day.

The Spirits try to break my will with every step I tread.
All that's left is what I wear...and Suka’s heart and head.

His heart has proved to be the reason I survived these toils.
His head will be the proof I need so I may claim the spoils.

I’ve walked one hundred ninety miles and have but ten to go
and soon I’ll settle in till Spring can melt this Winter snow.


Copyright © Mark Massey | Year Posted 2016

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Dead Winter

The path was long and winding; the snow falling, not making a sound.
His hands thrust deep in his pockets.
He hated being here with the wind howling all around.
His fingers clasping a golden locket.

The snow made it hard for him to see.
The ice wanted to freeze his tears.
He didn’t think he could stand this pain.
They had been together so many years.

The trees met overhead, the snow had difficulty getting through.
He didn’t find relief though; the wind cut like a knife too.
She was dead. he had to accept it and the time of year was here.
How many had it been he didn’t know, but it was definitely more than a year.

It was here again, and it was a night like this, fighting the falling snow.
She told him it was over on this very spot, where their love did grow.
The fight they had it was vile, he could not stop, and she pulled away.
She tried to run, he could see in her eyes, but then he made her stay.
He grabbed at her, the necklace broke and she let out a cry.
His fingers clasped the knife handle, even though he didn’t know why. 

It suddenly flashed as though with a life of its own, and the snow at her feet went red.
He looked at her beautiful body lying there, and he knew that second she was dead.
He came back every year, always surprised, that they had never found her
When there she was standing, beckoning him, the snow swirling around her.
He rushed to where she stood; he knew the spot so well.
Her arms were open wide, his breath seemed to stop, his chest began to swell.

Was this forgiveness, was this release, would he now be able to sleep?
She was here, his mind he thought he was losing; he might be able to keep.
He held out the necklace, still with the broken chain.
She wrapped her arms around him and they were suddenly one again.

His feelings, were in turmoil, he didn’t know how this could be
Then he felt his blood begin to boil, and surround him like a red sea.
Her smile was wide; an icicle glinted as it entered his heart so deep
She said you are with me now, but I promise you will never sleep.

Entry for Dead winter Written  By: Mandy Tams

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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Winter's End

Slowly, so infinitely slowly
Winter releases his frozen grip.
Gradually the earth starts to warm
only to be plunged back by icy storms
that coat the world in white once more.
Yet inevitably Spring begins to win
as she warms the lands causing new growth.
Snowdrops first show their charming faces
with crocuses close behind sprinkling colour.
Ice finally frees the frozen waters of the lake
and tuneful drips of water strike rocks and soil.
The dull greys of winter now fade away leaving
golden sparkle of sunrays that smilingly beam.
Causing birds to sing as they collect twigs
and fleecy sheep's wool to line their nests.
Busily the insects go to work pollinating
and cleaning up. While the trout gleefully leap
to grab a fat fly and with splash dive down.
The lake gleams in a myriad of colours
blues shot through with silver and purple.
And Winter fades to a distant memory,
near forgotten in the warm Spring days.

written 01/17/2015

contest: Winter's End

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Survival In The Alaskan Wilderness

 I was out hunting; quite often alone for short distance.  Driving the snowmobile can take me many miles away from the house in just a few minutes.  The walk towards home would be very long, and if I were hurt and could not walk back it could be a personal disaster.

 I always carried a variety of safety equipment and gear along on my outings to ensure I’m properly prepared for changing conditions as well as unanticipated challenges I may encounter during my hunting or trapping. 
 Today felt different, taking a little longer to find tracks. It had started snowing so I decided to turn back not realizing how far I had traveled.   Watching the clouds obscure the watery sun as the wind kicked up miniature snow squalls reducing visibility.  I drove over a rise hitting a snowdrift breaking the drive shaft. 

 The full moon and milky snow illuminate the nighttime landscape I found myself lost on the mountain.

