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Elegy Sister Poems | Elegy Poems About Sister

These Elegy Sister poems are examples of Elegy poems about Sister. These are the best examples of Elegy Sister poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Elegy |

From Toil to Rest

From toil to rest you heard the call
Farewell to changing weather
The clock lies broken; forever stalled
Now you roam in fields of heather

For:  Winnie- RIP

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2012

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On Sunday March thirty two thousand fourteen, my sister
lost her grim battle to cancer, she was much younger than I;
nobody would believe that she fervently prayed while waiting to die...
who gave such strength to endure pain, if not her faith of believer?
I stood by her touching her forehead to offer some consolation...
she tried to smile, but was overcome by pangs of desperation. 

If horrid fate had cut abruptly her life, prayers provided endless comfort;
and accepting death as a relief from suffering, she cherished that thought!

Farewell, Catherine...even the March gloomy sky cries
to express its ample sympathy for someone with moribund eyes!
A treasure you have left: gems that gleam as the eternal stars,
and each one of them reflects the gentle smile of your shining grace
that everyone saw when you opened those warm arms...
and by loving everyone, you taught us the meaning of an embrace!   

Farewell, Catherine...find joy in that celestial place above the earth's sphere,
there happiness is heard through songs that praise glorious love, not fear!  

We'll remember those delightful moments you shared with us...
when joy shone on a face that did not know the bitterness 
of tears! Yes, they are imprinted on these weeping hearts
as the words of Virgil who commemorated the brave souls 
that accomplished great things never forgotten by fleeing time...
isn't your story of indomitable courage for us to read and admire?

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


Such has passed:
the flower,
her soft touch,
pure loveliness,

Such has passed:
the precious days
which count;
she was born

Such shall not pass:
the promise
from the One who 
did raise our Lord,
“to raise all
who are yours”!

Copyright © James Peranteau | Year Posted 2011

Details | Elegy |



Little sister,
When shall I see you again?
When shall the vegetables in 
The compound stop waving their hands to say goodbye to you?
When shall tears in my eyes dry of pains?
I have heard of Odenigbo wide laugh,
Yes, let him laugh at me, the gods made it to be so.
I have seen the stream roared in my presence,
Let them roar and cause, I won't be shaken.
Arusi iyi made it to be so and nothing I could do,
I have journeyed down to the hills and mountains
Of Ugoloma in search of you but I found nothing.
Am I the Only One that will cry heard of you?
Am I the only one that’s blind by love that bind sister and brother together?
The circles that go through my mind is kept for,
The truth that’s never found awaits your return,
The pain that starts again blindfolded what I used to be.
Am I the only one that fails to realise that life is but a mere journey of pains and sufferness which has no value?
Am the one that will see love and not grab it then I  feels so dead inside And You suffered the nails of the bloody enemy whose face is hidden?
I want see you and hold your hands little sister,
I want to tell the story of Uma to the Ohafians!
When are you coming home, little sister?
The vegetable in the compound are waiting for your return, ogbonneya.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Someone walked over my grave today

>Someone I know not who walked over my grave today

It started on my local BBC Radio.
It really did you know.
A question was just asked it’s true.
What was the nicest thing ever said to you?

I did not have to think of an answer.
To this question asked on our local BBC radio.
The one that struck me off their Facebook page.
They really did, you know.

I shall not ring them up.
I will not tell them so.
As if I do, I really know.
My voice will sadly go.
I can write it down.
As none can see my tears flow.
I wish I had not heard that question.
I really do you know.

My sister Alma was dying.
She was younger than me.
She was only fifty-four.
Two years younger, you see.

When we were young times are hard.
To a children’s home was sent.
For three years, we were together.
Then to different foster homes were sent.
Of course, no one would tell me.
As separation, at the home was made.
And after a little while playing  with her.  
I was not allowed to play.
And that made us both afraid.
Then the seed was planted.
We had no related plaids.

It was through my sister’s insistence.
When, finally she was in a loving foster home.
She pestered her foster mother saying.
‘Who was that boy who played with me in the children’s home?’
Her persistence finally paid off.
Her foster mother did find me.
We had many happy years visiting.
At least, that’s what she said to me.
But the nicest thing she ever said.

Was, ‘Stanley, I am so pleased I found you.’

Then Cancer took Alma away you know.
Now I must stop as cannot see, as my tears oh so flow...<

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

Goodbye Mommy

Standing 'round the stone
waiting to say goodbye,
how do you say the words
when your heart is empty.
Nothing can prepare you
for the pain of loss
when you lose someone so
close to you.
Waiting for the words
to come forward from
your lips, yet nothing
emerges past the pain.
Then you hear a soft
voice nearby saying
that which you
Goodbye Mommy.

Copyright © Mickey Stroda | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

Burning souls

Scalding tears,empty promises,the rejoinder of corruption.

Keep away from the fire, fruit tree, bureaucracy don't scratch your pen on the 

Poison somebody's mind,my village has 800 souls.

