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Elegy Angel Poems | Elegy Poems About Angel

These Elegy Angel poems are examples of Elegy poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Elegy Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Across Galaxies

I passed beneath the bridge today
close by the place you once called home,
and I sensed your latent footprints
still lingering upon the stone.

I wonder . . . did you pass that way,
mysteriously, in the night,
as guardian angels carried you
across the galaxies toward light?

Faye Lanham Gibson
Copyright, July 24, 2014

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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Snow Angels

Twenty sets of footprints
scattered in the snow.
Twenty wings that flutter
as the breeze begins to blow.

Twenty peals of laughter,
Twenty toothless grins,
Twenty eyes that twinkle
as their journey begins.

Twenty desks left empty.
Million hearts that mourn.
Six will join to guide them,
unsung heroes born.

Twenty little angels
playing in the snow
dropping tiny snowflakes
on those who stayed below.

Copyright © Rachel Kovacs | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |

The Caged Bird is Set Free

Our caged bird will sing no more
Though her songs will live on forever
Angel wings she now adorns
With our tears upon each feather

The freedom she sought
The love that she taught
The words that she strung together
Are treasures to keep
While in sorrow we weep
For a world that will never forget her

From the bodily cage
Her soul now flies free
And ascends to the heavens on high
The songs that she sung
She sang for everyone
With a dream that will never die

I will miss our sweet bird
But will remember her words
That she sang from inside the cage
As we hear them repeat
In verses sown sweet
When she was the star of the stage

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


To see her blog, adorned with pastel tones
Widens the gap that pervades my bones
For now we eat her passing meal of plain white rice
Leaving us all alone, without much needed fashion advice

The red light district has lost an inductee
For I would have love to be involved in her naked party
Yet for now we must all be content 
With the debauched path she hath went.

Sadness invades a binary world
Where tweeters and bloggers hearts have curled
Bringing back memories of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’
Her fashion advice precise like a mastoplexic surgeon

I remember the fervour when you were followed by Kath Kidston
A similar experience when I had my first Jar of Branston
Yet when you found out the intensity with which I was following you
You wanted to change species and become a Gnu

You learnt to accept my frequent outpourings of love
When you finally spoke to me, I felt as free as a pure white dove
But upon your departure I feel pathetic and hollowed
The best I can hope for is the number of one of the hot bloggers you followed

She was always my muse, my intimate inspiration
No-one can cause such an outpouring of personal perspiration
My heart now yearns to see her type a special tweet
One that would make Mr Sexton act like a dog on heat

Now the world mourns the passing of Lily Fulvio-Mason
I can still see her face reflected in my wash basin
With every heart beat, every full blooded pulse
My sadness streaked blood makes my body convulse

But now it’s time to go, my heart says goodbye
The pain eats my nipples like the Syrphid Fly
I can finally see your body laid in an eternal rest
And now I can now finally uncover your breast.

Copyright © Tom Hyam | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

Grandma Wings

Grandma Wings
By Lawrence M Nunez

Dear Lord I pray,
That you give my grandma wings
Like the Angels in my dreams
That from heaven flies
To stand watch at night 
Over me as I sleep
That she too my angel may be
Tonight and forever

Let them be pretty O lord
as the lilies of the fields,
white as the morning clouds,
Light as the feather of a dove.
like the glistening snow
and shimmering sea
her wings will glow,
as she stand watch
night and day, every day
guarding me as I sleep and play.

I could see her now O Lord
the big old smile 
The kind and loving words
The twinkle in her eyes
Wings outstretch
whispering I love you darling, 
It will be okay 
For now I have my wings
To stand guard tonight as you sleep

Grandma I miss you so
I remember the talks 
And the  laughs 
Even the tears we shed
Both you and me
Mine out loud without a care
Yours in secret because you care
Thank you Lord for giving her wings
To stand guard tonight as I sleep

Lord I pray you give her rest
Peace and joy untold
No more sorrow no more pain
but beautiful wings
that she may from heaven fly
to stand watch over me tonight
as I cry myself to sleep
bidding her good-bye with a heavy heart
I say good bye grandma good bye

