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Epic Butterfly Poems | Epic Poems About Butterfly

These Epic Butterfly poems are examples of Epic poems about Butterfly. These are the best examples of Epic Butterfly poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme |

A frog like me

When Fancy`s Fairy barefooted runs in the happy green, 
The blond bees dance near honey comb in New Jersey…
One Ocean distance to lie in daily gray and self mercy:
This butterfly lost the way of Brasil Carnival just seen

In virtual  3D in the last movie of the “generation mall”
At the European new poles beyond the old courtain.
The goldfish .jpg ,pdf , new prezi in chatrooms mentain
Virtual people looking for exotic food, forgot the call.

Beyond pictures.jpg, new projects.prezi kept in leptop,
Postmodern hermeneutics of love lost the compass
And compassion in this aquarium whose ocean may pass 
All in those proclaimed Mayas last days ,they will  stop.

Staying on the large yellow water lily, a frog like me
Is fascinated by the ocean of your eyes and their swords.
 I Goggle out at the little crumbs of bread and words
As thrown by the good visitors of the small lake free.
“Your bread is dry and dull: You are not good for Soup!”
I wanted to share the dinner with my noble neighbor:
A reddish tortoise stopped near my poetical harbor.
I know. I know I don`t live in Galapagos with your group.

Defiant white and red beets wait on the table` bands;
Horse radishes with invisible pricking javelin, vinegar,
Turkey, salad decorated with sweet basil, potatoes eager.
Family, Trinity, prayers, smiles, candles shaking hands.

Copyright © Ovidiu Bocsa | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |

Black Butterfly

Here I swing inside my dark cocoon afraid 

to become all that I know I can be... A 

Black Butterfly too scared to emerge into my 

full potential and spread my beautiful black 

wings. I'm so afraid to spread my wings, to worried, 

about what this world may think of me? I'm a Black 

Butterfly that can't seem to set myself free from this 

cocoon that imprisons me. 

I do know how the world will ever see my real beauty 

that hides within me? The love I hide and the pain that 

does consumes me. 

I know this world can sometimes be cruel and rude place to be . . . 

but if I don't break out of this cocoon and set 

myself free? How will the world ever see me for me? 

But I must first set myself free, so that the world 

can see all my true beauty... and when I do emerge from 

cocoon? A beautiful Black Butterfly is what I shall be. 

As I spread my wings and fly into the sky… Fly away fly, 

fly beautiful Black Butterfly. 

Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

Copyright ©2008 Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

Copyright © Jay Anderson-Taylor | Year Posted 2008

Details | Light Poetry |


Dawn arose
The mule yawned 
We both in slumber
Marched towards the water well
Miles away, under suns torment
The mule knew his drink was near
I knew the labor was only half done
As was the mule
We trekked back home
My family now has one more day
I took siesta
Before the fields enslaved me
Now at dusk
I pray 
Fatigued I gaze at the constellations
Hopeful and fearful
Of another dawn

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Life In Transition

By Laura Dee Battle
November 15, 2014

When I held your hand
Did you ever understand?
Could it be the way our stars align?
I prooved to be a flawed design

Did it show in my blue eyes?
I could have been the perfect bride
Never thought it'd be that way
I would've had much more to say

I should've been just as you are
Couldn't be much more bizarre
Did you see all that pain in my eyes?
See through my perfect alibis?

For you the makeup is your face
To them it's my mark of disgrace
When all you want falls out of reach
Identity is constantly breached

The fear on your face is leaching out
The seeds of doubt that suddenly sprout
Growing hate when the skies are grey
Loving my SELF despite what they say

Maybe one day I'll find they're right
Their way may too hard to fight
But that will be the day that I die
The final bed on which I lie

I'm begging you to save me please
Laura Dee; the man I'll never be
My breath is cold as the coming winter snow
But my heart is no longer six feet below

For the first time at night
I might be all right
Hope might be the only word
To finally stray from the mindless herd
I open my Virgin eyes to spotless sunshine
Now that I know her warm lips are mine
She is just like me; so free from our disease
Destinies for memories between the burning trees

Copyright © Laura Dee | Year Posted 2014

Details | Enclosed Rhyme |

The fairy

A very long time ago 
a family of Hobbits and butterflies met

In the deep magical forest
In Northern England they bred 

Now since then we have had a few spotting's
of what seems to be a firefly or sparkler lighting