The murderer boasts again and the fireman goes to an early grave.

I snuff a candle,knelt down and prayed,

......as the moon is beginning to wax.

Copyright © Teddy Dude | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

Brother Night

I send my prayers aloft,
that's about all I can do,
no matter what I did,
I couldn't have saved you.

I was the innocent child,
confused by your disdain,
I never knew the boundaries of
your deep emotional pain.

In my eyes you had it all,
our mother's looks, our father's brains,
but now I know how sharp the edge
between genius and insane.

Now you're gone, I feel your love
that I longed for as a child.
Too late, too late, alone again,
abandoned and exiled.

So let me just say thanks again,
for that final poison arrow,
the anguish is a part of me,
embedded in my marrow.

(Remembering my brother, who took his own life last May, on his Jan 2nd birthday.)

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2009

Details | Elegy |

A Salute to Debra Reid: Our Sister, Our Friend

from the minute you gave your soul 
into the safe keeping of Jesus Christ
you went on to lead an upstanding, 
productive and blessed life
from the moment you met and married your true love, 
your husband Kenneth Reid
you reaped a bountiful harvest 
and built a business with God's righteous seed

the enemy came upon you shooting arrows 
from every angle and in every way
yet our Father God continued to shield you 
and lift you up each and every day
you fought the good fight Debra 
and now you can gracefully lay down your sword
for Father God has called you up heaven 
to receive your just reward

so today we salute you Debra 
for being a soldier in the army of God
and your memory will live on forever 
embedded within our hearts
you've been a trooper and a true disciple 
until the very end
and our love for you will never die, 
Debra Reid Our Sister, Our Friend

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2008

Details | Elegy |

Dear Role Model, Inspiration, Sister

I couldn't see your struggles, or perhaps I missed a sign.
I wish I would've noticed, noticed you weren't fine.
You laughed with me the day before...
And now I wish that I would've said "I love you more." 

I was ready to go to church, but then I heard a crash.
I wasn't sure if it was you, but anyway I got up in a dash.
I saw you lying there I was screaming your name.
I screamed, but there was no response. I felt it was my fault, I felt the blame.

I didn't know the demons you’re were fighting.
I only saw you smile as your little Amya was writing.
I called Mom and she told me to shake you.
However I knew you were gone because your skin was blue. 

I ran to the kitchen, I ran to Dad.
He shook and screamed with no response, I knew that it was bad.
I did as Dad asked and I called nine-one-one.
However, your demons fought a battle and this one they won.

The medics and firefighters came and did everything they could
If I could go back in time and change what happened I would 
I didn't know the things keeping you up at night 
However, I do know what happened to you wasn't right, 

I got calls and texts asking if I was okay.
I thought I wasn't, but the pain I was feeling was child's play. 
Instead of them asking me, I should've asked you.
I thought you were getting better, I didn't know you were so blue.

We went through our day and we moaned your death.
We cried because that day you took your last breath.
I will always be sad that you went so young.
I wish I had picked up the phone when it had rung.

I want to go back and help you with your trouble.
I could've helped you, helped you out of the rubble.
You are gone now and there's nothing I could do.
But know that I love you and I'll miss you too.

Many told me, "I'm here if you need anything."
Those people just never asked you when all you needed was one big thing.
Your cries were help were labeled at attention. 
However if you were asked you would've able to mention.

You didn’t deserve to feel the way you did.
If someone would’ve reached out your problems would’ve rid 
You didn’t deserve to die
Maybe it would be difference if someone would’ve noticed when you would cry.

I was at the mall the day before you went away.
The last time we talked I called you back, I wanted to know what you wanted to say.
You told me that you called to ask what soda I wanted from the store.
We finished talking so I said I love you, and as I hung up the phone my heart tore.

I didn't it know it then, but I know it now.
The last thing I said was I love you, but others didn't get the chance I got.
Oh, wow.
You are gone from Earth, but you aren't forgotten.
I wish I would've cared more instead of being so rotten. 

You loved me so much my whole life. 
Maybe if I would've showed you the love you showed me you would've one day been someone's wife.
You are gone now and I don't know what to say.
I just know I want to go back and be there before you left that way. 

I'm so sorry big sister. 
I didn't realize your life was a twister. 
You were spiraling out of control and I didn't help you out. 
Instead all I did after you were gone was cry and shake and shout.

I loved you so much, 
But you'll never know what I thought about you such
as how I loved that one pair of shoes 
or how I loved your magic kisses that healed my boo-boos.

It was Sunday, January Two-Nine,
I woke up and you seemed fine.
A few hours later and you were gone. 
If only I would've awoken you at dawn...

I couldn't see your struggles, or perhaps I missed a sign.
I wish I would've noticed, noticed you weren't fine.
You laughed with me the day before...
I wish that before you left I could've said that  "I love you more."

Copyright © JoAnn Saloga | Year Posted 2017