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Elegy Sorrow Poems | Elegy Poems About Sorrow

These Elegy Sorrow poems are examples of Elegy poems about Sorrow. These are the best examples of Elegy Sorrow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Elegy |

I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Compassion Has Gracious Eyes

No matter that we've never met,
Compassion radiates from afar.
Rippling outward, gathering strength,
Expanding across the oceans wide.
A warm light like a rising sun,
Gently touches grieving hearts.

Distant strangers, I empathize.
Compassion has gracious eyes
For your sorrows and your tears.
With time, may it soften grieving pains.

Copyright © Connie Gildersleeve | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |


It was like a whisper- 
My wife delivered the sad news- 
"Your grandfather was dead."- 
And so he was- 
Her eyes was awfully sad- 
Touched me gently on my back- 
He was old- 
The time I started to noticed him around- 
He was a relic- 
He talked about the war- 
The warring in the land- 
Dispute over religion- 
The greatness of the past Presidency- 
How Marcos summary killed young idealist- 
How my uncle survived the bullet- 
And wrote a letter to Imelda to help him- 
The hospital bill in exchange of his ideology-
How he comes on this land- 
Answered the migration call-
In the Southern Philippine-
He was young- 
He loves democracy-
He went to street and joined the protesters-
To end up injustices- 
He tilted the land- 
Grow coffee and Avocado- 
He sniffed the salty wind of the Celebes sea- 
As he stood at the cliff of Matutum- 
Sometimes they sale fruits in the public market- 
Those years of the early 60's- 
While my mother was just a kid- 
Then we came- 
My cousins and us- 
We sat at the table- 
Trembling in the dark of dawn- 
That was during our summer escapade-
While grandma prepared for us a hot milk- 
Then he walked near beside- 
Staring on us- 
Preached the narrative of his life- 
As I perceived- 
He was a learned man- 
Our pillar collapsed-
My knees gave up- 
I sat on a bench- 
My body drenched by my cold sweat-
My eyes drawn beyond the wall- 
Like I search things on the mirror-
Tears lined on my eye-
An innocent face- 
Stared back from the reflection of the clear pond- 
"Eat it..eat it..eat it..",my older cousin whimpered-
We wore straw hat- 
And a checkered polo-
And the place was cold- 
That morning, we went into a brook-
We forgot time went by-
It was already two in the afternoon-
"Let's go home!", I don't recall who said that-
We walked briskly- 
Hold a big salmon on our hand- 
We were afraid- 
The sky was slowly given up from the dark- 
The rain started to pour- 
Then we saw him-
He was there signaling us to halt- 
Tending his carabao- 
At six- 
We gathered on the sofa- 
Only the flickers of the light glows- 
He sat on the dark corner- 
Listened the radio transistor gibbers- 
The mountain loomed in silence- 
The radio announcer talked about the cold front- 
The wind outside whistled-
At school he asked on us sometimes- 
How things going on-
He bragged about it- 
To his neighbors-
On his house at Tieza- 
There was this book rack- 
I sat there often-
Read carefully-
Those stories about the Greeks- 
The Filipino contemporary authors- 
Because of that I love to stay in the library- 
Hand gripped the yellow mongol pencil- 
Scribbling some words on crumpled papers- 
And hid it somewhere-
At college he went to our house at Silway- 
He watched the television- 
I read silently the Doveglion- 
Near beside him- 
He was weak and knew his end was coming- 
I touched his head always- 
He breath weakly and coughed-
How I love my old man- 
My son likes to play beside him- 
He was on his death bed-
Then my wife- 
Was standing right in front on the workplace- 
She looked at me on the eye- 
And I knew the smile of there is something-
Isn't right-
I knew he was gone-

Copyright © Herbert Siao | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |


Even after sixteen years still I cry your daughters tears Every year on this day, will always be sad known only as the date, God took my dad 1st June 1954- 22nd Oct 1997 Allan Thomas Holmes

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

My Broken Heart

My heart is broken beyond repair as another sad song fills the air.
My world crumbles beneath my feet and I cry myself to sleep.
I hope to find love again to help this broken heart mend.
And I pray with all my might that I will find peace tonight.


