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Drunk With Me

Oh honey I look best in your clothes
Dressed in love that we already know
Silk skin your kisses breathe
Come sit on the couch and get drunk with me.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2015

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take me home
where i could drink 
the nectar's sweetness.
assuage my thirst
with love's splendor 
the heart's chamber
overflowing honey.
sit on my heart
affectionate desire.
drink together
and sleep under 
the crescent moon
a million stars studded the heavens, 
I swoon.
crazy i allow 
too much love.
intoxicated. drunk.
take my heart, rip it.
a lustful endeavor.
please forget not to sew
the rippings back together.
while i bathe upon the memory
'tis the moment
that i come alive.
play it back
mystified again
love is drunk.

(Note :  My pieces lately seemed unfinished work of thought/art as this one 
appears to be such. The words seem to vibrate, so I let them come out 
naturally. Reality or imagined, it doesn't matter now. But, hopefully I could take 
back a step for awhile and work on the style and art of  words without defiling pure self-expression. Thank you for the great talents I find here at soup.  Looking 
forward to many learnings from y'all.  I would highly appreciate any souper who 
would like to mentor me from time to time. Soup mail me anytime. Thanks so 
much.    )

Copyright © Wendy Meyer | Year Posted 2014

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No Longer Drunk in Lust

the closeness of his skin-- no longer made me tingle

Copyright © Zaire Mendez | Year Posted 2016

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Drunk at the bar

One drink two drink three drink four
Shot after shot, bartender pours and pours
Drown me in my sorrows
Cocktails I need more 
Until I’m stumbling to the door
Or drunk passed out on the floor.
Erasing my memories
With every single sip
My body tingling, I’m flirting
With all the waiters on this shift
I’m mingling, I love 
All this attention that I get
But deep inside, I almost died
 I’m dangling off of a cliff.
I’m drinking I’m drinking
I’m dying with every sip
I’m crying I’m replying 
To these messages that I get
I’m drinking to ease my mind
I’m trying with every bit
One drink two drinks
Of Hawaiian Midori sips
But the waiters is going home
The bar starting to close
My memories is coming back
I don’t know how I’m a get home
I call a cab, he takes me away
I’m answering my phone
I tried to escape my memories
But my memories brought me back home.

Copyright © Corenne Seale | Year Posted 2015

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Drunk in the City of Angels

Drunk in the lost city,
lost in the vase beauty of the angels
drunk, smoking on park benches.

Freaks, trannys, whores and pimps,
looking at me;
a one of a kind.

No one has ever seen me on the streets of L.A.,
beacause I am a one of a kind,
a gentleman, a drunken buffoon.

I hurl myself at the bars,
and the whores look at me and smile,
and I wave them over, and they come.

40 bucks for a night a good fun,
a night of exotic pleasure,
in the heart of the sleeping angels.

Drunk walking,
two in the morning,
police stop me, sleeping on a park bench.

Warm always warm,
never cold,
the city that is lost.

A city known as the city of angels,
yet how many devils I have counted.
How much evil I have seen,
how much temptation rules in the gutters.

Walking drunk on madness,
in this dirty city,
as I look for a bar before last call.

I find one,
I go in,
order a beer.

I drink with pleasure
I start to write,
I light a cigarette and smoke.

A grey cloud forms around me,
"Last call for alcohol," the barkeep shouts.
I raise my hand, he comes over.

"What will yah have?" he asks,
"Another beer and my check."
On the house, free drinks, on the house.

After a night in the city of angels,
I find myself a cosy park bench,
and fall asleep, dreaming of the angels I had never seen.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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We Were Drunk Once

Movies played but seldom watched
As we entangled on the couch
Intoxicated by each other, we drank wine to clear our heads
Things were simple in those times

You were red-eyed and freshly mangled
I wanted so badly to make you smile and forget her
For a time I think I succeeded 
We were blissful in our distraction
Playing grown up as we discovered each other

Long nights where sleeping was forsaken
We preferred to lie intertwined 
The sun would rise and you would leave, reveling in how the hours had escaped us
Smiling at the pink tinged sky
Only to repeat the process nightly

Then we traded places
I am the red-eyed one, and another tries to help me forget you
Sometimes he succeeds
Perspective feels like a cruel joke
Could have
Would have
Should have

