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A pen pal long ago

I'd a pen-pal long ago
When I was too young for sure
I wrote him letters, he wrote me too.
I cared for him, he cared for me too.

Slowly time flew away
Moving everything that stays.
But we still had our world undisturbed
Unless one day something occurred.

That day, I wrote him a big letter.
I wish we would'd time to know each other better.
He was still oblivious of the cold days that freeze,
Everything, from humans to trees,
Until one day.....I was gone away with the breeze......

Copyright © Yushi Vi | Year Posted 2016

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A Perfect-

A perfect crime.
The paper the victim,
the weapon a pen.

A perfect time.
The thoughts in my head,
a prayer, I say, amen.

A perfect day.
The mood is right,
it is time to begin.

A perfect way.
So I write, Father please,
forgive me for my sin.

A perfect start.
The liquid poison,
slowly kills the page.

A perfect heart.
Slowly breaking,
from all the rage.

A perfect death.
Please go in peace,
Your soul to keep.

A perfect breath.
For it's the last,
please don't weep.

Copyright © Sienna Ethylpen | Year Posted 2013

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To all who may never know
Let me try to show
The deep and heavy cost
Of having tragic loss

Confusion and disbelief
Strikes hard before the grief
Many wounds cut deep
And pain denies you sleep

Gut wrenching turmoil deep inside
Shattering sorrow you cannot hide
Heart pounding blood into your head
Wishing now, you too were dead

Clutching at your belly
For the one you loved so dearly
Crumbling from the pain
You'll never be the same

When that fateful message comes
Burning like a thousand suns
And tears of dread, sting your face
Joy makes way, for sorrow, takes it's place

The tears will go one day
This is what they say
While every day you're trying
To keep yourself from crying

Those memories together were made
These memories they will not fade
And reopen the cuts of wounds so deep
These bloodied treasures that you keep

No potion can ever mend
No dressing can ever tend
As days and months have gone away
This festering rage is here to stay

Till the time is come again
That tragic day is like a stain
That time will never be gone
Where their spirit last shone

The moment it draws near
As you fight back the tear
This pain you cannot bear
For it has been one year

As you sit back and swallow the drink
And feel your life begin to sink
And darkness comes around
The room no longer makes a sound

You sit in place and stare
No more their love to share
You pray the silence take me
From visions I do not wish to see

Ten years on today
It's still not gone away
This deep and heavy cost
This truly tragic loss

Copyright © Sean Taylor | Year Posted 2015

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Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry 
Some days I live, some days I die 
Sometimes I stand tall, sometimes I crawl 
Then I pace the floor, then I pound the wall. 
Give me relief from the towering grief 
The harrowing pain when we speak your name 
Oh how we miss you, how we miss you, how we miss you, 
Little One.  

Some days I'm weak, seldom am I strong 
Some days I wonder is it worth going on 
Some days it hits you and some days it's me 
Some days we're drowning in a merciless sea. 
Give me belief from the towering grief 
The harrowing pain when we speak your name 
Oh how we miss you, how we miss you, how we miss you, 
Little One.  

It would take a lifetime and then some, I know 
To talk of all the things we miss 
And you could have that lifetime and all I have to show 
For one more goodnight kiss. 
How could it come to this?

Where do we go, what do we do 
When all of our dreams were centered on you 
We're living out the heartache in dark misery 
The photographs of you the way you used to be
Give me relief from the towering grief 
The harrowing pain when we speak your name
Oh how we miss you, how we miss you, how we miss you, 
Little One. 




Copyright © Louis Spence | Year Posted 2013

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Oh Syria

Reality is lost and I fear…
That someday, somewhere so near…
I will fall amongst the people so dear…
I fear…that I’ll just be another one…
Another one lost…

I wonder what the cost of my life is
not to get political…
But I want to know what the cost of my life is
Is it money, is it land?
I do not own any of them, I’m just a simple man

I remember, when I ran across your land…
I remember when I kissed my grandmothers hands…
You ripped me away from her, from my home
You took me away from my heart, you took me away from my soul

I feel helpless, I feel low
It’s hard to play along when I know, I have no role
I have become a slave.
After all the love I gave.

