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Details | ABC |
Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Life has listened to me,
Why do you co-exit?
Love you all,
We all hate hatred.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?

Everyone broken my heart,
Why do you do me love?
Why do you want us everything?
We have given everything to us only punishment.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |
Open up your eyes and you will see
That the best things in life are free
Rabbits that play in the velvet grass
The bird that in the sky flies past
The stars that twinkle in the sky
Those big black swans that pass me by
The sun that shines so high above
All radiate creators love
So much beauty that brings me joy
A friendly smile from an infant boy
Or from a gorgeous little girl
Even the sight of a gem or pearl
I could not live without all this
So much in life fills me with bliss

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

Details | Imagism |
A thorough yield
On a farm field of far east
It took me time to realize
How far I am to my far east of coast

Call of my weather
Call of my winds
I sailed further and farther
To my naked coasts
Naive songs, Nimble rains
Nile of rivers, Nascent clouds

Reaching this far
I kissed my earth
Ground of my grief
Glory of my ghosts
Glad is those leaves
However scanty they are

Cast is my shadows
No longer they hide
My colors and my figures
They cast numbers on stars
Measure their light
Scope my winters
Scale my summers
Scanty my rains
Scuttle I wish my springs

Now let me see my greens
Their leveling heights
Their leafy gaze
Their spiderly gesture
Their primordial texture
Now let me be slow
In company of my greens

#Poem by +Gokul Alex

Copyright © Gokul Alex | Year Posted 2013

Details | Romanticism |
I am dead without my love.
It is simple as that.
I cannot breath without her,
I cannot eat without her,
I cannot write without her.
I cannot live without my love,
I am dead without my love.

I cannot prosper without her warm embrace,
I cannot think without her by my side.
always thinking of her, sharing her love I once had,
with another.
My heart breaks,
and my mind is gone.
I weap... I weap...
I cannot handle the betrayal of my once love.
I am stuck, sitting in dark corners of dark rooms,
staring at blank walls, thinking of what once was.

Her beauty,
her smile,
the laughs shared, and the tears we weaped together.
Holding hands, you and I, walking down sandy beaches,
and beautiful highways, full of love.
How we sat on park benches and kissed the night away.
I cannot believe you are gone, with another.

I did what I could,
I loved you endless time on my hand.
Our time spent together was special and near to the heart.
Do not expect for that happiness to come again.
For that has sailed, to far East, to the rising of the new day.

But, I cannot live one more day without my love.
For what I had with her is unexplainable and beautiful beyond definition.
I have seen the wayward signs point me to the direction of you.
But when we see each other, you don't spare a passing glance,
as if I was a ghost, an invisible man, like air.
That is when my heart breaks, torn in two, I cannot see me without you.
Walk with another, shall I go, now this without you.

For she is my everything, beauty and nature.
She is my rose, my violet, my nightingale singing her songs, in the twilight.
She is the sky, the sun, the moon, the trees, the grass.
She is everything to me.
She is even the summer storms and Winter blizzards that roll in and destroy,
beauty and harmony.

I cannot live without my love, for she is my one and only.
I do not like to beg, but love me once again and live with me forever.
For you know and I know, and the world knows,
That I cannot live without you,
I cannot live without my love,
For I am dead without my love.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |
I have an addiction...
It dont matter what time of day it is my addiction is there...
Not always in the literall since...
But it is always on my mind...
I lay my head down to sleep at night thinking about you...
I sleep dreaming about you...
I wake up thinking about you...
Your always on my mind...
No matter what I do my addiction is always on my mind...
Even if your not the last one I talk to before I lay my head down to sleep...
I still lay my head down thinking of you...
I just cant get enought of you...
No matter what my addiction is there...
My addiction has a name...
Her name is Shelby Nestle...
No matter how much we text or talk on the phone...
Its never enough...
I cant get enough of your beautiful eyes...
I cant get enough of that beautiful smile...
I cant get enough of kissing your soft lips...
That feeling I get inside when our lips touch...
Or holding you in my arms...
This is a new addiction to me...
Never have I been this addicted this quick...
It scares the shyt outta me...
But then I love it...
You are my new addiction baby... 
You are my...
My heroin...
My ecstacy... 
My cocaine...
You are my own personal drug...
I cant imagine and addiction stronger...
You are my addiction...
I wouldnt even think about trying to break this addiction...
I wouldnt go to rehab for this addiction...
I like it to much...

