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Details | Elegy |

Eulogy for a Soul Taken too soon

So much potential, courage and love
Alan Williams, Jr. was truly a gift sent from above
So young yet so wise; he fought to be true
Never giving up when times became blue

He dared to be himself, when everyone rejected him
His cup was never empty; it was always to the brim
That’s how he saw the world, dreams and second chances
No lost causes, just new songs and funny dances

He hadn’t seen his family in quite some time
They didn’t see the angel he was, they never let him shine
But that didn’t make him bitter or mean or lost
He deserved love and he was willing to pay the cost

He loved unconditionally, believing everyone was good
Even when it hurt him, he did all that he could
To accept his own flaws and put aside the pain
So that he could help another move past the strain

He never asked for anything back; he gave from the heart
And even though he’s gone, he’ll always be a part
Of each and every one of us, the people he held close
His brand new family, the one that he chose

His passing is a tragedy; no one knows why he’s gone
He will never be forgotten; the sun sets then again comes the dawn

Visit my blog to read the rest of my Free Supernatural Poem Novel: https://freesupernaturalpoeticnovel.wordpress.com/

Copyright © AC Dominguez | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Land of the Free

Oh, Land of the Free 
You have presumptuously deemed yourself the mouthpiece and policy maker 
Of the world
How overconfident
How impudent
Who makes you... 
                          Oh, King of impertinence
Regulators of the human race...
                                                         The monarch of the agitated sea
Who are you to dictate MY household’s wishes? 
As with the Roman Empire, your greed and moral deficiency IS your destruction
Your sins are hidden behind plaster, ramshackle, and termite-infested walls  
You sit on your throne of deprecated morality
You twist your neck and roil your head in an idiomatic cistern of ethics
Oh, how those merchants whom seek shelter under your fiscal confidence...
                             Will wail and rip their outer garments, as they witness your
Nevertheless, just like men whom seeks the warmth of a harlot’s bosom
They will easily turn their face to the next woman of ill-gotten gains

Copyright © Mark Pringle | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |


 I appear with the unbegotten 
 In the hollows of the seen 
 A shadow of the soon forgotten 
 I enter through the dream

 Inhabiting the void 
 In the source of germ and seed 
 I bring forth the undestroyed 
 As time and space recede 

 In nightmares where the banished dwell 
 In spells inciting ire 
 I swallow up a newborn hell 
 Bound by wind and fire 

 Snuffing out a sun or two 
 As a galaxy expires 
 I take root in empty truths 
 With flesh as my attire

 As ill-starred seers stutter 
 And oracles retire 
 I awake the muted echoes 
 In the ruins of desire 

 Written by © Raven Drake

Copyright © Raven Drake | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


Destiny fraught with hardship 
So much in aconite life of the 
hapless soul
In row prone with some ponce
Who could save as she fret? 
Conscripted in a route routed 
On lisping lips of the wobbly 
Like bird she could afar and 
appear in minute 
As it were when one is peregrine 
in gradgrinds
It could be anything but help 
Dove like as seen on thy alter
Not just a deist in your 
What could have warrant such 
Towards these wench 
If there were life after where she 
The issuance of ones isonomy 
to beloved family
Like teddy bay roaming in the 
hands of strangers
Straining in no altercation 
Yes, she live up to her mournful 
Waited in many of her days 
Maybe the sun could deign and 
benign her path.  

Copyright © kelechi Emeaba | Year Posted 2010

Details | Elegy |

Charlotte's Death

I came in and heard her scream,
I climbed the stairs, but then there was a dark silence, was I just in a dream?
I quickly walked to her room,
I walked in and there was her blood everywhere my eyes looked.
Her lifeless body laid there on the bed,
There was suddenly a ringing in my head, "Please, please tell me this is all in my head!"
Everything inside of me wanted to touch her,
I wanted it to be just another nightmare.
I screamed and screamed and nobody could hear me,
I screamed and screamed, where is the man that did this.
How did he leave? Who is he?
Only a man without a heart could do this,
Only a woman who's lost a love could do this.
Charlotte got around,
she made every man her own.
Now I'll never know...
Was it an old flame, or a new one? Was it a woman she stole him from?
Charlotte got around,
she made every man her own.
Now I'll never know,
who was it in that room when her face was being deformed?

