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Elegy Lonely Poems | Elegy Poems About Lonely

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Details | Elegy |

I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

Copyright © Sabrina Niday Hansel | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Let Go

A long list of names with not a friend among them
Is it just of book of hidden faces
Forgotten faces?
Not a single word I've ever said was
written with truth
And here's the proof

When there's tears streaming down my face
Stuck in place
Is a smile that is a lie
When every time  I look around
I want to die

No friendly faces, in the brightest of places
And I can't make a sound
Is this life or is it just a dark hell
 How is one to live without living
Feeling lonely
Lost in a sea of sound

The darkness inside me
Is seeping through my heart
and making me lose my self control
Turn the shower up higher so they don't hear me cry
It's all I can do, just living a lie

The friends I thought I had
left when I was reaching my lowest
Now as I sink below the surface
The sun is the dimmest of lights

Scratching at my sides
Not ready to go back to the blade
So long gone, I've reached the breaking point 
but I'm afraid to let go

Copyright © Cassidy Metcalf | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


"Daddy" the way I call my father
The man who loves my mother
The man who gave life to me
And the man who will risks his life to protect his family.

He's not showy about his feelings
But I know he loves us unconditionally
He gets angry when his siblings were hurt
And he makes us laugh the way he dances and tells us jokes

Now..he left us already
His silly jokes,crazy dance moves now were gone
Coz he went to a far away land
In a place where  hurt and sorrow has no place in man

I miss my daddy a lot
His voice,
His jokes,
His crazy dance moves
And his being father to us
I miss everything about him!

I know God has a plan
And I give everything into His merciful hand
Pls.take care ofmy daddy in heaven
Coz someday we'll see him again
And continue the sing and dance with him again...

Copyright © Jerica Sanchez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Hold Me For A Moment

You held me for a moment
For just a moment it would seem
It seems like forever ago
Although I could never remember
Remember those warm-filled months
Between March and November
November was the end
The end and a new beginning
Beginning of a new season
A season such as Spring
As Spring would bring new life into the world
A world with unreasonable sin
A sin as lifeless as Autumn
(Autumn to some called Fall)
Fall, when he would fall
A fallen angel,
An angel gained
Or gaining a loss?
The loss of a day,
The loss of a life
A life that would end as the day turns to night
The night always dark
The dark calls for closed eyes
Eyes that await the promise of a sunrise
And so the sun would rise
But some still remain asleep
A deep sleep they will not wake
Wake me up from this dream
Dreams of an untold story
A story was cut short
Shortness of a heartbeat
A heart with no beat
Better count your blessings
Blessed life-long lessons
Not to lessen the longing
But I still belong to him
He smiles upon me all day all night
The night, I am used to days without light
A light grip, a solid hold
Hold me so that I don't fear no end
End this yearning, hold me for a moment again

Copyright © Shakeela Kingzley | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

A Soldier's Elegy

A kestrel dips into an updraft
thinking he knows the world
tranquility gurgles 
through silent valleys
over mountains
around the earth
through the wind

The creature soars ever higher
in great swoops and dives
the horizon curves as it eludes vision
the stars pulse their siren
but thrill denies
adrenaline overrules
their ambient warning

Gust to gust each fades 
quicker than the last
whispers carry the weight of wings
and their soulful song breaches sanity
prayers of rightful good
where petty purple banners
crest twinkling hearts

The last thermal ridden
last lyric dies
as flight’s drone fades
upturned wings alone
the sky empty oblivion
as the sun aligns its beady eye
to the looping path of the bird

Two brittle forms 
grapple in light
which blots out the senses
and protects 
what can never be touched
divine oblivion 
smites the naive bird
an archangel buried
in a crypt 
six feet deep.

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

The Dead of Night

It was the dead of night the cold moon gave a faint light.
It's melancholy glance covered the trees they were bare and barren of leaves.
A scream of terror pierced the night my blood ran cold with fright.
Suddenly I awake from this dream knowing what I have seen.
For you were taken from my side so I hang my head and cry.
I pray to God in peace you will be and I pray the same for me.