Copyright © jaremy mount Jr | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose |
Writing about daisies roses rainbows and waterfalls helped me
Escape the madness of the city LIFE.  The JUNGLE. 
Whenever I wished to return I laid my pen down and
Anticipated the next siren.  So...

I laid back and reminisced for most of the day. Now, time for
Concrete and asphalt.  Cement and metal fire escapes.  I
Screamed more times than not with every passing siren.
I wanted to admire  the faults in the pavement  close up.  I
Missed  NEW YORK when I stayed  half the Summer at my
Aunt's  place in Brunswick, Georgia.  So I've  been away for
A while,  just My style.

In this aisle!  That's my CHILD! My mother screamed in the 
Local SUPERMARKET with her thick Caribbean accent.  It seemed
As though her voice boomed  through every aisle in the 
Market.  She would  search the security monitors  when ever I
Wasn't at her side.
YEAH,  I'm   pretty regular  now.
Not  versatile anymore at all. 

I dance SMALL.  EXQUISITE.  I've had about enough of
This.  O.k let me  entertain you."  I'll put. On a skit."  Then
I said " I know. Look out of the window.  I'm going down 
Stairs to dance barefoot!!"
If you danced barefoot  You're sure to Gather a huge crowd.
"I HOPE they throw money at me."

Dressed in Jean shorts and a new green T-shirt,  she 
Pursued her money making scheme.
I was thankful for that summer.
9 years old and bored in NYC.
IT'S  only a matter of time before I found trouble.
Little child running WILD with brick feet.

I had to get their attention.
"This here Is about to be a  TREAT!!"
A teenager had a boom box with him.
"Hey  yeah, that sounds nice. Turn that up"
He increased  the volume as high as the sky.

She tapped her feet listening for the beat.
A slightly raised portion of the stoop was her stage.
Before  anyone knew it she whipped the crowd with 
The NAE  NAE for at least 8 to 10 minutes and the
Crowd grew as they oohed and aahed.

Someone in the crowd asked her what her name was.
"Licia."  She smiled breathlessly.
"My name's Licia", she repeated.

They responded just as she hoped they would.
They threw money at her.
Yeah! She danced more and heard the excitement of her cousins
Racing down the stairs to her aid.
That was fly LICIA.
No one ever called her Val, her first name.
FANTASTIC!! When ever we.
 Needed money all we had to do was dance.
Sometimes my identical twin cousins 
Damian and  Dezrah joined me.

That was a little adventure.

THEY bounded the  stairs swiftly, anxious for an accurate count.
That was it she had a rep now.
Her three cousins cheered her as they entered the 
Apartment still the only ones home.

She lived with her mother. A nurse at the local 
She wouldn't be home until twelve tonight.
The four of them sat on the bed counting what looked
A bit like bank robbery stash.
It was $137 and 50¢

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
Such pleasant musing echoes out. She sits and creates her waxed dolls. Dreamlike are images sculptured. In her tiny waxed doll shop, Her mind configures masterpieces…works of art. ________________________________________|

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
Music is my escape
I sing along every second I can
It is the only place
Where people seem to understand

I sing at the top of my lungs,
Sing every word from my heart,
I eventually start to feel numb,
And soon I will fall apart.

I start crying and choke on my words,
I can no longer sing, too busy crying my eyes out.
My vision starts to blur,
That is true, without a doubt.

I’m crying because the music I listen to,
Seems to know my life story,
And it seems to know my feelings too,
These songs just scream out my whole back story.