 I have to make a choice. Looking for the North Star I placed a stick pointing north to direct me to the closest destination when I rise in the morn dawn. To the North one hundred fifty miles to the nearest cabin hoping that it is supplied with stable foods and a warm place to stay until rescued,  or south two hundred miles in the other direction where a trapper lives all year round. 
 Over my shoulders I carried my rifle and survival equipment and begin the one hundred fifty mile hike to the cabin. Walking through spruce, hemlock, and lodge-pole pines and eating a variety of berries.

  In the morning after the snowstorm I woke to ski snow-powder steeps.  A wolf rested on its haunches, inspecting my unprotected surroundings.  I took aim, shot, and missed and it turned and took off.

 For days I had the feeling that someone or something was watching me.
  I started seeing signs of bear tracings. I was almost out of ammunition for my rifle and decide to make a spear. I looked around for a suitable sturdy tree limb or sapling a few inches taller them me. Using my knife I fashioned a shelf for the knife creating securing support for the knife and wrapping it tight with rope.

 I had shot a three point buck early that morning and dressed it out; when I heard woof, woof, woof, sounds. The black grizzly bear came down on all fours and started pawing at the ground then came at me like a freight train.

 I wedge the wooden in of the spear between the rock and into the ground. The grizzle charged then stood up rising above me, impelling itself through the heart with the spear killing it instantly.  His dead weight slumped falling limp forward on top of me trapping me under.  

 Tired and cold the pain disappeared by the time I amble down the pathway toward the summer cabin in the noon-lit dawn.


Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2017

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A Flower's Funeral

A sweet flower's funeral
displayed in the cold months
of snowy weather and bone chilling shivers.
A sweet flower burned away, dried up;
buried six feet under.

Oh, my sweet flower,
how you once bloomed with no remorse,
like a madman blooming with beauty
and a glorious halo over your head
shinned with such power and blinding glory.

Oh my sweet flower how you have gone now,
resting in peace in the land of paradise.
Oh, my heart it is weak when I see your face,
of once beautiful smiles and warm embraces.
I can hear your crying out to be free.

Snowing and bone chilling cold ripes at my soul
and feelings of sorrow rage through my blood,
boiling my hatred to the world, for losing your
sweet and ever glorious beauty.

What I would give away, if I could be with you
one last night, one last night together
to hold you in my arms, to smell your sweet perfume
that brings back sweet memories of you and I.
What I would do to be with you,
such romance travels through my heart in the highways
of my veins in my body, love is all throughout me,
and my heart breaks when pictures of you start to collect dust.

My love for you, my sweet flower,
is still ingering through the air,
as I travel and look upon a tombstone
which shows your beautiful name.

Come to me my dear flower,
when spring comes,
come to me my dear, sweet flower.
And bloom once again,
twice as large as last year,
and ten times more beautiful then last year.
Come to me in the first months of spring
in my dreams, so I could sit and talk with you.
I miss you already,
and my heart crys,
my eyes flood with tears of sorrow.
I miss our love we shared.
Long walks,
cosy talks,
warm cuddling embraces
and beautiful displayed in a picture frame.
Now I hear the tapping of raindrops on my window pane.
That is all that keeps me company,
that and the rose you gave to me
and a picture of you and me.
Love is endless, even when blue eyed Death comes to visit
and play a game of chess with us,
we all play our game, my love.
I shall go tonight
in my sleepy slumber
and dream of you in the times of our height in our love for each other.
My lost love, you are gone, resting in paradise,
but never forgotten my sweet flower.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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Instance of combustion
Light, Heat, Flame
A burning mass
As on a hearth
Destructive conflagration
Greek fire

21 February 2013

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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Fresh snowfall on my porch
A story of not so long ago.