Copyright © Lally Nunez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |


Sometimes I am glued to the Earth
See every tear, every laugh and every soul that's hurt
Sometimes my mind is flying above our world…
Hear every thought…
But even there I have no silence
In my mind the violence I’ve seen…
In my heart the memories of the places where I've been
But memories are past…
And even though they last
They can’t replace the smell of heavens grass
They cant replace every tear, every laugh and every fist that there I’ve had
They’re just memories
I wish I was able to go back

and see home…

Copyright © Zeki Majed | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |

The Lament For an Angel

All in one faded-black day (but let None forget) In my arms, her body lay (my life was the price to pay) A tragedy, through the lack of humanly shame (do they know pain) My darkly colleen has to suffer no more (Robert nor do you) Let me die (please hear my haunted cries) If I can not see Sophie tonight (live on with my grey) I'm just a mess of despairing words And broken nerves Another mourning, afflicted sight (through decay, love can remain) Solace, sympathy are just more lies She is all I need Until you decide she is just another sadist's toy My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away (My body is amortal, die I may, Together, our hearts will forever stay)

Copyright © Wyatt Loethen | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |

Broken Angel Wings

An angel with broken wings 
A shattered halo
A shatter soul
Beaten and broken from a fall

Stuck in a barbwire cage 
She is consumed by darkness
Which hides behind a mask
Snide remarks, a hateful tone,  and sadistic tendencies 

She fell from great heights
She couldn't reach anymore
It got to be too much
Failure shattered her wings
And she was left to fall
With no one to catch her

Pure white wings
Stained with blood and dirt
Her innocence left in the clouds
She doesn't belong on the ground 

The demons crawl out and surround her
Before long they consume her, she can't fight them off,
she's mourning her lost wings,
She use to be perfect 
Now she's just another monster

Copyright © Jamesa Love | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

God Received An Angel

In the summer of 2007, God received an angel.
The Angels name was Katie. 
Katie was sweet & Katie was good
But I guess God wanted sweet old Katie
Out of the hood.
She did all she could, she gave all she had
But never in her life treated anyone bad.
Jesus, I know that she’s good
I know that she is great
But sometimes I just hate, 
Hate that she is gone
Hate that she is away
I think about her everyday.
Everyone & Everything is changing
Family is falling apart, 
Oh why it’s breaking my heart.
Tearing the house down acting like pure clowns
God you got a gift 
But sometimes I wish,
Wish you hadn’t took my Angel
Wish you would have let her stay a little longer.
God received an Angel.
The Angels name was Katie
 I hope Katie is with me daily
Until I die & visit her in the sky
House is up wholesale, everyone thinking
Angels, Angels, Angels
Angels flying here, Angels flying there
Angels are flying around just about any & everywhere
You took a couple of my families angels in strange ways 
I get up in the morning wondering when is my day
& who will be next to depart us.
My heart was broken when you took my Angel
Oh, why did you have to take her,
Her out of all people
She followed the rules and the laws 
But I am wondering is that all.

Copyright © Sharika Sellman | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |

Apple Of My Eye

Shana Aubrey Harris – 
 whose existence begat by dada and da mama; aye
revel your bursting at figurative seams viz maturation, and know by
chatting over telephone, your aura, charisma, 
   and persona finds me blinking back tear ducts 
   ready to loose water works i.e. cry
at how fate gifted this papa, whose existence 
   would be devoid without you, and 
   purposefulness undermined if loss of such a daughter as thee
   (one young lady more valuable than words can spell), 
   a reason to live shipwrecked 
   with psyche marooned to die
   emotional devastation, 
   never quashed even mouthed or uttered fee fie
Foe fum – jack (of Beanstalk storybook fame) would also lack will to live, 
   (yes as would the giant), thence, 
   this grunting, groveling, and grieving guy
forced to traverse firmament like a zombie – hi
King over boulevard of broken dreams, cuz I
(re: this humdrum Harris heir), his soul asylum inconsolably reign
   if irrevocably punctured akin to mortally wounded crane
willpower to defeat death, could not be staved, stanched, nor stopped,
   tis fool hardy to allow
   darksome, irksome, or unwholesome thoughts, whence best for brain 
to rejoice your awesome, lithesome and winsome transformation
   into a beauty, a non-biased commentary I cannot resist to exclaim 
an angelic, beloved charming progeny frolicking thru
   the meandering time stream, perhaps stopping at brooks edge 
   where flora and fauna frame
thee, (infinitesimal instant doth camera cap cha) if game
to pose as a gamine hipster inspiring a jazzy mosaic – type meme
before resuming dipping back 
   into waters of life, whereby experiential arcade
beheld like courtly table 
   adorned with a fancyfeast to BuzzFeed, 
   the sights and smells before yar senses appear as a charade
boot upon scrutiny, ye exhibit hesitancy 
   to inch closer; comfort food beckons so ye haint a frayed
to take steps into ever glade
puzzled at cornucopia cob bulled together and laid
without presence of maid
in America, this pastiche of quality eats, 
   and thoughts circulate sans who paid
for resplendent sustenance, 
   whence Edenic garden ye strayed
until, a life size topiary chain saw creation 
   (a hedgerow carved in likeness of – Shana Aubrey Harris)
all of a sudden burst of doting, and fawning family and friends
   salute touching vote wondrous young lady
   no amount of riches would anybody trade
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a shout rings out 
   glory and scale of your worthiness no mass out weighed!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |


You gave the gift of life to me 
And through your love you set me free 
How in this world should I be
Without you. 

I have your star that shines on me 
Burning bright and endlessly 
Show me how I need to be
Without you. 

The first embrace we ever seek 
The first sweet kiss upon the cheek 
The first word that we ever speak is Mama 
The light forever in my eyes 
The angel walking by my side 
The word that wells me up inside is Mama. 

En el duro camino andamos 
Te veo momentos de oro 
El angel de pie a mi lado, Mama 

La luz que brilla en mis ojos  
Ella que me quita el dolor 
Con su alma nunca estoy solo, Mama. 

On fields of destruction soldiers die 
Sent there by leaders who just lie 
And as they fall the young men cry for Mama. 

And so the circle closes fast 
The future will be as the past 
The first word spoken and the last 

The first embrace we ever seek 
The first sweet kiss upon the cheek 
The first word that we ever speak is Mama 
The light forever in my eyes 
The angel walking by my side 
The word that wells me up inside is Mama 
Mama, Mama. 



Copyright © Louis Spence | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |


wE ARE ALL    1
everything between
Heaven and earth
is entwined
   thru water
      by light

1. GOD
" I AM "

                the god poet
         for my dear friend
 June 17 2015

Copyright © gary dye | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Dark clouds accompanied by blue sky

Dark clouds accompanied by blue sky.

I lifted my eyes high
Then I saw a blue sky
Black clouds drifted across slowly
she awakened my heart sorrowfully
She stopped to say sorry
As she released drops of blood
Where I stood became gory
It gradually turned flood
Holding me to ground firmly.
When I woke up,
It was midnight
I looked left, up
Upon turning right,
I lost sight
Her disappearance brought me light
When I opened my eyes,
She has taken that bone of mine.
She thawed the Ice
As she sent chills down my spine.
I moved out searching for her
But I saw white clouds shading the sky
The I passionately asked why
She then turned and said bye
I cried and still cry 
I cry I cry
I was filled with sorrow
I became very hollow, 
As I watch her go
I wished I could follow,
Fight her and bring back what she took
But I couldn't trace the path
She catch the wrong fish with the right hook
My world she hath
I had to face  tomorrow
Though I was blue.
So If you told, yes it is true.

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2014

Details | Elegy |


Fallen angel

your wings are clipped

your feathers are inked

shoulders heavy.

You sink.

Eyes blazed,

fury rise,

powerful fist, and

hurt born eyes.

The scares are deep,

the terror is real,

Tell me angel,

what love do you feel?