I relive the moments the songs are talking about,
How they are all gone, or how they had hurt me. 
I just want to get out,
I wish that you could only see!

That I’m not that happy person anymore,
I’ve changed, but for the worst.
In my eyes, I only see closed doors,
And believe me, this isn’t the first.

If you saw me now, you’d hear my music,
See me shed my tears, and wipe my eyes, 
You’ll see the life drained out of me, as if there was a tick.
Oh, you’ll also get to hear me confess to all of my lies.

I try to forget everything and lose myself in the music,
Sing along to get any emotions out, 
That’s pretty much the basics,
What I’m all about. 

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
A Young Beautiful girl with so much spirit in her to lift the soul

With blissful hopes to come she would become a queen they did not want

Many loved her beauty as a child but her step mother

Of a selfish dander king family did not like her at all

They wanted all but wrong for her and to lock her in a chamber with ash 
And dust that filled the air

Far away from society king wanted because they felt she was from rags in poor

Stead of riches and wealth a lonely child from the cottage where
The king’s witch of a sister raised her.

She became a slave scared to face the king’s wicked sister

She abide by what she was afraid to go
With a single tear she longed to be free and become
Something more than an average girl.
But a girl that rises up from the hate and dander rules set by one world

She wanted to be free to be loved and liked for what she believed in

As the days went on she grew stronger and rising from the pain in her heart
And by the twisted society by her step moms brother who wanted nothing 
But sorrow and to be down in the dumps of rags 

She took a stand for freedom a stand for love and never backed down
From her past she kept on fighting a battle which seemed endless

As she looked to the moon crying out with screams that echoed in the forest
Sounding so loud half a forest could hear

She took the dagger and the shield took it to her heart and utter words like these
          Lord of the sky’s guide me today and give me much more strength 
    Then I had yesterday and as my will to rise be ever strong may I not rest 
Till this dander evil king is no more

She went off and into the castle she snuck into with mighty dagger and shield with the heavens by her side she struck him out and proclaimed freedom and love to all this is a girl truly rising faith and all that stands for what’s right a brave girl that rises from hate
this is a girl rising up from the pain 

Poem story for contest( Girl Rising )
by brian otoole 8-05-13

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |
You perked me up with your first sight, 
The pretty way you made me glow bright,
My nerves got seized seeing your gait, 
Too look this again can't I wait, 
Your beauty bewitched me for rest of my life,
Picked me up to the endless Hike,
Love the way you dressed with elegance,
Your eyes was filled with luminance,
You stupefied me from your marvelous look,
What will goes on if you explore whole nook,
The way you smized turned me chill,
Became out of words,  no,  not, nill,
Your affection cramming through veins,
You have controlled me all on reins,
The stylish bonny girl I never saw before,
Wish I could ecstatically yell or roar, 
What can I do to write this rhyme at hoar, 
I know, You know,  this will get bore, 
These are rhymes I penned from heart core, 
These are not up,  I will write more,
What you told me about your name, 
Sweetest girl pronunced in hearty fame.
Written By 
M. Shahid H. Chouhdry
Written For
(a very charming,  and sweetest girl,  whom I met few days ago)
Edited /Amended on 16/March/2015

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |
So like unto a song I'd play
an iv'ry pressed by me
cascading through a polished night
you are the melody.

Our summer rain still sings of you
such notes; they blend so well;
into my breast where breathes the rhyme
of all the words I tell.

You'll always be that vital part
each thought I ever write,
and like the keys in harmony
the song you are, sounds right.

The opening of me is you,
and overflows the wine
aged to perfection in the dark
to bring each song of mine,

Oh! No, they are not ever mine,
admitedly, they're yours,
and when the chorus of them comes,
like summer rain, it pours.

I've heard you singing to a song,
piano girl, your sound
remains in everything I write,
not lost, but never found.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Joy, happiness, pain, sadness, love, passion, hatred, greed, tears, pleasure, grief, lies,
regret, pride, addiction, suicide.... 