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Still Flying

The day I chose you
Compared to all the others
I saw the uniqueness of your colors
Looking back when you flew away
Broke my heart in pieces and stole all peace in living
When you were found my heart raced fast
I was beyond grateful that you came back
We moved forward and life was good
Until one day when you seemed strange
I saw you bleeding out in pain
Then news struck that you were sick
and surgery would bring an unknown risk
The vet said there was a slim chance 
Like the usual medical script
Uncertain and scared I couldn't bare
To hear the panting from your chest
All from too big an egg 
You couldn’t lay in your nest
Your appetite was lost and I was at a loss
I cupped you in my hands
Warm and unharmed
You were like snow melting away
Drifting from my heart
A change of season
There was a reason
For this lesson to be learned
You held on for the holidays to make our last memories
When the day of your dying came
It sure left me crying
But I know that you are...still flying

Copyright © Mango Lux | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Elegy for Innocence

A warm, glowing September night.
Nondescript small town bar with
people enjoying fine company and revelry.
College football game just finished.
We won!
Some friends find a table and 
a deck of cards. Pinochle.
Smiling, joy, and laughter. Lively conversation.
Good will and companionship hold sway.
"A dollar a game?"

'Saturday Night Live' on the tube.
There's a wedding dance at the ballroom. 
Some of the girls are going. 
Have to change, though.
No levis in the ballroom.
So and so went to get slacks and a blouse.
Is everyone leaving in one car?
The warm, atmosphere inside
mirrors the night.
"Are you going to bid or go with your girlfriend?"

Someone at the bar's entrance shouting, 
"call for help, someone is passed out in 
the street." People rush outside
into the street. Crumpled body.
Lying on her side. Tossed cruelly
to the indifferent concrete.
Approach the lifeless form.
Warn everyone else to stay inside the bar.
She gasps involuntarily. Her body struck numb.
Struggling just to be. Seized in the
fleeting moments it takes to surrender life.
She had changed in her car.
Struck, carried, then tossed recklessly on pavement.
Kneel, be there, pray.
It was all anyone could do.
How could someone do this and flee?

Back up the street an ambulance.
Driving the wrong direction, but coming.
In the other direction. Half a block away.
Her dress shoes.
She never made it dancing with her friends.
Ambulance and police. She is in good hands.
Radio messages. Red, white, blue, and amber lights.
Being transported. Everyone watches her leave.
Childhood innocence and denial lie
to the inmost self saying,
"she is going to be alright."

Moments pass seeming like hours.
An ambulance driver and policeman
walk into the bar to share.
They knew everyone would want to know.
They affirm a creed of caring.
She is gone. Too much impact.
Too much damage. They call each and
every person in the bar "good people" and 
reassure that nothing, nothing could have been done.

The jewel-like aura of a fine September
evening dissipates in waves of grief.
Something always fills a vacuum.
Replacing the evening's glow are tears, emptiness.
Questions without answers.
People crying, sharing, holding on.
It is a close-knit small town.
People living to share the 'good times.'
Now, called on to support each other
during incomprehensible sorrow.
Silent moments. People leaving 
by twos and threes. Going home.

The night.
Transformed from a balmy, radiant evening
into shadow and sepia.
The dark specter of death is tangible.
Surreal. Inescapable. A somber metamorphosis.
Time seems frozen in the emptiness.
Reality strikes us numb.
Not doing well keeping emotions in check.
Why try to hold it in?

Cry for the loss, an exquisite life.
Cry for the family. Cry for the friends.
Cry for the loss of purity and innocence.

