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-Divorce Club-

~~ Divorce  Club~~

Haiku   * divorce trip *
broken promises
eclipse of the sun and moon
dreams that fall like leafs.

Limerick  * never settle*
Like a  gun to my head of course
I married the end of a horse
love was never real,
kids no big deal.
Wow! I gain more money after divorce!

Couplet   * forever vows *
I meant them words "for better or worse" during our holy matrimony
The better now has hit me, once  the Court ordered alimony:-)


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Divorce and Remorse

Two hearts became one

Now they follow different paths –
   Divorce with remorse

He complained constantly of my cooking

Café reservations always booking

   Said I drove him insane

   But boy did he complain

When I left for someone better looking

The complaining has stopped, but the house is so quiet

So I pick up the phone, invite him for a riot

Haiku, limerick and couplet for the Divorce Club contest

Copyright © Diane Locksley | Year Posted 2010

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What About the Children

Downward marriage falls seeking some relief
Children follow awkwardly, senses moan
Husband and wife acting out of belief
Three children entering chambers unknown

Locked in battle, the wife reaches for sword
Under advice, she unleashes all hells
Falsely accusing the husband deplored
Of abuse, harm, and hate to citadels

With one stroke of the pen, I was condemned
Guilty 'til proven otherwise I was
Cast out, no home, no gold, no kids, clemmed.
Without, alone, despaired, scorned, for no cause

Time to think, time to ponder, time to pray
My children became my crusade, that day

'Taking a disappointment in your life turning it into something positive' 
Form: Sonnet 
Sponsored by Brenda Chiri

Copyright © Michael Vacek | Year Posted 2017

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STILL  NOT  DEAD     ( no kids allowed 2 read)

This morning I took my med.
taking more than my dose.

I am still here thrown in bed,
Lifeless and nobody knows.

I am still alive I am still not dead
I don't think I succeeded my overdose.

Should have cut my vain instead,
or stuck a whole ounce my nose.

To scared to put a gun to my head,
that would have been very gross.

Couldn't even stand it if I bled,
Stupid, me now I find a hose down my nose.

Still not dead,
Regret  the day you propose.

The day I said "I DO" I dread
The feelings that came, I let nobody know.

Thinking of ways of dying instead,
holding my breath is all I show.

All this started on the day of our  wed,
imagination took over making my  mind blow.

Finding my self here  still not dead,
Who said suicide  is easier than a DIVORCE !!


=( Not a fact, just humor over my marriage! )=

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

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Values Examined At Divorce

Mother of Pearl.
Sand slipped inside a shell.
Seagull's morning feast.

There once was a father who wanted time and space
There once was a woman who ran a race.
The children were grown.
Their pockets were blown.
So one retired and the other became an ace.

There's two sides to every story, personal answers within.
Judgment of each awaits God, or those who haven't ever sinned.

Poem for Divorce Club Contest by Destroyer Due 12/3/2010

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2010

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Cheaper To Keep Her (Divorce Club)

(Haiku)- * Motive, infidelity messing with the Queen Bee's Honey*

Queen Bee sits on throne,
Bumble and drone bees as one
Sample flowers dew


(Limerick) - *Admission of guilt leads to compensation*

Indeed this is how the story unfolds,
Pete said, "It's a poor rat with only one hole"...
Love had taught a sad lesson;
Divorce court was now in session,
Judge rules favor, Pete's pockets full of holes...


(Couplet) - *Take vows seriously payback often belongs to Spouse - Queen Bee*

Love said, "Pete too late you've opened your peepers"....
"Man, you should know it was cheaper to please her"!

Submitted for P.D.'s Divorce Club Contest (Haiku-Limerick-Couplet)

Copyright © Adell Foster | Year Posted 2010

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Reflections on Divorce

We took each other for better or worse, til death do us part.
Little did we know, instead it would end with a bleeding heart.
Today the final papers were signed
Hoping it will give us final peace of mind.

You were the man that could do no wrong.
The husband that I thought would be lifelong.
The affection and friendship has now fled.
And now we will have new lives instead.

Bitterness and resentment are in each other’s eyes,
While we both try to forget the deceit and the lies.
We both don’t understand and are quick to blame.
But really what happened is that you extinguished the flame.

There is a season for everything, this is an irreversible conclusion.
Could it be that our happiness was just an illusion?
Anticipation for a new life awaits, on that we both agree.
God has a new plan for me…this decree has set me free!