When I look at my country, people I want to save
When I look around me, people I wish to change
It seems like a hard thing to do…
When the world around is bigger than you

To the fools who dare murder in his name
When God gave us life…
He warned us, only he can take our lives…

Oh Syria, my home
Oh Syria, my all
Oh Syria, what did they hurt you for?
I am Proud to be your son…

Copyright © Zeki Majed | Year Posted 2013

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Field of despair

The barren land that has failed us

to give anything back all this time,

while we wet it with our blood and sweat

digging it with bare hands till the bell tolls,

telling us it's time to give up all our hopes

time to get back to the losers camp and mourn our destiny...

and then suddenly,

we realised we weren't farming the barren land

to grow our crops nor our dreams,

we were just digging our graves


the land shall take back all that it gives.

Copyright © Teka Haile | Year Posted 2015

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The Darkest Day

Burning eyes, I cannot believe I'm alive
Smoke fills the air and it makes me so scared
My brain is cloudy and slow, and I see myself upside down on the ground
People are screaming, I hear loud crashing
Everything begins falling
I know I won't make it out alive.
The building is breaking the whole place is shaking
And I get up to run for my life
My hands scraped and bloodied, my skirt, torn. 
There's no time to mourn.
My hair is matted and wet, and I crash into a person I had just met
Making my way down the stairs, I think about how this is all unfair.
In that split second there's another BOOM 
And impact
Throws me down to my doom.
But a hand grabs me and pulls me up,
I would say something but I can hardly gulp.
I can't see and my savior leads me.
There's a ringing in one ear, but none in my other.
I scream in frustration, and my vision goes under.
Deep darkness overwhelms me.
There is pain in my arms and I just want to leave
Leave this chaos of a world, this place where the smoke curls and whirls.
My body shuts down as I slowly fall on the ground and my life flashes before my eyes.
But it is okay. This is all I can take
And then I hear sirens and people.
I smile at them because I know it is too late.
I close my eyes then. This was the end.
I see the light and I give up the fight.

Copyright © Caleah Buil | Year Posted 2013

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Let Go

A long list of names with not a friend among them
Is it just of book of hidden faces
Forgotten faces?
Not a single word I've ever said was
written with truth
And here's the proof

When there's tears streaming down my face
Stuck in place
Is a smile that is a lie
When every time  I look around
I want to die

No friendly faces, in the brightest of places
And I can't make a sound
Is this life or is it just a dark hell
 How is one to live without living
Feeling lonely
Lost in a sea of sound

The darkness inside me
Is seeping through my heart
and making me lose my self control
Turn the shower up higher so they don't hear me cry
It's all I can do, just living a lie

The friends I thought I had
left when I was reaching my lowest
Now as I sink below the surface
The sun is the dimmest of lights

Scratching at my sides
Not ready to go back to the blade
So long gone, I've reached the breaking point 
but I'm afraid to let go

Copyright © Cassidy Metcalf | Year Posted 2014

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Eulogy for a Soul Taken too soon

So much potential, courage and love
Alan Williams, Jr. was truly a gift sent from above
So young yet so wise; he fought to be true
Never giving up when times became blue

He dared to be himself, when everyone rejected him
His cup was never empty; it was always to the brim
That’s how he saw the world, dreams and second chances
No lost causes, just new songs and funny dances

He hadn’t seen his family in quite some time
They didn’t see the angel he was, they never let him shine
But that didn’t make him bitter or mean or lost
He deserved love and he was willing to pay the cost

He loved unconditionally, believing everyone was good
Even when it hurt him, he did all that he could
To accept his own flaws and put aside the pain
So that he could help another move past the strain

He never asked for anything back; he gave from the heart
And even though he’s gone, he’ll always be a part
Of each and every one of us, the people he held close
His brand new family, the one that he chose

His passing is a tragedy; no one knows why he’s gone
He will never be forgotten; the sun sets then again comes the dawn

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Copyright © AC Dominguez | Year Posted 2015

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Light at the End

When it hits my chest
It would not lay me to rest
It cannot bring about my end
So long I refuse to bend
Death on my chest
Is but a test
On my will to live up
To see if I would give up
The Giver would allow the pain
After seeing my faith on life
He would restore me again.
Death test is but in the while
Of a second
After which we can go on.