On a new moon she flickers  colors of beauty , eyes of Emerald , wings of gold
Floating up mystical streams of white caps on a oak leaves she goes

The glimpse of a firefly or was that a Fairy in Flight ?
purple , pink , white rainbow lights , within the trees of twilight

The night Owl watches over her with  loyal protection 
the Fairy is going extinct , the animals of the forest honor the magic I mention

The Fairy fly's from Tree to Wild flower , The Birds awaken to sing
For they will orchestrate the stage , she dances' the  ballet and will twirl

Her grace is captivating and enchanting through every living creature and thing .
On a Boat she stole away , it has been said , on the Columbus 

You may  spot her having Jasmine tea and cranberry crumpets with a dollop of maple 
Or a whole flock have been spotted by Marion berries , 4 o'clock tea  ,a bell will be ringed. 

If the Fairy chooses to be seen , it has been said Love will enter your life and existence , The Fairy beauty , a Vision will live in your dreams .

The Magic will be carried and her vision to be cherished .
Next time you are out on a mystical night ,look closely at the flickering lights .

The Fairy will bless your precious soul with love and insight .
 for my Daughters ,
Tawny Marie, Danielle and Grandchild, Trinity Faith. 

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose |


She's the flour in the middle of a fertile desert soil
She dreams of my dreams when i dream she dreams dreams that we dream
She's a speechless pole
She's a footstep away from my soul
She dreams of my goal
She's my African queen
Her womb carriers the nation's poetry
She takes me back to my dreams in chains
I make my own God she believes
She's one minute past jealousy
She's the speed of an angry poem in the dark
The black paint building an arch
The spirit of a mic resurrected by a dead poem
Speechless pole stronger than cone
She's my poem
She's my poetic lyrical port
I can see by the blushes right under my rhymes
She's so beautiful she makes you read her repetedly
She's my poem

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

Rejection in Love

I never hide anything from you,
Told you nearly everything about me,
Just wanted your appreciation,
Instead my angel why gave me rejection.

Just like a kid cry for toys,
Just like a poet cries when being rejected by publishers,
Just like parents cry for their children’s pain,
More then just like that, I cry and cried for you.

My angel now I can’t eat,
I can’t even drink properly,
Days and nights are passing,
But still I am in love and thinking of you.

Please come back,
I will be always yours,
Just give me one chance to prove myself,
Why you have rejected me without giving any chance.

You are so pretty my angel,
But let me tell you something,
I would have still loved you,
If you were not that pretty.

Copyright © B S Sky | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

Follow your Heart

That knawing feeling deep in your gut, that is telling you something is happeining to you, you feel it also deep in your heart, you can taste it like a soft pillow or a warm blanket that you wrap around yourself to bring you comfort that only you can feel safe.

This new feeling, does it have a name? Probably not, because your afraid to acknowledge it's existence, for fear of deep shame, but let me reassure you, please dont turn away, look at me, the feeling you are experiencing is perfectly O.k. 

For your always being told, to follow you heart, it will never lead you wrong, it knows you best, Let Go of the grasp you have on your comfort zone, for falling in love with someone as the same sex, is finally being able to say,"Ive been made Free." 

Love is Love, that's all there is to it, you see with your eyes, you fall with your heart, love, respect, honor, that's all that matters when two people love each other, and dont ever let anyone tell you anything different..

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

Details | Epic |

Rejection in Love

I never hide anything from you,
Told you nearly everything about me,
Just wanted your appreciation,
Instead my angel why gave me rejection.

Just like a kid cry for toys,
Just like a poet cries when being rejected by publishers,
Just like parents cry for their children’s pain,
More then just like that, I cry and cried for you.

My angel now I can’t eat,
I can’t even drink properly,
Days and nights are passing,
But still I am in love and thinking of you.

Please come back,
I will be always yours,
Just give me one chance to prove myself,
Why you have rejected me without giving any chance.

You are so pretty my angel,
But let me tell you something,
I would have still loved you,
If you were not that pretty.