7 inches above my ankles
The neighbor's chimney smokes like a cigarette.
The doorbell rings, I shudder and tremble
I breathe in the moment before I twist the knob
He was there alone.
A man with eyes, likes the moon
A hunter in a black coat 
He storms in, shoving me out of his way
He twists around and reveals his name
His name bleeds through my soul
My mind begins to white-out every memory
I firmly get a grasp on reality
A wanted man 

Carrying  myself up against the bookshelf.
My eyes start to shed a course of rain
His eyes are bright green with golden specks,
pierce in the logical way of the hawk
I cradle on the sofa, like a child
This stranger who stood before me
Wants more than the warmth of my home
It's snowing deep down my flower bed. 

It's too cold outside.
The fireplace can act no more
It's too cold inside!
He proceeds slowly, towards the kitchen door
I see him reaching for the stainless steel
Soon the beat will end,
I inhale his eyes that are the size of the moon

This  visitor, at my door,
He whispers into my ear.
"I'm preparing the ways of good and evil.
Now go, be free into the promise land."

by: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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I Am Poetry

I stand solo, aloof in the snow, a precipitation 
                     of words cascading from a nebulous eye 
Fathoms wide, forever dripping like wax onto 
                     a punctured paper serving a Sanskrit sky,

and spreading into sibilant sentences swiftly 
                     sliding from syllable sorcery to soulful serenades 
so silent in the shunting shout of white. Poetry 
                     fills a churning void where novels cannot wade,

Phrases solidifying into idolisation of emotion 
                     itself, isolation of the isometric individuality that so 
Crushes my keeling cavern of thought, ever 
                     careering from caustic career path to another new low,

Which so seems to crumble into crazy paving’s 
                    counterpart. In this first freeze-frame we can all grasp
A fraction of the familiar, oh so fractured by the 
                    fumbling nature of enforced form. Freed by the gasp 

Of a photo-opportunity glowing phosphorescent 
                    with firsts, I am no longer framed by the festering 
Constraints of non-fiction, and folding my fond 
                    farewells carefully, I hesitantly face a vision pestering 

Me, fearing the fiend that would open maw and 
                    gnaw beneath my feet, evoking an avalanche of the 
Vernacular, but I am further past this unfed 
                    existence now, loosened from the fickle friendship of a

Winter thaw. Focus not your gaze on the grinding 
                    gauze of the greats, for the pressing pestilence of 
Perishable poetry is elsewhere pondering its parallels 
                    in posturing and post-modern pining for forlorn love. 

Praise no other; I am poetry.

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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All the noisy critters, warblers and the morning, young horse rider
have taken with them spring's harmony;
no longer can galloping beats and songbirds make this black, forest
echo with their delightful sounds of felicity; 
winter has indeed stripped it of every beam of light and lovely flower.

That  handsome troubadour who came from France was happy,
too anxious to get to Florence and live in courts of prosperity
and galloping on the unpaved roads below the majestic Alps
never thought of his mademoiselle who was also dreaming,
drifting to places where true romance lived in sincere hearts,
but sadly this was done on wishful thinking
from a rose-bloomed balcony as Juliet did...
without the intention of ever being wed;
hear her loud cry, " Troubadours don't remain faithful
for long...their desire for adventure makes all null! " 

From that castle where noisy ravens gathered,
and shrilled, Marie with tearful eyes looked
over the enchanting black forest dullest than a grey, swelling cloud
which blocked the sunlight from entering her cold window
not frequented by a thrush that stayed behind
for unknown reasons and took shelter in the tower below;
" Poison is a sweet drink and when one is denied love! " she declared.

Copyright ( c ) 20015 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2015

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Biting Cold

It was a freezing night in Alaska, the temperature had 
dropped to well below zero, fifteen below with a driving 
wind that shrieked and laughed as it sped viciously past
causing lashing snow flakes to fall fast and furiously.   

Up in the high mountains the man shook his head
as he stoked up the fire causing the flames to dance
creating shadows on the sod hut's walls. They seemed
to move with a life of their own. Forming first a pattern
a fleeting glimpse of a unicorn or so he thought. He needed 
the storm to pass by so he could check out his many traps.

