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We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

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Slow was the logo he had been wearing since he was born.
Born into a world of poverty and scorn. They look at you funny when your mom is 
destroying her fetus and it's not even born yet. 
9 months of pain in a bubble of insanity. Slowly fading. She didn't know how much you 
were going to be. 
So when the day came and she lied down on the table screaming and breathing. Cussing and 
fussing. Wondering why she didn't keep her silly legs closed.
But then you come around and your eyes were enough to tame her. No more stripping to make 
a dollar, no more crack pipes she wanted to be the perfect mother. She raised you right, 
though she made some mistakes she was really trying. 
Your first day of school she held your hand and cried because you were becoming such a 
little man.
She didn't yet know the hardships that were to come. The boat was solid now but the waves 
were sure to crash it.
The little boy strutted to school he wanted to make his mother proud but he didn't yet 
know he was going to be made a fool. 
First day of class and he could barely read. Teacher's crucified him because he didn't 
know his ABC's. 
From then on he was labeled slow. Got left back in the 3rd grade for him their seemed no 
He went from being so determined to blaming his mother, the stress so enormous she 
started the pipe again.
The boy couldn't imagine how much he had hurt her. But he knew hurt as well and for now 
he felt he deserved to be selfish. 
Kids teased him every day, stole his lunch money, called him " slow" and a dummy. He had 
no friends and one day he turned to his mother. 
He said mom why is that every day I go to school and they tease me and I come home and I 
tease you. But you’re silent, you don't ever belittle me. Why is that mommy? He stared at 
her with intelligence in his eyes. The mother was silent for a second and then she looked 
into her baby's eyes and said " Because to me you are golden and even though they might 
not see it I surely know it".The boy looked at his mother and said but how can I be 
golden that's not what anyone says they all say that I’m slow. 
The mother looked at her son and reached out for his hand and slapped it. Didn’t I tell 
you never to listen to what other people say it only matters what you think? What do you 
The boy gazed into his mother's eyes and said " I think I’m really bright, if you can see 
it and I can see it than that's all I need to know. The mother smiled as he left her that 
day the future seemed bright.

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2005

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Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John. 
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr. , Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate .
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate ..
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix ..Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on .  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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My heart is saddened, you left to soon…
Please come back to us, he started talking to the moon…
His heart can’t take the pain, he is suffering, he needs you…
He loves you so much & I love you to…

Mom, why did this happen to you…
Why did you have to pass away, everyone else who took you for granted are fools…
We cherished & loved you so much & we still do…
He is an empty soul & all happiness is gone, because you are too…

Too early for your time & age…
Our hearts are trapped in a small cage…
Ready to burst & blow up with grief…
All hope faith & joy gone with our belief…

This world is nothing without your love…
Scattered pieces of your memory remains, all to aside it was shoved…
People are cruel & mean to have taken every single thing that reminded us of you…
If it was us that could decide we would have been able to keep all till even the last shoe…

We are torn; broken & only time can heal they say…
Biggest load of bull*****they said on that day…
Forever your memory & soul will be within our hearts & mind…
Even in the dark, you were the one who always shined…

Mom, we love you…
We hope that you are safe wherever you are…
Even though we still sit with scars…
Just never forget us, not like all the others have forgotten you & moved on…

It’s only been two weeks but your soul will remain…
In our hearts you will always stay… 

*Inspired by my mother in law who passed away two weeks ago*

Copyright © Roxanne Swanevelder | Year Posted 2013

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The Devil got inside again
Charmed, i want to laugh and SIn
I just want All- That's All of HIM 
Spreads His wings 
I'm Christened in

 And now you LOOK AT ME my friend 
I'm stabbing stabbing all of them
It's just that way "We Win We Win!!!"
I'll be so charmed to Crown with HIm 

Psycho Bates Motel 
Don't Scream!!!??!!?

