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Halloween and the Yellow Rose

     The day my mother was taken from me 'Halloween'
     fifty she had just turned the golden years she so much yearned
     Left partially in a river her body broken and bruised
     hidden from sight alone on a many twilight

     Painfully I searched for days to weeks and on
     knowing a homicide had occurred in the early morning dawn

     A man in a drug induced state with no heart of grace 'Winsette' his name
     has left me with a lifelong of memory and pain
     At times in my heart for him I would wish to destroy
     all the evil thoughts for him I felt I would enjoy

     But I have learned to forgive so I could liberate my soul
     even though he now walks the streets on parole

     So on Halloween night there is no candy to give
     only a memory of a mother I have lost instead

     As I take the long walk to my mother's headstone
     I lay a single yellow rose and a sweet candy kiss upon her head.

Dedicated to: My Mother 1939-1989  Never forgotten on Halloween Night
T Reams 9/27/2015   copyright     Contest sponsored by: Nayda Ivette Negron
My Favorite Flower    Placed 1st

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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The Harlem Rose

You rapped half yourself around the world
With outrageous rhythm and rhyme
Did crime did time
Bound yourself in chains
Etched your name in fame
While your other half remained unclaimed
In a book of poetry
You wrote in quiet moments
4 no 1 else 2 c
Where now I find the depths
And gentle beauty of your soul
As every petal of your being
Now unchained unfolds 
A Rose that grew from concrete
Now I breathe your fragant breath
A Man I never understood in life
Now I understand in death.

Written:  June 9, 2010
A tribute to: Tupac Shakur
Inspired by:  His book of poetry, 'The Rose that Grew From Concrete'. 

About Tupac:
Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), known by his stage names 2Pac (or simply Pac) and Makaveli, was an American rapper. Shakur has sold over 75 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world.>  In the United States alone he has sold 37.5 million records.

Tupac Shakur’s most intimate and honest thoughts were uncovered only after his death with The Rose That Grew From Concrete, a collection of deeply personal poetry handwritten by Tupac in his own private notebooks over the course of his life - a mirror into his enigmatic world and its many contradictions written from the time he was 19.

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2010

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Paddy's Rose

A white rose 
In bloom on Paddy’s grave
White the colour of his fur
And white was once the colour for true love

I planted the bush the day he died
And now it’s part of him

The day we lost him
Is still too painful to think about
St Patrick’s Day

I remember, instead
The year before Pads died
We expected to lose him then
But stronger medication gave him more time
Gave us more time

The garden full of happy daffodils 
Like the whole world was smiling with us 

Now I stand at his grave
Kiss the last rose
And whisper, ‘I love you.’

4th November for Constance’s Elegy contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2013

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Cry of rose

In a death
Of a poet
Oh poetess
As the moon may had fell
And no more rise out of dark
As the sun my gone
And no morning for man
No more no more
Made her song salt and sad
And tears ocean so deep
Mourning mourning of song
With song
To mourn the song
With song
Mourning peace with peace
She put a rose
Where the wisdom in tomb of rose
Soft and keen
And she kissed his tomb
Her last kiss
The touch
Of rose
Warm and deep
And his tomb
Cold and deep

Copyright © Sallam Yassin | Year Posted 2013

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The Graveyard Rose

She was beautiful, unlike any other
She stood high above the ground shining with bright colours…
Had she grown somewhere else
People would line up, only to take in her scent…
But she was lonely…
The only rose to rise where the dead lie
So nobody ever came to keep her alive…
And she still grows…
In a field of snow, a picture so cold
There…the red beauty stands strong
As if her roots had grabbed the centre of the Earth below
In a loving embrace, never willing to let it go…
There she stood…
A soul so misunderstood…
The graveyard rose…

Copyright © Zeki Majed | Year Posted 2015

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Smothered Black Rose

Black rose,
your soul aerates
an ebony, sweet calamus fragrance
Paved over by concrete of regret ...
unharvested time lost, never again to get
Delicate black rose,
a beautiful flower died in the field of Goshen
Smothered by careless neglect ...
We who have ailing loved ones,
feel we have time enough yet
to mend those fences that are broken
But the petals fall to the ground when you least expect
Plucked from the garden of life
in her sleep peacefully ...
her tired body set free, released
from the bonds of her infirmities
I loved you,
even as I embraced your dying essence
Fearlessly you faced
the specter of death with grace
and dignity
I wished I had showed I loved you more,
and told you as much
People say how well I took care of you,
but I feel like I didn't do enough
But your forgiveness was more than enough
It revived me, and set my guilt free
Beautiful black rose,
you were a loving mother to me;
I remember well your tears of caring,
shed so unselfishly
Crying to God for the life of your children
Though you were dying, you hid your pain
from our eyes very well
We never could tell the agony behind the smile,
all the while, your flowering spirit
dispersed seeds of love to the last gasp
Timeless, blossoming black rose,
the deep roots of your loving memory comforts me ---
more than living hearts could ever know

This poem is dedicated to my late beloved mother, Barbara

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Like Red On A Rose

Dedicated to Papa (1947-2004)

All I can say right now is wow
It has indeed been too long
I never really listened to the radio
Until I hear that one song.
It takes me back so many years
To when I was just three
When we were riding in the truck together
You sang to me like I was a baby.
It takes me back to those years on the lake
When I caught my first fish
We took it home to Grandma for a surprise
For that day, I longingly wish.
It takes me back to my earliest memory
of you and me watching T.V.
Grandma Miriam was there as well
So I must have been just a baby.
It takes me back to when Grandma died
And you married Jessica instead
I began calling her Grandma as well
And I brought her the fish that was dead.
It takes me back to that summer
When I fell off the golf cart
You told me that seeing me cry
Was truly breaking your heart.
It takes me back to hearing you sing
For the last time in 2005
It was Alan Jackson then, too
Just a little before you died.
It takes me back to that day
When you weren't doing so well
We went to see you in the hospital 
That visit made my heart swell.
It takes me back to that day
When I got off the bus
Nana was there and she told me
That you were no longer with us.
It takes me back to just a week ago
When I heard Alan Jackson's song
And, for the first time in two whole years,
I actually sang along.
True, my tears were running
Pretty rapidly
But I knew that the crying would help
'Cause I could feel you singing along with me.

Copyright © Kristen Wilson | Year Posted 2007