Lots of emotions
Lots of feelings
Lots if confusions
Some are nothing but act, lies and performances
Some are truthful and painful
And Some are helpless and hopeless

I stand as a baby bird ready to fly
I blunder forth and back, Left and right
Where ever the wind takes me
 Just like the voices in my head moving inside my mind
The sound of the screaming nights, the stormy lands, the raging hungry oceans, the cries
in every drop in a rainy day and the broken heart of the earth.

The floating sea animals, the burning forests!! Because of the intelligent acts of human!

Thoughts, poetry, stories scrawl across the white empty pages... Meaningless words!!

Safe, secure!! Look at them no houses, no families, no shadows... Nameless!

They're hungry for hugs and kisses for a bosom and we get angry for getting a bad payday
and they aren't getting any!
Their only shield is the naked trees!!

The mask of blessings and the beliefs of belongings are wilting with the fires of
loneliness and guilt.

The music of the weddings
The screams with every new birth
The voices of the crashing bones when a body hits the ground...another suicide!
The shouts of a girl lost in despair holding her father in her arm screaming for help to
save him...another heart attack!

War, human, peace, god!!

Voices of thunders - god creation - Reach from the farthest, vast skies burning houses
trees and cities.

Human creation crashing the skies blowing homes, women, babies... Blowing them into pieces!

Soulless men!!

Somewhere in this world in this minute a girl weeps
A child cries
many dies
somewhere in this world humanity fades
Some are killed
Some are hurt
Some lost in dreams 

Lots of voices I can't handle 

The thoughts of an addict living with a blue hole in his arm barely losing it
The thoughts of a daughter brutally beaten from an alcoholic father
The thoughts of an hungry child of war dreaming for a family to love him
And the thoughts of many more

I should have helped them all, but I can't! 

Copyright © Nesma Alnsour | Year Posted 2010

Details | Romanticism |
I am a poet,
A poet in Love!
I see the whole of the universe
spun in a ball
and rolled through the mirror of deception.
The mirror cracks with violent shattering
pieces everywhere, but soon a calm silence, for a still second,
quites the room.

Oh the sweet and fair maidens,
who walk hand in hand
gossiping on their fellow Man.
I smile and I say to them,
"Oh you think so, well I am a poet."

They look at me, with confused smiles.
They look at me and say in confused tones,
and low voices, "You sir, are no poet..."

I gasp for air and hold my tongue,
as I repeat myself more clearly,
"Mabye you did not hear me, for I shall tell you once more. I am a poet in Love!"
I shout out in their sweet and ratched faces.
As they pull up senerios of me, as a crazy fool, playing in their minds.

I dance and sing and write them all love letters;
Using ryhmes, haikus, romantic phrases and settings,
I tell you though, not an easy tool, to dance and sing and to write poetry.
But it is possible, when you are a Poet in Love.

Now watch as the ladies walk to their men in jackets and fast, red cars.
I laugh and say, "Your loss"
Not too many women these days like poets.
I walk and walk and walk, on and on and on...
Over and over and over, I jump through hoops,
and juggle flaming torches,
to grab the sweet maidens' attention.
... But sadly, not one spares a passing glance.
I do not cry, I do not mope, for I pull myself together and I gloat!
I dance, and sing and shout from the rooftops, covering evening skies, like a madman,
"I am a Poet in Love!"

The old women, in wayward liqour shops, buying lotto tickets
turn to me and shout back, "You are a crazy bastard."
and I shout back with passion and alliteration, "Thank you!"
For nothing bothers me, not one insult, not one careless remark.
For I am a Poet in Love.

In love with what? You may ask me.
Well what is there not to love, when you are a poet.
I make people laugh, I make people cry,
with the stroke of a pen to a piece of paper,
I can even make people die.
For I am a Poet who loves his job,
For I am the one and only...
Poet in Love!