Copyright © Mamelodi Marakalala | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

war regret

Our brothers were born upside down
They were conceived by mistake.....and 
our fathers choose to call them prodigal

Who would have thought as much?
With their faces beaming with smiles as 
their foreheads shone bright with promising future,
There names we never wished to forget because
 they made us live reciting it again and again
But they ended up stamped on grave stones just because 
they were too obedient to pick up the gun and had gone

Now we wished they weren’t born at all
We wished they hadn’t picked up the gun but run
We wished we were wishes
We wouldn’t have wished war.

Copyright © victor nwakanma | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Poetry Seance

so much talk
poetry’s dead, poetry’s dying

I live with the dead
know the dying

in myself
so I lay a braided scarlet welcome mat
at the door and welcome 

all for this marvelous seance
and metamorphosis

step right up
the plasticine academic gold butterfly
returns to the vile chopped red neon street

tranvestites ask directions and wink
as the mint girls turn their heads shake their ass

knowing full well porn has emptied their
carrot dangling coffers

the man with the gold lamé suit
terminal navy ink fingers
throwing darts at the half-grinning moon

Copyright © michael amitin | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


Who's watching?
How do they know?
They took him, all of him
Their attempt to erase
Member by member only leaving his face
This way he was laid
It's too close to my space
They took him, all of him
Flames ablazed
They took him, why him?
Why was his body found near my place?

Copyright © Jamala James | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |

Life's Devastation

Life is a Devastation upon request,
When you live each moment like the rest.

Trying to fit in, 
Wearing a mask,
It's killing you inside, 
You have nowhere to hide.

As your heart falters, 
And your breathing stops,
You fall into the dark abyss.
Not knowing what's on the otherside,
Not caring 'cause you have died.

Goodbye light, Hello darkness

Copyright © BRITTANY MOON | Year Posted 2010

Details | Elegy |

When words mean nothing

How to abate the loathing
When words mean nothing?

There are moments
In human existence

Any resistance
against baleful fate
is futile.

One is left
with his thoughts
by all gods

Astonished immensely
by the world vile
which first
gave him birth
and now
devours him
with mirth

Agonizes he
in every spot
on the Earth

Where does his heart belong to
Never will he learn

How to console such a man
When all words would burn?

How to abate the loathing
When words mean nothing?

Copyright © Lukasz Walterowicz | Year Posted 2011

Details | Elegy |


As blood drips down
I stare at myself with a frown
Her body flashy red
Stabbed her dead
Dropped my knife
Started to caress my wife
Gruesome love
As I removed my infected glove
Flowed in my mind were memories
How the joy to bury her in the cemeteries’ graves
I chopped her many and waves
Of worship appeared
I knew I feared
This, I loved too much
I remember the first touch
My hands on her hips
Licked mine and on her lips
As my hand gentle rows to the end of her back
I managed to take a snack
My hands reaching her round behind
Combined of the kissing of her chest
Licking between the two breast
I become more attracted
And more distracted
Pushed her on the bed
Instead my jumping ahead
I gave time
So then she can be mine
In the mid-dust, forever
Me and her together
As I stormed with the ring
I became the king
And she is my queen
The glorious scene
In a dull and faded
With me is hatred
I had to say
In a mysterious way
I have done a mistake
That no one can break
I picked the knife stabbed myself and returned
To my lover that I burned…

Copyright © Rami Al-khalili | Year Posted 2005

Details | Elegy |

Marie III--Is the Coffin Too Deep

So frigid was her immaculate body Her last second in screams is all I can see Love's revenge was my guilt With you I'd rather let you die with Bound hands Without you, Marie, like the psychopath's dream Death is all that I can see; All that could redeem Did anyone ask Did anyone recall The sweet taste of the poison The swift slash of the knife he penetration of the lead The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Was it so hard to solve Was it so hard to see That I strangled her so easily My nails piercing her comely skin Blood dripping like the pomegranate I crushed with the shovel I shattered her shins The knife to slight her wrists Didn't you see I did it all The only witness Couldn't say Is the coffin too deep? The pain of her decaying hear tI can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Marie I cant stay Earth is to cruel when your coffin is to deep Forever in death and in death alone The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep?

