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Know Thyself
(one of the two Delphic commands of Apollo)

For years before the narrow windows of my senses
                                                                       I stood,
Trying to pierce the nebulous world of outer reality,
                                                                   Hoping to find GOD,
One year was following the other but I was: 
                                                                 Still wondering,
                                                                          Still inquiring,
                                                                               Still demanding.

I was lost in the tenebrous world of materiality’s
While the true essence of things, evasive 
                                                           As ever,
Persistently escaped the grasp of my confused

Unable to see behind the impenetrable veil
                                                             Of Isis,
And disappointed with reason’s constant 
My impatient voice towards the starry heavens I lifted,
                                                                   Asking aloud:

              Where are Thee, oh LORD?

For I have been seeking for Thee so many years now,
But I have found Thee not!

I have kept my eyes wide-open in order to see,
As many colors of Thy creation as possible,
And not even for a moment have I shut them, 
For fear I missed Thy resplendent light,
But I saw Thee not!

I have kept my ears wide-open in order to hear
As many sounds of Thy creation as possible,
And not even for a second have I covered them up
For fear I missed Thy sacred voice,
But I heard Thee not!

I have kept my hands extended in order to touch
As many things of Thy creation as possible
And not even for a minute have I held them back,
For fear I missed Thy spiritual touch
But I touched Thee not!

I have kept my nostrils wide-open in order to scent
As many perfumes of Thy creation as possible
And not even for an instant have I held my breath
For fear I missed Thy holy aroma
But I scent Thee not!

I have become a famed gourmet in order to taste
As many delicacies of Thy creation as possible
And not even for an hour have I withheld my appetite
For fear I missed Thy heavenly feast
But I tasted Thee not! 


Then, the thunderous voice of the Lord, 
Coming deep down from the twilight of time,
Tearing the eternal heavens apart
Answered me and said:

Dear innocent child of Mine; hasn’t time taught you,
That I am neither to be seen by eyes
Nor to be heard by ears?
That I am not to be touched by hands
Nor to be scent by nostrils?
That I am not to be tasted by palates
But I am only to be felt by enraptured hearts?

Trembling and puzzled, in a shaky timid voice,
                                                          I dared ask:

How could this be done, oh Lord?
For I am so weak and ignorant, I do not know
                                                               The way

And the compassionate voice of the Lord answered me
                                                                    And said:

Don’t call yourself weak and ignorant for
I have endowed you with power and knowledge
                                                                     So great,
You have only to unearth this incalculable treasure
Hidden deep down in your soul and you will be 
In touch with Me, with eternity, with the universal law,
With the light, with the truth and every single existence,
But first you have to listen carefully to what I command:

Close your eyes for they cannot see Me
And cover your ears for they cannot hear Me 

Pull back your hands for they cannot touch Me
And hold your breath for it cannot scent Me

Shut your mouth for it cannot taste me
And stand completely still in order for you 
To sense Me 

At once I rushed to Obey His divine command, so:

I closed my eyes and saw no more
And covered my ears and heard no more

I pull back my hands and touched no more
And held my breath and scent no more

I shut my mouth and tasted no more
And stood dead still for a moment,
                                  Just for a moment alone!


I felt His ethereal presence enveloping my heart
And I saw His celestial light caressing my mind
And I heard His heavenly voice calling to my spirit
And I touched His angelic essence with my elated thought
And I scent His seraphic aroma with my sacred, now, breath
And I tasted His rapturous divinity with my blissful soul. 

Then, immendiatly, the gates of revelation opened their 
                                                                               Passages wide
And in a magnificent lofty parade, in front of my soul’s 
                                                                               Dazzled eyes
The mysteries of life, one by one, were unveiled to the last
                                                                   Thus making everything known.

And now my enraptured self, jubilant before the eternal truth,
                                                                          In ecstasy exclaims:

Thank you, oh Lord for showing me Thy blessed Essence,
                                                      Thank Thee, for I know Thee now!

And the Lord enigmatically smiled at me and with His 
                                                           Divine thought tenderly declared: 

No my loving child, you only know YOURSELF!