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
I. The Virgin

Dimpled white dove of a girl,
tell me where did you go
when I opened the little door
to your cage--
did you flutter, supple and blushing
into the half-moon's glimmer?

Floating on the breeze of girlhood,
did you caress the cheeks of new lovers
as you whispered by?
Did you sing the songs they yearned to hear,
those secret virgin songs of canaries
and the pinkest of May's blossoms?

Tell me, virgin, where did you go?

                                                                                             II. The Whore

                                                                          And you, young tigress with
                                                    patchouli-scented heart, how did you endure
                                                     when men exchanged secrets of your naked
                                                                                   body while you slept?
                                                                            In dreams they whispered, 
                                                       "Jezebel," and you clung to the sound of it

                                                              tell me, how did you feed your sweet
                                                                   milky light to moth-men, even as
                                                        your soul's moon waned and drained you,
                                                                             your body devoid of light?
                                                   Who guarded your nymph's soul from harm--

                                                                tell me, whore, who nourished you?

III. The Mother

Mother of mushroom, mother of sprite
tell me how you gave birth to an angel
by the light of the full moon,
squatting on your forest bed of moss and memories
tell me how you became only a flood of nourishment.
A cloud of light. A safe buoy of love 
in the vast, startling sea of the world

and nothing more. Not for your Self. 
When your angels have flown from you,
will you mourn an empty nest?
Will you be broken, or will you be free?
Goddess mother, tell me...

Who will you be?

Copyright © Jessamyn Duckwall | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
The Ease of the Cupcake Trailer

Seated in a theater for a mere two hours,
With the scent of artificial butter,
And over seasoned popcorn, 
Overwhelming my nose.
I walk with my neighbor out of the theater,
My eyes adjust to the light of the faint sun.
We share yawns, due to not breathing, for the suspense of the film consumed our minds.
Minutes tick away with each belt of a bluesy note that passes on the radio,
We both sit in utter solitude.
The car strolls over the speed bumps.
Both our minds review the aftermath of the film.
We finally stop at Bull Moose.
My black strapped sandals stumble over the curb after each step.
I skim the list of tasty treats written clumsily in chalk.
Whoopie pies,
Ginger lemon coffee cake.
Raspberry chocolate,
Maple Walnut.
Double chocolate.
All aligned on the black chalkboard.
I asked for the Double chocolate cupcake,
And she asked for Maple walnut.
The man appeared from behind his mini sign.
His silver nose piercing glinting in the fair shade.
I studied his arm covered in tattoos,
He did not seem like a ideal baker to me.
He passed the cupcakes to us,
We raced back to the car and ate our treats.
The grey skies followed us.
Mine was wrapped in a liner that looked like a stained coffee filter,
My fingers caressed the liner revealing its, 
Moist cake,
Alp of chocolate buttercream, avalanching down the side of the cake.
My neighbor cupped her tiny vanilla capped cake in her palms,
Peeling back the liner revealing its,
Moist vanilla bean cake,
Maple frosting.
And walnuts that gaze intensely with their hazel eyes;
Both far sweeter than expected.
Ending the day with a dollop of joy.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |
Over the seven seas lies my faith and strength
Over the hundred years lies my soul within
Across the ocean is my open shore of glory
Each wave that crosses over tells a specific story
You can see me from the hills over yonder
A ocean wave girl living up to her honor
You can see my shadow at the mountain arch
A heart that shed so much blood, but a perfect art
I've known to be a warrior, I knew from the start
The wind is the hill I have to cross over, when the wind 
blows hard, I look pass my shoulders, cause the love in
my veins is what keeps me still, to flow back in the water
and live up to my will.


Simplistic Meaning: A girl that loves the ocean waves, has died a hundred years ago doing what she loved to do, Her faith and strength was to dodge the waves and over come the high winds, She loved the ocean, She spent time there and each wave/memory tells a specific story. You can feel her soul from the hills over yonder, She died there as a surfer living up to her honor, Her shadow is a reflection of a "true champion", that shed so much blood doing what she loved to do, but an inspirational art. If you knew her; Her love is what kept her strong to chase her dreams and carry on. 

