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Our Father

This is where my grief met Jeremiah's lamentations

As far as the east is from the west, that’s how far the Lord has removed our transgressions from us?
Why do I feel not far removed from my sins or the sins of others?
Suffocated by faults and indiscretions of human-ness that lacks discretion
Of fearlessness; the lack of intuition
Of childishness but a child born in the wrong time?
But God’s timing is always right?
Can you see this Lord?
Is heaven mastering this disaster only for our inferior minds to finally resurrect from the shambles?
And realise that You have been building us a new city all along.
I believe in the Author of fate so maybe that is where my hope springs from
Or from the crippling fear of the effects of reality
Is this how feeble we are as humans?
How our chromosomes, blood cells, alleles all created from dust can just wither away when one gust of wind comes before we can find shelter
How our intangible thoughts are invisible holograms that effect nothing 
Our father who art in heaven should we lose faith while we are on earth because there is plenty in heaven?
Will we make it the pearly gates with our infirm humanly wrongs and all the cavities punctured in our teeth
And speak to the guardians in low tones of how we praised the Creator on earth forgetting to mention how our own faults in the sweetened land He placed us in; have led us to corroded incisors
We consume more sweetened sin than soured heaven.
I cannot stare at my reflection in the mirror because I feel like a ghost
And legend has it that once the undead return they leave no shadow
They simply exist among other human humans
Who put status updates on their whatsapps saying ‘be still and know that I am God?’
It is easy to be transfixed in the same position when the walls around you are not caving in
I feel I have been saying much without saying anything,
Because maybe this conversation should just be between me and Him
But I do not know what to say to Him
My human human-ness has failed me once again
So maybe He could just look into my laden heart, desperate thoughts and fearful mind
And decide where I can go from here
Where they can go from here
Where we can go from here...
For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever

Copyright © Danai Daisy | Year Posted 2014

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All are dying be it young or old
We should say "here lies our dearest dearest friend"
But, this is not the truth being told
What lies here soon shall claim the Earth to dust once again
And he my brother is left in heart and mind lingering as thought 
Wherebe the rest of him? Now and forever abiding with our god
To this still moment's finality is an inquisition
Did our loved one pass this test; the divine examination 
All the answers lie in hopes for he, thee and myself 
That in the end we must go on until we shall find out for ourselves

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Only Truth Will Set You Free

Here a little there a little
Anyone out there...
Can anyone see me?

1 2 3
Its inside you and me...
Can anyone hear me?

A sign I give for free
It's meaning etched on me

Here a little there a Little
A face you will surely see
What may come..also began with me

The riddle is a lifelong mystery
Summarized by a big three

1 2 3

Once a father..came a son...to be born
And raised ..so all may learn

The mystery of the 3 
Holy and apart of me

The father the Son the spirit 
Reflect for what may become a perfect image- 8

Do you see..
Eye glasses I have given to thee

John 44:8

Matthew 11:5

Do you remember me?
Is anyone out there?
Job 33

Copyright © Justin Worthy | Year Posted 2016

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Oh beautiful earth that never stops moving
On earth is where souls are grooving around
Earth is where these bodies shall lay to rest

Beautiful earth that gives birth to flourishing flowers
Wonderful flowers that can do wonders on righteous 
Flowers that grows from special soil with pleasant smell
Roses that light love with sweet compelling fragrance
As Sun set leaves trails of glowing red like scarlet metal 

Out on the stars that gloats with light over oceans
Oceans that relief those envious souls filled with wrath
The ocean that talk with the most elite individuals
And mountains so humble yet aging gradually
Looking upon us as darkness deceive many individuals

Far beyond the horizons there is a dancing sun like burning furnace
It leaves earth with darkness which conquers over weak souls
But the holy moon gives earth faint light like dying candles
The night is called and handles all the stars to their delightful light

Soon when dawn calls be the first to see the dews drop

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2016

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In a loveless patch the seed was sown
A barren field of thorn
Then tears rained down from Heaven's face
Where heavy hearts have scorn

If harvest time is near for us
Why are we afraid?
Fruits of joy were ours to reap
Had not Genesis we betrayed

New life alone must struggle now
In Garden's tainted soil
Roots defiled in passion's play
Where lofty lusts have spoiled

Why have we in True Love's name
Made this new one's strife
That he must live to bear the Cross
To redeem our sacrifice?

Copyright 2016   Iger Rolyat   All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Iger Rolyat | Year Posted 2016

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The Sophistry of Eons

I have been sequestered amongst the desert sands
like the Israelites before they claimed Canaan
Wandering about right beside my homeland
All for some kind of cosmic lesson or training

    The unsatisfying, brackish water of this cactus
    Has given me just enough energy to walk a little more
    Yet I feel this is all prologue; it is merely practice
    So I wave to Zacchaeus as I climb the sycamore

        From such lofty heights I can see a formidable plateau
        On which most men sit back and rest on their laurels
        I hear the legato breaking the walls around Jericho
        Likewise, I hear the Pharisees speaking about morals

            I see a man scribbling something odd in the dirt
            And abruptly everyone holding stones drops them and flees
            I see freedom from bondage with but a few words
            And I see myself rise above by dropping to my knees  

                Finally, I see all the world aflame and begging for another Flood
                I see Two Lampstands standing before God and the earth
                Many could have been saved if they had just washed in the Blood
                But they new only of value and nothing of worth

Copyright © Trey Hamner | Year Posted 2016

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Like the tick and wine of the Clock 
Like the Rising and Setting of the Sun
Rising from among the multitude 
To disappear like the thickest of Clouds 
But just for a while. 

Yes! You Reigned 
Surely the Oracle did Reign 
But! That was yesterday 
You Reign as if you will forever do 
But just for a while 

MJ You Reigned 
Like the foreign goddess on stage 
A god unknown to everyone 
With unbelievable walks across the spotlight 
But just for a while. 

Our fathers Reigned 
Our forefathers Reigned 
But neither of them do today 
Who will Reign forever? 
Who can? Today and tomorrow. 

Even the World they say 
Don't last forever 
Hence the wise note the saying 
Make Hay while the Sun Shines 
And take Rest while the Night lasts. 
@October 2011 |© M.H.O.G. Unveiled.

Copyright © Aina Oluwafisayomi | Year Posted 2016

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Tired And Weary

At a Ripe Old Age tired and weary,
You slipped into that relaxed mode;
Your bones and joints having waxed and waned,
No longer performed as in yesterday.

Muscles, tissues, ligaments and cells 
Floundered and slowly chug like a choo choo
Train, to a halt into a Train Station that 
Once ran wild in their haste, never seeming to stop.

Past the blessed Three Scores and Ten,
Into eighty and more, you gazed 
Back upon your former years,
Thanking the Lord to have worked in his Service.

You perhaps prayed for generations after you ,
Be productive in service to fellow men!”
Acquiring new skills, better ways 
To care for this earth God entrusted to us. 

Tired and weary bones brittle and dry
You pray for those younger in years 
“I thank God for former resilience 
That served all those who I encountered 
Along my life’s journey, I was happy to 
have met them.

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2017