Copyright © B S Sky | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


What lives in moisture's molecules, water crystals dripping 
Downwards, frozen tears of the winter angels, forming a
Crystalline ice cocoon, within life's angelic essence thrives,
A metamorphism of beauties extreme, bursting forth
Behold the ice butterfly.
Sliver's sheer wings of delicate perfection, fluttering on a
Wintery November breeze, spreading flights appendages wide,
It captures the arctic currents beneath, soaring through the
Thickets barren wilderness.
Angelic creatures whirling majestically, a swirling swarm
Of fragility, symmetrical elegance in motion, reflective
Chambers of crystal light, the colors palate array, are trapped,
Within their graceful wings of ice.
Nature's magnificent work of art, flying aloft ever so
Gently, nipping at the frosty lace floating from heaven,
A cascading blizzard of snowflakes,  blissfully descends
Upon a wintery wonderland.
Living icicles glittering in the cold sunset, set free 
Unto liberation's crisp chilly air, light as feather’s
Down, soaring flit to flights ascension, circling each
Other in wild abandonment’s carefree play, drifters
Castaways lost amongst kindred's mischief.
As tenderly lain is the mornings dew, does it's
Limbs rise and fall thus softly, resting at a stands stilled
Pause, such beauty captured in silence's repose.
The Aurora Borealis, in kaleidoscope a shimmering
Prism of brilliance, sparkling with winter's natural
Essence, purified by the temperatures frigidity. 
Shine little ice butterfly, for soon life's ice-kissed
Spell, shall be broken by the first warming breath
Of spring, enchantments flutter bug, inspiration's
Muse, melts away at the thaws ember, revealing
The evergreen beneath the powders white.

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2014

Details | Carpe Diem |


Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

Copyright © Sam Ruby | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

Betch Please, Really

I simply love being me for I am so good at everything step into my city and they will tell you who is King one day when I am hungry I will swallow everything then and only then shall I inherit the stuff I dream even then I promise not to settle for satisfaction at any instant half a second I could spring into full action so go against me? please, you do not even measure up to half of the goodness that I hold tight like my treasure still spreading rumors about me to try and destroy my life can't believe I let myself get beat by a stripper and my self-intended knife try and say I'm gay even though we both know that isn't the truth just ask any woman I been with if they ever needed proof they'll say I was the cream of the crop as they took it all night knowing I just may never stop I own the status of a legend now what you got left to say when I bring it twenty-four seven?

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Carpe Diem |


If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath. Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we change..in a place that's so unreal. People are hearing but..not really hearing. Why is the world so blind. I keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionized. I am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.

Copyright © Sam Ruby | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Maker Of Miracles

I am the maker of miracles a real spiritual man waltzing through shadows as they pull me back in I know I must escape them any way I can I know the way out like the back of my hand It's just me and the maker together, he and I I told you God is in me you just thought I was high talking with the Zeta's they tell me just why everything has an ending and the old me, must die I'm Calm as a bomb in the eyes of a storm they stare upon me as if I've been warned turn me inside out as a goodness is born I wear my battle scars so stars know I'm war torn When the gift of life is freed from inside the fire starts fading then the anger subsides like the great phoenix, I go back in time a miracle is born and now that I'm revived in my new life, I shine.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Heart In Hand

this earth
all your
starry night
radiant moon
walk out along the street
a cosmic symphony
your hand
holding mine
we walk and talk
passing hidden woods
making prints
in ocean sand
trembling heart
hold on tight
feeling universe
heart to heart
hand in hand

Copyright © Anita sharma | Year Posted 2015

Details | Epic |

Walk with me

Walk with me 
When noon falls 
Upon night ..

When echo whispers
Through dreams 
A flash of lights.

Follow me across the 
Darkest sky's 
Come and dance with 

Me in the joys .of 
Across .the  fields 

And make a decision 
Walk with me 
When noon falls upon night

Copyright © venita Schindler | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Epic |