Copyright © Wyatt Loethen | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |



" Jesus, Rex Judaeorum," how best could he 
Have shown his qualities than dying on the cross, a fatal fee.   
What could he have said while dying than;
"Deusin manus tuas commendo spiritum meum."

He could only go about boasting that;
"Verus Deus salutaris venire ad eum." so flat.

[SALAZAR was growing too emotional and angry under the scrutiny of GOD THE ALMIGHTY.]

Ubi est pars terrae quae fecimus?
We were treated as fools.
Quare nos de caelo expulsi?
What did you want us to see?

licet sim occidit inferorum,
Regnum me pugnabit iuro. There is no room.
My father BEELZEBUB was cheated and so the earth should be doomed.
That was it. Revenge we are no fool.


GOD: thanks for that digression Salazar.May you continue with the confession.

"Yes," Yards away from my home was an old church,
Whose bells hadn't tolled for twelve years because of a touch 
Of dilapidation, and which could not be repaired.
Despite all, all was set and for me, the bells were prepared.

As I was received on earth, the bells tolled simultaneously
A surprise to all who heard the twelve solid tolls calmly.
That was the announcement of my arrival,
Perpetuated by twelve ghosts from the cemetery’s anal.

These ghosts, men who had died twelve years ago,
Were raise by the breathe of hell to announce of my ego.
The tolls were preceded by an unprecedented silence
Which would quell the hurricane to listen for clearance.

Exactly twelve hours after my birth, my earthly mother died
From protracted after-delivery pains so tight.
She was soon cremated as her religion permitted,
While others cried and feasted.

In the glories of noon on the twelve day,
I was named, a predetermined choice in play,
In which I would grow to much fame.

I was a happy and kicking baby so dear,
Who never whimpered or dropped a tear
After birth, nor as I grew old in days,
To the surprise of my family and race.

Although a mere baby, none knew i could hear 
And understand the language so clear.
I would listen to earthly dad say; “an angel
Dictated to me that baby's name. That I can tell.

In my twelve days, many took me in their arms;
I was exceedingly healthy and beautiful like the rams
To the love of all who readily hugged me,
Oblivious to the fact that i was a threat to humanity.

GOD: Exceedingly healthy one....


Copyright © Gerald Nforche | Year Posted 2010

Details | Elegy |

An Attic Visitor

A child, a game, without fore-knowledge
Played within an aging cottage
Not old enough to be a teen
Nor dabble in the social scene
Sat happy at her mother's feet
A dress, I must admit, discreet
A dish or two so clean and dry
A mother’s task in kitchen’s lie.

Upstairs, among the tattered clothes
Beyond the attic door, he dosed
A sickly gent from days gone by
Ancestral on the mother's side.
So ill he was by doctors ‘cree
Among this world not long was he.

A little girl, her game did play
Her tiny eyes did go astray
And happened on a family friend
Beyond the pane and in the glen
A wave he beckoned from the grass
She watched and wondered through the glass.

A quandary to mother’s gaze
She asked her mother on that day
Why grandpa was beyond the yard
And waving in such gay regard
A panic and a smashing dish
She grabbed the child - a drastic swish!
“Don’t speak to him!” a hurried utter
And dashed upstairs among the clutter

As though a spirit had passed by
An aerie scenery did spy
A greeting from beyond the grave
Beyond the attic he did stray
A woman’s fear had come to pass
For daughter’s vision came to ask
How could he be in such a place
When death had entered on his face.

A lesson to you, I convey
To see a runner from the grave
So never answer when they ask
A beckoning of someone passed.
Don’t look behind when sounds are near
Or ghostly runners might appear.
To speak to one will kill you too,
A wives tale that to some, is true.

Copyright © Tammy Armstrong | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |

September in Portugal

Portugal in September. 

