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Tigerlittle's Farewell

And now I’ve reached that Rainbow Bridge
and turn a mournful eye
t’ward ‘mom and dad’ who cared for me
and implore them not to cry.

My life, though short, was brimmed with love’s
sweet tenderness, so treasured.
The affection that they showered on me
not ever could be measured.

And now I cross that Rainbow Bridge
it seems so less obscure.
There’s nothing there t’will trouble me
no more pain must I endure.

I stop and turn – just one last look
and see my 'parents' aching,
the tears well up in my wee eyes
my doleful heart is breaking.

And now I’ve crossed that Rainbow Bridge
auf wiederschein I bade,
it’s not goodbye, we’ll meet again
no love will be mislaid.

And anxiously I’ll await for you
an e’er-vigilant eye I’ll keep
and every hour, with hope I’ll dream
of that day when next we’ll meet.

Copyright © John Lofquist | Year Posted 2015

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A Christmas Memory

A truant blizzard's hurl allowed shadows hide
when the night was pale. And all the dark ravens yelled
as I buried my cat, last year, frozen and dead. That all
the lilies of in between, wailed of my Christmas eulogy.

For the contest, A Christmas Memory,
Sponsor, Broken Wings
Nov 21, 2015
From Franco Gonza

Copyright © Franco Gonza | Year Posted 2015

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Goodbye Australian Cat

Look at yourself Mr Hunt!
   How can you be trusted.
Appalled by indoor comments of a prisonary view.

Native species fade through the mass destruction of our lands,
Yet you in the veil of science
Conserve a ruthless plan.

Poison takes on innocents
Have you not learned life's lesson
To see myxomatosis ravage, rage and burn in the devil's reflection.

Yet you. Oh no! Yes you
Believe that what you do is best
For future preservation, to ensure your culling's met

By eager fools in genocide
On the islands of your shore.
The year 2020 you will celebrate I'm sure.

But me and others like me
We grow older by the day
Bardot tried to implore you
In an intellectual way.

Blighted by your lack of vision
To impose a steady hand,
To inject mass steralisation
That would retain you as a man.

The slow death and the shooting,
Toxic meat wrapped up in plunder.
Roll up. Roll up conservation
In the land we call down under.

Copyright © Lily Radcliffe | Year Posted 2015

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Festival of Horrors

Little burnt bodies,
loud tortured screams.
These little souls are now paraded – skewered on beams.

They have no voice to speak,
their tormented, painful cries are disregarded.
And after the soulless bastards have torn flesh from bones – like trash, they are discarded.

Mothers mourn their starved-to-death babies,
some of their cellmates are riddled with rabies.
When the executer comes to collect his daily, raw merchandise –
they cower in corners, wishing to live another day not being butchered and eaten…with a side of rice.

You’d think that a humane slaughter would suffice?
Think again, their hearts and souls are colder than ice!
They laugh with pleasure at the agonising screams
of these innocent little souls - still alive – advertised in streets.

From electrocution - not enough to kill,
to being hacked up by blunt machetes – still alive, and gravely ill,
to being boiled alive – just for the thrill,
to the final seconds of scourging…pleading for the passing of a Bill,
with lifeless bodies and fading lighted eyes,
for a shameless government to sacrifice 
a maltreating tradition, a decision unwise.

Remember – a world remembers what they see,
and this cruel exhibition will eventually turn upon thee!

Copyright © Sinead Terblanche | Year Posted 2016

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Cats are all the same?
Zimbo was his name
He was an Asian Mackerel, 
That’s  his colouring  term  technical. 
About nine years old, everyone’s  pet
Went missing for days, daughter began to fret

Older brothers found him cold
On road, by a car he’d been rolled
Just one knock clean on his head
And the poor wee thing was dead
Zimbo was laid in garden by the boys
With weeping daughter adding his toys.

I’d been working away for two years
The States,  Moscow,  Algiers
Missed the kids and their growing lives
Taking them on walks and drives
Missed their exams, prizes, colds and ‘flu s 
What birthday dress to choose, what  daily news.

It’s I who  should have been there at 
The final farewell to the family cat
This one event showed clearly to me 
How I’d lost my role in the family. 
Just a little creature which had to depart ?
I still feel  pain from my heart-dart.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2010

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My Cat

Our Joe's died
20 Years I had our Joe
And then she died
My baby got sick
My baby was in pain
It's just a cat
But I pleaded with god
Make her well again
She wanted my bed
I'd sleep on the floor
She could have asked for the world
I'd have given her more
She lived my life
All the years with me 
And even in pain she stayed by my side
Then she asked me
By the look in her eyes
I'm tired I hurt
Please let me go
And it's just a cat
And I had to let her go
But my hearts broken
So dont try to tell me
That it's just a cat
Cos it was my cat 
My cat and I know

Copyright © Beverley Key | Year Posted 2008