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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A tribute to my ex husband

  True story guys... True story

 I wondered why he didn't peak
As my dress would hit the floor
   I pondered why he didn't speak
Of wanting something more

   It seemed a bit strange
That he maintained a state of flaccid 
   Unless I'd rearrange
He couldn't seem to blast it

   Boobs and bush weren't his thing
He would rather play soccer
   Since I didn't have a ding a ling
He was a vagina blocker

   As years passed by I became bitter
It seemed I couldn't please
  In the rare event, he he made it flitter
I found myself on my knees

   A "funny" man, was he
Also known as a butt pirate
   surely didn't want me
Blew out every candle I lit

   Now he resides over the rainbow
Holding hands instead of guns
   A place where all the funnies go
When they decide its time to run

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2015

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Look, I found a new book to read,
This is a book of nonsense, indeed,
Titled, "The Amicable Divorce,"
I did snicker and chortle, of course,
Who wrote this? Some toff,
I sit and read and scoff,
I wrote companion lit.,
Equally full of blip,
"Improve your kid's English," 
Real vivid vocab, that's the way,
What this witch wants to  do to them,
Only one way to handle abusive men,
"Uppity, uppity, shove broomstick uppity,"
'The Amicable Divorce'? Heavy, heavy,
Look, a brand new book to read,
"The Amicable Divorce", nonsense indeed.......

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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Great joy together...

Hearts now torn by love and hate...

Solution: Divorce.

It all began with "For Better or Worse",

But the words afterward became very terse.

Divorce was the answer she decided upon

As with me she didn't want to go on...

The only other answer was to ride a hearse.

Two people in love end up in court and for a divorce sue,
It would never have happened...had they not said, "I Do"!

(Top - Haiku, Middle - Limerick, Bottom - Single Couplet)
For Poet Destroyer's Divorce Club Contest

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Here, I wrote a bridal guide,
A rule book for future brides,
No matter if you're fair, fat and wide,
 Or not, here's some dependable asides,
First, keep degrees and jobs up to date, 
With some mates you can't relate,
You never know when the rats will turn,
To being a doormat, is what to spurn,
Keep some getaway money set aside,
This is important in a bridal guide,
Always update your roadside assist,
Without that, car bingles can get you miffed,
Ditto home and car insurance too,
Note these well, I say to brides like you,
Never take drugs if to Bali you roam,
Then you definitely won't be coming home,
Herein,  I wrote a bridal guide,
My rule book for brides like you.......

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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The Ugliness Of Divorce

My parents taught me the Christian ways.
I was taught to obey what the Bible says.

I was proud of my parents!  I really was!
And loved them so much…  Just because!

They meant everything to me!  I was proud!
Until one day...  There appeared “a dark cloud.”

It was like a “darkness” hovered above.
Leaving their marriage empty of needed love!

Though they were together many years.
There were many cracks that soon appeared.

I say a once happy home soon destroyed.
Being with one another….  They no longer enjoyed!

How could this happen! I had wondered…
To see a happy marriage “totally plundered

As sin crept in...  And allowed to prevail.
Very soon this marriage simply failed.

May this be a warning for me and you…
That our commitment remains faithful and true!

If your marriage is heading toward separation…
Please seek God for a healing and restoration!

If your planning to have a divorce..
Jesus’ love can put it on the right course!

He can replace the brokenness and hurt within..
And can put your lives back together AGAIN!

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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You Only Have Yourself To Blame

You're mad because I told your husband the truth.
You cheated on him and I showed him the proof.
Instead of being angry, you should be ashamed.
You cheated and you only have yourself to blame.

You tried to convince your hubby that my proof was misleading.
But he could see the truth and he started divorce proceedings.
Because you were unfaithful, the judge didn't give you squat.
The clothes on your back were the only things that you got.

Your good life is gone and that's something you regret.
You once drove a Porsche but now you drive a Chevette.
Because of your infidelity, you were tossed out into the street.
If you ever find another rich man, you'd better not cheat.

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Divorce Party

As two drift apart
   Apathy is the death knell
     .....sorrowful ending.

You are cordially invited my friend
To a party celebrating the end
Of ten years of wedded bliss
(All the rest were  hit or miss).
Please bring your own bottle if you attend.

So why do I not feel in control of my life
Now that I am no longer anyone's wife?

for P.D.'s Divorce club contest in form haiku,limerick, couplet

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

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Divorce Isn't Always the Best Choice

Divorce Isn’t Always A Good Choice! I met a person who’s been married for many years. When he talked to me, he was in tears! He was faced with the option of divorce! And now, he feels his life is driven “off course.” His wife said she’s through. She’s “all done.” And doing things which seemed “fun.” Beyond each day and the circumstance… Does this marriage even “have a chance?” Why do people seem happier when they’re apart? Far too often, this ends up in a broken heart! Too often, people “give up” on what they believe! But it’s so many lies, is what they receive! I spoke to this person, of God’s purpose and meaning! Into God’s loving arms, is where he needs to be leaning! When life changes, and marriage seems to have failed you… Jesus is here! And wants to put his arms around you! There’s hope and answers to all of your problems! You’ll find the answer in God’s word! HE can solve them! The best choice for you is to come and trust HIM! Give Jesus your life! Come now and love HIM! All he needs is for you to give him an invitation! He’ll change you! And make you a new creation! His love can do what no other power can ever do! He’ll bring new meaning in the words; “I LOVE YOU!” By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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The Danger of Adultery