Perfect translucent day and I can see the peculiar nature again, 
as it is no longer a blur of glaring sunlight. It is like meeting 
an old friend, one who was rumored to have died, in a country 
I will not see again. Evergreens, carob and olive trees lost in 
the mist of time, forever alone in the transience of seasons. 
I also see glimpses of the sea it doesn’t interest me, not today 
anyway, but I do notice it is deep blue and has white sails on. 
On my scooter I drive across a narrow bridge they have been 
working on so it can take heavy lorries, a road is being built 
somewhere out of sight.  Wish I were a painter, fair clouds on 
azure sky, could be smoke signals sent by an Indian tribe yet 
to be discovered, I see the past and future at the same time. 
Bewildering, do I drive in a landscape of ancient dreams?
I better stop find at a café, drink a “Bica” (coffee) before I fade 
into the mystery of nature and can’t find my way back home.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2011

Details | Elegy |

Saving Grace

Alive In Night,
 Shadowed By Light
Born Through Pain
 The Death Is Sane
So Surreal The Death I Feel;
 Faith No More,
Trust In Doubt
 Left With Scorn
Fled In A Rush
 Melting At Your Touch.
Can't You Hear
 The Hope, The Fear...
Pain And Hate
 How Easily Does It
Resign Your Fate,
 Justified Thy Death
Murdered Thine Life
 Can Help Shine Through,
This Opaque Shield I Drew.
 Maybe, Finally-I Can Rest In Pieces...
Undeterred Needs Met With Unsoilicited Promises.

Copyright © Lisa Allen | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |


Fearless  i go running in the night
barefoot on rich damp soil
stretching out my arms
in a cool wild flight
trees, they whisper in my ear_

dark wind on cold bare flesh i’m running 
hot face, heart pounds 
i feel the pull of a thousand years, 
and the way things used to be
and then, i hear the call

you are here
the time is now
and all things are as they are
the time is now
and you are here
all things are all things
and, all is meant to be

flight faster than thought in this light moon night 
as i slip between the bars
and i breathe the finest breath
homosapiens erect
moving, silently through the stars

you are here 
all things are meant to be 
the time is now
and all things are as they are

Copyright © steve watts | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

Beseeching Old Man

Can you not hear my word?
If what I say fails to hold your interest
They are still of importance

These words are a lifetime defined
My joys and lamentations
They are a brush stroke shadowing
What I was…and am now

They are the songs of my children
The silence of standing graveside
Softly fading with times passing
Always of my voice whispering

Perhaps these words are nonsensical
And you uninterested in them
They are my life both past and present
My gift and legacy…

Yet still living

Copyright © Charles Fuller | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

Poor Hope

Her husband was a kindly man,
never thought himself too grand,
fought hard and long in World War II,
what he saw there, no one knew.

They raised their kids to be good folk,
and, Lord, that man could tell a joke.

Two years ago, he got real sick,
and wound up in the hospital quick.
Two years of chemo, and radiation,
he fought like he had for his nation.

His sons gave marrow, the pain endured,
and, God be blessed, he was cured!

When he came home, he seemed depressed,
convinced his finances were a mess,
no one could tell him otherwise,
though his bank books were right before his eyes.

Last week, he took his shotgun to the shed,
and that's where poor Hope found him dead.

©Danielle White

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2009

Details | Elegy |


 Cry a tear drops down my eye as I see the pain you were in, You were my father it 
seemed like you were my only friend. 

  This cannot be real, I wanted so bad for you to heal to be the same person that you 
used to be but all i'd ever have was painful memories. 

  I wanted you here for my wedding for my first child, I wanted you here for everything 
for things father's live for.

  Now all I can see is the care free life that is put in front of me, My mother is more 
like a sister than anything she knows What's best but not like a father would.

  I can come home late and she won't suspect a thing, maybe I need a father to put down 
that hard cold disapline. 

   I cry whenever I think about not having someone in my life to hold me down, To keep 
me warm, to warn me.

  Life is filled with hardships I thought you'd always be there to protect me. Always be 
there to hug me.