Nothing is left

only corruption.

Hell is close,

but Heaven is nowhere near.

Copyright © Vanezia Lockridge | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

My heart

Taken your last breath 
Life soul withers away
Like a flower dies
Also blooms revive
Once dead now alive
Thats how it is with our lives

Love one longing, wanting you to stay
But this here is just a stop off place
The Lord waits patiently 
He only knows that day

Love one wipe your eyes
Dont cry
This why jesus died

Where the lord is your love one awaits 
Watches and Waits for you one day 
standing by the pearly gate
Just keep faith, pray
Where they went is a special place

Many wonder why 
But death we cant pass by
Must stare it in the face
Like the grass
We to have to pass away

Reborn again in the spirit
Life on earth we was never meant to stay
Knowing we long to see our love ones face 

Just a smile for a little while
The fact that your no longer here
Will hold a hole in my heart
Filled with pain
But there you'll always remain
In my heart.

Copyright © Coreatha McCoy | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |

Looking At an Angel

The other night I saw an angel;
She seemed to follow me everywhere.
I tried to run but couldn’t,
All that I could do was stare.
The angel looked back at me,
Not once did she turn away.
I felt as though I were in a daze;
I knew not what to say.
My hands were trembling, my knees felt weak;
She stood there smiling, as she slowly began to speak.
She told me she had been here once before;
She said that she knew me.
I looked at her and wondered, “Who could this angel be?”
She said to search deep and the answer would be found inside my heart;
She told me we were once together and never dreamed we’d have to part.
My confusion soon vanished,
For this was an angel like no other.
She was no stranger. . .
This angel was once my mother.

Copyright © Tara Marta | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |

Black Angel

It’s hard to describe what you meant to us
But that won’t stop me from trying
Unafraid, you spoke great truths 
Although you did your share of lying

But we’ve all made our mistakes
Your atonement made you wise
And your purest heart of hearts 
Made it harder for goodbyes

You were far from being perfect
With your perfectly human flaws
But that added to your beauty
And fueled your righteous cause

With strength and endurance, you paid your dues
Lived your life both proud and humble
Always there for those you loved
To mend the pieces that would crumble

Although branded a black sheep
Shunned by flock and your own mother
Know you graced us with your presence
And a spirit like no other

Now you watch us from above
Guiding us through each mountain climb
Giving us hope that we will see you
When God calls and it’s our time

So until we meet again on that fateful day
Black Angel, spread those wings
We’ll cherish your sweet memory
And all the love it brings

To my beloved Grandmother, Diana, RIP
Love, Marilyn

Copyright © Marilyn Hernandez | Year Posted 2008

Details | Elegy |

Our Little Angel

We put you down to sleep in your crib
We awakened to find, you were taken by SIDS
It was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
That took you away from our home
So early in life, you were taken away
We're left behind with so little to say
The question of "Why?" fresh in our minds
The answers, we may never find
The pain will linger on for many years
We just have to fight, to hold back the tears
For we must go on with the rest of our lives
We must look at this tragedy through God's eyes
Our baby is in Heaven, He's our little Angel
We must look to our memories and be very thankful
We miss you, Our Angel, so very much
In our hearts, you'll always be loved

In Memory Of My Son Joshua

Copyright © 1997   Shari E Davis

Copyright © Shari Davis | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |


Father! I can't see mary and her little china doll
Mother! Where is mary, my little pretty angel?
I saw her battled desperately last night with a
Worldly handsome manclothed in white gown
Where is she now? Where has she gone to

Mother, why are you clapping your hands
And tears dropping angrily from your eyes?
Why do you shake your Head and soliloquize
All Alone in the closet When you ought to get
Ready for the morning journey as usual?
Has anything happened To jelwery, tell me i
Can bear the pains not to shout and Cause?