A moth is also a butterfly

Though I am dark, the light ignites my curiosity, see me as an abstract manipulation and acknowledge me but please don’t shun me.  Just like the butterfly we blossomed from a cocoon not a day too soon. Although I am not seen as having splendor and grace but in the dark I can even see beauty upon your face.  
Yet our existence you compartmentalize, so therefore I have to put up a disguise. Yet still, you want me to believe that you don’t think that I'm wise. So now you find it fit to categorize instead of synchronize. Haven't you heard, that the sum of all parts are better than the whole?
Pain is a catalyst for Change and yet it's the only thing that's constant.
So like the butterfly I emerge from the ground, exploring new beginnings to the moon out of my cocoon not a day too soon.
Your perception of me will not hold me captive, because My creator is our orchestra-tor, and has made me free. Just like the butterfly I was given the present and it is wrapped with joy.
Too bad you can’t see that the basis of our existence is to be free.
So like the butterfly, I too ascend on a mission and emerge from the ground to explore new beginnings to the moon out of my cocoon not a day too soon. 
I am comfortable with my dark wings because you see, a Moth is also a butterfly
We go through our stage of Metamorphosis and then through time we fly 

Copyright © Leasha Richards | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

Home By Dawn

My battery fully charged the week is brand new all the lost loved ones are telling me thank you for bringing them to life in my memory yesterday now I am ready to win in any way and nothing can hold me back from my dreams people are staring in utter disbelief they think the devil has contracted my life little do they know I took the path to the right and now I am reaping the rewards in my struggle so much so that now I've reduced my enemies to rubble and now I am standing on the power of my own alive in the jungle of my mind, my kingdom, I'm home to see the new dawn and for all those now gone I will always remember you and your spirit will live on.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

A Billion Butterfly's

If she was the sun then i must become the moon...
Shes the bullets 2 my gun my obsession i consume...
How can i hold my tongue you fill my stomach with cocoons...
A billion butterflies now my hearts an open wound...
I never understood how our hearts were so in-tune...
Cupid got me good sniper tactics with the zoom...
I wanna be your king the only title ill assume...
If loving you is pain then ill never be immune...
Suppressed the beast in me so easily ..like light dissolving gloom...
A flames forever great full just to know it evolved from fumes...
A door that never closes hides a portal that we never use...
She grew a rose inside my heart a place i thought could never bloom...
Present , Past and Afterlife...One day I shall become your groom..
The day that you become my wife your hearts forever shatter proof...
Passion everlasting burns and yearns for just 1 simple truth...
To see your heeart forever smile theres nothing else id rather do.....

Copyright © Micah Watkins | Year Posted 2014

Details | Epic |

The Butterfly On My Nose

Unexpected Prince The Charming
As a latecomer arrived
And was very much regretting
For the fact a little later. :-)

I was dead or maybe sleeping
But no more after he kissed me.
All the world have been forgotten
While my head was gently spinning.

Even after all his efforts
To convince me he is real
Still I often have some doubts
Every moment when can’t touch him.

Just remember ‘saw him smiling
And was seized at the second,
Not allowed to forget his
Sparkling eyes, lips so suggestive.

Since the night and still it here
Magic butterfly’s wings trembling
On the middle of my nose.
Not to blink, afraid of breathing.


Copyright © Armani ArmaniA | Year Posted 2017

Details | Epic |

Oh how I miss the butterflies

Beyond the chipped paint and tarnished handle
of this old screen door, once waited a garden,
a winding path of stone and dirt
I had walked many times in my life,
leading to a place of wondrous beauty,
poetic blooms and intoxicating fragrances.
Merely stepping beneath the Jasmine covered arbor
lifted spirits and illumined hope that all was right,
and the butterflies, oh the butterflies, winged effervescence in
sapphire, indigo, tangerine and lemon butter yellows
floated from flower to flower creating
the most wonderful dancing rainbow for the eye.
I still smile when I hear those old rusted hinges squeak
and I feel that fresh air meet my face.
For those memories linger in my mind,
as now I find the path overgrown, the arbor splintered and fallen
the vibrant garden a mass of weeds and vines
strangling the beauty that once flourished.
I understand, life changes . . . slowly,
each of us deteriorate within time’s grasp, returning
to where we began, covered in lawn and dew
beginning anew or to be forgotten . . .
an occasional thought that passes
down another path of another life.
And now as I stand gazing at what once was,
a tear finds my cheek, meandering over these wrinkles
gathering in the corner of my mouth . . . salty.
Yet it is not the garden, nor the whimsical path
that collects in my mind . . . it is the butterflies,
oh how I miss the butterflies . . .