    Ah Ha
     Ha Ha
       La Tí Da-

For "Mother"
Stabbed and dR0wnEd
"Come iN"
Cackle sPit
SweeT Licking lips
Dripping Bleeding Finger Tips
"Now who's laughing? LET ME IN!!!!•v"
Filthy Pleasures turning TrIcKs
Stabbing Stabbing little FiX
Masturbate THIS crucifix 
WatCh me c0unTing 
Count to Three

 Silky Leather
- Are y0u laughing
N0w with Me???
If not 
Don't close your eyes 
 YoU'll sEE
Watching stabbing pull my string 

   Ah Ha
    Ha Ha
      La tí Da-

 Oh My G0d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's liKe a dReam 
Stabbed her in the ShoWeR sceNe 
Choking Choking Master Bates
Cumming Inn

--- Dear Mr. Stabby Friend,
We'll set the trap
We'll lay in wait
This tickles my FaNcy
And when they come
We'll have a look and see 
Close my eyes 
The count of Three 
Beethoven hears this Symphony 

Laughing laughing 
It's just this way I'm losing me 
I'm losing tO my soul, old friend
In Love 
My Loving Stabby Friend

 "NoW Clear That Dust And Listen In!!!"
I've got my madness to defend
All this darkness
Remember WhEn?
Remember WhEn we fell ol' friend?
Holding hands And Stabbing Them

My mind is a definitive twist
I see me who you see I am 

 I am I am
 I am The Man
 I am The Man with the Golden Plan
 A Master Plan so understand

We're all inside my boX again

Are th3se secrets scaring you 
Little trinkets - Scary t00?
Are they Burning Burning YoU?
Let them burn "I DARE Y0U T0"

Dear Mr. Stabby Friend,
Stab me at my face and grin
Stabbed into my back again
I'm seeing who you see I am 

My filthy pleasure's GreAtst DreAm
Stabbed her in the Shower Scene -

by €hr¡s?¡an Alexander 

Copyright © 2015 Christian Alexander

Copyright © Christian Alexander | Year Posted 2015

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My Mom

I sailed in winds as I was born 
As you teach me 
One piece in all in peace

In breeze capturing your  soul
Red pines staring hosting many stones
Missed your light how its sounds 

Copyright © reyhan yucebay | Year Posted 2011

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I miss you my mom

A special poem for my friend, Hassan, who has recently lost his mother at the age of 15 ,may God gives him and his family the power to stand by it and lives his life happily

the eyes shed tears
my heart is full of everytype of fear
I m totally alone without your presence 
I want you to be near

without you who s going to protect me 
who s going to give confidence to me
who s going to scold me

I wake up at night
waiting for your soft touch
which was once the medicine of my worse nightmare
the thought of you aren t near
fills my inside out with tears

I don t show it that way
but I care for you
I don t tell it that way
But I m afraid of dark
whenever dad beats me, shout loudly at me
I don t show it that way,I don t tell him
But my whole body got blenched
I wait for you to come and protect me
but you never arrived
I didn t let it come on my face, 
but I never stop dazing in my heart
I miss you everyday
you know everything
you know everything

your death has left me boundries of pain
my eyes leave tears like Srilankan heavy rain

don t leave me like this in a bunch of crowd
that I don t even able to find my way back to my house

don t send me too far
that I don t even seem to remember you
I m I that bad?,I m I that bad?

Copyright © Faraz Ajmal | Year Posted 2017

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In the full view of things

In the full view of things 
people will always be harsh 
People will always be stuck up 
Nobody will ever try to help 
Whenever I cry for someone to help 

Nobody comes....

Sometimes I think I am not crying loud enough to hear 
But then I relize,
They only pretend not to hear 
He tells me he cares 
But I know he lies 

He ALWAYS lies....

No matter how hard I try 
No matter what I do 
He still is not satisfied 
He and his frankinstine bride 
Be forwarned... the tale about step mothers.... is true.

They always lie....

They think I am insane 
So they send me to this person
She calls herself a consoler... haha.....
She doesn't have a clue 
She lies, she knows nothing of privet thoughts, and should not be called a counsoler.

What do they know any way....

