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It Only Hurts When I Smile

I put a smile on my face when I go outside 

My friends all see the pain I try to hide in my eyes

And I try to act like I can make it on my own 

Since you've been gone I'm alone 

I suppose I'm gonna be here a while

And for the rest . . . of my life

 It only hurts when I smile.
I thought our love was strong

I didn't think you would leave

I think about about you all the time 

Do you still think about me?

and when I think of how I threw us away

It only hurts when I think 
The first time I laid eyes on you you took my breath away

I lost my breath again the day you walked away

Pain won't go and damage is done

And I just can't feel a thing

It only hurts when I breathe
And I see where I went wrong

And I see what I've done

But I don't see you coming home to me

And when I look at it all that way

 It only hurts when I see
And I just can't live without you 

My heart is still in your hands 

And there's no "this" left to fix

And there's no "us" left to mend

And I guess I gotta live with it

So it only hurts when I live
I put a smile on my face when I go outside 

My friends all see the pain I try to hide in my eyes

And I try to act like I can make it on my own 

Since you've been gone I'm alone 

I suppose I'm gonna be here a while

And for the rest . . . of my life

 It only hurts when I smile.

And for the rest . . . of my life

 It only hurts when I smile.

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2016

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How much do I love thee

How much do I love thee
Let me tabulate all the ways

I bought you a new Mercedes
	With gold plated tire rims
I bought you a humongous diamond ring
	The size fit for all Royals and King
I bought you a store of the finest lingerie
	Secrets still held at the door by decree
I bought you a garden of roses so red
	My love was surely in bloom, or so they all said
I bought you a ticket to heavens pearly gates
	So that in paradise you’d have not to even wait
I bought you your very own private Lear jet
	To see the world through champagne eyes
My love was a vault and you emptied it dry
	My heart has now learned to never cry

How much do you love me?
Your lawyer seems to know

You claimed mental duress
	Suffering under such stress
The Mercedes was the wrong color so I am told	
	I should have known, pink, not gold
The diamond ring was too heavy to wear
	Your back injuries caused you painful despair
The lingerie didn’t cover you just right
	So medical ailments kept you up many a nights
The roses in bloom where not the right flower
	Your allergies they caused, thus making you sour
The ticket to heaven you plain out refused
	Said it was one way, and that just wouldn’t do!
You had no issues riding my Lear jet 
	You rode the pilot as well, a mile high kinda bet
My love you tossed into the bin out in back
	The divorce lawyer smiles at me, saying she sure is great in the sack 

The moral of the Story is this!
If you are sitting at the table, and
You see a few beetles scurrying about
Maybe even whistling a tune or two
Listen carefully to what they say

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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Unfinished Love Affair

Unfinished Love Affair

It's been so long since I've seen you.
Don't know how or why you remain,
At the forefront of my memory,
But you do and will always remain.
Time has passed, and the years have aged us.
What can replace the time we spent,
In our younger days.
Talking, dreaming and planning a life.
Laughing and hoping as time passed us by,
Our friendship would be never-ending.
Well, the years have passed,
We have all gone our separate ways,
But the talks we had,
And the dreams we dreamed still linger today,
As unfinished dreams and incomplete endings.
The dreams we shared,
Still bring joyous tears when I think,
How time has slipped past.
But yet I see your face as I did then,
Beaming with life, smiling and carefree.
Those were the days of happy tears,
And unfinished love affairs.