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Lites UP

Let my butterfly wings fly…in the glittery moonlight…
My words escape my lips with a lack of self-control and patience…
I’m sorry, but I’m lost…soon to be found…
In another life called the After Life…
The walls are closing in on me…
The 4 walls of Jericho crumble before my eyes…
I’m like Clifford the Big Red Dog, so bold and vivacious…
Vibrant like the lites of the stars…
They bleed on like past scars…
Positively negative when I should be negatively positive
I can never equal to your negative ways
I can never equal to your positive rays
These days are dreams that pass away…airplanes fly on by…
If only I was your sun that shines like the day…but we are so far away…
Why? Oh why? Why am I so timid and shy? 
I’m as hard as boulders…I’m as flimsy as fumblin’ folders…
You better know my name, even if it’s just a million miles away
My pride has faded…my High Spirits jaded…
I expostulated my explanation points at you (I yelled at you with cussing and cursing),
But it’s not enough to change your mind
Will I ever be in the wall of fame? 
Fortune was just a tune away…
Misfortunate shards of me have shattered long ago
Into the rainbow river of radiance that shines aglow
Give me your love…give it your all…
What about me that you like? I’m ugly in the inside…
I’m handsome when I stand tall…
But, bravery and insecurity weren’t a good mix to cover up my outside…
I can’t stand the stress and distress…
Tell me something real, genuine and sincere…
What about childlike cheer that I held on to for so long? I can’t hold on to you, dear…you are too much to bear, especially when you stare into my eyes…full of truths and lies… I’m embarrassed and speechless…I can’t tell you what I’ve done and what I’ve become…I’m young, yet stuck in place…free in space…spacing out in the universe of his crafty, revolting, and jacked-up disgrace…I can’t keep pace with you if I can’t touch your face
Faith isn’t lost…I drove you insane just a little…
We went our separate ways when we went through our phase…and I’m in my dandelion days and my craze…I went back to my old ways…I got tricked by the music on iheartradio…I’m tired of posting videos on younow…
I will take a bow…I’ll let these tears show…right now…somehow…
Somewhat discharged like a phone that ran out of battery
I’m flipping out on your fantastic, lovely, and delightful flattery 
Reach your hands to the sky and touch my tears…
I want you to sprinkle away my fears…
I love you, but I can’t…
I adore you…I am dependent to you like an infant…
I owe so much praise to You…
I have hope in brighter days…I do…
But, I’m holding your hands of passionate bliss…
I’m sinking in the blankets of my distress…
Bless this pain…amen to the remorseful rain…
I don’t know what to say…
Okay? I’m crying out just for attention
Not to mention how you look today…
How’ve you been, this oh so unfamiliar tension?
You end the tribulation of my frustration
Lites go up…
The stage smells of sage…
I’m God’s unbroken cup…
But, you can’t reign upon me, inner rage…
Stay away, bright lights of nightfall
I’m going to never call you again…our trust has turned to dust
I’m standing tall with bravery through it all
Lites go up…give me a tip of your advice…if it’s not for a price…roll me like your pair of dice…my mind is scuttling like a million mise…telling you something from my untorn heart – I must

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |


She was just 8 years old
With freckles on her face
She was a little tom boy
Playing miles from the U.S base

Her name was parwana
 Means butterfly in afghan
She was like a little princess
Born in a cruel land

She was with other children
Just playing under the skies
But they look like terrorist
to a  robotic drone as it flies

So they all were killed
With bombs falling from the skies
Then Washington says on TV
It’s a mistake we apologize

We apologize for your lost?
How will that ease the pain?
Of the parents not seeing
Their little love ones again

Her mother cries oh god
Why don’t you kill me instead?
How can I live now? 
That my little butterfly is dead

These are our children
Not a horse or a cow
Go look your self in the mirror
Who are the terrorist now?

 The British prime minster
Says the terrorist will be beat
From his press conference
From NUMBER 10 Downing Street

The white house says
There will causalities of wars
While all the war mongers
Are safe behind their doors

Her father mourns her death
Till his cant live no more
So he drove a car with bombs
Thru the green zone door

There are good and evil
And we know what evil do
But when the good do the same
Then who is better than who

The lives of the innocent
Are being taken by both sides
And today there was a butterfly
Who will no longer flies?