                                Elegy for Innocence
                                Free Verse

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

last dance

Last Dance
It was a beautiful day A day of celebration, a day of thrill It was the day of my sister’s 18th birthday The most waited day of a girl to be a lady and I? I was a girl that time and all I have to do is to Observe and cooperate And it was our most anticipated moment To witness that celebration and to witness our dear father as the first dance of my sister who was missing us for many years because of separation. Yet we didn’t know that, that would be the first and very last day of the year that we’ll see him His body was so thin His face looks sickly and heartbreaking He looks so different But he remained calm and at ease Michael Gan the first rose, He stands and overwhelmingly danced for my sister They turned and sway They dance like it was the last He was overjoyed Filled with different emotions Happy, touched, sad, missing us, and regretting His heart jumped over him He tries to catch his breath touching his own chest We hasten him to the nearest sickbay To salvage his life His precious life, my father Battling from death, loses his fight His eyes wide open, no air No movements, no smile because... It was his last dance

Copyright © Ana Mae Gan | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Remembering Uncle Jimmy

I remember your smile that twinkle in your eye,
you could make us laugh until we would cry.
Fishing and crabbing trips and your love of the sea,
all of these are now a part of me.
Whenever someone called you were always there,
a heart of gold you always cared.
Now you're playing cards up in the sky,
forgive me if a tear comes to my eye.
Remembering all the things we would do,
Uncle Jimmy I will never forget you.


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

The Dead of Night

It was the dead of night the cold moon gave a faint light.
It's melancholy glance covered the trees they were bare and barren of leaves.
A scream of terror pierced the night my blood ran cold with fright.
Suddenly I awake from this dream knowing what I have seen.
For you were taken from my side so I hang my head and cry.
I pray to God in peace you will be and I pray the same for me.


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

A Goodbye from All of Us

From that day to the next week, snow, rain and sleet -no sun.
Everything surrounding us is black,
Precious presents become precious past
Blurred cloudy water filling our vision
All together we grip, holding tight to memories taken,
Memories that have become dreams at night and haunt are days.
Were you ever here, my friend?
We whisper what could have been.

Copyright © Macaiah Gross | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |



As we walked watchfully along the way,
a pair of sneakers lay silently in the streets;
abandoned by flight or neglect.  Their soles
have lost their occupant: gone to who knows where.

We cannot know the life they once shared; 
for there are no footprints in the asphalt to trace
the path of their beginning nor the lonely journey's end;
neither is there a catalogue of exciting events experienced.

We will never know the lord and master
from whom they have been emancipated
to be left here only with the odor of memory:
an acquired anti-aromatic epitaph.

Swiftly strolling silently onward, we pondered
the sneakers’ seduced soul---rather than their sole.
One day this too, will be the fate of our shoes:
abandoned and left only with an acquired 
anti-aromatic odor of memory.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |


I expect to find something funny in dying.
The bed unkempt like my hair
The room musty as my odor
The air moist
Unlike the dry rasp of my barely audible voice
My breathing labored as the crawling of the Sun
And in the eve the moon fullest at the last
And I will laugh with the man-in-the-moon
At the whatever-after.

Copyright © gary thomas | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

If you were to ask me the definition of sorrow:

I would answer by saying that it is the absence of your fathers earthshaking glance at the dawn of an unpredictable night. I would answer by saying that it is the acknowledgment of the neglected truth, that life is nothing but a series of scenes in an indisposed screenplay. And that death is the anticipated protagonist, a patient gift disgustingly disguised underneath the smiles of all that which we think brings us happiness.

Copyright © Jeffrey Feghaly | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Skeleton Of Tears

Bottle of tears is my first version of this poetic legacy series
Skeleton of tears is which the venerated versatility carries.
This might be called as a sequel of alacrity or prolongation
But best before this is a celluloid and my heart and art collaboration.

In this poem “I or me” signify tears
Tears personify her expressions and emotions
Read this and know the life legacy of tears with concentration
And finally your fur, fleece and fuzz stand erect in attention.
Tears personify, I am compacted in stars
I am compressed between hurdles and wars
I am combusted on scorches
I am confided from Ishtar torches.