The Danger of Adultery! I knew someone who thought "things would get better." He had children and a wife. But he left her. He met a lady, who "captivated his eyes." He was charmed with her "beauty" and lies. His wife loved God and the kids with all her heart. "How could this happen?" This question "ripped her apart." As a family. They went to church... and did their "Sunday best." How could this "happy" family turn into such a mess? Temptation can happen to the rich or poor... Be careful what you allow to enter your heart's door. Whether you've been a "Christian" for "20 years..." One foolish act can cause heartache and tears. What God has given to you... Let no one take way. No matter what others think, or what they say. Stay true to God! You'll be glad you did! His love and joy will bless you each day that you live! Jesus is HERE NOW! He’ll never leave you alone! Allow HIM to bring true love and restore your home! By Jim Pemberton 04/01/16

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2016

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In an instant, your life can change,
Individuals are not to blame,
Some women attract men so pitiful,
They treat their chicks so vomitable,
Strength of the human mind,
to overcome difficulties,
need to focus on positive energy,
not dwell in past negativity,
to overcome life's diversities-
So, looking forward, not looking back,
The road of life is one long track,
Maybe women are not to blame,
In an instant, your life can change.

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

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The Unforgettable Birthday

My ex's birthday will be forever etched in my brain,
Memories of celebrating each year with lobster and champagne.
It's a date today in my mind I wish I could erase,
But it's in my heart unbidden, and has claimed a space.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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One fragment of life,
I became a wife,
Nice day for a black wedding,
I 'achieved' a golden ring,
Did I marry for housework?
Is divorce all it's worth?
Way back when I was a wife,
One fragment of my life.

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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Tonight's The Night....

Tonight's the night, my non brother,
What have we done to each other?
Dusk approaching, time of dreading,
Home he is, to me he's heading,
Would this be true love?
He does not bring me doves!
Tonight's the night, my non brother,
What have we done to each other?

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

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21st Century

Boy meets girl,
Gives her a whirl,
Log on, selfie,
 Update fakebook,
Thumbs up, look!
Had breakfast, look!
Update fakebook,
Went to the gym, look!
Update fakebook,
Now we're gym junkies,
Upload selfies,
Update fakebook,
Thumbs up, look!
Now we're wed,
Enough said,
Update fakebook,
Thumbs up, look!
Shall I kiss the bride?
Not fair, fat and wide,
First update your facebook,
Thumbs up, look!
Now we've got kids,
Marriage on the skids,
Oh, man, that's bad,
Divorce selfies, too sad,
Update your fakebook,
Thumbs down, look!
Our 21st Century, 
Celluloid selfies..........

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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Life is Short

My  mountain man was born in June.
He could do everything, even lasso the moon.
No problem was too big for him to undertake,
Even if it was a fixture that he had to make.

He was like Paul Bunyan, chopping trees and cutting wood,
To keep his little house as warm as he could.
In business he was about as hard a worker as they come.
To be astute and shrewd was his rule of thumb.

He and his wife owned a business and did all right.
Lots of good things were bought to their delight.
But the most important thing that had the highest cost,
Was the love they had for each other they somehow lost.

Now the two people that loved each other for years,
Cannot be in the same room without valid fears.
What happened to their love that began years ago?
Greed crept in, and they did not even know.

They should have been retiring together, holding hands on the beach.
Instead they are going separate ways, and thinking of the breach.
Money is not everything, there is only so much life you live.
Value the love you have, and in your heart forgive.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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Do Want a Divorce Try Jesus

I knew of a wife who felt like she was alone. There were many nights she cried at her home. She was in, what I’d call a difficult situation. There really wasn’t a good explanation. Her husband just kind of “gave up” on trying. He didn’t find what he felt was “satisfying.” She was concerned for her children too… And wondered; “what am I supposed to do?” It wasn’t too long she fell into the arms of another. And neglected her duty as a Godly mother. This family began to unravel and fall apart. It has lead to many wounded hearts… This happens with many Christian families... As more become “frustrated” and unhappy! Whatever problem we have... God can deliver us! He can heal our families, because he loves us! If divorce is the kind of action that you’ve found! Won’t you trust Jesus, to change it all around? Won’t you commit your ways and thoughts to him? Won’t you fall in love with Jesus, and trust him? There’s power in the blood! I know and believe it! Won’t you take the time… And receive it? Jesus is here! He can change the bitter ugliness! By his glory, beauty and his righteousness! Please dear Lord, bring healing to your children! May your healing touch continue to build them! None of us need to feel worn out and alone! When Jesus can fill our hearts and home! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Would this be true love to you?
No one walks a mile in my shoes!
He put up his dukes, so hot,
He hit me with his best shot!
I kicked him with my best shot,
Right in the groin, he was boy blue,
No one walks  mile in my shoes,
Would that be true love to you?
I missed the woman's right to choose!
Then Ma got pugilistic dementia,
Not quite what God meant for ya!
She punched us all in the boobs!
No one walks a mile in my shoes,
When the stranger danger is at home,
Now I'm better off alone,
Was that true love, so hot,
He hit me with his best shot!