Copyright © Marcy James | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
     Malignant Black Snakes and Spiders Attack From Hell

Sweet little girl smiles on the soft sunny day
Plays with pillows on sofa beds  
Bright powder blue eyes follow patterns of colorful butterflies
She runs to greet them
The pita-pat pita-pat over crisp meadow
Greens and yellows flow together
Follow on the tips of glowing blues
Drenched in cool dew dancing in delight
Giggles and thrills all the way
Parades play magical music in the bright distance
Lifting the spirits of the noble child even higher
A daffodil catches her glance
She snatches it up against her chest
Holds it tight for luck
Then flies to purple majestic trees
Dress lifts her to the precipice  
Paradise is nice
It’s time to run through fields of dreams
Blue skies smile down on her
God blesses her every move
She knows it's time
Mother and father wait for her with open arms
And abundant kisses for her precious face 
A warm lunch with buns and cakes awaits
That can’t be beat
How sweet 
                                               (Influenced by Dadaism- anti-art)

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
A young girl sits on a plank of wood that splintered
Attached are two ropes, one on either side
The swing reaches ten miles high to heaven
Or so she says
An old strong tree secures the apparatus on the limb
Which sees to it that she goes up and through the ridge
Where clouds form white and live
She comes down with speed but never ends
Her parachute dress sees to that
Wind catches it, her breath and that's not all
If she falls she falls forever
Below the narrow canyon walls where the desert ends
Life begins again
When she goes up she smiles over the vast turquoise sea
Some parts are filled with deep green turtles  
And with the golden sun on the horizon that smiles
They rise together from their depths
The smell of warm apricot pie fills her with delight 
If she ever comes down again
Red marbles wait for her in the yellow leather bag
Next to the blue shoes she forgot to wear outside
If she goes even higher now
A tornado might catch her in its mouth
Or is it eye?
Young girls don't remember such trivial things              
She can always Google it on the internet 
Or simply forget and keep on swinging

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |
God is my Creator
No one else is greater
I’m walking on the beach
Following his footprints in the sand...

You’re my cosmic partner
A telepathic lover
When our auras meet
Rainbows paint the sky

Feeling you
Feeling me
A symphony of love is playing
Voices singing harmoniously

Feeling me
Feeling you
There'll never be an ending
You're a lover and a friend to me

My Pleiadian girl
You're out of this world
Filling me completely
Covering me so sweetly 
With love

My Pleiadian girl
From the eye of the bull
Lighting up my whole world
Energizing my soul
With love

My Pleiadian girl...........

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2017

Details | Dizain |
her way to touch the sky
her light in mine
her soul on my destiny

I like our dawns to two
her stains of silence

I like nova fire
these vibrations to caress

I like our mad fantasies
their dust of instant

an instinct of existence

Copyright © Milan Georges Burovac | Year Posted 2015

Details | Romanticism |
I like to get six + 9 ??Are you??????
schlepping writer,?? natural body and laid-back vibe?? 
I'm all about therapeutic touch via nuts and life of bee dogged trees!

teasing with idealism beef hoar 
   illusory vision fades away
whatever ur method for stress to allay

perhaps mebbe e yar surfing tub bid on e-bay
enjoy this day
or night sky painted fifty shades of gray
whether completing 
   n ordinary task such as pitching hay
searching for a needle, or quietly in bed ye lay
whence yar imagination doth - like tha ant elope play
imagining whatever fantasy 
   mental efforts wish to stay
versus bing told "GO A WAY"

or sum mother retort akin 
   to go fish or jump in Lake Woebegone, 
   Yukon axe me an axle lent question 
   that pop into your head -

   any query wood soot me fine 4u2 ash
pardon my being so brash
as into ur settled life i crash
while search 4 pinch from missus dash
  this juvenile dill link quint doth wish 
  to indulge verboten fruit with thee in a flash  