She wasn't in our midst this morning to sing
The high praise to usas usual.
Her bed is in commotion, her room in disarray.
Her slippers haven't spoken to anyone on the staircase.
I could see her clothes weeping in her room
The curtain, window, wardrope, all quiet and sad

When is mary. Coming home father?
Is mary really gone, mother?
An african princess she was,
The flower of my heart whose leaves blosom
With sparklingeyes that radiate With illuminious 
We played along, cracking theair With an ageless
Butterfly heart ready to change our cause among
The unbelievers
My love was young, hers was much younger
We tatooed Our Smiles with a golden jelweries
Made for the prince until the air took her away

Mary come back home my heart seek You
Do not break the ageless treasure Of our Soul
Why is death the Only gift life could Offer? 
The animal called man in battle to conquer
Yet no hope seen by as all perish gradually.

Come home my dear mary
Mother wait you in tears around your room
In your closet is father supplicating to your chi
When are you coming my dear Mary?
My heart beat fervently to see you again
Hope and faith to seek in resurrection day.  

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

Broken Desire Highway

deep brush brown her locks
turned my key
pleading nutmeg eyes
her lips, face dried out from
too much jesus not enough sex

and here not even a cold hollow kiss
could dampen the warm nest we twigged

together a million miles stranded
 off broken desire highway

here flesh puppet carcasses
burn their sidewalk gaze into the ancient wind rage

and cornered angels sing rock of ages to broken ears
who would hear
a song rising up to paradise

Copyright © michael amitin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |

When Angels Cried

I believe in angels
I saw one just today
She sat beside a mother
As they took her child away

She wrapped her wings around her
She listened while mom prayed
Through coffee cups and flowing tears
And yet the angel stayed

Nurses, doctors came and went
Daylight turned to eve
Mom sat alone or paced the halls
And yet the angel would not leave

Scrubs of green approached the doors
With paper shoes; mask hanging free
The angel stayed because she knew
The news was bad, you see

A little boy was draped in light
He joined the angel by her side
They held mom's hand as she was told
Her baby boy had died.

Copyright © Lena Pate | Year Posted 2009

Details | Elegy |


My masters never slight me,
They cared for me with glee,
For when they opened up their doors,
I was their appointee

Running through the grey-eyed dawn,
They watched me with their tea,
As dew bestrew the blades of grass,
And nestled by the trees

In times of bother, worry, or fret,
The swipe of my tongue easily offset
The anguish they held and meld it to joy;
“Pure-undefiled with base alloy”


Our bond eventually came to end,
As all must do, now and then

They sent me away where I am free-
For now I am, their absentee


This poem is written in a genre invented by Francois Caradec for the OULIPO. It was invented after Francois Le Lionnais, a founder of the group, wondered if it were possible to write poetry that has meaning for both humans and animals. Absentee is what Caradec called a 'Poem for a dog.' That is, in this poem the name of a dog will be audible -  to the listener or dog - if the poem is said aloud, though the name is not legible. In Absentee, the poem was written for my grandmother's dog, Dobe, who passed away. Between the words 'dew'  and 'bestrew', the name Dobe will be heard. (Pronounced 'Dew-BE'). 

The quote in stanza 3 is reference to Charlotte Bronte's piece,  "The Wife's Will". 

Copyright © Kurtis Collins | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |


Today we bow our head to pray
On this dark and dreary day
An angel got his wings today
Fly my angel fly

Your smile did once shine so bright
But now you forever sleep tonight
Guided by the heavens light
Fly my angel fly

The darkness soon will turn to shine
Your soul soars beyond the great divine
We will meet again sometime
Fly my angel fly

Copyright © Melinda Masters | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |


I see your beauty,
Beyond denial.
Surrounded by hungry flames,
I see his bones feeding them,
He loved you to pieces.
And even with his final breath dwindling in those flames he still whispered.
_I love you_
And now your platinum claws,
With a hypnotic purple dripping from those smooth tips,
Turn my knees to jelly,
Calling me,
As a chaotic rainbow of seduction gleams on your lips,
And spills onto your leather lingerie,
I can feel the fear in me morphing into desire for you.
Your name is the only thing I can breathe to.
But I take a gun and sink some lead into my feet to slow them down.
I break my neck to loosen the stare before I turn to a pillar of salt.
I pluck my eyes because one more second of your magnificence and I will be another meal for the flames.
And slowly my shadow disappears from the tips of your coffee brown feet.
I have won the battle.
But am not sure of the war.