Copyright © Divine Friday Idiong | Year Posted 2014

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Raindrops and Teardrops

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2013

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In the Darkest Hour

Orchestrated plots from the birth of corruption
Meticulously cunning, blue print semantics
Shadows overriding sheer manipulation
Much more to its sleeves, sly gimmickry and antics

Overlapping smokescreen piling up to its feet
Diversionary tactics, garden variety
Principles dropped, conceded an utter defeat
Distraction thirsts for blood, hounds for the killing spree

When darkness overcomes the illumination
Claiming a population, an epidemic
By the hundreds on process of elimination
Resistance is futile to such obvious logic

Retaliatory, uprising insurgence
The masses’ response with strings attached
Casted under a spell, hypnotic indolence
A fearsome adversary, no other can match

Time’s in fast changing pace, turning the wheels of fate
Right up into the very heart of society
An impending apocalypse spearheading straight
The core that dictates man’s unending enmity

Copyright © Jeffrey dela Cruz | Year Posted 2015

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Like a tumbleweed aimlessly blowing in the wind
across infinitely open and wide prairie home companion land
(which wasteland famously epitomized by T.S. Elliot)
a barren vista ravages metaphorical landscape
of one measly mortal malcontent male
bumping and scraping along accursed habiliment
just barely avoiding and dodging diabolical demons
mercilessly and unrelentingly ready
to seduce this somewhat sanguine Simian
who finds himself amidst the pitfalls
of a tortured and twisted existence
racked with pinions describe bing
a demonic dragon filled dungeon
damp, dark, demented domains –
a veritable no man’s land
impossible to escape no matter how fast I -
as a foo fighter flee
from the fearful, fierce-some phantasmagoric forms
figments of my imagination seemingly real
tangible as bone and flesh
who haunt sacred crowded house of slumber
transmogrify me into a loathsome madman
ranting raving senseless gibberish and sic gobbledygook
perceived as metaphysically n philosophically insane
as soundgarden syllabification
from one womanly World Wide Web wayfarer
which virtual vagabond venerates vowels
and possesses means and tees to till verse
akin to a sorceress who waves a magic wand 
to produce supreme sentences
weaves tantalizing terrific tweed topographic tundra’s
that this admirer of her artful and colorful poetic endeavors
prompts me to accompany my mindscape 
as a thought-provoking troubadour
amidst the information super byways and highways
along winding labyrinths of critical thinking
or simply stepping o'er rolling stones 
of silly rhymes without wing less reason
all the while giving subtle egress
into that chamber of secrets
long kept shut tight to maintain 
that sure footed stance of solitude
whose only entities happened 
to constitute trappings of literary lugubriousness
those tombs of largesse identified 
as great works and masterpieces of literature
yet careful to avoid complete intimacy
lest that cherished solitude shattered
and a heart rent asunder
twin tower ring inferno imp perils of loss that provide
an understandable cautionary tale
to the author of this rambling missive
a most profoundly perceptive acute Ape man
touched to the quick with a bit of angel dust
aware that this agonized and angst riddled  arboreal beast
contents himself with the confines of cyberspace!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2015

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The Old Smile

And when did I give thee the power to kill
Your own brothers and rape mothers, just to steal
Love away from those innocent flowers
Before they even know how to bloom,
And attract bees to rape her again and again
But she smiles burning in pain
Feeling blessed because of the love she gives
And having the mightiest power to forgive.
Now all’s casted with the doomed sky
And He, a stealer of human souls
Emerges once more; with the stroke
Of midnight; and the traveller is
Too tired to walk another mile,
Stops by our home and sings the old smile,
“And the sinners are sinned several times
With the start of the sun, till the stop of the shine.”
And it’s this song, our anthem
That sets us free from the form
Of the coward and the fearless

Copyright © Abhinandan Subba | Year Posted 2015

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Where darkness,
Goes to rest,
Cold, unwelcome,
Silence towards the end,
Fleeting figures,

Copyright © Deidre Hansen | Year Posted 2015

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The Nefarious Scream- The Dark And Twisted Contest