Copyright © Joseph Sergi | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Where Is Joe

tribute to my friend who died awhile ago

Sometimes I asked,
Why silence is much better than anything we can do
Back on the 90's generation look forward to a new century
About to come and yet it came
Among the trees fruits yield as friendship blooms at dawn
Gray clouds and gentle breeze
Darkness embrace the sunrise
Rain trickles, dust descend to a final rest
Back to the ground.

We just young, the few of us
Those days where green green grass are greenier
As we often walked on an empty road
Shared its moment beneath the stars
Under the baked sunlight till cool dusk 
That we never knew when this life be gone.
So long my friend, so long...
Life continue as death do
Never will we see or hear your laughter
Indeed you depart from the absence of goodbye
Farewell Joel from your good brother and a friend
Sleep now and wake now doesn't matter anymore

Copyright © Herbert Siao | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |

The Last Lonely Days

Finally the moment came. The last enormous effort to breathe out your life The last heaves and sigh Your mild eyes that were caressed by your eyelids For the last time they were put to sleep I was not there Ma, when all of these happened Did you look for me? Were you restless Not finding your ever reliable arms, your dearest of treasures? I know not At that very moment I was tossing feverishly upon my own bed Far away from the hospital where you were laid Three days ago you writhed and motioned us to release you From the chains of all those tracheal tubes, monitors And all other things They didn’t allow you to talk I understood what you were trying to say But so helpless was I Ma, I was helpless I stood watching you how they lulled you into submission Ma, now you are free, now sleep so long as you wish

Copyright © Prasenjit Banerjee | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |


I am the spark of fire
Come of the heaps of ashes
Of the deceased, 
I am not afraid of death
 I am ever momentary birth
Of the immortality, 
I wake up in the song
Of the Great Time, 
I am on running ever
My soul peeps into obscurity
Like a sword of grass

I am not a coward 
To bow down at the feet of naked gods
My risen heart sustains the rhythm 
Of the universe
Like the wave of ocean
I can break through the broken
For the new ever

I am I can be
If you don’t stand by me
I can’t wait for a while
Time is too cruel to shed tears
Time is too fast to get at
Time is too restless to console
I am on fighting and struggling
For upholding my essence
In the cradle of the debris

I never allow getting my soul defeated
I am seed of the eternity
To sprout anywhere, 
My drop of blood can make
The flood of victory! 
Every feeling of the thought
Can kindle the damp mind of nation: 
Every realization
Every remonstration
Every contradiction
Like dust of soil
Hold the vast creation
I am among the all of it
However a bit! 
Yet I am fit to beat prejudices
Vanity and barbarism, 
To bring love to this world
You can never hurt me
And touch me
Beyond all touch and clash, 
But I am in you with you
Even around you ever, 
I am a bit of cause of the great cause 
To cause this universe
Both diversity and conformity 
Cause me to concern the integration 
                 Of body and mind

Copyright © SANKAR SARKAR | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

After Hours For Emily Dickinson

After Hours

After hours-  
After the final checkout- 
After the library's final close-
Forever is too long- for a poets repose-
 Go ye there, Emily- 
In this line -And not that one- 
Not with regular mortals-
Inclined to caskets or crypts to die-
Yet abscond ye there- 
Through a clandestine portal-
And forever- on  library shelves lie-
And one minute- before the library opens-
May ye creep ‘cross the library floor-
Then right turn and left turn- 
Along those corridors-

And return ye then- that borrowed pen-
Then sleep on those shelves again-

Copyright © Poet M.e. | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

The Lonely Soldier

There I am cold and wounded lying in the dirt. Bullets flying by my head as I cry out I'm 
hurt. Nobody listens to my plea; they are all to busy trying to flee. Lying on the ground 
scared and alone l feel like nobody cares and I am on my own. When I joined up I 
planned to fight, knowing I’d be battling each day and night. I have made it this far in 
the war with just a few more weeks until we settle the score. I want to live to see that 
day so my best hope now is just lie here and pray. I don’t know why but my eyes really 
itched, that’s when I saw it a five foot ditch. If I wanted to live I would have to crawl 
only fifty yards out that was all. My adrenalin was pumping through my veins. I could 
feel my emotions going down the drain. That’s when I did it I got up and ran! I ran to 
the ditch as fast as I can, I ran I ran with all kinds of pride I felt my fallen brothers 
running by my side. It felt like forever but I was finally there, I dove in the ditch and 
started to stare. I started to stare at a medic there! I asked him in shock to radio help 
but he didn’t speak he just yelped. I grabbed his phone from his pack and called in an 
immediate air strike attack. I thanked God that they got my call. They will see a big flash 
which will end it all!

