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In the Autumn of My Life

I walk through flames 
of autumn’s sweet refrain-

That break  beneath 
a weight  too much to bear-

Where I tread in solitude 
and mourning there-

Along a path  of maple trees
and scented air-

As I recall the life that 
we once shared-

And in these twilight hours 
I see the beauty of it all-

In every autumn leaf
That softly falls-


In Loving Memory of my precious father

Author:  Elaine George

Awarded : 1st place in - Brian Strand's contest - A Choice of Form

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2010

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Autumn Leaves

I first met Autumn when I was very, very young,
she was just a shy, quiet girl, but so very bright.
These maple trees were our favorite to play among,
as our laughter faded away with the falling sunlight.

I can still see her brown sweater, and reddish-orange hair,
blowing around her smiling face, like a flickering flame.
Her innocent voice still whispers on October's cool air,
near the place, where our lonely swing remains the same.

As the summer days said goodbye, and welcomed September,
the death of my dear, young friend came all too soon.
Autumn was one of those whom you'd always remember,
her soul was as beautiful as the shining, harvest moon.

She was here, then gone, leaving words that were never spoke,
to this day, I have never understood why Autumn had to leave.
Her presence lingers on the wind, like drifting wood-smoke,
as once a year, her playful spirit arises on All Hallow's Eve.

August, 4th, 2014

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Sleeping Beauty Crisis

the rain becomes autumn
and autumn becomes rain
there is a Gold Surviving System
(GSS) around the brain
with unexpected creatures
who lift the modern burden
of being so involved 
in glass rotating hours
curriculum vitae sleep
and we call this LOVE
and we fall in a drop
among yellow leaves.


Copyright © simona dancila | Year Posted 2014

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Elegy on an Autumn Day

Change comes sometime late August, 
a mellow presence to the day;
a gentle sun, supplying friendship, 
joins me walking in the lane.
Between defiant borders, autumn's late bloomers--
proud yellow, maroon, and red--
Queen Anne's lace adds frilly softness against weed hardness, 
a smiling  feminine face.
The gardens yield their richness, 
spilling ripe bounty from over laden arms.

Peaceful is the attitude autumn offers; 
a tender sadness shapes the edge
where silent stone markers gently gather 
beneath trees' reverent, flame-haloed heads.
The year is slowly dying . . . 
not fast gone like these quietly remembered, 
my beloved dead.

Copyright, September 10, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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Rythm of a prayer

Let me sing this song
Dozens words in my yearning rhythm
Delivered within the wind of autumn
A single pray, only for you

In this moment of silence
Bearing clearly in my mind
The love we have given one another
In our years of sharing

You embraced me with endless love
A love that cannot be compared
And it lights my sky forever
Made me a woman I am

We are destined to have each other
Since my first breath, until your last
So I sing this song for you,

Copyright © Shirley Candy | Year Posted 2013

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Autumn Sun

You will find me again

In the place you’ve never been

Once everything’s said and done

In the heart of the autumn sun

When the weather drips its hues

Faint, fading colors

 the leaves will lose

Drop to the earth

 with a hint of white	

Falling under trees

 In the days’ waning light

Waves of Gold grown old

All your secrets and troubles untold

You shall call and I will hide

Forever will I be by your side

Copyright © Kirin Lawrence | Year Posted 2013

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October held 10 family birthdays
all between 4 houses on Troy Street.
Each night after dinner we
set out on our walk for cake.
Aunt Lory’s house was rum
Aunt Josies, buttercream frosted white,
and Aunt Lu’s lemon, bright yellow, rich and moist
could made her St. Joseph’s statue drool.

We’d gather around the birthday boy perched on a chair, 
while us cousins stood, shoulder to shoulder,
eagerly waiting for the last note of the song to be sung.
I stood eye level to the burning numbered candles,
mesmerized by their melting wax dripping 
down the sides like sap from a tree.
Their light, drunk on sugar, danced wildly 
across our hungry faces.

Then with one large blow the room went black.
In those few seconds Darkness, like eternity
steals all their faces from my sight.
The room frozen, suspended precariously between
feast and fear, grief and gratitude, love and loss.
Lights return to applause as the knife cuts deep into the center.
Wishes like prayers are sent rising as curls of smoke
through a chimney, up, up to places far away.

Paper plates of sugar splendor are passed down and devoured.
We didn’t realize then, just silly girls with frost covered lips,
how everything of importance in this world fit at the end of that fork. 
With full bellies our good-byes are said on porch lite steps.
And the moon, like a lantern, radiant in the Autumn sky
illuminates our way home till our next walk,
Aunt Mary’s luscious chocolate layer cake.