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2015

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Take My Wife, But Not My Money

Thinking of my ex, there is an ounce of pride,
Even though our opinions did sometimes collide.
He was a pilot, and a jack of all trades,
With a stubborn opinion that could not be swayed.

He was a charmer, and at one time had a heart of gold,
Even though he liked to hide it, if truth be told.
On a trip, we came across a dirty homeless man,
Holding out his meager money pan.

My husband said to me, “I won’t give him a single dime!”
 “Give him food instead…he reeks of cheap wine!”
We gave him the food, and went on our way,
Happy we had done our good deed of the day!

In business he was about as ruthless as they come,
Slugging it out with the big guns, only giving them crumbs. 
Too busy counting his money, he lost his lovely wife.
Now he can spend it all on himself, in his new life.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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Perplex the Ex

Sunday I went to church late and slid into a back seat.
Then I was shocked beyond belief at who I did meet.
My ex was sitting smack dab in front of me on the pew,
With his arm close around a woman, I didn’t think I knew.

I wanted to fall into a hole and disappear,
But I had to take the high road, now I was here!
He turned his head to look at me, and I flashed him a big smile.
Then when I went to sing in the choir, I sashayed down the aisle.

My church was my haven, why had he come here?
The sight of him with that woman did not endear.
He had done this purposefully, I thought with dismay,
But I wasn’t about to let him know he ruined my day.

I sat through the sermon, but my blood ran cold.
He had stepped over the line, he was just too bold!
I was taken aback at the end when he introduced me to his date,
Because she looked more like his mother, than a new soulmate!

If he visits my church again, I will be surprised,
For I know he had an ulterior motive he could not disguise.
God works in mysterious ways…that is a fact.
I left the church chuckling, with my dignity intact.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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With the advancement of age
Man starts to think about marriage

The boy and the girl are nubile.
It's high time to change the living style

Through the union of husband and wife
Marriage brings stability in life.

Being the foundation stone of the family.
It is the source of progeny.

However, sociologists have divergent opinions.
To preserve freedom they propose free-union.

Tie a noose around your neck
You find yourself in the bottleneck

Who said marriages are made in heaven?
For it turns everything at sixes and sevens

Many affirm previously they were  well
Now life has become a hell

So, if it's not a perfect mode of living
Is there any new method for our well being?

Copyright © Azad Boodhun | Year Posted 2015

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Closure--"No hard feelings",
What's that, you're speeding,
Last words to end a marriage,
That's what you call a stoppage,
Talk about survivor baggage,
That was our cessation,
Mixed marriage of diverse nation,
Not exactly a happy ending,
Is that closure, "No hard feelings".

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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Half Is Much Better Than Nothing

When a couple got a divorce, the wife was going to have to pay alimony.
She thought that she could get away with murder but that was baloney.
They had been married for twenty-seven years and had kids.
She was going to have to pay $50,000 per year because she earned more than her husband did.
She didn't want to lose half of her salary so murder was the direction in which she went.
But she didn't give the Police any credit, she didn't realize that they are very efficient.
The Police showed their efficiency when they arrested her, that was a painful lesson that she had to learn.
Half is much better than nothing and now she's behind bars and nothing is what this stupid woman earns.

(This is a true story)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to The Man Who Left Me

Seeing you still the same but different
Changes only my eyes could understand
Walked pass the noised hallways
Your eyes wore meaning, I couldn’t find solace.

I walked behind you trolling
The familiar blueprint of your physique
Had me palpitating but my heart was crawling
How could I un-love my everything?

Recalling the days that expanded the minute
The pain I felt, the trauma I’m in it
Cursing the living and longing for death
The pain is endless, lose my breath

Your finger marks the ring you’re missing.
A sight so lethal but what is it you’re really losing?
Life is worth smiling when it’s simple
You made it complicated, now I am in crumble

If space and time is what you’re weary.
Be fearless and blanket my fury
I am a lady without a man
Bring me thorns with a rose petal
I’ll give you a seed that grows medal.

Copyright © Yvette Dignos | Year Posted 2015