Copyright © Andrew Ott | Year Posted 2011

Details | Elegy |


When the storm clouds gather 
and the thunder rolls, 
when the chips are down and the blood runs cold, 
I hear the click of the walking stick 
and I know I'm not alone. 

Your life with us was long
and now you live
elsewhere but still your calm and strength you give
To us who miss you right down here
for I know I'm not alone.

So as the sea swells high
and the birds take flight,
and the still is gone from the starry night,
I hope that now you can see,
how much you mean to me.

Copyright © William Marks | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |


Do you feel lonely and blue? Do you feel that nobody loves you and cares or 
thinks of you. Is you mind  with emptiness and sadness? Are you filled with 
troubles that you can't understand? When you are with these thoughts is it with 
much despair or do you wish you could turn back the time and wished you could 
of done something different as the time is passing? Are you true to your feelings 
and say what is on your mind. Or do you keep it all bottled up inside what is 
stopping you is it pride. Do you tell someone what you are feeling and be true to 
yourself and take that chance to tell someone you are hurting inside. Do you feel 
the pain will go away you need to bow down your head and pray and take that 
chanced today. Don't wait too late cry if you will listen to that small voice but to 
listen you  must be still .You may be surprised at how it will turn out. You may 
help someone else who is hurting too. Take that chance and Find someone you 
can count on before it is too late. They will tell you if you must let go of the pain to 
scream and shout with all your might and tell you that you need to do what is 
right. You have more too gain then more to lose it is you life you can do as you 
chose. They may need you too so don't wait to long to say what your thinking 
because they may be sad and blue too. You don't have to feel you are alone with 
these thoughts there are a lot  of men and women who from time to time feel the 
same and have had sadness and shame and despair and felt their life is 
crumbling too. You are not alone don’t feel you are in their way so don't hold back 
for they may feel the same  way and tell you  to stay and not go away. You may try 
and get outside of yourself and you may be surprised of what they will say then 
you can forget about your own troubles that have been going your way .So when 
they share their feeling with you then you can ask this question that has been 
haunting you. Do you feel lonely and blue.

Copyright © Ann Wilson | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |


In tears I yelled aloud
But no one noticed
I tried to explain myself
But no one understood
At the darkest hour, I called for help
But even my very voice betrayed me
I felt the world owed me understanding
But that was the one thing it refused to offer
I turned to friends and family
But even my blood turned their backs
My tears flowed down like a stream in the Sahara
All I needed was an ear
Someone who would say:
“All will be OK; all will be well”
But I never found one
So alone I stayed embraced by the cold arms of Oblivion

Copyright © SKY WALKER | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |


Where are we today? 
What will we find? 

Something of a kind 
A lonely world.... 
We cannot turn 
Amongst ourselves... 
We must find... 
Something of a kind 

A million small kind acts.... 
Blossomed like flowers 
You see.... 
They did not go unnoticed.... 
They filled meadows.... 
With colour, depth and power 

A million small people.... 
Became something of a kind 
For you .... 
For me... 
A likeness of mind 

Be something of a kind.... 
What you can do 
For, close by 
Most of all, for you 
Pay no mind... 
To those who ask why 

They are a kind of something.... 
In a lonely world 
They cannot blossom 
They do nothing... 
Nothing at all, 
to help those, who fall 

Be something of a kind 
What you can be... 
For you.... 
For me... 
A likeness of mind 

Where are we today? 
Tomorrow, we will find 
The meaning.... 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2006