Tears epitomize, eternal bone of mine is an ominous emotion.
The Sagaras; Sarpada, Satluj shaded a challenge to my dire destination.
That one eve ever the fever of cleavers cannot catch up with me.
And the damp humidity of drought could not cope up with me.
Tears embody, I float on the branches of poignant army 
I flood around the builds of happiness
I reach the borders of hell-heeled layers
And I roof down the clouds to my feet and make them rain prayers

Tears swank ,When my real steel sizzled atoms of blood,
Come together to conjure a flood.
The heated ink of emotions ignites to molt the black clouds
And let me visualize in which eve shall it swounds.

Tears exemplify, my liberty leads the immense flame in the hands of torch bearer
My prodigy evokes the waves hard under visions of volcanoes
The lust of my silvered glory was inspired from the shiny heavenly threads of feudal dart.
And the symptom of my introduction will be the rise of a burning heart.

God of hostility typify: Convinced that the fever of lava can't cope up with me
And the humidity of drought can"t hope up the level with me
In such a water working poem this is the conclusion
That even the pacific evaporate when my eternal strength feel thirsty after a tear solidification.

And now the spirits incarnate, my iron lungs had oxidized with the bitter-sour chilled water
after reading it and they crackled their internal matter into ignitious crater.
And now I will come to compete with and complete the legacy BOT(Bottle of Tears)
In the new form and with new fire firmed eyes to show you the third part “Kingdom for Disarmament of Tears ”.


Copyright © Bhanu Siva Krishna | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

An Elegy for My Northern Wind

The Northern wind to South did blow
and left a kiss upon my brow,
I least care for the other ones,
From where to where the Western runs.
Within the sailcloth’s native flight
down all the oceans could I write,
but good from it can’t come to me
as wonder I at open sea.
You blew me fast on to a shore,
to a sailors will to survey more,
in time did courage I equip,
set sails to my beloved ship,
on a voyage thus I was again,
to shelter once more then attain,
at open sea I wondered long,
Inspecting where the skies went wrong,
why won’t my Northern Wind descend,
when this sailor does on it depend;
but still the promise that I made,
to your choices my silence bade,
when will you see that I had kept,
on stranded days and nights unslept—
my silence close, with lips concealed,
when bitter truth this life revealed,
through torrents that did daunt my being
still vexing moans I kept from fleeing.
If seas could only lives reset
and baptize me to you forget,
would gladly drown in all of them
to this misery just condemn,
but only in my tears design
could I now reach that land of mine
where my silence shall leave me too,
life as a beggar there renew,
upon whose shores I would down lie,
to hearts content then cry and cry.
The Northern wind to South did blow
and left a kiss upon my brow,
I least care for the other ones,
From where to where the Eastern runs.
R.N.Khan, © 2013

Copyright © Raja Nosherwan | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

No More

I promised I wouldn't write any more sad poems this week

I promised myself I'd enjoy the warm weather with every beat

I promised I'd dwell on the light no matter how flickering it lit

Sad news keep pouring, I never promised me of none of it

Am afraid to move, afraid to hear, afraid to know, if only the world would stand still

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

My First Grief

In my cradle,
My tiny body was cradled
In my mothers arms.
My gem among gems,
I remember when I cried
You comforted me with 
your soothing words.
Your re-assuring hands
Secured me till Death's 
Cold hands snatched you 
From me,a sucker I was
That needed you most.
Adieu! Sweet mum till 
We cross paths again!

Written by:
Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

I Never Sang for You

There are many days I miss her,
A powerful and unique lady,
What truly deters,
Is why he married again.

I remember back when,
She always wanted to hear my voice.
I was too shy and nervous to begin,
Soon I had the courage but I lost my choice.

She never got to hear me sing,
Never heard a tuneful tone.
It crushed my soul my everything,
Made my heart completely stone.

I wish I would've had the skill,
To sing for this vessel of knowledge.
After she left it went all downhill,
I won't even forget you when I'm in college.

I will always miss your lovely smile,
If I performed for you, it would be worthwhile.
Ma-Maw will remain in my heart,
For I hope to never fall apart.