                           © Demetrios Trifiatis

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2012

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A Service Member's Prayer

A Service Member's Prayer

Oh, God, I feel that I have cause
To know my life might give You pause,
But fair as You are sure to be,
I seek Your way on bended knee.
I wish neither to kill nor die,
Though from engagement I'll not shy.
For if my duty calls me there,
I'll do whatever I must dare.

I seek not courage for the fight.
I seek not comfort from the night.
I ask not pardon for my deeds,
Nor any salve for any needs.
I only ask to know what's right,
To do my best to check my might,
To render mercy where I should,
To know I serve the greater good.

Oh, God, if You will hear my plea,
I ask so very much of thee.
I fear not men, I fear not death,
Yet bow my head and still my breath
To ask You, please, to do Your best,
To keep me from eternal rest,
Until the hour my duty sends
Me home to family and friends.

And if You grant my humble prayer,
Oh, God, I ask You, keep from care
Those people whom I hold most dear.
I wish them not to shed a tear
In anguish over days now done,
Where my dawn was their setting sun.
For then, if You will grant my plea,
I'll soon be nearer them and Thee.

Copyright Shawn H. Hall 2014

Copyright © Shawn Hall | Year Posted 2014

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Oh Syria

Reality is lost and I fear…
That someday, somewhere so near…
I will fall amongst the people so dear…
I fear…that I’ll just be another one…
Another one lost…

I wonder what the cost of my life is
not to get political…
But I want to know what the cost of my life is
Is it money, is it land?
I do not own any of them, I’m just a simple man

I remember, when I ran across your land…
I remember when I kissed my grandmothers hands…
You ripped me away from her, from my home
You took me away from my heart, you took me away from my soul

I feel helpless, I feel low
It’s hard to play along when I know, I have no role
I have become a slave.
After all the love I gave.

When I look at my country, people I want to save
When I look around me, people I wish to change
It seems like a hard thing to do…
When the world around is bigger than you

To the fools who dare murder in his name
When God gave us life…
He warned us, only he can take our lives…

Oh Syria, my home
Oh Syria, my all
Oh Syria, what did they hurt you for?
I am Proud to be your son…

Copyright © Zeki Majed | Year Posted 2013

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Better accomodations for a God

Better Accommodations for a God
Oh Stately spire from distance seen.
Your young visage, causes you to preen .
Your Circular face, shows no time.
Boisterous Bells, comfort minds Divine.
Though haughty and Sanctimonious you are. 
You owe your fame to a kin not far.
Upon a plain that shares the name
You were given in another King’s Reign
Not still grand like you.
Henges  strewn from nature’s rage
Resided their God of another age.
Blocks of stone, that simple people Raised.
Not long before, they shared a Cave.
Both sites no more sanctified.
People built them at a sacrifice
Money and Sweat and their Lives.

Copyright © Kieran Pavlick | Year Posted 2012

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Even after sixteen years still I cry your daughters tears Every year on this day, will always be sad known only as the date, God took my dad 1st June 1954- 22nd Oct 1997 Allan Thomas Holmes

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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A Soldier's Elegy

A kestrel dips into an updraft
thinking he knows the world
tranquility gurgles 
through silent valleys
over mountains
around the earth
through the wind

The creature soars ever higher
in great swoops and dives
the horizon curves as it eludes vision
the stars pulse their siren
but thrill denies
adrenaline overrules
their ambient warning

Gust to gust each fades 
quicker than the last
whispers carry the weight of wings
and their soulful song breaches sanity
prayers of rightful good
where petty purple banners
crest twinkling hearts

The last thermal ridden
last lyric dies
as flight’s drone fades
upturned wings alone
the sky empty oblivion
as the sun aligns its beady eye
to the looping path of the bird

Two brittle forms 
grapple in light
which blots out the senses
and protects 
what can never be touched
divine oblivion 
smites the naive bird
an archangel buried
in a crypt 
six feet deep.