My mind is my mind 
No one elses to invade 
But if you're brave enough to try 
Good luck getting out... well ...you could say the same 
My mind is always busy 
I can't remember a time when I wasn't thinking 
About the past 
About things I could have said or done 
Or about the future I wish could be true 

I don't know who to trust..... except for one........

My mom 
My sweet and loveing mother 
She is my everything
I love and trust her  
More than I can say

I trust her I love her....

My mom knows me better than anyone I know
She knows my fears, dreams, and hopes
She loves me 
She trust me 
She is the one who helped me when no one would 

I hate him......

The man poseing as a father 
The man who was never there for me
The person I want to be the farthest away from 
I am forced to live with 
By a boges court 
Full of hypocrits and morons 

Why should they get to pick.......

They tell me where I get to go 
They tell me I don't know
OH but I do 
I know more than they could possibly dream of knowing 
Seven years I had been hideing 
Seven years I have known 
He is a heartless monster 

I was there.....

All they had was papers 
I wasn't even aloud in the room 
I had all the proff they needed 
Seven years of experence
But it didn't matter 

One day we will be home with our mother where we belong.

Copyright © Shelby Trisler | Year Posted 2011

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What's a name

They ask if my parents name me after a video game?
No they named me after my mom's brother, I got his name.
We never got to met,but it feels like we are the same.
My mom use to have his back and now I have her's so really nothing has change.
I still remember when I was five..
Kicking my dad out the house like If was twenty five.
It's funny how are pasted never hides.
You had a truck and you was eighteen..
That's when I got mine.
I could see that my mom was really happy when I turned nineteen.
She smiled and that look in her eyes that I seen.
I feel like I'm more than an angel than a human being-Mario Perez

Copyright © Mario Perez | Year Posted 2011

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Happy Birthday, Mom

May 13th is my mother's birthday. I hope she's very excited. Although we have different
point of views and we're the exact opposite, she's still my mom and I love her. Her love
is still the same, even though she's getting old, but no matter. It's the time of the year
when my family members get the chance to wish my loving mother a great happy birthday and
hoping that her birthday goes well as planned. Even if I can't afford to get my mom a
birthday present and/or a birthday card, I'd still be the only one to tell my mom that I
really love her, and always will. I'll still love my mom, even if I get married and have
children of my own in the near future. But even though my mother's birthday only comes
once a year and it ends at midnight, it will have been a birthday everybody, including me,
will never forget. I hope my mother's birthdays go great as planned and I hope she has
some perfect birthdays and regular days for what will be the rest of her life. Happy
birthday, Mom.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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I love you mom

I remember my dad would drink,hit, and cuss at you.
But at the end you would stay strong.
We was always together when I was young.
You taught me for good and wrong.
You was there from thick and thin.
Your truly my best friend.
You was there when my life begin.
I will be there until the end.
You would take care of me on late nights.
When I was sick and the pain was to much, you would make me feel right.
I would tell you everything because we was tight.
I remember you holding me in your arms.
A place where I couldn't get harm.
I'm glad that God gave me you.
Put a smile on my face, you did everything you could do.
Your the best mother times two. 
You made this boy,young man, and soon to be man.
In my darkest hours, you held my hand.
I love you mom,your the best,wonderful, and the prettiest.. I'm so thankful that the Lord gave me the  best gift in the world. I love you and forever in my heart-Mario Perez

Copyright © Mario Perez | Year Posted 2011

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Pitch Black

"Do you know those nights when you hold your hand in front of your face and all 
you see is pitch black?", Killey said when she felt an energy source near her 
nearly lifeless corpse. She opened her cold, blue eyes and got up off the floor. 
She was startled to find that when she opened her eyes, was nothing but the 
pitch black that she had been talking earlier. The headlights of a car hit the glass 
wind chimes outside the window shown through the window and to the wall, 
where it made an eerie glow all over the room. She could have sworn there was 
someone laying next to her. She stood up after she had fallen and looked 
around. She realized that it was morning and she looked at her mom and said,"I 
had the craziest dream." her mom looked at my face and said"if it was a dream, 
why is there a hand print in your face?". killey never learned what it was. but she 
never had the dream again.

Copyright © amber way | Year Posted 2006