Copyright © Aaron Fletcher | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |


How has it dawn on us so soon when we hadn’t even achieved much?
Why has the marketplace ceased to buy and sell so scanty the streets wither away
The clouds becomes more darkened as smokes ascend randomly our fields are on fire
We can feel the rain but it has lost its coldness

I hear more voices than I usually heard
This time of crying and wailing rather than chatting and hailing
chanting and singing songs of war
Dust and gun powders like fog fill the air,
with great rumble the battle rages
The long night tarry on nobody has awakened
Some privileged to pass on to the other side
Total transmission from what we see now
Carcasses litter the streets as we run from pillar to post
Yet not so sure where the lot may fall
Great assets lost in hot zones, they shouldn’t have taken the guns,
Gravesides more frequent than bedsides

When did we become such serious foes?
That tears can’t seem to mend?
We let our children die by our own hands and still squeeze our sorry faces
How valuable is this trophy, hope it’s worth the pains we are feeling now?

We match in battalions, onward we go
Faces brimming with boldness and courage,
Though fear still takes its partition
We leave behind loved ones not so sure,
like walking into the lions cave to kill or be killed
Jumping over strip wires, nice try
Only to step on landmines
A time to team up with death taking from one end
While it continues from the other side in its own way
Orphans, widows and widowers we make at will that which we had once pitied
What caused this sudden change?
So unfortunate many fighting ignorantly yet arrogantly

Now we pull down our once fancied walls to build more refugee camps and fill them
We overstretching science and make of men expendables
A time we show how much we can take

What we depict now is wickedness rather than strength
In this game
Winners are

Copyright © victor nwakanma | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Lady Gray

You are in between
A little move and you are unclean
Pitching water without killing the fire
Confusion and delusion, Retire.

You are in between
Like a dying rain on a bright sunshine
So sublime, you’re always crossing the line
A character a novel will never have
A life repeatedly judged, it doesn’t budge.

You are in between
A head-turning beauty, always seen.
A soul with pure intentions, 
Reciprocated with vile pretensions

Somewhere in between
A shadow of a lady and	its miniature
Wide eyed ignorant, begging for an answer
Unlock a door and let her in
Or tear her apart, rip her skin

The love she chose, the life she has given
Elements of sacrifice, the price she’s paying
Take her on either side
Don’t be an in between. 

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |


By Immaculata Ortner

Sorrow springs in black savannah
Where nature proved its pride
Silence sting like ancient drone
As dark melody rose 
Winging high in spike like dragon spew
As discomfort swells in black souls
Our top was not so high
Neither was our thoughts wild!
When strangers flirt and raid our shores in with minds of wolfish beats
Our words and swards were sheath
And the voice of our chanting drum was trunk
Groaning grey in grievous tones
As darkness shades our doomy world
They traced our path in search of liquid golds, yet with books untold
They crack our walls with no defence, speak with hoot like owl!
They create a route of no return
Where blacks goods sniveled
They cleared our greens and dent
Our springs, yet we flinch and flee in fear
But though our nights, were doomy dark
The sun could rise in place of moody moon if brothers where brothers
Our wings could mount the stormy wind if friends we trust where truly friends
And the green we have would be truly green if tooth that flashed were purely white 
Then our tales of pride would glow

Copyright © Immaculata Ortner | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |


With soil you now one
Now gone never to return
None to wipe my tears
Flooding down my cheeks

You were healing my wounded heart
With comfort
You filled my frustrated mind
Flower withers
Death overtakes life

Now that you are gone
I lose the grave wins
Above the sky
Heading heaven you are now
May your soul rest in peace

NB: in loving memory of my best friend Innocent

Copyright © Kuleza John Lembi | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

Just Last Night

Just last night I had a dream you were there I held you tight.
I smiled at you with such delight like watching the sunset into the night.
You whispered sweetly into my ear " How I love you my dear".
As I held you close that night you then disappeared from my sight.
Then it all came back to me the sadness of reality.
For I will hold you close no more my heart broken upon the floor.
As I sit here in this place the tears will run down my face.
I had a dream just last night......


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |


Where birds are two
We ask:where is the eagle?
Where trees are two
We ask: where is iroko?
Where men become two
We ask: where is Okonkwo?

