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Epic Easter Poems | Epic Poems About Easter

These Epic Easter poems are examples of Epic poems about Easter. These are the best examples of Epic Easter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |


sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

A walk to the Cross

When Jesus walked to Calvary,
He fell many times along the way,
His heavy load caused Him to stumble,
Are we too proud to be so humble?

Our life is our walk to Calvary,
We also will fall along the way,
Our load is worry, fear and hate,
Do we deserve to reach the Golden Gate?

All His life Jesus did nought but good,
We would do the same if only we could,
If only we could embrace His way,
Our faith would grow stronger each passing day.

For forty days in the wilderness,
Satan watched to see Him transgress,
He never did, to His Father he was true,
Oh; this could happen to me and to you.

God loves us so much, that He gave up His son,
Who died for us in a terrible way,
Our sins, on His back, he bore that day,
God couldn't watch, He turned away.

Jesus died and was laid in a tomb of stone,
For three days, but not alone,did He lay 
Angels watched o'er Him day and night
On the third day the stone was rolled away.

Jesus was risen on that Easter morn'
His grave clothes were left for all to see,
Death was defeated and Satan cried,
I have been beaten, my prize denied.

What Jesus did all those centuries past,
Was to set us free from his clutches at last.
Now we can live our lives the Jesus way,
The Cross stands forever, pointing the way.

Now, Satan can test us, try all he might,
But Jesus protects us, both day and night,
Satan will always be there on our shoulder,
But Jesus' love just makes us bolder.

I don't know about you, but as for me,
I'll take my walk to Calvary,
I'll bear the scars of Satan's attack,
But I'll be ready when Jesus comes back.

© Dave Timperley 2012

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |

The Centurion

He hated his posting here;
Rome had sent him here as punishment;
He was sure of that;
These people were a stubborn lot; 
He hated them most of all;
Then he met the prisoner.
He was supposed to be some kind of king.

Pilate had interviewed this man;
Now the other guards were mocking him;
They fashioned a crown of thorns for His head;
They forced it upon him;
Blood came pouring down;
Yet the king didn't utter a sound.

The guards stripped the king;
They placed on him a purple robe;
The mockery was intense;
Yet this king was different in some way;
He didn't utter a sound.

Then they began to beat the king;
The centurion simply watched;
This was no ordinary man;
The man simply offered them his back;
Then the centurion heard the man pray;
The man was forgiving his captors!

Pilate had ordered the man to be crucified;
So they led the figure out;
He was now beaten and battered;
Could He even carry the cross;
The centurion wished it was all over;
This prisoner didn't deserve any of this.

The centurion made another man carry the cross;
Soon they topped the hill;
Here they stripped the prisoner;
They laid Him on the cross;
As they drove the nails;
The centurion heard Him pray;
He was forgiving them for killing Him!

The centurion had heard of this prisoner;
He now remembered Him well;
The prisoner claimed to be the Son of God;
He had performed many miracles;
The centurion wished to see one now;
He wished the man would come down from the cross!

The sky around them began to darken;
The centurion watched the man on the cross;
The man looked at the centurion;
"I love you and forgive you",  written in His eyes;
The centurion's heart was breaking inside;
The man on the cross breathed His last.

The earth rattled as an earthquake struck;
Tombs opened and dead men walked;
The centurion was oblivious to it all;
He seen only the dead man on the cross;
His knew now within his heart;
He had crucified the Son of God.

Copyright © Marvin D. Schrebe | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Earth's Easter Epic

Straight-lined radiance,
spiraling gravity's view.
Gravity draws,
in search of gratitude,

Radiance flies toward Exterior Light,
Gravity dances with Interior Night,
A flight of fancy dance.

Radiant birth reaches tender tendrils
toward touch of bright.
Rich embedded birth searches below
with slender stealth
toward Other,
where We are One.

Born again in perpetual orgasmic grasp
And release of nutrients,
information conjoins ex-forming
and ex-formed.

Looking back,
Interior Landscape recalls gravity's reverse,
spiraling toward future flower,
new eyes
raining seeds of hope
for Exterior Landscape's ReGenesis.

