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Elegy Mother Poems | Elegy Poems About Mother

These Elegy Mother poems are examples of Elegy poems about Mother. These are the best examples of Elegy Mother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Elegaic Lyric |


In the world  of all comforts,
In the world of absolute care and affection,
In the world of motherhood.
Ten months I was basking, in my mother's womb.
Happiness running down my spine – I thanked God,
His blessing in disguise, rather he in disguise – My mother,
Who is she? How she will be? - I don't know,
Am I her replica? Am I her miniature?
I struggled day after day to open my eyes.
To look at her dazzling beauty and to admire her.
Her hands were made to carry me,
Her arms were made to hug me,
Her shoulders were made to bear me,
My mother, the only person on this whole earth to love me more than I do myself.
I longed to see her face,
Why this ten months vigil? Why not now? My heart bumped!
Days rolled and months passed.
I kicked my way.
A pat on my back,
I cried, it was tears of happiness.
Where is my mother?
Place me on her hands, let me sense her breath,
Let that be the first air I breathe.
With great joy oozing out I slowly opened my eyes.
To see her eyes which is longing to see my eyes.
Mom! With great excitement I gazed.
But it was the blue sky that welcomed me to this new world.
Where is my mother? Where is she? Is she not carrying me?
I searched for her.
Then where am I placed? I looked around.
The cradle squeaked.
Sudden fracas and turbulence hit my ears.
In a fraction of a second I was surrounded by people.
Nobody like me and nobody liked me.
I moved from one hand to another.
But I never smelt my mother.
My mom was missing.
Did she leave me?
I was in a fix.
Yes, she left me.
What made her to hate me even before I was born?
She left me alone in this callous world.
Abandoned me,
Branded me an orphan,
Made me languish in pain,
Agonize in vain,
My day turned dark and despondent,
My life turned bleak and impotent,  
But still my heart longed to see my mother.
I can never in my life hate her.
Because I was in her.   
My ire was directed only at God,
He wrote my fate,
He took my mom, what more can I ask,
Nothing can replace her in my life.
I said “My God my first and last wish,
Give every child the power to see even before they were born,
Children like me, who are so unfortunate
Can see their mother's face at least from their womb.


Copyright © MADHUPRIYA SHANMUGAM | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

Halloween and the Yellow Rose

     The day my mother was taken from me 'Halloween'
     fifty she had just turned the golden years she so much yearned
     Left partially in a river her body broken and bruised
     hidden from sight alone on a many twilight

     Painfully I searched for days to weeks and on
     knowing a homicide had occurred in the early morning dawn

     A man in a drug induced state with no heart of grace 'Winsette' his name
     has left me with a lifelong of memory and pain
     At times in my heart for him I would wish to destroy
     all the evil thoughts for him I felt I would enjoy

     But I have learned to forgive so I could liberate my soul
     even though he now walks the streets on parole

     So on Halloween night there is no candy to give
     only a memory of a mother I have lost instead

     As I take the long walk to my mother's headstone
     I lay a single yellow rose and a sweet candy kiss upon her head.

Dedicated to: My Mother 1939-1989  Never forgotten on Halloween Night
T Reams 9/27/2015   copyright     Contest sponsored by: Nayda Ivette Negron
My Favorite Flower    Placed 1st

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |



sometimes in mass
as sacred songs
wash over me like rain,
I break free
and drift 
into memory,

and again you rise, 
your tears flow
as tears fill my eyes,
your dying breath
good bye;

after so many years,
the knife still cuts
and again, and

I cry.