Someday he will have red eyes too
A cycle perpetuated

Copyright © Rachel Hersch | Year Posted 2012

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Too Drunk To Call

Too Drunk To Call

Darlin’ I know it was a mistake
Going out least night
I had a few too many
Jack, Jim and Jose weren’t my friends
I shouldn’t have called you as the sun was coming up
I just wanted to tell you I love you
Let you know that I was thinking about you
Wishing you were in my arms
I knew I shouldn’t have gone to that saloon
I knew I should have only had a beer
I could hardly walk but I thought of you
God, why weren’t you here with me
Jack, Jim and Jose gave me the nerve
I was calling to ask you to be my wife
I had it rehearsed in my mind
My heart had written the words so long ago
Still I had a few too many
I shouldn’t have called you as the sun was coming up
I should have waited
I should have let some time pass
Then maybe you would have said yes
Maybe I would be able to love you for the rest of my life
Maybe…just maybe
I would be able to remember your name

Copyright © R. e. taylor | Year Posted 2013

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Drunk and Lost at Sea

Pulled by Whiskey tides,
Ebbs and flows a fluid mind;
Perished on the rocks.

Copyright © William Keane | Year Posted 2015

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Drunk Happiness

Maya ghunura is why you today?
Why do not you see! The old harness
Dancing on music , bowl of wine in hand
sitdown nearby, Large lost.

Drunken traverses, confer was mind 
Yet I saw your smile,
The dream seems fake sow
I still love you.

Maya sees you drunk  spree
The wine is drunk, why do not you
The message was not honest tell.
Flower bed arranged, how many nights crying 
I come back, your nest in the evening
Requested hands repeatedly begging for.

Today, many flower bed arrange flowers
What I saw on the wall in memory of a joke,
 lost you, early in the morning to look for
The day could not bring drunk love.

Copyright © TAREQ HASAN | Year Posted 2016

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Drunk Encounter

On Friday, we let loose of ourselves.

We all came out from our inner shells.

We fell down from the narrow stairs before

Because we drank way too much to the core.

Pretending we didn’t touched alcohol.

She knocked out, she looked like a pretty doll.

Nobody had time to see what happened.

Everybody there only imagined.

What could have been a horrible mistake

If the people there left for a smoke break.

From the night that was a terrible choice

If we tried to run from the blaring voice.

I wallowed on the bed with painful ache.

I forced myself to get up for Pete’s sake.

I climbed myself out of a stranger’s sheets.

I washed my sweaty face, I craved some Peet’s.

I opened my phone, I looked up the news.

I saw people there wasted from the booze.

It was a hell of a night.

She was a hell of a sight.

8 shots, blacked out, and I was full of doubt.

Long hair, skin fair, I want to know what she’s about.

It was that girl, knocked out on the same couch.

It was just her and I in the same house.

Is love at first sight a reality?

That’s what I assumed as I drank black tea.

Is she awake, groggy and feeling sick?

I have to think of something to say, QUICK.

Across the room, I offered her a dose.

Our eyes met, too late to say adios.

Too tired to think, too nervous to speak

What is it about that girl which I seek?

Her alluring eyes, got me hypnotized

My body and mind, it was paralyzed

From glance, I knew she’d won’t give me a chance.

I posed my stance, but I was stuck in trance.

Copyright © Alex Han | Year Posted 2017

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Dying in Drunk Love

The journal, the standard bearer of a secret life
The tears it took, all the years of wine
The writer, the cheating carer of a dying wife
Noting her decline, line by line

A jot in the journal and a fling of the flask
Then a visit to the wife is too much to ask
The journal is soggy and he is a sleep
The phone gets him groggy with a beep-beep-beep

Its the hospital she's in trouble!
He looks at himself quickly, at his unkempt stubble
He gets there too late though
But holds her high, then rests her low


Copyright © James Pepper | Year Posted 2010

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While Drunk On Violet Wine

There is a place I have seen since I’ve known
The man with the hair like jewels, roses and wine
Clear raindrops on windows from clouds are his eyes
It’s the place where the shy vibrant wild violets grow
And they bloom in the sun and bloom over the snow
All carved from gray pearls so perfumed with sea brine
An intricate, delicate, exquisite design
Fills his every footprint with blue petals worth gold

I have followed these footprints along sandy shores
And refreshed my eyes with finding them ‘neath the trees
They have led me to oases, wall words and doors
Each time I come ‘cross them, I’ve seen them before
A sky arc of colors shows sun’s hums to me
And every rainbow step leads my heart to yours