Copyright © Lee Brownlee | Year Posted 2016

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I Just Don't Understand It

And I know you didn't plan it
it's so hard for us to understand it
I love you, I hate you - I just don't understand it
One moment we're feeling bliss- like we're on another planet
you love me, you hate me...the story goes...we took our love for granted
caught up in memories, now everything's pixelated
everything spoken is debated
everything valued has been faded
what was token...has been broken
you used to leave my heart smokin'
- she flipped the tarot cards -
now I'm hoping...
instead of dealing with it...I'm coping
you promised me everything would be copacetic 
...but everything's gotten quite hectic
we lost our way- I can admit...I detected it
nevertheless...I didn't expect it
the process...I can't respect it
love...how you do love like that?
from dormant to torment
it didn't rain...it stormed
"and don't you tell me days like this is the "norm"
I used to think you were the bomb
I used to think you were the title to my poem
now I'm sitting here with my hands in my palms
thinking you could care less
cause everything you've done was careless
I digress...
I gave you your best
can't believe my reward is this mess
...it was never a contest...
but I thought we were each other's trophy
...and I know you didn't plan it
it's so hard for us to understand it
I love you, I hate you...I just don't understand it

Copyright © Natalie Braddy | Year Posted 2016

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We Have A Problem

Communication has gotten erratic,
there's a lot of outside interference
Aluminum yawning creates constant static
I can't hear you ... can you hear me?
Stonewalls separate us,
frequent bathroom stalls
breaks the mood, flushes the trust
How did this happen to us?
I'd be the first to admit, we have a problem
Calling Houston, code red: Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Our love has become stale,
left unattended for too long in the marital breadbox
Inaction is squeezing the life out of us
Anaconda divorce sounds fatal
Alpha, delta, sand, fox ---
Our marriage is falling at terminal velocity,
time is speeding up on the self-destruct clock
We have a serious problem, dear
Do you hear me talking, tell me you can hear
We have us a critical problem,
and we both need to try and figure it out,
time is ticking down on the self-destruct clock
We have a big problem here
Calling Houston, code red:
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Anaconda divorce sounds fatal
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
We're headed for a crash landing
Calling Houston, code red: 
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
This marriage is almost dead
Alpha, delta, sand, fox
Unless we find the missing answers in the black box

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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For Two Timing Husbands

How many tears must fall from brown eyes before I lay me down to sleep.
Where hurtful dreams of betrayal and lies hide in shadows they creep.

How long did you think you could go around cheating and not be found out.
With all your two dollar whores and think I'd not scream and shout!

See if they'll put up with your bullsh**, until the next one catches your eye.
As for me I'm done with your no account two timing a** once and for all...


Copyright © Mary Hoose | Year Posted 2017

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Our relationship is an ongoing trial
I’m growing tired of the endless accusations
Every time our eyes meet, it’s an appeal
If this is true love, where is the justice?

Let’s make this about love – I’ve had enough
True love has neither a judge nor jury
The heart commits – eternal devotion – for life
We’ve lost that trust – this is an injury

What we hide from each other is evidence
It’s far more dynamic – no need for low blows
When we deprive our love – in place of divorce
It’s a sin far greater than breaking any laws 

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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The Dark Side Of Love

Condemned to be my truth inside,
    to you I've given  a l l  my pride-
       when our celestial stars collide,
          I'll drain out all the tears I cried.
             For you alone have broken me,
               and threw out all my good debris.

               The depth in your imperfections-
            you destroyed all my perceptions,
          d i s c o n n e c t e d  a connection,
     never wanting your affection.
   May the shadows keep you quiet,
wishing your secrets are private.

You have stolen my innocence,
   forgetting all my relevance-
     I prayed for my deliverance,
       from you a  d a r k bad influence.
         You damaged my mortality,
            and blocked your informality.

           I will admit I'm stronger now-
         your abuse I will not allow,
      my psyche you will never plow,
    my body clean and wonder how.
  Condemned to be my truth inside,
no  l
          r  will I have to hide...