(20 May 2015)

Copyright © Steven Federle | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

sweet baby girl

Sweeter than a flower special as could be
A little girl softly asleep
Kneeling in prayer singing a tune
Beautiful young one baby girl
See her face glowing
Know that she's going to a better place
Surrounded by angels
Near the pearly gates
Safely in the sacred arms
Looking up at Jesus face
Sweeter than a flower
Special as could be
A little girl softly asleep
Close your eyes right now
See her going
To a better place
Your little baby girl

Copyright © amie scheitel | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |


O beloved mother, o beloved sisters
departed from me, within years
of each other, to sadden my living;
I spend my days weeping...
reminiscing in my sorrow:
how we laughed together,
and faced another serene tomorrow,
knowing that sharing kindness
would bond our destinies
in ways so devoted and immense!   

O beloved mother, o beloved sisters...
I let the unconsumed joy of memories
take me to those yesterdays
to thank God for our existence,
when we enjoyed the gifts He offered;
yes, even the smallest of them 
were so lovely and precious!
And by watching how you faced death,
I admired how you became the bravest...
slowly letting go of what you possessed!

O beloved mother, o beloved sisters...
do you want me to continue crying,
or smile and console you with a future promise:
that soon we'll embrace one another
under the joyful eyes of our Creator?
Nothing foolish I will do to harm myself;
and wait I will 'till my end comes,
but until then my solemn prayers I'll recite
amid tombstones guarded by triumphant angels...
and bound for Heaven, I'll be smiling!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

Details | Elegy |

Goodby Mother

The jaw drops
as the lids of mine eyes
and mine dome

The whole procession
did hear these knees clap
with the stone
as the Elder read;
"This is,
her new home"

Copyright © James Peranteau | Year Posted 2009

Details | Elegy |


I miss my mom...the heart of my soul!

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |



Many times, I saw my spirit.
Many times, I felt my soul.
In life, I lived courageous.
Now it is time for me to journey home.

If you cry, that is fine.
If you laugh, that is better than a cry.
Rejoice in my life and shout praise.

For I am 
Therefore, I shall be
In peace, I leave this world.
To my love ones, I am with the Lord.

Sure happy to have lived
Not sad that my time has come
The benevolence of the spiritual realm is a breeze from a waterfall.

The Lord is my keeper.
He called me home.
No more sadness let us all rejoice.

Ms. Carrie Mae Sexton is now reunited with Jehovah God Lord.  A woman of statue... 
A woman of worth... All that knew her will truly miss her.

Never a life lost but one done with the world and because she walked a virtuous path, her life is shown.  The Lord knows best and we must know the same.   Our mother sojourns and in peace, she lays.

[“Be assured that just as an hour is only part of a day so life on Earth is only part of eternity.” C.L. Allen]

User Name: Verlena
Psuedonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: Grief and Bereavement

-Contest Enter: Space & Time - Metaphorically written... Eternity is space and time...  February 2014

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


                                        Elegy to Child Lost

                                 Passion's love oft tempts despair
                                 Casts a prideful cosmic dare--
                                 Like Prizing Joy's most intimate caress
                                 Babe snug beneath a mother's breast

                                Senses at this time are keen
                                There's no secret kept between
                                Loving mother, wriggling babe--
                                Wanted , dreamed of, much delayed
                                But entwined twin was also loved--
                                Some say Nature's method proves
                                That one twin may give all to mate---
                                But this fatal sacrifice must decimate.

                                Only mother's eyes would feel babe's smiles--
                                or sense those legs that wandered miles
                                And daring feet that danced in tunes while
                                Arms swam in gentle Celtic croons.

                                When babe vanished--not  a sound.
                                Mother 's grief was not allowed.
                                Tempted so to trail behind
                                Escaping shattered troubled mind. 

                                Squelching sorrow's hungry arms
                                She Tried erase babe's fluttering charms
                                Never spoke of-- never mourned.
                                By her husband she was warned
                                Was best forget a child so early lost--
                                Funerals, gravestones--such a cost--

                                But the years have called babe near,
                                Mother's journal writ in tears:
                                'Please forgive my selfish heart.
                                Repressed from all --this tragic part
                                I felt your sacrificial act--
                                You left your cherished twin intact'.