Copyright © stephie pendleton | Year Posted 2007

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Some Sun Drunk Day He Said

Emotions war against sense,
And his mind remains
A pot pourri,
And thoughts in his head
When he lies in his bed
Would make Dorian Gray
Appear pristine.
He wishes to moralize
On a corrupt example,
Yet from the wicked cup
He hath supped a sample.
He appears to think in extremes;
He is beau-laid and realist,
Whose inspiration stems from his dreams.
"Life is a beautiful strain for me,"
One sun-drunk day he said,
"But I pray I say what my soul needs to
Before the heavens decide me dead."
But his mind is a disorderly drawer
Full of confused categorizations;
He has that Scott Fitzgerald illness
For dates, times, rhymes and quotations.
"I have a clear flowing mind, 
But I cannot foretell
When the clogging black clouds will arrive,
For they will arrive.
Live with the love, then bear the pain
Recurrent like the monsoon rain."
He is afraid of happiness 
For the inevitable despair that must follow it;
Afraid of happiness
For its cruel impermanence.
Like Zola, the seasons in life, for him,
Are inevitable.
"All artists," he says, "are at once alike and unique
One day, it's clear,
The next, hazy, like a beery vision,
The fulfilment that they seek."
Misty dreams of sweet-smelling roses
And swaying streams
Bring him chills and pains in his soul and being;
He lives his life through a melancholy tragedy,
And has an ever-yearning mind.

("Some Sun Drunk Day He Said" has the dubious honour of being a near-unadulterated slice of juvenilia, having been conceived as some kind of poem when I was about 20 years old.)

Copyright © Carl Halling | Year Posted 2015

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My love I'm a Drunk

my love im a drunk it's two a.m. here i am writing you my last love letter again just can't get you off my mind i been writing endlessly forget it ill make it illegible for you this time ill show a side you never see before more i write i write to express my anger to you show you the comet that crash the earth made the Tsunamis flood my world how mess up can you be girl na dont play the subjugate game usurp my ways make me feel the blame arduous my way figured it anyway sit on the yellow hill watch the fiery flame take my will having fun figuring out girl im having a thrill fifth bottle of remy man you just became my emy laugh the chill written: 3/26/2015

Copyright © Daniel Perez | Year Posted 2015

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Drunk in a Snow Globe

Patron mixed with Hennessy and coke with heartbreak for a chaser.

Moscato on the rocks is my drink of choice when memories drudge up of “I used to date her.”

Vodka tears from too many shots, shots I took and shots I gave you.

Rum rushing from my pores for every rushed emotion and slammed door.

Hpnotiq caressing my mind as I start to lose my balance and you continue to shake my world up.

Whiskey rubbing my shoulder and massaging my heart saying it’s going to be ok in the midst of a cold storm coming, alcohol runneth over my glass I’m so drunk I mean my cup. 

Ciroq I’ve never tasted I mean I can’t taste this, soon to be a metaphor for you because I’ll eventually lose feeling numb to the winter, a drink named after you. 

1800 shots and now it seems like water and I’m walking and falling upside down, a world I only see when I’m intoxicated giving me wings as if I’m free, free from the chains you bring, oppression, and jealousy.

Bottle after bottle after glass after shot, try to drink the pain away sipping in the morning, it just won’t stop. 

Drink until I see the bottom or the end of me and you then drink another to relive that ending, why do we put ourselves in the same situations knowing the outcome is nothing new.

Its 4:38 am and I’m just getting home…such a late night.

And I’m sipping while I write this starting to feel light and see the light from the morning sun.

About to pass out as my feelings descend from up above to the ground like snowflakes falling effortlessly melting, feeling undone.

I fall back into my bed and the world right side up for the moment, as I fall asleep so deep and for awhile nothing matters unless you observe the details, drunken words outspoken.

Drink, drink, drink, am I an alcoholic? Mine as well be one because no matter how much older I get feelings of you flip me upside down I’m consciously never sober…

P.S. I drunk to get to a fake world in order to feel something real, THIS IS JUST A POST SCRIPT. 

Copyright © Post Script | Year Posted 2016

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Drunk insights

You can love a person, you can love animals, you can love nature
So what is love?
love is the recognition of the creator in the creation
It is the kind person that gives you hope when all seems lost
It is the loyal dog that protects your family
It is the magical herb that eases your pain
It is the feeling of oneness with the creator
It was there before creation and will be there after
blessed are those who find love in all things
blessed are you that realise that you are the creator!