Date: October 28, 2015

Form: LaCharta Poem
Eight Syllables in each line

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

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Field of Forever

Snow crested range backdrop, gurgling creek allurement
At long last was the field, ours its loamy splendor
Our fertile paradise beneath stars and thunder
Within this promise, we planted our enchantment
Time sprouted our hearts’ dreams with sunlight reverent
Steadfast home to shelter love through frost December
Joyously nurturing new lives, mild and tender
Yet a caretaker’s heart still yearns for nourishment 

Other fields of promise neglected, gone fallow
Harvests left under the merciless sun to spoil
Their once magnificent bounties, cupboards hollow
Tears cannot mend cold ground neglected beyond toil
Their heartbreak, a tragic fate we need not follow 
Come tend our garden, my love, till its fertile soil 

© Thomas W. Quigley
Italian Sonnet, 12 syllables per line

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly Divorce

Let Him Go (Limerick)

Our mom told us how she chose her beau,
With an “eeny, meeny, miny, moe!”
Of course it didn’t last,
With a choice so half-assed!
But at least it taught the fool to grow!

Child Support (Haiku)

Parental disputes
Had placed us in the middle
Of their divorce wars

Divorce (Couplet)

He left her to fend for us alone, blasé with his remiss,
She chose to break this conjugal bond without marital bliss.

For (Destroyer ((Poet’s ~DIVORCE CLUB~ Contest

Copyright © Marilyn Hernandez | Year Posted 2010

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A Woman Scorned

Later she would look back and see
the cracks that were now obvious.
How blind she once had been
in the throngs of her passion.

Twenty years of his affairs
his lies, and his betrayal.
Yet it was only by chance
that she had found out.

Out for lunch one day
she saw him at the back,
with a lovely young woman.
He was engrossed in her.

Their body language intense
she could see the hot flames.
Following when they left
she saw them enter the hotel.

Sicken to her very core
she went home and paced.
Then set his clothes on fire
gleefully watching them burn.

When he saw the flames
he knew the game was up.
He raced to try to save things
Yelling out you crazy bitch.

Then a loud screech of tires
he drove off rubber burning.
As for her, the flush of triumph
soon faded leaving her drained.

The divorce was acrimonious
the final judgement in her favour.
He now learned the hard lesson 
never cross or scorn a woman.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Saving a Marriage

It's a curiosity to me
how we are so alike,
yet, so different in this manner.
I could never survive in your union,
my soul craves a more intimate bond.

You want things to change, and
need a starting point.
The definition of Marriage
is one you both should explore--
I think you'll find you have very
different definitions.

"Do years count?" 
Only if they were good ones;
Only if you can look back and say
they made you a stronger couple.

"How about loyalty and fidelity?"
They count, but it is more than body;
It's the day to day of putting his needs
before yours of trying to make him happy,
of trying to be happy with him. Have you
done this faithfully?

"Why is it all about sex to him?"
Perhaps it more about cleaving,
feeling connected. Can you honestly say
you've felt that in a while? 
Is sex not that to you?
Touch keeps you connected,
and denying him has left a void.
You are of words;
He is of the physical.
Try talking while holding his hand,
then both of you are connected.
It's a small start.

"What about raising our children?"
An important task, no doubt, 
and it draws you closer if you do it as a team,
but it can also push you apart.
It can be a reason to talk
at each other
instead of to each other.
Another task to be done in a busy day,
running in opposite directions to meet their "needs."
But were they really their's,
or were they a convenient excuse to
head in a different direction--
the ultimate avoidance.

I listen to you talk about wanting to go to counseling,
but I wonder if you are ready to make the changes.
It's not all him;
It's not all you;
It's the both of you, wanting to change together.
It's finding the friend you married, and
committing to making it work.

Twenty-five years is a long time 
to wallpaper over the issues
that are stacked in layers.
Now it is time for the hard work
of tearing it all off, and resurfacing.
Are you up to remodeling your home?

Copyright © Jaycee Cervenka | Year Posted 2015

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May Forever be Our Happy Ending

We had something
and whatever it was
is sustaining me
through this lonely moment
of mourning.

You touched me
And you spoke
You loved me
And you wrote
You sang to me a sweet song
and that memory is helping me
keep on.