                                There is no law of random acts
                                Doctors examine data facts
                                It may be --that in the womb
                                When both spring flowers cannot bloom
                                One bold twin refrains to eat
                                Compels the other to complete
                                Hardy growth that life requires---
                                Sparks survival's crucial hours.

                                Not an accident 'tis sure--
                                Boldest spirits blossom pure.

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |


I Folded My Mother Up

I folded my mother up
Into a creased peace of paper 
Folding memories into intentions.
Flattening the dementia of unstructured emotions
Into a neat, file-able document.

We  arc this abyss;  tightening ropes  over time.
We are not our worst intentions, 
but we are the acts that follow.
Like clobbering footsteps tripping over 
broken pavements of Being.

We are the not sum of our categories 
or the crimes that we have witnessed
But we are the balance 
That keeps us falling forwards without stumbling
Over our own shoelace sense of time.

Copyright © Igor Goldkind | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Christmas without Mom

 To eulogize your life when we have spent so many years apart
 gives me comfort and memories of your precious passed life
 You speak to me in my dreams and share images of a castle by the stream
 it's walls shine of elegance a beauty of luster gold for your soul it now holds

 My Mother, you are now a jewel of heaven, a gem in God's crown
 as his loving arms hold you and his angels wings wrap around.

 I know you sit in the room of hearts and some day you will take me in your arms,
 while the angels play their harps like the soft swaying sound of a violin my soul 
 will then depart.

 As I stroll to the waters edge of sadness and my reflection is looking back
 I see my mothers wonderful smile our characteristics and mannerism
 you blessed me as a child.

 Tonight I will sleep and you will whisper in my ear all the stories 
 from the day that I was born, taking away my sadness and
 giving me comfort to help me not to mourn. 

 So on Christmas morn when I awake from my dream that we shared
 I will not see the lights from my Christmas tree
 only the glow from the angel who has given me a life and a soul that is free.

 T Reams 12/3/15      I miss you Mom 


Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Elegy: ''Dear Mother''

Dear Mother—I longed for your love:
     so when you passed away I wept;
as your spirit rose up above
     my stinging tears, which were inept,
flowed as we began to remove
     your cold, silent corpse as it slept—.

Days passed—they gathered for your wake,  
     a soothing time that was not sad
or grave as they tried for my sake 
     to pay their respects and seem glad:
as you laid there (to never take
     a breath again), I could’ve gone mad! 

The hour arrived—the funeral 
     took place on a cold, winter morn
as if dream-like, strange and surreal.
     Distraught, I felt bereaved and torn
as the last rites and burial
     made me shrill with grief from Death’s scorn!

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

My Chick

You’re skin and bones, chick.
Compassion commands me stop, 
stare, on my path, where you sleep.
I see dryness, hear stillness, feel silence.

You’re skin and bones, chick.
Were your chirps for worms
silenced in unsound Mother’s ears?
Your wings, too weak,
too still, on your first, failed, flight?
Your plume-less limbs
Coverless in cold night?

Uncovered corpse, bony chick.
No shore water to wash away
your undug green grave
in a low, lonely juniper.
My eyes wash me in salt water.

I have a path; yours ends here
your bones sinking, my brain soaring.	
Which frightened robin, fleeing my footsteps,
was your  misguided mother? So unlike mine, 
who saw her child, underfed, and said,
“You’re skin and bones, my chick.”