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |

The Songs Of Nature

The Songs of Nature:
Music is my only refuge
Expresses the soul of Nature
The mellifluous journey between notes
Lingers in my heart, the silken veil
Drives away the melancholy, music cradles
Soul to Soul, I sing away Nature’s notes

There are too few words
Adequate or meaningful
To describe you right.
But a hundred, thousand songs
Describe you just perfectly.

So many colors on nature’s palette 
There are many moods and emotions 
Picturesque gallery of many paintings 
Forever framed in the travelers mind 
Masterpieces cannot be recreated 
If we only hold onto black and white
Immerse the soul in nature’s color
Many shades will color the spirit

The songs we sing
Composed in nature’s tune
Don’t ruin it!

Butterflies fluttering around
Canoes moving slowly across the subtle waves
Kids laughing and gawking 
Bugs flying 
Ducks fighting 
Families grilling
Couples holding hands
This is relaxation
This is nature

Humans forget that
Nature is their home too
When they chop it down

We all have to keep believing in love for humanity.
because If we don't have love ,friendship and peace feelings for eachother,
than what do we really have?
The beauty of patience is in letting the sun
rise when it rises and shutting our eyes 
when the dusk dawns believing the secrets 
of life will come in the wake amidst the 
crowing of the roosters.
By Aliza Kashamala Kiran 

Copyright © Aliza Kashmala Kiran | Year Posted 2017

Details | Imagism |

Flights of Fancy

Miserable indeed must be the one who has never
Taken a flight of Fancy
Unable to use  imagination to its full.

Pity the one who is earthbound for the whole 24 hours.
With no escaping even for a millisecond from a world made of custard.
Knowing no way to a happier state of mind without harming the earthly Temple.
The spirit glued to its mortal shell,
With not even the width of a feather between the two.

Spear a thought for the one who hides from the sun,
With wings that should give flights of Fancy,
Withering away and waterlogged from the tears 
Of a broken heart.
With shoulders lacking the warmth others get from the Sun.

Give invites to the one who sits in front of the TV
Which no longer offers flights of fancy for those with
Undeveloped wings or even respite enough from the real world to give their batteries a recharge.

Keep reaching out to those whose flights of fancy 
Take them to another reality where it is unsafe to dwell too long
Lest they forget the the way back to this world.

Parents don't forget to take your offspring on your next flight of fancy
To loosen the bodies grip on the soul,
So that when it gets it's final call,
It will not stay earthbound,
Competing with the wind to be heard.

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Golden Butterfly

Life is like
a twinkling of an eye

Sure is the flight
of a butterfly

With 20 strokes
of its wings

three scores and ten days

only 8 happy moments

its life comes to an end

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2017

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I am without anything now that I’m not with you
And Lord knows I miss the taste of your smile
I miss a perfectly designed dream come true
Because you made mounting a mountain seem a mild mile

You gave me butterflies and lightning bugs as a gracious gift
Because of you the morning wasn’t agony anymore
It didn’t matter if I worked in the day or the midnight shift
When I returned you would be there with a smile at our door

Ain’t nobody’s business how deeply we loved one another
But they could tell in our eyes and the way we held hands
Ain’t nobody’s business how I loved you, not even my brother
While I kissed you under the elm tree in the peaceful place it now stands

When you used to approach me it would make my heart race
Now that I’m without you I want to know exactly why
And it’s difficult when I need to forget your emphatic embrace
So now you know from whence comes my woeful wish to die
          © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

Copyright © jeffry cohan | Year Posted 2011

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Sands of Time

Stones and Sands
Sanity on the rise 
Path in waves 
Foot steps onto hill
Freedom at will 
Drums in heart 
Pounding ill
When thee don't take to heel 
On these sands and stones 
Thy life shall'nt be lived 

Copyright © Olumuyiwa Onaf | Year Posted 2017

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Lonely Butterfly

Lonely Butterfly 

Listen do you hear it 
the sound of wind rushing in 
winter is on its way 

with the clouds of Gray 
the buttress colors of summer fads 
I hide my heart in rain showers 

the Flowers in my garden are faded 
they look almost as lonely as I 
the beauty of true clarity has succeeded 

the veils of one’s true colors wove the sea 
frost bitten blossoms in an envious eye 
lost puzzled and all alone 

Cold as stone in my home 
I am a Lonely Butterfly ready to fly on high 
I fly around in the dark world I live 
to find my shining spot of true Love to Live.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1980
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017