He was working two lines this winter for pine martin with
the odd trap for Lynx and wolverine who were a bane
always robbing his traps of his fur. He also had traps
deep in the river by the beaver's dams, the price of their
fur was sky high this year. He needed to hunt for more
meat too as his freezer was nearly empty and it would
be a long two months before the thaw and he could get 
supplies flown in. Turning in he slept well waking to find
the storm was tailing off, quickly he got things ready.

Daylight was a brief five hours this time of year and  
one was already gone. He worked the line nearest to 
his hut first gathering up the furs and resetting the traps.
It was so tranquil now, the spruces stretched up high
seeming to touch the sky shedding the odd pile of snow
from laden branches that drooped with the weight.

Picking up some deer tracks that were fresh he followed.
Soon spotting some elk high up on the next ridge he
climbed around to get into position. He lined up his
sights on a healthy male and took a clean shot
dropping it in its tracks. Quickly he field dressed it
taking the hide and meat leaving the rest for the
various predators that were already gathering.

At least it was mainly downhill to what he called
home. Striding on as darkness started to fall
he soon was home and now the work began.
He have several furs to skin, stretch and pin
out to dry, others that now needed more
work, scraping carefully he removed and smoothed
the hides and hung them on frames in his smoke room
to colour and cure. Then he had his dogs to feed before
he himself could also eat. It had been a long hard day.

He now had a moment to reflect and gave thanks to
the elk who had died so he and his dogs could eat.
This would be his life for the next few weeks, then he 
would take his furs to town to sell. He would be glad to 
see his family again it would be nearly five months
since he was last home and over three since he had spoken 
to another soul. Yet he would not give up this way of life.

The last thing he did before he flew out was to dismantle
his sod hut and burn the remains on the iced up river
removing all signs that he had been here. Next winter he 
would build another in a different place and life would go on.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Frozen Golden Hair

His smile was as warm as the summer sun.
But his cold-cold heart chilled the soul.
Debonair, golden hair, he often had to run!
Those notches scratched in his paltry pelt,
Lay evidence of his lusty embrace.
He was a hit and run, son-of-a-gun.
Many young women, 
Slapped without a trace.  
A new fair maiden fell for his heat.
He ripped virtue out, with a lusty hold.
Surprised at the end, not even a friend.
Her heart suffered.
The serpent’s sting –
All alone in the winters freeze,
Seething, in woman’s scorn.
- Loved and left without concern -
She had esteemed him, true.
What to do?
The answer soon was clear.
Death paid the toll in the winter cold.
Her sorrow would forebear. 
Debonair, golden hair, 
He no longer had to run!
Her smile was as frigid as the winter’s freeze.
And his cold-cold heart lay icy, still.
Death caught this man who left with fast feet
No more notches would he carve in his strap!
She grinned as she patted his manly pelt.
That winter of his frozen golden hair –

© February 13, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2011

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The Wilderness

    I felt the tingling sensation of the ice crumbling my feet. The way the snow capped pines glimmer in beauty calm me with ease, yet still…I am lost in the wilderness. Too far from home, yet too close to my death. I’ve feared this moment all my life. A fork in the road leading me to God knows where. I must be at least one hundred-fifty miles from my summer abode. The temperature lowers and so does the blood in my veins. I decide to take the trail home. I fear the unknown if I chose the other direction. Granddaddy told me tales of a trapper just waiting for people to arrive. They didn't settle well in my stomach. 

   I must prevail on this journey. I must fight my way through this Winter season to find the warmth of my daughter’s arms. Her mother died at childbirth and she is all I have and I am all she has. Together we make the perfect team. 