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

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God Received An Angel

In the summer of 2007, God received an angel.
The Angels name was Katie. 
Katie was sweet & Katie was good
But I guess God wanted sweet old Katie
Out of the hood.
She did all she could, she gave all she had
But never in her life treated anyone bad.
Jesus, I know that she’s good
I know that she is great
But sometimes I just hate, 
Hate that she is gone
Hate that she is away
I think about her everyday.
Everyone & Everything is changing
Family is falling apart, 
Oh why it’s breaking my heart.
Tearing the house down acting like pure clowns
God you got a gift 
But sometimes I wish,
Wish you hadn’t took my Angel
Wish you would have let her stay a little longer.
God received an Angel.
The Angels name was Katie
 I hope Katie is with me daily
Until I die & visit her in the sky
House is up wholesale, everyone thinking
Angels, Angels, Angels
Angels flying here, Angels flying there
Angels are flying around just about any & everywhere
You took a couple of my families angels in strange ways 
I get up in the morning wondering when is my day
& who will be next to depart us.
My heart was broken when you took my Angel
Oh, why did you have to take her,
Her out of all people
She followed the rules and the laws 
But I am wondering is that all.

Copyright © Sharika Sellman | Year Posted 2012

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The gospel of God came out his mouth fluently
Being a man of God he was indeed
His smile could light the world up completely
Earth and I have lost one of heaven’s seeds.

The bodies were crying, while the hearts are grateful
Not because this event occur often
Knowing where we’re going afterwards we’re thankful
No need to lose sight of one’s self when you see a coffin.

My connections, my thoughts, are they enough
To leave behind a legacy
Or will the only thing I leave behind is my love?
We’ll find out once death approaches me.

R.I.P   DR. W. E. BROWN 
JazzieAnn Brown   1/27/12

Copyright © Jasmine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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And God still sits

It was first all, beautiful
And the plain blue sky spanned on either sides
With snow-white flakes drifting religiously
Over light-green steeples into a land
Beyond what my bulgy brown eyes can see
And God sat; watching

It soon turned pitiful
And beholding as in a trance a swam of famished 
As they swopped upon all that was green
And the orphaned cub watched it's  mother's skin 
sold for a farthing
While the hunters bragged, brawled and laid upon 
empty bottles 
And God still sat;  watching

Then it became sorrowful
With the tsunami as its hits the glass towers of 
China, and the famine in the dark soils of Somalia
The nuclear arsenals in the far east
Which could annihilate all that creeps
And the blood of the sackless on the  tub of the elite
Apocalyptic sermons on all corners;
Yet evil, even on holy ground nests gallantly.
And God still  sits .........

Copyright © Emmanuel Okechukwu | Year Posted 2014

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Butterfly Spirits

When you walk outside into the open air
When you look around at all the beauty everywhere
Think of butterflies fluttering all around
Filling the atmosphere from the sky to the ground
When you feel the wind across your face
Remember my love is all over the place
When you see one lone butterfly fluttering by with such beauty and grace
Think of me and the last time you saw a smile on my face
Remember the joy we shared in our lifetime together
The bond we shared was the most precious treasure
You are blessed with memories of our years on earth
Just as God blessed me on the day of your birth
I have moved on to a glorious place
But daily I am still blessed with your loving face
When you see a butterfly, think of me
That is my spirit flying high and free
I watch over you my dear loved ones, each day and night
I am so proud of your choices to live your life right
My love for all of you will continue to flow
I miss throwing my arms around you more than you know
I am flying with Angels in the Heaven’s above
We watch over you always and send down our love
Look for the butterflies with colors so bright
For they host the spirits of loved ones now out of sight
You must keep your chin up and take care of yourself
But remember God sends His Angels to sometimes help
When you least expect it, at a time of great need
That’s when an Angel appears to do a good deed
Keep your eyes open and be prepared
Great blessings will be upon you when you’re least aware
Watch for the butterflies as they flutter around
They will soon appear in your life when they are less likely to be found
My heart is with you as I watch from afar
Angels walk with you wherever you are
Trust in my word and know that many blessings are upon you
For God has sent Angels who will help you through 
Hold memories close and cherish those in your life with love
Trust in my word and in the Lord above