skipping stomping on glass spattered with hash
drive vin by each of your love eye lash
when lids flutter at light speed, 
   that b4 my eyes appears as A mush-mash,

and that even a slight halo head-dress 
   appears like a bridal sash
wheel coming ye as 
   "chief garbage taster" walking white trash.
puzzlement at ma style o writing, 
   thus far did not  find an urge in ye 2 flee
but please, i intend no harm boot feel glee
because u r so beautiful tum me.
like right now, i wand dah d'ya goot a mac attack
if passion could gush - while either u or me like on our back
2 generate r own sin tha sized pet troll Liam also called frack 
no bag o trick this punster doth lack?!
well...anyway hullo duh ling! 
how ah ya? boy do look ma ville us!
:)dis hard knock er skool alum
invites hew to take thee ss bum
& rube hee zzz magic flute for
   liquid asset amadeus Mozart
wood wolf down like a gang
as meself bait for mistress tub  be comb
thus reveille tapped out taut as a drum
stick - albeit an itty bitty teensy
   weensy bona fide courtesy 

frum me...the little known, boot famous
in dis papas po' house - held 2getter with gum
and toothpicks - in summer 
   sealed tight by august mister hum
re: wee thin mine interregnum

wheel soon end and thankfully for ewe go mum
boo twill oaf her mad duress - 
   write when'r ya feel comfortably numb

Copyright © MATTHEW harris | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose |
I would sacrifice to be a wasteland in order for your garden to grow.
And then you wouldn’t have to bury your tracks in the snow.
Let this revelation begin with a kiss
-and we will levitate with held hands.

Like a slow melting sunset cradling a crescent moon.
-Like a ghost appearing in a Rave.  

-Bryce Stoskopf

Copyright © Bryce Stoskopf | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
My heart was blackened and hardened by pain and misery
You shined your light upon my soul, it softened me completely
My walls they fell, I walked out of hell, my heart began swell  
What force, what power, what energy could this be
For I'm a man of sorrow who's face you lit up with glee
I now have found the one who's heart is meant for me.

Copyright © Jason Dorsey | Year Posted 2016

Details | Tanka |
A few pretty pearls
Danced around her neckline.
Her beautiful smile
Would enlighten every heart.
Bringing immense joy each day.

Copyright © Neha Padhi | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
…And You Disguise It As Freedom?!


Caged within the bars of restrictions,

Stuck in this narrow valley of superstitions,

Her scream, so painful, breaks her own heart,

She slides down to sad-land sitting on her cart.

The bubbles of her joy, you burst them all with your knife,

Lingering in ambush, inside the shadow, you stabbed her and wrecked her life.


A queen she was, with her crown stolen,

With a smirk on face to hide the tears, fallen.


She listens to her heart, seldom,

No, it isn’t a shirk, neither a wisdom.

But what do you do? Inflict your opinion onto her?

Drag her through the path that you have chosen?!

Not liberal enough to speak her own heart out.

Scared and tormented, crying in despair.

Standing and shouting in front of the mirror,

She calms herself by her reflection thinking at least there is one hearer.


Kingdom is her but not the crown,

Grin on her face with a heart in frown.


Not allowed to dress the way she desires,

The baffling society even defines her attire.

Even then she is raped, she is whipped and killed,

In this world of evil, she isn’t so skilled,

At protecting her vagina from the monsters out there,

Who gambles on her respect with her emotions unaware.

Yes, after that sin, we can say that freedom is there, of course!

In Disguise!!!


Just remember this that she is fire, she is the power,

She will rise above us all, even above the stars.

You can’t seize her she herself is the freedom,

She will grab her crown back and be the queen of her kingdom.

She will speak, she will choose,

She will fight and you will lose!

So, be prepared for a new REDEMPTION!

Freedom will be attained this time,

And that’s something inevitably true!

Copyright © ABHISHEK ARORA | Year Posted 2017