The Nefarios Scream

Camping in  isolated lands of parks and creeks
Untold experiences of adventurous beauty
Nefarious acts eclipse joys of freedom 
Blowing up cars to bar any escape
Tents knifed through in the darkness of the night
Wakening frightened sleepy eyed  tourists
Throats slit of those who rebel and abuse
Serial killer chases the gutsy that escaped
Muffle the defiant eye to jab out screams
Clanging chains, barrelled guns, hammers et al
Adorn his barricaded blood stained dungeons 
Adventures  in foreign land turn uglier than nightmares
Destinations of destined stumbled into zones horrific
Families and lovers pine with unrequited inquiries
Investigators baffled over the  ambiguous maniac
Who finger by finger tortured the life out of tourists
Exulting over his power of creating a world of zombies
A bomb he carried to blow up the next tourist van
Helpless travellers plea's rippled his blood
Slow and steady steps he came closer to van
An unseen rattler uncoiled rattling his next step
Hissing his breath away in the loudest scream

Balveen Cheema
September 20, 2015
Contest: The Dark and Twisted
Sponsor: Nathan D


Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

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The following is a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, the amazing artist who died of his own hand in 1890. He died, tragically alone, and in obvious pain, unrecognized and unappreciated by the people of his day. But, in 1972, a talented young recording artist, Don Mclean, wrote and recorded a beautiful and stirring tribute to the artist, Vincent. The following are the lyrics to the song, featured on the American Pie album. I hope you will appreciate not only the sentiment so beautifully expressed, but the marvelous imagery and flawless poetry. It moves me; I hope it will likewise move you. And now, Vincent:

Starry, starry night,
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.

Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Now I understand, what you tried to say to me,
And how you suffered for your sanity,
And how you tried to set them free--
They would not listen, they did not know how,
Perhaps they'll listen now.

Starry, starry night,
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze,
Swirling clouds in violet haze,
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue.

Colors changing hue,
Morning fields of amber grain,
Weathered faces lined in pain,
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.

Now I understand,
What you tired to say to me,
And how you suffered for your sanity,
And how you tried to set them free--
They would not listen, they did not know how,
Perhaps they'll listen now.

For they could not love you,
Though your love was true,
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night,
You took your life as lovers often do,
But I could have told you, Vincent, 
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

Starry, starry night,
Portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless heads on nameless walls,
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the strangers that you've met,
The ragged men in ragged clothes,
The silver thorn of bloody rose,
Lie crushed and broken in the virgin snow.

Now I think I know,
What you tried to say to me,
And how you suffered for your sanity,
And how you tried to set them free--

They would not listen,
They're not listening still...
Perhaps they never will.


Copyright © Mel Merrill | Year Posted 2014

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Praying for forgiveness
but the damage is done
still learning to walk alone 
cause who "I AM" keeps
me shunned

The doors keep closing 
in on me all through veiled
hypocrisy but what they all
have failed to see is that
I will never be anything other
than "ME".

It's true I've not always done 
what is right, but for my mistakes
I've already paid the ultimate price.

So continue to judge me if you'd like
go hang me out to dry if that makes 
you sleep a little better at night 
for as Bad as you all may have 
perceived me not once did any 
of you try to wipe a single tear 
from my eyes... 

I want everyone to know
all the hurt buried in my chest
all the scars worn privately to 
no one did I ever confess. 
I'd much rather you think me crazy;
All F'ed up in the head then to
let anyone else know what I had
to take every night with me to bed

There are many ways of dying
but guilt, self reproof and regret
had already beaten me to death

Still unlike any of you God never
left me, judged me, or abandoned 
Instead he stood by me til the end
laid my worries to rest , stone pillow to
cradle my head.

Copyright © Madelin Barton | Year Posted 2014

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Vision of the Fall

Visions of Usher,
Seven rooms with which flesh dwells
As reddened as a

Retro rocket ship.
Party to end all parting,
Macabre essence 

Is all prevailing. 
The mayhem of ring-a-rose
Maddened stares. I sit
Alone in green sin 
When Death travels amongst us,
All that can be done

Is find the culprit
And grovel to the void face 
Of my own doing.