   I wander through trees of ice and icicles linger from the branches ready to fall and pierce me. That would just be my luck. I left my ski poles at home so this tread is much harder than I anticipated. About one hundred miles into my journey I hear a loud roar. I have heard there are black bears living here, but never thought they could endure such cold weather conditions. Well, I was wrong. The fear dashes through my bones and as I twist and turn my head trying to figure out which was I should run, there it is. A ten-foot huge black bear staring at me like I was his dinner cuisine! My heart pumped blood so fast and I just stood there. He started to walk towards me. Growing up I heard stories about what you should do if you encounter a bear. I couldn’t remember if you should run or be so still they would pass right by you. I stood still. He approached with anger and his teeth must have been six inches long with sharp razor like edges. That is how close I was! That’s when I decided to run as fast as I could. I tripped a few times because my feet were numb. I ran with all my might and as I trembled with fear and trepidation I saw a light up ahead. I cried tears that froze running down my cheek. There she was, my beautiful daughter. She screamed for me, I screamed for her and I ran into my home and locked the door. Scratches on the door for over an hour. Finally, the black bear left and I was finally safe. Thank God I was able to get out of that disaster. I shall never wander that far into the wilderness again. That day I realized life is too short and I must hold onto my life with caution and stay in the comfort of my daughter’s arms. A cozy fireplace and a hot shower warmed my body and I slept with such an ease I’ve never felt before. 

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2017

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No one will tell you it’s my time,
To come back and make people smile.
I am an occasion that comes ones a year,
When the whole season has been full of fear.
I come to drown away the sorrows 
of men; and give them hope for tomorrow.
25th December is my mandated hour,
When I flood the whole world with my power.
The power that binds, love and don’t destroy,
But rather fill all people and races with much joy.
It's by this same power that able to bring,
All distant relatives back home and sing,
All the Christmas carols and songs,
That lifts up our spirit and make us fill young.
Mostly I appear at winter,
Where all hot clouds have turned colder.	
I believe it is a big sign that all,
Life’s predicaments will disappear and get small.
It is very fascinating but we can see it in all our homes,
When you decide to do a survey or roam.
You will see everywhere with Christmas tress,
Which beautify homes and make viewers glee.

Now to the other side of the same coin,
I like to introduce a best friend of mine to join.
He is popularly known as Santa Clause,
And is regularly seen carried by his horse.
So as a good and caring friend indeed,
He also carries out the wishes of people in need.
You just make known to Santa you heart desire,
And you will see Santa will give you more than you require.
So at this point of my biography,
I like to ask you why people are crazy.
When it comes to me as a festive occasion,
That people will do all it takes to partake of my session.
I guess you do not know the answer,
So I will spill out something which is much nearer.
I can say for a fact that there is other criteria,
That can fill the whole world with such euphoria.
And also I am celebrated all over the world,
And that is my ardent way of casting my spell.
So until I come your way, next year again,
Just remember this is a season where joy rains.
So finally I say this is Mr. Xmas,
And have a merry, merry Christmas. 

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2014

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Dead Of Winter

dead of winter with zombies 
running a muck dead of winter
with vampires hovering above
peoples beds dead of winter
is a time for the dead to pop
out of their graves and celebrate
the dead of winter once in awhile.

Copyright © Brenda Barricklow | Year Posted 2011

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Dead Winter

The cabin sits against the forest wall
hidden from human site, it stands alone
in the dead of winter, the cold has a jagged edge
things crunch
twigs snap, upon a sparrow's landing
the freezing wind brushes painfully across the cabin
like an artist, whose hands are brittle with decay
forcing the branches to scrape along the upstairs window
like fingers trying to get inside.
the cabin creeks, showing its age
as it settlets in, for a long winter
outside, the wind continues to show its fury
as the cabin's walls whistle eerily, to see whose listening
the clock chimes downstairs

For now....
we are not concerned about the footprints, leading to the back door
they are of no consequence at the moment
but in a few minutes, maybe less
they will be.
the cabin stands alone
hidden, isolated
in the dead of winter
no one can hear you scream
the deadbolt turns....

Copyright © Kurt Kohls | Year Posted 2011

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Alaskan wilderness, a beautiful sight, holds grave danger when you go it alone.
It was freezing cold one night when Frank’s unwanted adventure began. 
He had left early that Sunday morn, before an unexpected blizzard moved in.
In daylight he had traveled miles across pristine splendor; thick snow made vision blur.
The flurry came so quickly; it took him by surprise.  Wolves howl imposed death’s cries.
He had traveled 150 miles past Wendell Winthrop’s summer cottage.
The next closest shelter was 200 miles away where the year round trapper lived.
Frank was all alone; to survive the night, he needed to bury himself in snow.

