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Hold Me For A Moment

You held me for a moment
For just a moment it would seem
It seems like forever ago
Although I could never remember
Remember those warm-filled months
Between March and November
November was the end
The end and a new beginning
Beginning of a new season
A season such as Spring
As Spring would bring new life into the world
A world with unreasonable sin
A sin as lifeless as Autumn
(Autumn to some called Fall)
Fall, when he would fall
A fallen angel,
An angel gained
Or gaining a loss?
The loss of a day,
The loss of a life
A life that would end as the day turns to night
The night always dark
The dark calls for closed eyes
Eyes that await the promise of a sunrise
And so the sun would rise
But some still remain asleep
A deep sleep they will not wake
Wake me up from this dream
Dreams of an untold story
A story was cut short
Shortness of a heartbeat
A heart with no beat
Better count your blessings
Blessed life-long lessons
Not to lessen the longing
But I still belong to him
He smiles upon me all day all night
The night, I am used to days without light
A light grip, a solid hold
Hold me so that I don't fear no end
End this yearning, hold me for a moment again

Copyright © Shakeela Kingzley | Year Posted 2013

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Light at the End

When it hits my chest
It would not lay me to rest
It cannot bring about my end
So long I refuse to bend
Death on my chest
Is but a test
On my will to live up
To see if I would give up
The Giver would allow the pain
After seeing my faith on life
He would restore me again.
Death test is but in the while
Of a second
After which we can go on.

Copyright © Divine Friday Idiong | Year Posted 2014

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Rite Of Passage

We seem to have it all
As we want for nothing
In the darkness of the womb 

We are evicted into the light
Sadness, then happiness 
Unaware of the looming doom

We seem to have it all-
Sadness, then happiness
Cloudy-vorfreude abloom 

We hustle, we jump huddles 
We cry, we hate, while loving
Then the reaper to the tomb

Copyright © okoi nkanu | Year Posted 2014

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Forever Journey

                               Eyes closed forever to embark in a long journey
                                   Unknown for all of us until you turn arrive
                                 The porcelain like hands hold two white roses
                            Coffin is closed to undertake the travesy to cemetery
                                   Disappearing forever your physical presence
                                 Leaving only behind you the good deeds done


Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016

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Enjoy The Scent Of Roses elegy to myself

I’m but a man of meager means A man of simple pleasures Tho’ deep endowed with eager dreams I enjoy life’s simple treasures My days I know are numbered now And so are minutely measured So that I might remain A man it seems (and bourne by dreams) A man of meager means And simple pleasures

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2013

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The Last Journey

The world dims to a standstill in shouting
incoherencies the fluttering heart spew, clinching
on today through the vagaries of inertness, 
and seeking liberty, he sings the song of 

Then the finality of death. 
And Agni's dance. 
The soul ascends from the smouldering 
cinders gradually dying and strives for salvation
in aether, becoming one with the universe, 
as the universe was always him.

Fifteen days of mourning. Eight opinions. 
Five brahmins to feed.
Twelve pieces of jewelry to melt. 
Fish to eat. 
Dhoti to wear. 
Lassi to drink. 
Judgment to fear.

On the sixteenth day,
a completion is attained,
and things return to normalcy. 

Date: 09 / 01 / 2017

Copyright © Tamal Kundu | Year Posted 2017

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Ole Farmers Journey On (For Leighton Salmon)

For all the Sphynx and Pyramids of their days
These that towered beyond Babel before me
Straightening the old gordian knot of our maze
Have too been swallowed by the unseen eternity
            For all our might like sand dunes have stood
            Satrapy of indelible caprice and wind
            With force of sword we make our wisdom good
            But know not the ends, since we fresh begin
To die the first hour of our birth and dream
We passed over the earth a frolicking stream.

How then this pain despite the old expectation
This fear of time that grips in a conveyor's belt
Hurrying my thoughts to conclusion, and extinction
To all the scaffolds of my certainty? I have felt
              Before this same emptiness of meaning
              This useless spawning and yearn for more
              Light somewhere too at base is crumbling
              Matter is vanity, vanity is matter, nothing more
So I'll take my farewell now of them and of dream
While clinging to the game, a pawn in the scheme

Go ole farmers, go on, where men go and none return
I'll save my heart for invisible things of faith
It's all the same to the glowing worm, the fires still burn
However pale the distant echo from the gate
               I declined from academia marbled halls
               Still leave a whitened bone behind the flow
               Not every river into mighty cataracts falls
               And some from rain, and some from snow
Yet every rill had sparkled sometime, and every mist
Unbound us from the mass and haste that so insist. 

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2010

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Sunset Mourns a Mirthful Song

T'was the saddest time of the year

When one is resting, one oh so dear

Yearning for the presence that once was there

Reminiscing that white silky hair

But time will pass and time will heal

The heartaches and the pain we feel

Though none ever help but wonder

Where he journeyed in that deep slumber

The thrill, excitement and adventurous ride

In crossing that great divide

Then death would be a blessing 

To whose heart is strong

The day the sunset mourns a mirthful song

Copyright © L.C. Jarrette | Year Posted 2017

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To Pete Seeger - circa shortly before his death - verse one

this anonymous weaver spins his written tapestry
to acknowledge your ninetieth year
no matter this author unknown who deftly weaves
(for pete sakes) with english poetry
which rhyming threads fire away 
(from axons to neurons)
at warp speed way out there
attempting to coalesce into some semblance
of comprehension from non other than me
a veritable stranger, 
who considers your a folk icon
that hoop fully destiny will spare
until one grain of sand takes thee
to eternal blue skies astride 
astral throne like king henry
with minstrelsy folks housed in a place
like my father’s mansion poised far and near
intent to discern the adroit banjo finger picking
plucky talent admission for all – free
whose eponymous trademark
je nais sais quois legendary voice 
rings like a bell in the air.

Copyright © MATTHEW harris | Year Posted 2017