Copyright © Alexandra Romanyshyn | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

Flown and Gone in Gentle Grace

 "What incarnation is this?"
A July sun breaks my winter sleep,
  and ghosts in the fog are my only peace!
That early morning hoar chills
  the flesh and marrow, and the rains
of discontent neither cleanse nor cease

  I hear "Caramba Chico!"
This room, it reminds me so of you:
  see the picture portrait - your silky hair,
the dark ceramic lamp of rings,
  your canvas brush stroke, your books
upon your shelf, your lonely empty chair

  Verily so in older days
a dry Penfolds filled your sherry glass,
  when you of me did ask "is the table set?"
And I ask what's for dinner - pelau                   
  or maybe ham and hops to thankful fill,          
but you say "boy, tonight is macafouchette"

 "Christopher Columbus!"
Garden earth and buds dug in kneeling;
  how you liked upon the cuttings to tread,
or in slow quiet pause gently sip
  a tall sparkling shandy, light a cigarette,
write a letter, or turn an epic page unread

 "Jeez-an-ages! Is that for true?"
Stolen moments to drudgery escape
  in the garage pedaling the potters wheel.
Alas, into muddy clay buried
  great burden and pain! I remember well,
dear mother, how contented it made you feel

  As the hour grew late
I would camp upon your bed a while:
  lay beside you - feel your warm breath,
and there watch you nightly read 
  of love, life and loss - but "Aye Caramba" 
nigh was your own tale of ravage and death

 "Murderation! Is that so!"
A great reckoning there was to come;
  no saving and no respite from sorrows!
Keeper, but not mine to keep,
  healer, but not yours to heal - now all 
we have are yesterdays and no tomorrows

 "Jumping Jehoshaphat!"
Out of the land of Isla de la Trinidad
  landed crates of tins and jars from home;
but filled was I by your cup,
  its love and succour real and everlasting,
and yet passed is a glory buried in the loam

  Oh, how the music played,
closer and louder the beating drums:
  Calypso Rose the calypso queen to be!
When we at Carnival '78 danced
  down Frederick Street; but the music 
died, and now I long for its sweet melody

 "Ah chuts!" Not hug, not kiss, 
not gaze passed between us ever again
  but for last sad audience in lifeless trace!
And in wings of sudden flight
  you were like a Blue Emperor Butterfly 
on the wind flown and gone in gentle grace


                  July 1993

Note: Hops is a small bread loaf.
         Macafouchette is leftovers.

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

Mother Earth

She laughs like the sea
She talks like the river
She caresses like the sun
She sleeps like the moon
She weeps like the wind
She loves like summer
She cheats like spring
She dances like autumn rains
She plays like winter snowflakes
You can love her
Or hate her
But she is everything
We have

Copyright © Aleksandra Kovrlija | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |


Mother, are you coming when the sun stop crying? 
The moon beams in tears in the sky
Its tears are the clapping drums on us
Are you going to leave our back on the ground?
Papa had sold his soul in the bar
Where his father refused to accept defeat
when are you coming back to sing the lullaby?
Our aging mind await the new rain
Exclamation of our heart brings down the unholy elegy 
To unmasked feelings
Written to say goodbye not to smile
When are you coming home mother?
Goodbye flaps so high above my eyebrows
I can not denounce the watering diction of his eagerness
When shall we see again and embrace?
I stand alone at the door staring
Looking at the sound of dignity swinging at pace
Goodbye mother, goodbye Ugochimyerem
For the ageless sky shall be my shield.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Mother of all

Come when you are ready to love me
And come when you realized more of love
The time when flesh mean nothing than dust
Come when you are ready to see me
Not just pain that paint my solace soul
And when darkness no longer breeds sorrow
Come when you really want pure bliss
And call to whom that bestow blessings
Wait for me as I stagger like a foolish pagan
Come when all sores are wide open
Wide enough for a blind eye to see
Call me before dawn fades my dreams
Light the wisdom of the goddess to this valley
A valley I wander through day and night
Find your vanity before winter wrinkle all sweat
I shall wait to the corner of your heart all night
Visit me more often than you thirst for water
Water my dust with your pure tears
Look for signs to those flourishing flowers
And sing my last rhymes of sweet poetry

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

I Dream in Tornado

I dream in tornado,
          gray spinning 
               blade of pulsing

Copyright © Anthony Slausen | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |


Gathered as usual to celebrate the mothers day
One by one the children went up to say 
Just how much they loved their mom
While they call on her to join them on stage.