Seeds spiral down
richly rhyming
Earth's PermaCultured Story.

Sublime Spring's buds
Ergetically bloom
Facing blind bliss by Summer's day,
wet caress by night,
Toward Falling gratitude,
Species' seed prediction:
a wintry purgation of night,
while love unites
what Earth has harvested
for spiral-limned radiance of Spring.

Straight-lined radiance,
spiraling gravity's view.
Gravity draws,
a song of gratitude,
radiantly requited.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

The suspense is torture

A hit and run of epic proportion                                                                                       The Easter conspiracy in motion                                                                                      The CIA FBI  Interpol perplexed                                                                                       Who done it who will be next                                                                                Scotland yard the challenge not met the Reg.                                                                The goose no longer lays the golden egg                                                                   Public supply and demands satisfaction                                                                       Who will it be it is up to you investigation                                                                     Slow to the game the cards are on the the table                                                                The only glue you get a fable                                                                                    - for Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly contest -Who murdered the Easter bunny? 3/5/2013

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

Crying Hosanna

Americans love the day of Easter for all its pageantry
the Sunday outfits, the fancy hats and the chocolate candy
but Christians love Easter for what it truly represents
it's the Resurrection day of Jesus the Christ our salvation present
it's a time to reap the benefits for the victory we won
when high on a cross at Mt. Calvary a sacrifice was done

yet many forget the significance of the Sunday of the Palms
when on an untamed colt Jesus the Christ rode in on
humbly riding on the back of a service domestic beast
He came to serve, support and sacrifice for the least
God had need of that donkey at that appointed hour
like He has need of each of us to be the manifestation of His power
God will use anything when it comes to achieving His goals
be it a person, place or thing it's He who is in control

to serve God's purpose that is our true mission in life
to do whatever He requires of us in the name of  Jesus the Christ
but more often than not we're tied up with earthly things
but God will find the means to cut away those binding strings
God will send something or someone to help you break free
just have the spirit of discernment that it's not coming from the Adversary

now those who witnessed Jesus' triumphant display
laid clothing and leaves of palm on the ground to pave His way
crying Hosanna to the highest blessed is He
the Son of Man who came to give us life abundantly
stripping off their mantles and cloaks of society
laying bare their faith for all the world to see
trusting and receiving
in the Messiah they're believing 
crying Hosanna, Hosanna blessed is He
the Prince of Peace who came to serve and save you and me

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |


And if I come
I'll bring the dew
Blended with  cruor
Of our veins

And if I reach your hand
I’ll become the tugboat
Of dignity and pride
Preserved with countless lives

Then... If I fall
I'll be the victor (anyway)
By sacrifice of blood
I'll bring the Happy Easter

To those 
Beneath the coat
Of diminishing faith  
a note 

against the rhapsody of hate


Copyright © Marcin Malek | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


Afternoon, late March, delivering promise
of downtime from errands, long lines at the post,
queues of cars at stoplights, what, if anything, is in
the pantry for supper.  A glass of wine is nice, will suffice
against the mind's continuous monolog, news of unrest
in distant lands, world hunger, and men on South
Africa's wild coast who believe raping small girls
will cure them of their AIDS.  For respite, I turn
to the wood storks and two world-class pines, sending
a blessing of straw and symmetrical cones into protective 
lake growth, sealing its borders with a scrim
of airy viridian; birthright of sea birds seeking evening 
asylum.  So, what to do about an invasion of enormous
jaws that take no prisoners on a battlefield of buzz saws?
Machetes, felling pines, wild shrubs, and indigenous
palmettos with which landscapers decorate yards
of costly homes.  Development, Progress, New
Construction?  Words to glamorize rape of wetlands.
The storks are flying away, now, from across the lake,
where once in heart-stopping numbers they bivouacked
against the advent of night.  This day, this hour,
they take wing, bird by bird in a ghostly exodus,
taking their "Reflection of nearly all light
from all visible wave links," purer than masses
of lilies on an Easter grave.