I don't want you to die
I don't want you to cry
You are my answer to that question "Why?"
What kind of romantic story
Could we to our children tell
if we wound up in paradise together
        if we actually both survived this hell.

I realize I loved you tonight.
Everything that went wrong
went wrong
But today I understand
You were something I did right.

Because if we had never touched
If you had never loved me that much
I wouldn't be able to survive tonight
A night so tough.

That memory of that moment
is keeping my sheets warm.
It is keeping me from tossing and turning
I can whether this storm.

This is why Jehovah created me
I am your Eve
Please don't leave...
I need for our story to survive.
I need us to remain the once upon a time.
Please let my loving prayer
help you survive...
Please stay alive...

Copyright © Tyshawn Knight | Year Posted 2015

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Cupid's Arrow

                                     All my exes were pros of the game,
                                  Spending years at perfecting their aim.
                                          They thought it was funny
                                             To take all my money
                                  When the judges said I was to blame!

"Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  - Albert Einstein

Copyright © Mark Ackerson | Year Posted 2015

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Great joy together...

Hearts now torn by love and hate...

Solution: Divorce.

It all began with "For Better or Worse",

But the words afterward became very terse.

Divorce was the answer she decided upon

As with me she didn't want to go on...

The only other answer was to ride a hearse.

Two people in love end up in court and for a divorce sue,
It would never have happened...had they not said, "I Do"!

(Top - Haiku, Middle - Limerick, Bottom - Single Couplet)
For Poet Destroyer's Divorce Club Contest

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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For Affection
Self-denial, Self-afflicted, Self-fulfillment
What condition caused deprivation?

Copyright © Yvonne Clark | Year Posted 2014

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The Death of Love

Love has no answer to the questioning
that's born from pain of losing in the game,
and all the restless nights this loss may bring,
can only heap more mis'ry on the same.

There's never understanding when love's done,
just emptiness that eats you bit by bit,
and so the nights are long, the hope is none,
but life, sweet life goes on in spite of it.

So do not ask me what my plans might be,
in making none; I claim the best of all,
to see me through what you've provided me;
by failing in your love, you've brought my fall.

So leave! I'll wish you well, until the thought
tonight that love has died, is all I've got.

© Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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The Ugliness Of Divorce

My parents taught me the Christian ways.
I was taught to obey what the Bible says.

I was proud of my parents!  I really was!
And loved them so much…  Just because!

They meant everything to me!  I was proud!
Until one day...  There appeared “a dark cloud.”

It was like a “darkness” hovered above.
Leaving their marriage empty of needed love!

Though they were together many years.
There were many cracks that soon appeared.

I say a once happy home soon destroyed.
Being with one another….  They no longer enjoyed!

How could this happen! I had wondered…
To see a happy marriage “totally plundered

As sin crept in...  And allowed to prevail.
Very soon this marriage simply failed.

May this be a warning for me and you…
That our commitment remains faithful and true!

If your marriage is heading toward separation…
Please seek God for a healing and restoration!

If your planning to have a divorce..
Jesus’ love can put it on the right course!

He can replace the brokenness and hurt within..
And can put your lives back together AGAIN!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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Here, I wrote a bridal guide,
A rule book for future brides,
No matter if you're fair, fat and wide,
 Or not, here's some dependable asides,
First, keep degrees and jobs up to date, 
With some mates you can't relate,
You never know when the rats will turn,
To being a doormat, is what to spurn,
Keep some getaway money set aside,
This is important in a bridal guide,
Always update your roadside assist,
Without that, car bingles can get you miffed,
Ditto home and car insurance too,
Note these well, I say to brides like you,
Never take drugs if to Bali you roam,
Then you definitely won't be coming home,
Herein,  I wrote a bridal guide,
My rule book for brides like you.......