Copyright © 2003   Shari E Davis

Copyright © Shari Davis | Year Posted 2007

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wE ARE ALL    1
everything between
Heaven and earth
is entwined
   thru water
      by light

1. GOD
" I AM "

                the god poet
         for my dear friend
 June 17 2015

Copyright © gary dye | Year Posted 2015

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Copyright © Robin Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Vision of the Fall

Visions of Usher,
Seven rooms with which flesh dwells
As reddened as a

Retro rocket ship.
Party to end all parting,
Macabre essence 

Is all prevailing. 
The mayhem of ring-a-rose
Maddened stares. I sit
Alone in green sin 
When Death travels amongst us,
All that can be done

Is find the culprit
And grovel to the void face 
Of my own doing.

Copyright © Grant Tarbard | Year Posted 2013

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A Letter from God to Those Who Miss Linda Marie

A Letter from God to Those Who Miss Linda Marie

She is a bouquet 
She is a lilac tree
Her essence always has been and still is of Me
She is my most talented daughter and she is now here with me in my heavenlies
She paints the splendor of paradise
Conversing and taking long horseback rides
She even sings with my angelic hosts and beings
A special spark I placed in her at birth 
It was like a most spectacular fire work
People from afar could always view her splendor
I know very well of her elegance because I am her Creator
Whenever you think of Linda Marie
Just remember that she is here with me basking in a warm heavenly glow
She would never want her friends to miss
The complete joy of being kissed by the elegance of my radiant rainbow
She is the extension of my creativity
Always filled with my “positivity”
I will cherish her forever as she waits for her friends and family to arrive
There are two things to remember as you await your time
To join Linda Marie and my eternal sunshine
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind
And to your neighbors always be kind
These are the two greatest commandments that take the place of my old law
So just remember as you think of my daughter
Cherish the laughter and her silly fodder
She is sitting up here with her heavenly Father 
Sipping on a spot of sparkly tea

Love, Jehovah 

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2014

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In Memory

Passing misfortune 
burns through boredom. 
You taught me that lesson 
when I was very young. 
All that I have of you now 
is a beautiful tinge, in my soul, 
The ghosts' of your brilliance 
is unavoidable, 
no matter how much 
times carries on. 

I see reasons' face 
in the mirror. 
Strikingly similar 
to you, my wise, and 
beloved mother. 
My reflection brings up 
the darkest of thoughts 
filling me with exhaustion 
and uncertainty. 

I take my fist 
and shatter the mirror 
into silver shards. 
Broken in pieces 
like you left me. 
A prisoner to memory 
sentence to life 
without parole. 

My soul yearns 
for enough hope 
and strength 
to continue on. 
Oh God, the days are so long 
and the years are make it 
hard grasp any meaning . 

How did I get here? 
How did everything 
I once held onto 
end in destruction? 
Oh God, 
please grant me a pardon. 
Let me out of this cage 
before I forget once and for all 
what it's like to be out in the sun.

Copyright © minda whiteley | Year Posted 2017

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Concerts Of Madness

Night birds cries…cease suddenly Sounds approach in drunken glee The symphony starts, Fate’s curtain parts Neath time worn, old Oak tree Rope bound round his neck A tear trails down his cheek Moonlight thru’ clotted clouds Glows sallow, thin and weak Makeshift gallows Rusted pickup truck bed Oak tree…silently Broods darkly o’er his head Afar in the darkness Sound of Gabriel’s horn In his ears, in an instant In his heart…hope is born Hands tied behind Clasped tight…as in prayer night birds cries…and Angels sighs Afloat upon the sodden air The engine’s roar Gout of blue smoke Moment of tension Sudden crack of a rope Moment of blackness Then warm golden light A soul soars away Into star drenched night No remorse…not a tear No guilt…no blame The Oak tree…innocently Shares not the blame Impassive instruments In mad concert of man Night birds and angry words All played by God’s own hand