Gut in the forest of Titans
He roared in the jungle and
Frightened those in the streets;
He stood the wrath of a tiger:
Made morsel of his gut
And status-jacket of its skin
Since then he wore not goat's skin
His was tiger's batik.

Because of fight,he rested his head on pestles
Because of fear,he knitted his heart with cables;
In battle, he killed in dozens;at home,
He marched on dozen fowls
If we did not see him in battle field
Did we not see him at home?

When fear was wild
With its tongue of flame and fangs of blood
Only Okonkwo stood,stood akimbo and spat:
Which chick eats beads like beans?
Which puppy eats elephant's scapula?
Which demon stands Chinua Achebe?
When woodpecker pecks trees
Does it also peck plantain tree?

Okonkwo! Okonkwo!!
When thunder strikes,
Its honour is certain:
Songo king of pebbles
Masqurade in war front
He that we could not confront
And lobbied the bully to wrestle
But made the bully's skull his cup
Man of brawn, man of brain.

Where is Okonkwo?
Big Iroko that blunted axes
Where is Okonkwo?
Bellows that spat fire and melted metal;
I say where is Okonkwo?
Sheath that swallowed the sword
And locked out its haft.

For Chinua Achebe ,the author of : Things Fall Apart.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Elegy of a farewell

cutting the line, turning the page in front of the mirror 
removing your name from the door 
because it should be irreplaceable 
for ever 
I can not write anymore 
of this fierce absence 
that doesn't fear the ice of the night 
that doesn't break itself 
in the dark depths of your distance 
it's the most terrible night 
 it's the most suffocating 
and paralyzing Winter 
in the broken dream 
of a bright mirror 
it was yours, and it was mine, just yesterday 

and was shattered at a stroke 
in an only instant 
ruining into smithereens sharp 
with whom, devastating me, 
they cut my soul 
in the smallest arid fragments 
not reconstructable 

on the threshold of our house 
when it lacks even the verse, and you can not 
you can not turn the page 
 in front of the mirror  

and you only can 
remove her name 
 from the door 
because it should be 
for ever 

Copyright © Weightless Pen | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

How Fast

How fast our hair grows gray!
Before we pray
Our evening prayer, the night falls.
Death calls
Our name
Before coming success and fame.

Copyright © Sayeed Abubakar | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Minus Season

There are no seasons for you anymore,
since you chose to leave us for death's favor.
No day to await or night to savor.
And so now left to me,
still lips curl a child's bittersweet smile,
April's breath hangs on the orchid's gloom,
but I've no mind to bear such ironic blooms.
And so now left of me,
only shade to labor, hiensight to see.
There are no seasons for me either.
No days to await or nights to savor.
Just a haunted heart that limps to linger.

Copyright © Chad Knight | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

The Weak Morning Sun

A sudden grief, I disappear
A sudden pain, I persevere
The tears shut me down
Hear that wailing sound?

I lost something I never wanted
I wanted something I never had
I have neither
Leads me longing for ether.

I am walking by fist
But my limbs crawl for a kiss
I am hungry for a fall
From a 10 feet tall or for a midnight stroll

Who is unhappy?
I for once had the courage to marry
Tasted intimacy, glory… sorry
I am not staying…

Going… GONE. Leave me

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Innocent Bystander

Ricochet bullet,
a bullet with someone else's name written on it ...
It makes a 45-degree right turn off the concrete pavement,
and finds you instead
You just went to the corner gas station
to buy some potato chips and a loaf of bread
But now you're going to the morgue
with a bullet in your head
Death was waiting to embrace you that morning,
the minute you got out of bed
Newspapers the next day,
says you were an innocent bystander
An argument in the store,
spilled out into the parking lot
Just as you arrived, the shots rang out
Deadly gunplay took your life yesterday,
you never would've stepped out the house,
if you had known it was gonna end this way
Innocent bystander,
your life took a stage exit left
when that ricochet bullet took a right turn
Falling to the ground, taking your last breath,
you bemoaned your fate ...
picking the wrong time to be an out-of-town guest

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016