The next morning he woke up alive!  Hurray!  It was a great start for the new day.
He brushed the snow off and got on his snowmobile, all prepared for a brisk ride home.
To his disbelief, the snowmobile would not start.  No repair brought even one spark.
What would he do?  An unwanted adventure was about to begin…unprepared.

He collected a few supplies and warm clothes, which he carried and started walking.
In the distance he heard hungry howls followed by a fallen caribou screaming.
After two days of surviving eating snow, he knew that he had to find some meat.
But he was in for a God sent treat.  Behind a snow mound he heard a wolverine.
There it was. Food!  Wild kill; a part eaten moose with no bear or wolf to be seen.
The wolverine shared, without a choice; a gunshot wound in her side made her weak.
It all made sense.  Noisy guns scared the bears and wolves off during the blizzard.
Poachers must have shot the wolverine while trying to get out of the storm safely.

Having a concerned heart, Frank wrapped a shirt around the bleeding wound; Blood stopped.
The injured mammal seemed happy and so did Frank.  That morning they ate together.
He built a makeshift stretcher; then, lifted the wolverine onto it, like two friends.
Mile after mile he trudged before he and “Wolvie” were hungry again; he made camp.
Three ptarmigan flew close to the fire. Pow!   Pow!   Pow!   Frank and Wolvie ate that night.
He had gone a long way before camping again.  His friend seemed to be much better.
It was a miracle!  She lived; after five days she walked, but stayed right by Frank’s side.  
Almost there, a black bear cornered Frank.  Wolvie lunged at its throat; the bear ran.
They made it!  The trapper came out, raised his gun. Frank shouted, “Don’t, shoot!” 
The trapper could not believe his ears.  Frank and the wolverine were co-heros.


Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2017

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Winter Wonderland

It was the darkest of nights,
When Sir Chase lay alone.
His drug cravings getting the better of him
He hastily busts out a Garfield-sized rip

While Lady Kelsey withers away
In her dungeon comprised of boonies
and the party queen's children
Dragging her to the depths of despair

Her only light the text message
From her  savior, Sir Chase.
Fair maiden, will thou join me?
Let's get wonderfully, irrevocably 
Higher than a kite. 

Say goodbye to your queen
And her bratlings. Come out with me. 
Let's make our way to a magical place.
The Land of Good Time, 
We've heard so much about it

Shrug off your burdens, enjoy this night.
Don't argue if it feels right.
Leave your cares at the castle
We will be back there tomorrow. 

My silver chariot is waiting 
To take us to paradise, to a mystical
place of White. Snow, snow, everywhere
It's a winter wonderland for you and I.

He holds out his hand with a tempting smile
And I take it, utterly oblivious
To the chasm of disaster
I stare in the face.

Copyright © Kelsey Lindstrom | Year Posted 2011

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No January morning is ever so devastating, the heavy icicles
dangle from the frozen shingles of houses with puffing chimneys;
no eyes will see the misery of scattered, broken snow flowers...
all paths winding down the icy slopes are buried as memories
of summers past, and by late spring, will they return to us?
Ah, fierce is the strong hand of Nature causing fear through vengeance! 

The coldest wind howls, bends trees finding no resistance,
only snow is seen for miles stretching into the warmer South;
where are the Eskimo dogs pulling the heavy-loaded sleights?
Where are the chiseled-faced drivers with the fur-covered heads?  
Where are the fishing boats loaded with salmon and trout?   
Ah, fierce is the hand of Nature causing fear through vengeance!