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2013

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x T x I have no complaints from life without you but without you this life doesn’t seem like life.... May God forgive me, I know I’m wrong, so very wrong.... This heart still beats for you, These eyes still dream of you, We met when you couldn’t be mine, So why did we cohort..... You said you Loved me, but couldn’t be mine Why then did I relent, Why did I become yours Why did i lose myself...... Your charm bewitched me Your charismatic personality allured me You touched my life You touched my soul, You left a desire i never knew before You left your mark, a void that can't be filled.... How easily you say to me close this chapter of your life, Go build a new life..... You became my dream, still I accept you'll never be mine.... You will build your life BUT how do i stop.... This heart from yearning for you, These eyes from searching for you, These hands from reaching out to text u.... your number i still remember but..... stop my hands as i remember your request 'close this chapter' My nights are lonely, as are my crowded days You are my only awakening thought first and last of the day... What would i not give to lose myself in those blue eyes, once again .... how they looked at me, i'll never forget! Memories are all i have..... I have no complaints from life without you .......it goes on, but without you this life doesn’t seem like life. I know i'm wrong, so very wrong... May God forgive me w

Copyright © W W | Year Posted 2011

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prayer 1

I looked in Joel today father in your and as I read I remembered how I love you so dear and how you forgive me in the name of Jesus. it said for the cities to go into the mountains and blow their trumpets for the day of the lord is at hand. I need your hand oh daily forgiver who is warmed by the father's light. give unto me this day and I will fight for you as promised. hold a star above my head and help me too remember the panick and devastation it would cause among men including your faithful servents. intrigue my mind with visions too remind me I serve you willingly although I can be dis obedient you tell me when you look apone me you see no sin. still I want to be able too dance and sing in your name.guide me and let me know when your people need me and I will be their. forgive me and love my prayer oh mighty great spirits. Amen.

Copyright © steven coleman | Year Posted 2013

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In a loveless patch the seed was sown
A barren field of thorn
Then tears rained down from Heaven's face
Where heavy hearts have scorn

If harvest time is near for us
Why are we afraid?
Fruits of joy were ours to reap
Had not Genesis we betrayed

New life alone must struggle now
In Garden's tainted soil
Roots defiled in passion's play
Where lofty lusts have spoiled

Why have we in True Love's name
Made this new one's strife
That he must live to bear the Cross
To redeem our sacrifice?

Copyright 2016   Iger Rolyat   All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Iger Rolyat | Year Posted 2016

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Weeping God

When you look up there yonder the eye
Every centimeter on God’s body and cloth
Each star in the universe of the unknown
Permeates God’s tears of mercy and redemption
Involved in making God weep are stained souls
Nursery bed of criminal sin thrives in their hearts
Goons of earthliness tend rainbow beautiful sins

God’s grief sows hunger, wars, disease and fear
On the land perceived as the cradle of humanity
Divine force only can delete the durable vices

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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Good Night, Until We Meet Again

Farewell, until we meet again
I don't understand why God had to take you so young
Death, pain, and sorrow are hard things
For a young person to deal with in life
I always told you Good Night; we 
saw each other the next day
On that night I thought that 
You were just resting
But then I realized it would be
A rest for all eternity
My heart is broken into pieces as 
I try to hold my tears back
The only person that
I could call my brother
Is now gone, not suffering
And to never be forgotten
Today, I can't think but to 
wonder why God had to take you away
Friends and family pay their
Respects and say their last words
You're in God's hands now,
He'll take care of you
I give you a kiss and whisper
"Good Night! Rest in Peace Until We Meet Again" 

Copyright © Dominique Gladney | Year Posted 2006

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In Loving Memory of Taleah

It’s hard to believe that you’re actually gone
Seems just a while ago we all went out to eat
We all had fun and were surrounded by family
Everyone smiling and laughing and enjoying life
But who knew that a while later you would be gone
No one really expected this or knew when you would depart from this life
We all should be rejoicing instead of mourning knowing that Taleah is at ease
The bible says “I am not alone, because the Father is with me”.
So we all can rest assure that she is doing a whole lot better
While Taleah was here on earth her spirit seemed so high
She didn’t complain, at least I didn’t see it
And she maintained her faith although things were being thrown at her from left 
and right
Even when in pain she fought it out like a child of God
Never letting the Devil wear her down
All he wanted to do was stress her out and make her feel worse
But we can all laugh in his face because we know that he lost the battle and God 
She leaves behind two beautiful daughters, but they are in good hands
God will continue to watch over them every night just as he did before
We miss her and love her very much
And believe that God has so much in store for her