Copyright © Grant Tarbard | Year Posted 2013

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Dark clouds accompanied by blue sky

Dark clouds accompanied by blue sky.

I lifted my eyes high
Then I saw a blue sky
Black clouds drifted across slowly
she awakened my heart sorrowfully
She stopped to say sorry
As she released drops of blood
Where I stood became gory
It gradually turned flood
Holding me to ground firmly.
When I woke up,
It was midnight
I looked left, up
Upon turning right,
I lost sight
Her disappearance brought me light
When I opened my eyes,
She has taken that bone of mine.
She thawed the Ice
As she sent chills down my spine.
I moved out searching for her
But I saw white clouds shading the sky
The I passionately asked why
She then turned and said bye
I cried and still cry 
I cry I cry
I was filled with sorrow
I became very hollow, 
As I watch her go
I wished I could follow,
Fight her and bring back what she took
But I couldn't trace the path
She catch the wrong fish with the right hook
My world she hath
I had to face  tomorrow
Though I was blue.
So If you told, yes it is true.

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2014

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Tempting Voices of the Dark

You must not resist your own destiny
leave behind the light if you want to see
where you come from, what you will be
Darkness of your heart protects from the light
the essence of you--
your identity.
Don’t you fear the night blinded by the light
Lie and close your eyes and open your heart
Your are dark inside, come inside the dark
Let the healing snakes come protect the gates
Of your tarnished soul of the earthly lives
Get ready to die and be born no more
For eternity!

Copyright © Sami Gjoka | Year Posted 2014

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Fallen angel

your wings are clipped

your feathers are inked

shoulders heavy.

You sink.

Eyes blazed,

fury rise,

powerful fist, and

hurt born eyes.

The scares are deep,

the terror is real,

Tell me angel,

what love do you feel?

Nothing is left

only corruption.

Hell is close,

but Heaven is nowhere near.

Copyright © Vanezia Lockridge | Year Posted 2016

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In helter-skelter  
everyone scatter.
I joined the rest of  
legs to jump gutter.
Everyone is an 
Africa  jet.
Flying dug above 
the  moon.
permanently fell to  
the earth.
Now east is a hell
and north,an  
While west is a  
flooding ocean.
Forked lightening 
and thunder guard 
the south.
Yet the center is  
Death is calling  
Our Eden became 
Sodom and 
I ran to undestiny  
being pursue by 
guns and cutlasses.
Panting like hunting  
I stumbled and fell  
into a trance.
I saw an old blind  
too blind to behold  
Jubliating with hands 
placed on her head.
Mother can't  
recognize her child,
let alone an eye  
I am as helpless as  
helpless herself.
I was so paralysed 
to  stand up.
I gazed at her with  
eyes of mercy
but was posses with  
legs of paralysis.
Because life race is  
Continually falling 
and rising
in dying and living,
I ran to an edge
I lifted up my head 
and saw gun 
pointing  at my 

Copyright © UGWU CORNELIUS CHIDERA | Year Posted 2014

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Emily's Elegy

Some master he was grand,
That made flirtations be.
If were she thereof in demand
And adapt into his arms free.

But it was a bother to bore,
Staying private 'twas best.
Wherefore she locked herself indoors
To block out her aggress.

Indoors she would remain,
Forgotten by society.
If aught there one arraign
She'd undergo anxiety.

That woman none did ever see,
In the small town indeed!
She was in Amherst a recluse   
The dwellers did concede.

Yet still she had visits,
With one Judge Lord 'twas physical —
If were he implicit
Before his time most critical!

Her life must've been quite doleful,
Upon a daily chore —
Writing poems tho' kept her hopeful
That the folk would adore.

An eccentric, to linger so,
Teasing darkness inside.
Such a woman wore white we know
And from the world she'd hide.

Her behaviour 'twas worst,
When overly she'd agitate.
'twere a notable lady versed,
In an infamous sate —

And despite, if health grant,
Society had a spot dry.
There one would so enchant
If a call to Boston applied.

But her will 'twas elsewhere,
That made O master come to her.
Ah, perhaps he'll go there
And have his day like he prefer.