Earlier today on media and social networks
The pictures and stories of moms filled every where
Now it was time to proclaim to everyone
What a wonderful gift you've got for a mom.

Friends and family want  this day pass me by
But I needed to be on stage to sing a lullaby
The very one mom taught me and others
And to tell them I love my mom as well.

I mount the stage just like the others
Brilliant eyes and hungry ears wait in expectation
Though I didn't call mom to join me there
But I told my story nonetheless.

And when I finished in a voice so soft but clear
I could see a spark of tear in everyone's eye
For I told them of a bond so rare
And I sang of a love so dear.

"Mom would have come but for her journey
Though she couldn't make it but I don't love her less
I'll say all about her, it will help you imagine
First you should know how much she loves me so.

She loves to tell me stories and taught me how to cook
She tends to my injuries and taught me how to farm
Although you can't see her, I'm not standing here alone
She's always a thought away, that means she's here with me.

I'm proud to stand for the love we shared
I know she'd be here but heaven is too far
She was a true soldier who died at her post
Fourteen years of diabetes, she couldn't fight her ghost.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, it's like she never left,"
So I closed my eyes on stage and there she was beside me
I think others wanted to see her too, for when I opened my eyes
A room filled with mothers and children, had their eyes all closed.

I think if they didn't see her, they at least felt her presence
For a very cold breeze blew across the hall and carried with it a sweet scent!
And for a moment I had this relive, that heaven is never too far
And this year mothers day celebration, I can say is my best.

Copyright © Stellamoses Hart | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Rondelet: Yang be evil

Rondelet: Yang be evil

  for the continuously raped and hidden
     minors of India

Yang be evil
Yin acts with rash impunity 
Yang be evil
No power controls the Devil
Wombs despoiled in mad enmity
Innocence: raped humanity
Yang be evil

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 2012

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |

Single Purple Candle

   Within a flicker your life sailed away like the rushing tide upon a purple sea
   it carrying you along to be placed by God's side setting your soul free

   If only your eyes could tell me of the splendor you now see
   and emit your light of purple brilliance so as to ease my sad heart of agony

   In silence I lite a purple candle for you knowing forever you are near
   my arms reach out to hold your shadow while my eyes are covered and veiled

   Your candle starts to dim the melting wax dripping into the shapes of a thousand
   consuming my heart of the sadness and deprivation that you are not here

   In paradise you now belong as the Angels sing your warrior song
   today is your birthday and I know the greatest gift was God calling you home

   But as your Mother my heart continues to suffer with grief
   as I lay upon my bed with your blanket and savor your lasting scent

   Watching your purple candle flicker and glow as it vibrates my lost heart
   my love for you Son forever ablaze knowing for only a short while we are apart

   Speak softly to me in my dreams while giving me visions of a young child at play
   the purple candle continues to burn my sweet child, 'Happy Birthday'.

   We miss you Caleb. Happy Birthday  
   copyright   2016   From Aunt Tammy Reams- to my Sister 


Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

When my Mother Talks

Something about having
you inside
me feels like outside is
warmer than
inside even when
maybe it's not but
it could be and that
doesn't matter because
matter is about how
happy we are inside and


RIP, Pete Seeger.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

Mother's Day

I first cried in your arms
Even though I was barely alive
I knew that I would never see harm…
As long as I am in your embrace mom…
You were my first love
As you are my last…
I recall how the years slowly passed
When I was under your wings…
Nobody believed me, when I told them I could hear the angels sing…
But believe me mother I did…
I never felt safer than you made me feel
Even the deepest wounds in my heart, you could heal…
Today is mother’s day, and you are not here…
I guess somewhere in my soul I always feared
That the day would come when I was all alone
When everything I ever loved was gone
But I never expected my feet to leave your soil
I took the words your history taught me…
To always fight and be strong
When weak, to sing a proud song
Today is mother’s day…and you are not here
Wherever in this world I breathe…
In my lonely heart you will always be
My first, my last, my eternal love
My land…my mother…my all