Copyright © Nishen Sukraj | Year Posted 2014

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Im incredibly drunk with all of your love

I have a buzzing feeling surrounding my head
It should be from a drink but it’s because of you instead
I’ve bottled it and I drink it from the spout
I get so wasted I sometimes pass out

I’m sober I swear to heaven above
I’m incredibly drunk with all of your love

It’s overwhelming me making me sick
A cloud in my mind but pleasantly euphoric
What is your proof I can’t really recall
To much of it and I stumble and fall

I’m sober I swear to heaven above
I’m incredibly drunk with all of your love

With every swallow I feel more and more numb
But I cant now I have already succumb
I know that this consumption should soon stop
But I drink you down anyway until every last drop

I’m sober I swear to heaven above
I’m incredibly drunk with all of your love

Copyright © Kevin Clark | Year Posted 2011

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Love Drunk

I’ve turned you into a


my love couldn’t drown


so you drown yourself in


Copyright © rachel blake | Year Posted 2014

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E-rated poemier:Drunk

in the ushering, 
of discovering, 
what made me tick,
i sought to pick,
what would made me sick,

filled my belly with my desire,
thinking it would make me higher,
fueled with the will to fire,
what draws me to hire,
what am crazy for.

 Drunk i was to the beam,
struck to be in the dream,
of what i was obsessed,
that i became posessed.

Drown by the intoxication,
of the beer am into,
that i saw things in two,
thinking it was pleasure,
though it brought me pressure.

how can i escape this moment?
Of words i spilled that made me a poet.

Copyright © elvis airohi | Year Posted 2014

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A Drunk Husband

A Drunk Husband

came home very late at night
drunk and could not see light

he fell down a broke his arm
that was the last day he caused harm

end of illtreatment to his beautiful wife
it was the end of family strife

he decided to quit alcohol
because he knew how painful it was, to fall

no more does he drink and roughly play
now he goes to Church to pray

he is now a wife's favourite husband
he is both a husband and friend

no more causing pain
but loving again and again.

Drencho POET Loads

Copyright © Drencho POET | Year Posted 2017

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I'm done, found out Who I Was twenty years ago
Yo, I'm not even nineteen years old
Love, what a joke, but at some point you have to be bold
Why am I so alone, yet without woe?

Up late getting drunk
Thanks a ton
I'm out here in the rain getting soaked, girl we're done
A lot of dumb things have been said, but I'm not the one drunk, nor am I acting like a punk

p.s. lines 1, 3, and 4 in the first stanza have variations of my first 5 poems posted on PS. Lines 2 and 4 in the second stanza are 2 other variations.

Copyright © John Monteblanco | Year Posted 2015

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love drunk

let me write a flow for uu
im drunk n its hella coool 
im happy 
cuz i am ur dude
im feeling u
i promiseee if they brining hip hop back to lifee 
itll give me a chance to express the feelingsss of the girl that i like
so plesea dont hate thiss
 save thisss 
im in like wit my boo 
yeah u
 my girrlll sarah davis!!!

Copyright © leonardo garcia | Year Posted 2011

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Love Drunk

I wasn't supposed to be there! I should be cramming books into something called my head.
What's up with the Fed? Why they crashing this party?
Well I really don't care as long as I can go home and rest in bed.
Why is my friend going to jail she ain't do anything!
I asked if I could take her place but she said "no way!"
I stood there watching as she fell from my heart.
Do I really want to be more than friends? I honestly say no.

Please don't listen to me, I'm a little drunk out of love.
I can't see anything but hearts when I lie about her.
Like that last statement not wanting to be more than friends was so false that the letters
on the keyboard turned to massive hearts.
The screen was gone and I disappeared into the dark. Away from her life and further away
from her heart.

Copyright © John Monteblanco | Year Posted 2010

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Drunk, with Love

Today, in Bath, I saw a drunk
Embrace the world with open arms
He'll be, by when the sun has sunk
Not quite so eager for her charms
And there'll be anger, old regrets
And sorry tears for lovers lost
And in the morning, shakes and sweats
And reasons to count up the cost
But for a moment, can in hand
The world's an oyster full of pearl
More glorious than God had planned
His beautiful, belovéd girl

© Gail Foster 15th February 2017

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2017

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Is it your lips?
Is it your hips?
That every time I touch my heart skips,
Is it your chest?
Or is it your breasts?
That every time I look at my day is at it’s best,
Are you the prise?
That I see every time I close my eyes,
Tell me dear, coz I’m drunk in love!!!