Copyright © whitney houston | Year Posted 2007

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" Jesus, Rex Judaeorum," how best could he 
Have shown his qualities than dying on the cross, a fatal fee.   
What could he have said while dying than;
"Deusin manus tuas commendo spiritum meum."

He could only go about boasting that;
"Verus Deus salutaris venire ad eum." so flat.

[SALAZAR was growing too emotional and angry under the scrutiny of GOD THE ALMIGHTY.]

Ubi est pars terrae quae fecimus?
We were treated as fools.
Quare nos de caelo expulsi?
What did you want us to see?

licet sim occidit inferorum,
Regnum me pugnabit iuro. There is no room.
My father BEELZEBUB was cheated and so the earth should be doomed.
That was it. Revenge we are no fool.


GOD: thanks for that digression Salazar.May you continue with the confession.

"Yes," Yards away from my home was an old church,
Whose bells hadn't tolled for twelve years because of a touch 
Of dilapidation, and which could not be repaired.
Despite all, all was set and for me, the bells were prepared.

As I was received on earth, the bells tolled simultaneously
A surprise to all who heard the twelve solid tolls calmly.
That was the announcement of my arrival,
Perpetuated by twelve ghosts from the cemetery’s anal.

These ghosts, men who had died twelve years ago,
Were raise by the breathe of hell to announce of my ego.
The tolls were preceded by an unprecedented silence
Which would quell the hurricane to listen for clearance.

Exactly twelve hours after my birth, my earthly mother died
From protracted after-delivery pains so tight.
She was soon cremated as her religion permitted,
While others cried and feasted.

In the glories of noon on the twelve day,
I was named, a predetermined choice in play,
In which I would grow to much fame.

I was a happy and kicking baby so dear,
Who never whimpered or dropped a tear
After birth, nor as I grew old in days,
To the surprise of my family and race.

Although a mere baby, none knew i could hear 
And understand the language so clear.
I would listen to earthly dad say; “an angel
Dictated to me that baby's name. That I can tell.

In my twelve days, many took me in their arms;
I was exceedingly healthy and beautiful like the rams
To the love of all who readily hugged me,
Oblivious to the fact that i was a threat to humanity.

GOD: Exceedingly healthy one....


Copyright © Gerald Nforche | Year Posted 2010

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Milo and Me

Milo and Me- Born well-timed fore-teen mouths from Me.
In an unknown town, in New York somewhere north of Albany.
Known to the Native American-as Wings Falls-
In their time-so it seemed.
Known as Milo to only a few--but to Me, my Brother-Best Friend!

But- It’s my assumption GOD had other intentions-
for Milo and Me. We lived and were reared by that poor family.
On that unknown Street- North-off Main Street.
Known to few-like J.F.COOPER and the“Mahikans.”
North about 66 miles from Albany.

You will ask of me and I know-how did two mountain boys ever make it off that Street?
It would have seemed to the multitude residing near that street-
That Milo and me were as good as disconnect from ANY Eternal Majesty.
My resolution to you would be-only by GOD’S Devine Grace and Majesty.

Then-the day came, much to the surprise of Milo and Me-
Mom and Dad sold that OLD CURSED house on that infamous street.
We moved clear across town to a more superior Street--or it seemed?
Until- Milo and Me got to know the natives living ON THAT STREET!