  Cancer took you away so slowly but when you were gone it seemed like just a second. I 
wanted you close, I wanted to always be daddy's little girl but nothing worked out the 
way I planned it. 

  I cried, my eyes out now they are dry but they will never heal. The scars from tears 
have damage them for life.

  I will cry at my graduation, I will cry at my wedding, I will cry at each special 
event and just image you there holding a camera.

  Capture it daddy I will smile and say ill picture you handing me a tissue because you 
never left me sad for long. 

 Cry I think i'm over that, But remember you'll always be in my heart.

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2005

Details | Elegy |

Untitled #185 / To my child who never was

To my child who never was,
I apologize
I swear I fought for you,
but I could not bring you forth alone
perhaps it is best that you
will continue to breathe in the void
and never taste the pain
of this violent earth

Copyright © Jesse Jones | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

Dark Cloud

Covering my heart,
The scab of sorrow,
Holds back my emotions.
To taste the satisfying drink,
That quenches my thirst.
To live my destiny.
Opening my eyes,
I peer,
Miles away,
Only to smell,
The pugnant oils of death.
Deciet has taken up room,
In my dark, 
Gloomy chamber,
Of dense despair.
The heavy oak door,
To my mind.
Changing channels,
To rainbows, daffidils,
Looking toward the harizon.
Taking flight,
On eagles wings,
Flying away,
From the dark cloud,
Filled with doom and dispair.
Dark Cloud

Copyright © norman geary | Year Posted 2005

Details | Elegy |

At the Gates

At the Gates

Why does thy heart always peer outwards?,
The first time I saw thee,
Thine eyes shone with a strange light,
I would have loved thee eternally,
If thoust heart had not gone on,
And left this world forever,
Encased in your snowy tears, born from wicked abodes,
Forever now you will be trapped,
Between this world and the next,
The night I promised you, the stars are your betrothed,
If I could only see thine eyes again,
I would have died a thousand deaths just to hear you open the gate again,
And glide upon the gravel in your familiar faerie step,
It is only in my most wondrous dreams, that the creatures of the night speak your 
Your name.
I sewed it into the fabric of the night in sweet lament,
And waited for the sad advent of winter.
And begged on hands and knees for the return of your snowy tears,
Thy heart peered outwards and thoust eyes wove only silence,
Thine eyes shine still with strange light,
I wake in my sleep for the thousandth time,
To speak your name

Copyright © Amanda McMullen | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |


 As the wind begins to howl ,
and the trees begin to blow.
You walk a little faster,
cause you already know.

 The steps are at a distance,
but getting closer now.
Still you know that something,
smells a little foul.

 You hear the wolves a howling,
the leaves begin to crack.
You just sit -n- focus,
and try to stay on track.

 Your mind begins to wonder,
as your looking left to right.
 All the things that could happen,
on such a darkened night.

 The moon is full and grey in tone.
All at once you hear a moan.

 It gets a little louder,
every step you take.
Still you know that somethings,
just a little fake.

 Your heart is beating faster, 
as you begin to sweat.
The palms on your hands,
are feeling rather wet.

 The color of your skin,
is that of ashy white.
The lump in your throat,
is just a little tight.

 All at once you stop.
It's time to face your fear.
But when you turn to look.
It's you that's in the mirror.

Copyright © gilberta kime | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

lost love

Needles in my veins,
Bullets through my skull,
Whisky in my blood,
Tears amongst  my eyes,
Scars black-out my wrists,
Murder floats through my mind,
What’s more to miss, love hope, misery, or just a simple kiss ,
Love has found  the key out of heart, and there’s no entrance left ajar,
Why couldn’t you conceive that I would have given up all I own and love to just be 
a sliver of your heart,  
Did you ever notice what I hade to go through to try to get close to you,
I hope you don’t forget my pain, because that chance has been banished from 
the depths of my dreams,
You’ve lost my kiss, my sympathy, and love for such a darling flower as your self,
At last I bid you good-by my lost love and hope you too don’t fight yourself, cut 
yourself, and drink away your misery, just forget and don’t think of me for all it’s 
worth I’m just dust and fading fog.

Copyright © James Barker | Year Posted 2008