Copyright © Nola Perez | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |

History of Humanity

Withered the grapevines,
Consumed by wine connoisseurs.
Dust settles around what could have been.
A glorious monument shriveled with sin.
Sun scorthing the earth. Nothing shall live.
The most powerful fist, hand open to give.
Remains clenched at the site.
For you to forgive.

Copyright © Andrew Hart | Year Posted 2017

Details | Dramatic monologue |


we all like to do things that make us feel good
we all like to do things that we feel we should
we don't want that feel good sensation to come to an end
even if it winds up costing us the loss of family, jobs or friends

but everything that feels good is not acceptable to Christ
as somethings that make you feel good may cause some struggle or strife
but feeling good is not the only reason that God gave us life
He wants us to feel good but not at a sacrifice
for the sacrifice was already given at Calvary on the cross
when Jesus gave His life so that ours would not be lost

for there is no pain without some praise
no glory without some gloom
no Easter without Good Friday
and no resurrection without the Tomb

in life there will be some rain, there will be some dark days
remember while on the cross Jesus to His Father He did say
My God, My God why hath thou forsaken Me?
what have I ever done to merit this misery?

when we find ourselves in situations and feel that from us God has strayed
we get angry, frustrated and discouraged and don't even bother to pray
we then call on Father God and have the nerve to ask him why
has He allowed us to go through stuff that makes us break down and cry

yes, there will be some pain that comes before praise
for after the hurt comes the healing when the hands of God are raised
God said His grace is sufficient for when we're weak He'll be strong
God said that when we trust in Him we will never go wrong

so journey down that dark highway of life towards your salvatiion
God said He'll be the light at the end of your final destination
so only do things that feel good but are also pleasing to God
and no matter what you go through keep Him always in your heart

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2009

Details | ABC |

different kind of poem with my name

K is for tasty kakes which I love to eat.

E is for every thing that I think is neat.

L is for love that will forever last.

L is for lemonade which I love to drink fast.

I is for ice cream because ice cream is good.

E  is for easter and chocolate nuts (yum)

Copyright © Kellie Gately | Year Posted 2011

Details | Epic |

Easter Day

Easter Day is around the corner, and all of the families are very excited. It's been like
that every year, especially when going to church. The kids are involved with a lot of
Easter activities, including the Easter Egg Hunt, while the adults have multiple
conversations. There's Easter services at churches, and it's only the beginning of the
spring time. I bet that the Easter Bunnies will have been here this Easter. even if
there's no Easter service at church, everybody can still celebrate Easter Day at various
country clubs. Speaking of country clubs, there's an Easter Day brunch buffet and it's a
good day to play some golf. Easter Day is a holiday that's to be celebrated by everyone
from around the world; it's an annual tradition. I also bet that there will be a lot of
new clothes for Easter Day. Looks like there's going to be Easter dinner for all families.
And if it was Easter Day every day for the next 2 weeks, then there's no telling what good
thing might happen next.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

Details | Epic |

SONNET XX If Purpose Be Grave

If Purpose Be Grave

In Sorrowful but Grateful Reflection
My Lord, I’m tempted to Ask

Did You really have to Die
Did You have to bare the Cross
Did You have to take the Strokes
All that for Me, Must You?

To my thoughts You answered
That Life is about Fulfilling Purpose

But when Purpose be Grave and Fierce
Lord, do You have to Pursue?

Through this I’ve learnt and Now I’m Saved
In all, My Lord am grateful, You’re Risen
Like You, My Life I’ll Live for My Neighbour
And if Purpose be Grave, Lord I’ll still Pursue
@APRIL 2017/©M.H.O.G Unveiled

Copyright © Aina Oluwafisayomi | Year Posted 2017

Details | Epic |



  Like a Roar 
We are left astounded 
  Like an Eye
We are full of experience 
  Like the Sea 
The hope is vast 
 Like the forest of Trees 
We are not alone 
  Like a New born 
We are new everyday 
  Likeness unto his glory 
Unto Glory Onto glory 
Is how the highest heaven feels 
For he has Risen 

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017