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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Both Love and Hate

              BOTH LOVE AND HATE
Straight through my mind and to my deepest heart,
your whispered words keep all our love in heat; 
as certain as an ending has a start,
the night's emotion echoes out love's beat.
Though but implied, each time our eyes do meet,
the feeling warm, doth tingle to my spine,
and then love's glow, from head down to my feet,
makes all of life both precious and divine;
and makes of me the suckling, tiny child, 
once innocent, now deep in love's great fire,
breast in the hand, see how it drives me wild,
you surely know, I'd kill in such desire!
       The essence of what life can never know,
        so close at hand, but then, where does it go?      

There is no mercy, death must surely be
as swift and feeling as orgasms fate!
Are both not that which eyes can never see,
and are they not the same, both love and hate?
Your eyes do make my love the mockery,
and something I must have to call my own.
Why would a fool give all so willingly,
for feelings only gods have ever known?
Your flesh--so soft--so vibrant to my taste,
the only aphrodisiac I need
to bring me out from where love's been a waste,
and put it all to you, to quench your greed.
       We lie in silence, deep in loves discrete,
        all sep'rate from the world, but so complete.

© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2016

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When I Need You

You sing like a herald on high, Preaching lavish love never-ending. Yet, when push comes to shove another’s Inconsequential doom’s always impending. Resilience is no perfect picnic— Not a trait one’s just bequeathed. For me, it’s sheer necessity: Persevere, or your soul’s enwreathed In ashes—above lie daisies. I’m alone, no matter the crowd. No one else to be strong for me, Except your words: my heart they shroud. Alas, you are no longer with me. In dreams, only, shall you pursue. I’ll await the sandman’s calling, to ask, “Where are you, when I need you?”

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2016

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Ship Ahoy Divorce Style

<                                              Haiku

                                          sea's tranquility
                                   bestows harmonic balance
                                      amidst  tides rising


                          aye ye matey walking its own plank
                          let not ye other take thee to bank
                                raise thy anchors set sail
                              give heeve hoe to those failed
                         find ye other sailor's who's yet sank  


                    shivery timbers captain bow is about to break
                    toss overboard it's ye baggage holding thee dam weight 

Entry For
{Destroyer { Poet's
Divorce Club
Haiku /Limerick/Couplet Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Divorce Club

Love seems endlessly
Then stalactites stalagmites 
Divorce comes for sure

She walk down the isle smiling in white dress
In the courthouse in black dress, what a mess
Lovers dancing on the sand
Divorce and money in hand
Got her money's worth, who laughs last laughs best

The guy thinks he can outsmart the girl
The girl knows after divorce she owns his world

~Divorce Club~
Contest for :  (Destroyer  ((Poet 

Copyright © Joy Wellington | Year Posted 2010

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Divorce Isn't Always the Best Choice

Divorce Isn’t Always A Good Choice! I met a person who’s been married for many years. When he talked to me, he was in tears! He was faced with the option of divorce! And now, he feels his life is driven “off course.” His wife said she’s through. She’s “all done.” And doing things which seemed “fun.” Beyond each day and the circumstance… Does this marriage even “have a chance?” Why do people seem happier when they’re apart? Far too often, this ends up in a broken heart! Too often, people “give up” on what they believe! But it’s so many lies, is what they receive! I spoke to this person, of God’s purpose and meaning! Into God’s loving arms, is where he needs to be leaning! When life changes, and marriage seems to have failed you… Jesus is here! And wants to put his arms around you! There’s hope and answers to all of your problems! You’ll find the answer in God’s word! HE can solve them! The best choice for you is to come and trust HIM! Give Jesus your life! Come now and love HIM! All he needs is for you to give him an invitation! He’ll change you! And make you a new creation! His love can do what no other power can ever do! He’ll bring new meaning in the words; “I LOVE YOU!” By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Divorce Party

As two drift apart
   Apathy is the death knell
     .....sorrowful ending.

You are cordially invited my friend
To a party celebrating the end
Of ten years of wedded bliss
(All the rest were  hit or miss).
Please bring your own bottle if you attend.