Copyright © Zeki Majed | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Dear Mum

The clouds look so harmless, so meaningless
 But when they're there, and the sun can't shine through,
 I feel you a little bit less.
 Dear Mum...
 I hope you watched me today,
 I tried to let nothing get in the way of my unexpected ambition.
 Seeing my dreams come to fruition, though, is nothing compared
 to having you here to be able tell you about it.
 I am unlearning morse code, it's like going blind,
 I have to adjust, change, roll with the times and get used to it.
 I feel like you and I are without a conduit.
 I went to send you a message,
 but is a message still sent if you're not there?
 I feel scared, the phone is a reminder
 of when you'd tell me to be just a little bit kinder.
 Listen, remember, regret.
 Look at the photographs, cry, weep, repeat.
 The touch points of my life are still in place, milestones still not met
 but the memory of your smiling face
 stops me like a fox in the road,
 scavenging on tatty Polaroids to feed
 something that everyone says I should be soon throwing away.
 I'm not ready yet to do all that.
 Your fingerprints on a glass are the only things I can make last.

Copyright © Em Kidd | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |


Like medicine in pain,
like cool water in thirst
and like pleasure in gain,
mother, you were to me,

though I could not at first
realize it. Now I see
my earth without you hell;
sorrow rings here like bell.

Copyright © Sayeed Abubakar | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

For My Mother

A few months ago I went by the 
cemetery where you lay
I have been meaning to stop in 
but you know how life gets.

It was late September
chilly and overcast
the clouds were thick and
hung heavy above the sad oaks
like a gray sagging sheet.

The grounds were unkept
brown oak leaves collected
at the base of the headstones
that had caught them as they 
flew restless on the breeze.

I parked my car and walked
up and down the silent rows
headed toward yours
and allowed memories of you
to come into the focus of my minds eye

I remember waking up one morn long ago
and my eyes wouldn't open
So I screamed and cried
I felt the tears on my checks and still my 
eye would not open
then I heard your voice
then I felt you take me in your arms
then there was the warmth of your hands 
as they wiped the gunk
that had collected on them
from pink eye
in the night

I tired to imagine your smile
when my eyes did open
but the only thing I could see
in my minds eye was a featureless face

Addiction only takes 
leaving nothing at all

A breeze come over the cemetery then
bringing with it a chill
and I tried again to picture
you and your smile
along with it's warmth
and assurance of unending love
but I couldn't it was instead replaced
with the feeling of anger in your voice
when you called to ask me for money
one Christmas Eve a lifetime ago
I told you I didn't couldn't do it
that I didn't have it
but really I didn't believe your story 
and knew what the money was for

Addiction only takes
leaving nothing at all

I was coming up to your grave
then and I thought about how you use to
make me and my friends snacks
and brought them into my room while
we played video games
So I imagined you with a small platter of odds and ends
but in my minds eye
I saw only a manikin
wearing your clothes
holding a platter
with a sad smile
on it's plastic face

Addiction only takes
leaving nothing at all

A few steps from your stone
I thought about the call
when I learned that your liver
had finally failed
not long after I got home
to find someone that looked like 
yet nothing like
the woman I had known
your body failed with it.

I could clearly recall your 
but when I rounded the stone
and stood in front of your plot
I was surprised by what I saw

Not long after 
the day we laid you down 
your stone was placed
it had read:
Debra Lynn Krage
Loving mother, Daughter, Sister. Wonderful Wife
Who will be forever missed in this life.

But that day
as I stood there
beneath that over cast sky
the words were indistinguishable
from the stone
like tears shed in rain
the last vestiges

I don't know why this surprised me
in hindsight I know well enough
after all
that Addiction only takes
and takes
and takes
leaving in it's wake nothing
nothing at all.