You see- on THIS STREET for Milo and Me-we discovered our addictions-
can’t you see? Myself just 13, and for Milo, fore-teen mouths younger than Me.
It started with drinking some “stout,” with was innocent-initially,
then lead to trips with Mary-Jan-I hope YOU see.
My presumption is for Milo and Me-we should have never got to know-
those good old boy on-THAT STREET!
Well-If I told the rest of this story-though poetry,
it would be far too long--hope you can see.
So--let Me take you to the end of the story.
We will travel by make-believe time machine..
Close your eyes, Close your eyes,--so you can’t see.
Fast forward we go, to the year 1998-now you may see!!
By this time, for Milo and Me, we had not seen each-other
in a LONG time-you see?
For each of us--a Wife and some kids-- only if you could have seen!
You would know-- the pain and heartache without Milo and Me.

You may notice and see now- But--you will NOT find--Milo and Me.
You see, you see-- it has been ten years now--for Milo and Me.
He journeyed to some faraway land, to get away from--his home land.
Helped by the Army--left 3 little girls to fend for themselves--in His home land.

At the end now- I raise one final toast to the memory of Milo and Me.
Not a toast like the days of glory brought--from some fine ALE- or smoke from Mary-Jane.   
But--a toast--or better said--a petition of a different sort.
To the GOD we once knew together as young men-- on THAT STREET!!
By: W.E.M

Copyright © Wayne Mattison | Year Posted 2010

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Life Is So Empty Without You

Waking up feeling so sad and alone
Tears streaming down my cheeks
My heart aching from the pain
Missing the life we shared

Wondering why God called you home so soon
He only gave us five years together
In that time I experienced the greatest love i've ever known
I miss you immensely

Life is so empty without you
My nights are long and lonely
Days don't feel any brighter
Why did you have to die?

Waiting for God to call me home
So we can be together again
That's when the sadness and pain will end
Then happiness will return once again

Copyright © Christine Lucas | Year Posted 2006

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Her Love

When I think about the love that she has given me, it makes me think of how one 
could love so deeply, how could one have a love so pure.  I love this women for 
just who she was, she has left me gifts that I cherish, she has been my 
inspiration, my best friend, my mother.  

When she called daughter, I listened with my ears, but her words went depper 
than the ears could hear.  Now that your gone, I can truly hear those words, those 
scriptures that wer given that my heart has hidden within.  The signs you gave I 
can now see, thank God I am no longer blinded to what you always could see. 

I miss you so much, but I know the only way for me to see you again is to live my 
life according to God's will.  I thank God for allowing me to know someone as 
great as you, to be in your presence was not by chance but predistined to what 
soon lies ahead.  I can't stop thinking about all that we been through  and how I 
met you.  I can't stop remembering how much I love you.

I cry not because your not with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I cry because I 
miss you here on earth.  I feel like a piece of me is gone, I feel like no one will 
ever understand the depth of our relationship or our love, I love you so very 
much.  I wish that I could have been there with you to see you go home to glory. 

I am hurt but I know that God has my back in everything I do.  I promise you I will 
always put God first in all that I do. I pray that when your watching over us, you will 
smile and continue to pray for us.  Your love is very much undescribable, but 
when I think again it's nothing but that Agape love!  The same love that Jesus has 
for me.  I love you Willie, and I going to press on Mommy until God calls me 

Copyright © Tiffeny Thorpe | Year Posted 2006

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[NB. This poem is the confession made by the biological son of the devil satan,SALAZAR, in
a court session in heaven. This is a confession he made under duress to the ears of
godly humanity]	


At midnight on the twelve of September
1912, when the bells of the elder
Church in town started tolling for the first 
 Time in twelve years, had death's taste.

As far as I can reveal, was twelve years old 
Twelve years old when death, my brother, cold,
Grabbed me in his claws and ended my life.
And so I could not know how man could strive.

 This was in compliance to the terms of my birth
 Which had been drawn up in hell by my Dad as said,
 APPOLYON.i was to come to earth sans fears,
 And be nursed by a human being well dressed.

As I am clear of the earth, I can now unleash
The great secret I had hidden in my dish:
If I can really call my terrible mind likewise.
After all I was hooked to it as if by the aid of a vice.