Your sweet kisses,
Have brought together my heart that way broken into pieces,
Your soft touch, leaves me flying looking for somewhere to perch,
The force of attraction that I feel around you,
Makes me melt with love, 
They say love can make you mad,
But I say it actually makes you sad,
Or maybe I’m simply drunk in love!!!

You say I’m the one with your hearts key,
You say your inside I’m the only one who can see,
That’s why in my arms is where you want to be,
You say I’m a gentleman,
And that you like no other man,
But I also say, you are my woman,
And I wouldn’t share you with any man,
Coz believe me, I’m drunk in love!!!

You arouse me with your sweet perfume,
Every time I enter the room,
You captivate me with your sexy dances,
That make me want to take my chances,
And when you caress my body,
What I feel I can’t tell anybody,
Ooh! My dear!! I’m totally drunk in love!!!

Copyright © Jeff Dindi | Year Posted 2017

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Drunk Calling

The blank look of desperation
The mournful cry of a dying love.
Your words reach out
into my chest and tear apart my heart.
Everything that you have said today
hurts every part of my being
I did nothing wrong
I don't deserve this
Yet you call me, you call me
Drunk as can be and you yell
Yell out everything
Every secret
Every emotion
In that same monotone screech
How that is possible, I have no idea
But you do it.
You scream at me
You yell out everything that is wrong with me
And yet, I don't hang up
I won't hang up.
I would listen to your words, just to hear your voice
Just to hear your pain. 
I did nothing to deserve what you said,
Half of which, isn't true
Your just a filthy liar
And I don't love you.

Copyright © Cassidy Loy | Year Posted 2008

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You know, 
One day i'm going to get drunk. 
And these words will come flowing, 
like a soft spring, 
Over jagged ice.
Melting the sharp blades,
Into smooth edges
That will stab,
my fragile skin.

Copyright © Ellie Smart | Year Posted 2016

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More Forgiving When Drunk

       I never asked you for anything
    n’ you never asked for it back
 found unknowing when the going was green
       I still have problems with that

 Venus, Apollo, your good self and I
    drink too much and then some
  why must the bottle ever leave me dry?
     more forgiving when drunk

                   but no, mercy me, oh my… 
           damned if I do, so I probably won’t
      Oh my God, more forgiving when drunk
Oh my God, more forgiving when drunk
  not enough for us to rest assured
     we make do with what we have
 no witless wonder here is keeping score
 and things didn't turn out too bad
Venus, Apollo, your good self and I
    don’t like what we’ve become
 left for lost, problems are magnified 
 the Gods, more forgiving when drunk
              but no, mercy me, oh my
           I'm falling into a deep blue shade of funk
       Oh my God, more forgiving when drunk
    I thought they’d keep you from the frey
                 I'm so sorry 
                   for being so easy
                     and falling in love 
                         with the first one to please me 
         Oh my God, more forgiving when drunk
                  Oh my God, more forgiving when drunk
            Oh my God, more forgiving 
                 Oh my God

Copyright © Rightly Jennings | Year Posted 2017

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Sink in me 
Get drunk with me 
Until am all you see 
As you relax in the gutter 
Of my arms where you sleep 
And am still your bartender 
Still giving you love so tender

Copyright © Ephraim Nkunika | Year Posted 2017

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drunk of love

Walking along in the city park
Looking up the sky that’s getting dark
A story of a couple gets a shot from a love angel
A picture perfect from every angle

Their love makes the sky tumbling down
Never expected that they’re just twenty-one
In their age of fooling around
Their love blooms in the summer ground

The man stares the woman’s face
He sees a picture of a beautiful place
Hold her smooth-skinned hands
Asking her to dance even though he can’t

This boy falls from the highest mountain
Falls down to the deepest sea he’ll sustain
He will do anything what the girl says
Dresses up in black suit in vintage’s way

And then he sings…

“I think of you all night and day “
“I think that you filled all my way”
“I think you step on the heart of mine”
“And I’d say that’s fine…”

A simple kiss would make him trill
A romantic dinner will make them chill
The boy gives her a diamond ring
The girl knows this is the finest thing

He says to the girl he had a dream last night
Dreaming of their dancing under the moonlight
A massive Indian dancer with his melodic song
And we are laughing and dancing all night long

Copyright © Mony Reyna | Year Posted 2008