Tho' her manner it drained,
Bearing despair through a keyhole!
Deathly themes had her pained
For odd reasons thought to control!

In versed writings she mused,
Creating gospel wit and hue.      
Until a nervous illness bruised
Her life all the way through —

Now left in deaths fain care,
'Tis nay a tragic melody.
Who misery sought, and was there
Cast into the wild sea.

Copyright © Charles Bernabi | Year Posted 2015

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Bitter sweet memories

I wake up in a cold sweat
I can't catch my breath
I think back to when we met
My lungs collapse like death

My mind thinks of you as lost
My heart still endlessly searches
Without you i'm cold as frost
I accept you're gone and my heart lurches

The tears start to stream from my eye
I look at the pictures i have of you
The memory of your smile makes me want to die
I scream "oh please god don't let it be true"

The bitter sweet memories are all i hold
So tainted since you passed on
Your lovely words haunt my very soul
I load the gun; how could i ever go on

Copyright © Adam Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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A Poem of An Unwanted Soul

Born crooked and cradled half-hearted
I was a residue of false hope and demented feelings
Each day suffers my existence
A paralysis to my mother, burden to my stepfather
Seeking attention, looking for love; do I deserve?

I was nice to the touch, a burning torch deep inside
My parents lived a slow death; I was high
Unfulfilled, unwanted and scarred
To my family, I was a broken mold
They were adamant, would I contest?

To my fair share of love
To the pieces I have given and I have never taken back
I am slowly dismembered; now darkness embraces me to see the light
A bottle of intoxication and a few pills to add
To all the ones I loved, will this occasion be joyous or sad?

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2016

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Death my old friend, I welcome you like an old friend. 
Young at first now an old man, I open my home and heart and welcome you you in.
So you bony spirit with the hellfire eyes take my weary soul.

Guide my gently into good night, cross the dark water to the gate of Hade's home, as I take my place in the underworld and eternal rest.

Copyright © Grant Baker | Year Posted 2013

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People of Darkness

They move in secret, cautiously,
	these people of only one way.
Trusting in the blinding dark suspiciously
	defiling the hopes and dreams of yesterday.
Detours they avoid abruptly
	retracing every step, too fearful of today.

People of darkness live secret and alone,
	what are they afraid of?
Trembling at discovery and being found and known
	they chose a path different than our own.
Whispering from displaced forgotten ghettos
	hiding truth in an unrecognized libretto.
Their fears are all they have.

They breathe quietly, as lost and angry old and young,
	devourers of life while on the run.
Speaking cryptic radical determined thoughts
	as in their minds, the world's battles are fought.
Agony,distorted faith, they claimed they’ve turned it on
	and when least expected, they are in hiding ,gone.
They are the lost and found in every town.

They plan and scheme in their restrictive silence
	not saying aloud but veil what they really mean
Resting only of necessity to remain alone and hidden
        as they cry and shout hypocrisy but spread inhumanity,
A condemnation for all eternity
	drifting on the seas of ideological emptiness and deeper lies.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2015

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Last night
it rained

My pillow
was soaked

The pain
was gone but

The dread

Your soul

too soon.

Copyright © Precioso Tano | Year Posted 2017

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Concerts Of Madness

Night birds cries…cease suddenly Sounds approach in drunken glee The symphony starts, Fate’s curtain parts Neath time worn, old Oak tree Rope bound round his neck A tear trails down his cheek Moonlight thru’ clotted clouds Glows sallow, thin and weak Makeshift gallows Rusted pickup truck bed Oak tree…silently Broods darkly o’er his head Afar in the darkness Sound of Gabriel’s horn In his ears, in an instant In his heart…hope is born Hands tied behind Clasped tight…as in prayer night birds cries…and Angels sighs Afloat upon the sodden air The engine’s roar Gout of blue smoke Moment of tension Sudden crack of a rope Moment of blackness Then warm golden light A soul soars away Into star drenched night No remorse…not a tear No guilt…no blame The Oak tree…innocently Shares not the blame Impassive instruments In mad concert of man Night birds and angry words All played by God’s own hand

Copyright © David Whalen O Haolin in ancient Celtic | Year Posted 2013