Copyright © Ann Ricci | Year Posted 2012

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Inorganic landscape

Inorganic Landscape


In the corner a young couple smiles
Lights release shadows above cold nights

Outside the autumn taunts the summer memories
Leaves of the old tree knock on the conscience

A girl paints departure in a mirror
A tear goes away in the yellow paper

Copyright © bekim tocani | Year Posted 2012

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Soft rain
Leaves shake
Worry fades
but sleep escapes
thoughts prowl
Dream awake
her face only
my mind quakes
close my eyes
Toss and sigh
What night
the  sun will hide

Copyright © chris vold | Year Posted 2013

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Twixt Autumn graves and still waves
wrapped in silent beauty she sleeps
Violet hue and faint dew
in her heart my love she keeps

Resting now after the battle
she had fought hard to save me
Fallen 'tween the columns and tombstones
none can wake her, only she

Will she ever wake?
What will it take
to bring her love back to me

Tomorrow is a luxury she forsakes
even as my heart breaks
She slumbers and together we will never be

Copyright © John Allen | Year Posted 2009

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Elegy to a Hanged Man in Birds Hill Park

And if the winter comes
It will come too soon for autumn
But a branch shall be the angel’s arm
To raise me from the bottom;
I shall not sink into the snow
Nor feel the winter’s dark white breath
For here my eyes shall always open
To the sun; it, to my death.

Copyright © Garth von Buchholz | Year Posted 2016

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The Gardener

He spent the golden years in his
garden growing vegetables like weeds.

With a Midas-like touch, instead of
gold, everything turned green.

Spring, summer and autumn, something 
about growing brought him great joy.

Perhaps he saw in the garden's changing
seasons a semblance of life others did not:

Childhood as spring when like young 
shoots he first grew,

Work and family as summer when his
crop began to yield,

Retirement as autumn when the fruits
of his labour were consumed.

And winter... well winter was his time
to rest and reflect on his crop.

He died in the winter of his being,
content with his harvest.

Copyright © Ashley Lowery | Year Posted 2005

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Last Thought

The asphalt against my face
Sirens in the background
My fresh warm blood censuring my eyes
Over whelming feelings of regret and remorse rush through my mind
What am I to do in the last moments of my life?

To lay here and cry or to quietly die
Or to scream for help or to fade in the night
Wish for a new start or to pray for what I had.
What about my mom and my dad?

How are they going to take it without me by there side
I didn't get to say good bye or tell them how much I loved them both.
They should now that I will always be there with them.
I don’t want them to be sad, they should be mad, I made the selfish choice.

Having them by my side would make this better
To have my dad tell me “Its okay son we all make mistakes”
Or my mom to say “I can relate to how you are feeling, and that it will be okay”

But it won’t, because I’m feeling my hopes and my dreams all slipping away
Like a leaf falling off a tree on a windy autumn day.

Copyright © Joshua Burke | Year Posted 2006

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Unknown Soldiers Grave

Struggling to put face and name together
You passed so long ago it is difficult to recall
Those bright hazel eyes that sparked of life
Dirty blonde hair as it shone in the daylight
Gone in the autumn you fell with the leaves
But you won’t return with the natal of spring
They regret and apologize for wars long over
Now old and crippled time cannot return to me
I have wept at your loss and done nothing
To repay the heavy burdened debt I carry
You were someone’s son and lover
Felled by my eye and bullet.

Copyright © Charles Fuller | Year Posted 2007

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Roy Mokoena

When the earth hath giveth us chance to breathe,
but death meddled in between and barricaded our journey. After birth we all rejoice and celebrate but when there is death, folks and friends suffer from sorrow, pain and grief. Alongside thy grave on the autumnal grass, I solemnly knelt thither, gazed my eyes towards the tomb, said a prayer for your resurrection. A swarm of butterflies fluttered in the breeze, the mockingbirds whistled their melancholic music-piece. Clouds banked, the
whole skies rumbled, rocks crumbled and stars crashed into the space. I cried out vehemently,
I was dying to share my love with you again, after the bible verse that you whispered in my ears, 
I was resuscitated. You promised to take care of me, oh Lord my God, pain that made me sob my heart out was cured, all my distress was washed.

Copyright © Roy Mokoena | Year Posted 2017

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an elegy on the death of a leaf

*An* *elegy* *on*  *the* *death* *of* *a* _leaf_ .....

A schoolboy named Life looked  skyward and saw 
A leaf falling.
Carrying the dying thing 
In its bosom ,the wind
Whistled a funeral tone.
Its arms frail from a long journey ,dropped the lost thing in the schoolboy's arm 
where in dying breath,the leaf whispered "you lied!"
 The boy smiled in childish  innocence 
And he let the leaf fall further:'A dry leaf on a busy road'
as it saw life walking past,
Untill a schoolgirl named Death came hopping by 
and without looking down 
She trampled it to dust.

Copyright © Sitabz Garg | Year Posted 2017