Copyright © Brady Perkins | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

I expect her to know

I don’t want to write about my mom,
She suffered in pain before she died,

But she always said she smiled when I did
Until the pain came and took her away.

She loved me, though never said such things
I loved her sometimes, I expected  her to know,

On the evening,  the night she died
Someone advised I should place my hand on her head

And tell, I love you mom,
I was not sure if she will hear or know.

Still I placed my hand and said, I love you mom,
There was pain in her eyes, she said nothing.

I traveled in the same hearse;
Expecting no one to see,  I place my hand one more time, 

And said, I love you mom -
She showed no pain or regret, nor she gave away her smile,

I even tried smiling that she may,
I waited the long dismal journey. 

I don’t want to write about my mom,
I expect her to know.

Copyright © Saranyan BV | Year Posted 2014

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The Last Lonely Days

Finally the moment came. The last enormous effort to breathe out your life The last heaves and sigh Your mild eyes that were caressed by your eyelids For the last time they were put to sleep I was not there Ma, when all of these happened Did you look for me? Were you restless Not finding your ever reliable arms, your dearest of treasures? I know not At that very moment I was tossing feverishly upon my own bed Far away from the hospital where you were laid Three days ago you writhed and motioned us to release you From the chains of all those tracheal tubes, monitors And all other things They didn’t allow you to talk I understood what you were trying to say But so helpless was I Ma, I was helpless I stood watching you how they lulled you into submission Ma, now you are free, now sleep so long as you wish

Copyright © Prasenjit Banerjee | Year Posted 2016

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Each time i scolded  and abused you
It send fear into your humble heart.
High tense in the mind with high wind.
I made you cry under no offense
Battered you like a slave 
And your tender heart  forgives .
emotional tears gushed out from your white eyes
pleading mercy but, it touches me not.
All i am interested is what i wanted
Not what your beautiful life desires.
i thrust you aside in pain but peace p revealed.
No motherly emotions attached between me and you 
BUt your tender mind seek wisdom.

I nagged and complained always,
But the wind take them away from your heart 
Perhaps fatherly love means a lot than mine.
I hated you but you loves me thousands times.
On the the bed beside your companion, the wall 
I pushed you aside and hit you thousand times,
YOu never complain to any one rather to the wall.
I made the street your home,
and the gluttons feed you and the flies your play mate>
You certainly have come to stay .
Yo may think all your thought, you may,
But your idea and dreams shan't see the day light 
Hear evidence the nature gives judgement.
i place no mouldy margin upon what i should imagine.

I made you fatherless because of ques t for fame,
the dream i had was to wash you away.
 The under world would be a better home for you .
Because i have no human feelings.
You cry to be free like the hibiscus flowers,
But i frustrated your dreams
And thrust you to the dark night
Where demons fear to tread.
I have no heart as a mother 
And you still loves me.
On the couch you laid soliloquizing
Wet the pillor every night for my seek 
In the mountain i hung my ears 
living life as i wanted.
i rejected  in the morning
In the afternoon i whipped you,
And in the night, you were left untouched.

i left you with no food .
Behind my eyes and my mind raging in anger 
Wildly as a hungry hyena
Seeking for time to take away your life 
You proved difficult right from the day i conceived you.
You are of a great person 
Telling me what you wanted 
Intimacy  and the bond between us i cut.
with days of illusion and abandoned dreams 
And sleeplessness with agony.
Twelve years of suffering poured on you from my stony heart 
IN you i have rediscovered the memory of my blood.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Rythm of a prayer

Let me sing this song
Dozens words in my yearning rhythm
Delivered within the wind of autumn
A single pray, only for you

In this moment of silence
Bearing clearly in my mind
The love we have given one another
In our years of sharing

You embraced me with endless love
A love that cannot be compared
And it lights my sky forever
Made me a woman I am

We are destined to have each other
Since my first breath, until your last
So I sing this song for you,

Copyright © Shirley Candy | Year Posted 2013