So why do I not feel in control of my life
Now that I am no longer anyone's wife?

for P.D.'s Divorce club contest in form haiku,limerick, couplet

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

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Love to Hate

A Lover's fist

Glitters red with blood

Friends become Enemies

Copyright © Wilfred Aniagyei | Year Posted 2015

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Ill Wind

        Ill Wind
Ill westerly winds were blowing today
Carrying the past to my open door
And moving old dreams that got in it's way
Blowing swept ashes around on the floor
Hints of sweet aromas filling the air
Swirling boldly with a sharp biting chill
Reminding my heart that love is not fair
Teasing and testing the mind of it's will
It's proclivity for leaving messes
Rearranging the dust on old photos
Going through boxes from old addresses
A front row seat to a rerun floor show
Why can't I learn to keep the front door closed
One never knows when the west wind will blow


       On Second Thought
Unannounced, she walked right in the front door
Cool westerly winds blowing the past in
Stirring spent ashes and heartache again
And memories of once tender rapport
Familiar aromas, the scent of yore
At first, it seemed a chill was to begin
After a few barbs we talked like old friends
Going through some boxes she'd left before
Bitterness still lives in both of our hearts
Harsh words and actions remain fresh and raw
We both concluded that kindness was best
It was obvious we had grown apart
Once gone, I sat in silence and recalled
The first time we met and how she impressed

    July 2 2016    by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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On Divorce

In solitude, I search for will, to mend my heart and shed the chill,
Of broken love, and loss and fears. I taste the day of salt and tears.

Memory is but the foe; that drags my fractured spirit slow; 
My children's voices cast no balm - There is no prayer, or sound or psalm.

This deafening silent time is cold - the check is here to pay or hold.
It's mine to pay or leave for dust; I am the deer in light's cold gust.

The glinting light of each new day, is framed in healing, yet I pay.
For I must find a soldier's spark, to draw in light and squash the dark.

The dusk is tired; a weary yawn - please find me sleeping til the dawn.
I wake and ache and feel and cope - I trust no one; and have no hope.

It's time I place this worn out pen to rest before I start again.

Copyright © James Cecil | Year Posted 2016

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Mountains to climb

My minds division,

To hate or forgive what’s the decision,

Separated like the Berlin wall,

Inflicted heart of pain I stall,

So much cruelty I never understood,

The difference of evil and good,

To this level I will not crawl,

A choice of life that could make you fall,

I forgive you as I begin new mountains climb

And I hope you me too, over time.

Copyright © Mark Paul van der Merwe | Year Posted 2016

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One last tear
I will shed for your absence
I refuse to suffer more pain
Hurt now replaced by anger
Rejection & humiliation
With relief and pride
I did nothing wrong
Except love you
Until the end

That moment
Decided by you alone
To move on
Live your life as a single man
Before we had even parted
Before I even knew we had a problem 
Always the last to know
The foolish wife

You slept beside me
Night after night
Snuggled up to me whist asleep
We made love
Bodies entwined
Right up until the day you left
Did you tell her we have separate beds?
Separate lives? 
More lies

The marital bed 
Where our souls became one
A place of tenderness
Of love and hope 
Planning together our dreams of the future
Laying in your strong arms
My man
My life
My future 

So now you are gone
Your decision shocked me to the core
Baffled by the viciousness of your words
Nothing made sense
I cried myself to sleep for weeks
Getting weaker each dawn that broke
I questioned everything
Was every single word a lie?
Why did I not see it?
Was I really so blind?
I grieved for you
For the future we will no longer have

So now I will shed one last tear
Not for you
But for the love we once had
Now I will move forward 
Stand tall and proud
I am free 
I am finally happy again
Looking forward to each new sunrise
Creating my new future
A fresh start in life for myself
Excitement and motivation spurring me on
So thank you for releasing me
Get on with the life you chose
I don’t wish you malice
Your life is your own as is mine
Goodbye to my past
Hello to my future
Because now
No more tears will I cry

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015