It'll get dark early, mornings will be cold and evenings as frigid as Iceland', 
only the pathetic moon will shed its dim light on that thick and vast
sheet of gleaming ice that bears crack with their excessive weight...
why live in this cold region and wait for the tons of snow to melt?
Travel South, straight into California to catch some healthy sunshine;
your pale skin will turn red, golden, or bronze while smelling the scent of a vine! 
Forget these poetic words that end my long epic of sad reminiscence,
" Ah, fierce is the strong hand of Nature causing fear through vengeance! "

Entered in Sidney LeeAnn's contest,
" Dead Winter "
Written by Andrew Crisci


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2011

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Epoch Whitewater

The beauty stands still                                                                                                   climbing cascading white fangs                                                                                       seeing aqua blue

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Michael E. Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Journey From spring to winter

We breeds start to unexpectedly open our eyes,
In the midst of no where we start crying without lies,
the pure gesture we aboard and the nurturing hands we've been weaved in
the numb of  love we've been deceived in,
we cry with joy hope and without consciousness,
as those surrounds us start celebrating with hearts righteousness,
this was the beginning of spring with blossomness,
new buds starting to crackle and sing with lightheartedness,
As we open our eyes in this world its new palace which we've stepped in,
with no notion of words and no creeds we've cropped in,  
we start growing blooming and tackling with time,
living peacefully and tranquility for the hope with a resulting prime,
we walk through the fence with our hearts melded rusted and molded with time,
we end up walking the path which itself is a question of choice,
who knows whether we are on the right track neglecting the inner voice,

we crumble we rise we fall we abandon,
as we learn with time to cease the thinking with stand on,
then it comes the moment that was the destiny of our journey all along,
we end up becoming received by our  deaths before long,

the moment we start departing from the world,
the moment we start letting our eyes getting closed by the cold,
as the body goes numb falling of snow begins,
the newly grown buds start dying out insignificantly,
as the eyes starts closing with no hope of regains,
our heart beat become impulsive with no pure intentions to last longer,
our organs tripled and amalgamated with the hearts idea of revolting,
again who knows if we are gonna truly find peace,
to others that surrounds us we are a lost crease,

we lie resting with no Turing no  cries no laughs and soundless,
as they start mourning with there hearts content that's endless,
how odd the world can become,
the ones that were joying are now mourning and crying,
and the ones that were crying are motionless like the calm of a tree,

how tragic it may seem to us and to the world encounter,
but in the end life is a journey from spring to  the winter.j

Copyright © adrian crevan | Year Posted 2017

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Dead Winter

The two were trapped in a winter's storm,
Needed food and shelter to survive.
Using their bodies to keep warm,
Nothing else they could rely.

Then he spotted a glow at the summit,
His friend did not want to go.
She was scared they would plummet,
Or get mauled by lurking foe.

He explained it was their only chance,
If she wanted to stay alive.
How were they in this circumstance?
Can they maintain their drive?

They began their assent to the light,
Wind became an evil force.
It was dark and he was losing sight,
They continued a steeper course.

The wind howled like an angry spirit,
She then slipped and fell.
Reached for her hand could not get near it,
She plunged to the cracks of hell.

He stood alone surrounded by death,
Wondering what to do next,
Freezing cold and with his final breath,
Jumped to give respects.

To this day two sculptures are seen,
On the towering pinnacle.
Formed in stone of the King and Queen,
Their creation a miracle.

By: Greg Stanley
Written December 9, 2011
Contest entry “Dead Winter”

Copyright © Greg Stanley | Year Posted 2011

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winter art

Winter Art. (Fimbulvinter) 

 1947, mother of all winters, our oak dinner table ended up as 
firewood...kept us warm for days. A deep frozen feline stood 
on the top of the bin, a clawed outstretched paw, staving off 
frosts attack. Days it stood there an epic symbol of valiant, if
 hopeless struggle, - brutal art- admired, but also pelted with 
snowballs by impish children. Thaw, winter lost its grim grip, 
the moggy crumbled fell off its pedestal. The bin lid, opened 
nature’s glory ended up among potato peels and other things 
discarded without a second thought. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2011