Copyright © Elvis Wanjohi | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |

Angel On The Moon

(In memory of the late Phyllis Hyman)

Dear Angel,
On the Moon
Come back to
see Us, real soon
For We miss your
harmonious tune
Long to fall for you
like a drifting balloon
Hang onto your Melody
as a lovesick buffoon
By storm, did you take
Us, just like a typhoon
Dropping lyrics that were
Powerful, as a tycoon
So, entertain Us, why don't
you, as would a cartoon
And, start Spreading your
Wings to leave the Cocoon

Copyright © Karin Edwards | Year Posted 2009

Details | Elegy |

Lost Angel

My lost little angel
That never had a chance,
To hop, skip, or jump,
And make my life a mess.

My lost little angel,
I’ll never get to hold,
She was gone in a flash
Before anyone could know.

With hair so curly and black,
And skin so soft and smooth,
My heart will always ache,
For my little angel that never could.

All alone in my house
With nowhere to run,
The heartache and pain
Overwhelm me again.

With heart-wrenching sobs
And great cries of “Why?”
I mourn the great loss
Of my angel that died.

Surrounded by my grief
And the home she’ll never have,
I can’t help but wonder
Why God changed his mind.

My lost little angel,
Still, so precious to me,
My little Elaina Diane,
You’ll forever be.

Copyright © Desirae Petho | Year Posted 2007

Details | Elegy |

Another Set of Wings Were Delivered Today

Another set of Angel wings was delivered today
As Jesus walked my mother through them Pearly Gates
And even though I cried so hard
I knew she was better off
She didn't have to suffer in pain
She could finally be set free again
God gave her her wings
As Jesus called her home
She is still loved and missed
But at least she's still here in the mist
Takeing my hand in troubled times
Guiding me from wrong to right
Another set of wings were delivered today
As Jesus called my mother home
She's an Angel in Heaven now
And I know she's always around

Copyright © Christina Beeler | Year Posted 2009

Details | Elegy |

Little Angel

A little angel came to earth
But long she could not stay
Heavenly Father called her home
With the angels there to play.

She touched the hearts of many
And we will never be the same
She'll be remembered always
Whenever we say her name.

She was a perfect angel
In our hearts she'll always be
For now she sits with Jesus
Happy on His knee.

So though our hearts are heavy
And many tears fill our eyes
We hold her memory always close
She's waiting in Paradise.

So when you see a butterfly
Or look up at the sky
You know she's up there waiting
Till we can be there at her side.

Copyright © Lori Torrio | Year Posted 2012

Details | Elegy |

Waiting for an Angel

Your presence here on earth turned on the stars and the moonlight. They shined through my
dark room, letting the sun awake me from my dark nightmare. I was sitting alone wandering
if I stare at your picture, would I see you again? I sit and watch the trees, wanderin’ if
they are listening to my pain. Do you they know this is real? I’m feelin’ weak and my soul
is bleeding. I don’t think anyone is listening to me; my pain will just float away in the
cold air. They say it won’t be long until you’re in the blue, there’s nothing that we can
do. We only have a few moments to spare, please god, let me say everything right. She
starts to smile when the pain leaves, the angels are callin’ out her name. My words can’t
leave my lips, I am to busy watching an angel get her wings. Fly away, fly away with the
dandelions. You’re free now, so go run with the angels. I’ll be listening closely for my
name to be called next so we can fly away together in good company.

Copyright © Vanessa Gollihue | Year Posted 2006

Details | Elegy |


matchless texture is it not to thee
fictious in devotion for it can be
worshiped by many but few devour
peacfull it is to see an angels myth
brings pleasure to all humans bliss
wonderer of thy wings hith
thou art pure by body and soul
eyes have not seen thy lashes roll
nor wings to fall but rather call

Copyright © Talin Kalishian | Year Posted 2016