My secrets are not those you listen to every day;
Those secrets of stupidity with no heat of May.
These secrets of mine are those to stagger a giant,
 And destroy the hook of creation and the tyrant.




You should know that I spent only twelve days on earth,
Before my brother, honorable death,
Took me in his claws. But my deeds outdo those
Of the greatest devils who had sin in over-dose.

Here; let me speak and let you tremble like the feather;
I was born in 1912, on first December
And at midnight. After all let me continue well,
So that in my story you shall kindly dwell.

Christ had failed in his....................

[There were grumbles in the courtroom from the heavenly realm, because what SALAZAR had
said was sacrilegious...]


Christ had failed in his mission on earth
Because he could not conquer in its entity death.
On the cross he cried," Deus, guare me dereliquisti?"
That is what fell from his lips. What a tyranny!  

[There were cries again from the Heavenly realm. God merely sighed and raised a hand for
SALAZAR to continue]

Copyright © Gerald Nforche | Year Posted 2010

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Little Boy Blue (don't fall asleep)

Little boy blue don't be so sad
You're my joy it can't be that bad?

Come put your horn down and sit with me,
Your smile is soothing and will comfort me

Then we'll look into each other's eyes and treasure
our moments time will not always provide

Little boy blue you're my treasure I've long been waiting for
Soon you'll not be here and my memory will be all that I will hold onto

Let us rest together for I know you're frail,
I need God the Holy Spirit, "the Great Comforter"
to come right now.  Take my pain Lord and stand with me,
to help hold me up when all I feel is despair.  Give me the 
strength to help carry on for when my little boy blue is gone

Little boy blue, I'll love you forever you see
I can only close my eyes and it's you and me
together in peace

You are so precious and such a sweet gift
too special for this world, it's straight to Heaven
where you'll exist

I know you must be perfect in God's holy eyes
to take one so young who never touched his life
You're going to paradise where you'll wait for me

Until then when I am all alone I'll go outside and in my search for some
serenity I'll close my eyes and ask God to help me believe that you will
be the special star in the sky that I will see

Copyright © Teresa Allman | Year Posted 2007

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Two Angels

Two older ladies knocked on my door one day,
As i open the door ,this is what they had to say.
Do you believe that the almighty God will free your soul?
I said yes i do  ,and it dont matter if im young or old.

She looked at me with a huge grin,
Your right young man,He will judge you in the end.
Heres a booklet ide like for you to read,
In it are words of God that everyone should heed.

I thanked the two ladies for the chat and the book,
They said your welcome sonny , now dont forget to take a look.
As i turned  and walked in through the door,
I turned to say bye, but they were there no more.

I looked all around my yard to see,
But no one was there, it was just me.
To my surprise the clouds start to clear,
As if the doors of heaven opened and the angels dissapeared.

I knew i was visited that very same day,
By two angels of God,to have thier say.
As i open the book ,to my surprise ,
A picture of the two angels were stamped on the inside.

I went to my knees and started to pray,
For all the poor souls that had lost thier way.
Help them dear Lord, to take the right  road,
For i know on thier shoulders , they carry a heavy load.

Copyright © Alan Fitz | Year Posted 2008

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The devil stared at me in hell as i came in
And i heard belch out right
"Come in lad for a pot of blood."
I shrugged my shoulders and sadly said:

"Sir Devil, i am here to pay for all my crimes."
He rang his hands and grumbled out loud:
"i know, i know! Feast a while and soon we shall come to that."
"but," is said." god will not be happy if i were instead made to enjoy hell."

The devil stared at me and smiled:
"Hell is my home and god has no say."
He gave me a mug of blood which i drank and quenched my thirst.
"Home is hell, hospitable." he said chewing a human head.

I was afraid but ate for, “home is hell, hospitable."
Soon as i was through, he called me to him and said;
"Now is the time for feast......."
 And he plucked away my arm for a hearty meal..

Oh the devil...bedevil....a cunning bastard.
I merely watched to quench my fears before
And watch him taste the blood,
Before he went for my tender heart

Copyright © Gerald Nforche | Year Posted 2010