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Details | Rhyme |
I sense the fullness 
in fleeting moments
At those rare times 
I'm able to let go of me
The ebbs and flows 
of non linear thinking
when I am part of the everything 
I was born to be

For within the simple
Magnificence is grasped
The beginning precedes an ending
that in the future will be passed
Over and under 
all the spaces in between
If we look only with our eyes
the answers won't be seen

Quiet is not time wasted
each moment we have has been lent
Some things don't require saying
Through actions we learn what is meant
Feel the power of pausing
Within a moment thoughts can crystallize 
By choosing to listen with intention 
We learn the wheres and whys

Observations is much more important 
then any of my (me)s or (I)s
I often get lost within my own talking
and hold onto my wordy lies
When I use a different kind of perspective
I hear the whispering of the Wise
Floating upon eternal verses
as within my being they steadily rise

Viewing the mosaic of all creation
The wonder of how all things interconnect
the order of God's magnificence 
creates inner peace and Holy respect
My thoughts are no longer singular
Like droplets of water ideas collect
The things in life most important
I see things I didn't expect
For no person is truly independent 
Through God's grace we draw every breath
Here within this total miracle 
I've witnessed God's width and His depth!

I believe our souls recognize our creator when we are in tune with God's Creation.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |
Et Portæ Inferi Non Valebit
(And the gates of hell will not prevail)

Gates of Hell shall never ever prevail
promulgation of Truth forever stands.
Soul and Spirit each rings a sounding bell
Fate's ruthless results judges all the lands.

Vanities of all men foolishly praised
Spirit's dark desires bearing bitter fruit.
Rejection of He that was truly raised
lies and corruption are the stolen loot.

Righteous hearts look to Heavenly skies
sincere prayers, deliver such bless reward.
Mankind races onward using blinded eyes
to an ending very bitter and hard.

In the dark shadow of this evil world.
Our Creator's redemption has been hurled!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-11-2014

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  93

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
I Sought To Touch All The Burning Fires

 This moment is not for being lazily idle
 in the distance starting gunshot sounds
 This racehorse needs no governing bridle
 Race like the rabbit running from the hounds

 Wind streams by as I run to nothing ahead
 behind lay unfullfilled , selfish desires
 Images of Gods and demons flash in my head
 as I seek to touch all the burning fires

 Yet hope promises a future great release
 a settled place for my lost soul to rest
 Can I find that light to set me at peace
 this lost bird fallen from my safe nest

 Aware of my great failings I surrender to fate
 Crying for mercy, praying it is not too late

 Robert J. Lindley, 03-16-2015

 Note, this is an edited, shortened piece of the original written long ago..
 The original was so much longer and very personal in 
 language and scope.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

From The Time After God's Creation… From the time after God’s beautiful creation… Between man and God… Sin has caused a separation! When God looked down upon all of mankind. Fellowship with man was what he had in mind! We were all created to bring honor to his name. But sin has brought much wickedness and shame! Sin has created an enormous “moral cavity.” Mankind has reached an “immoral depravity!” Through God’s son, a way has been made. His life for yours, on Calvary, was paid! Though mankind sinned, God didn’t forget us! Jesus is here right now! He never left us! Through Christ’ blood, our lives can be cleansed! A new life in Christ is where victory begins! Won’t you come to the Lord who created you? It is no secret how much he loves you! Won’t you come? Why there’s still time? God has a purpose and a plan with you in mind! His grace and love can change you throughout! Knowing Jesus is what true life is all about! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | Sonnet |
O' Broken Heart, Tis Now Thy Time To Mend

Decades past,  when free love was all the rage
we were not told, bait for the golden cage.
In our race to grab wild hearts from the skies
we ate the sweet dessert and believed the lies.

O' lasting regret, where does thy pain dwell
when my body sleeps, my soul is in hell.
Years ago, my pride led me so far astray
now these later years cause me to kneel to pray.

O' broken heart, tis now thy time to mend
life is not over, time can be thy friend.
Sing again, love can return with its sweet glee
soft kisses, her loving hands can set me free.

Future promise, grace me with clear new skies
send no more tears to flood with my saddened cries.

Robert J. Lindley, 12-11-2016

Form- Sonnet Lin 10/11

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
                 Prayers with Confusion 

After the sixth day god had created the heavens, earth and man.
The seventh day, god lay.  He looks up as he rest his head and
what did he see? Nothing just darkness and open space.
 He just wondered and stared at a blank canvas with nothing there. 

With continued interruption from the voices of words
with indiscretions. God's head was filling with desperate pleas
of man in need. These prayers were people's thoughts of 
worship and repent. The holiest and brights words, god holds
closest to his beating heart in his holy chest.  

God commands, with the words of amen at the end of a confusion. 
A star will glow and appear for they will know I have forgiven 
there sin and their soul will be cleansed. 


Copyright © Rowdy Yates | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |
Why is my skin color different?
Did God make me this way?
When he made me, did he have
intentions on me being a slave?

And I thought we were all brothers,
including all the ones of different colors.

But why are they beating and hurting the others.
Someone save me, I didn't choose this life.
These scars, they've carved me with the sharpest

All I have is my faith.
Because if I'd held on to anything else
it'd be theres to take.

What is it that I ask for?
Equality, I preach.
Something small to you, 
but makes a difference
for me.

Whipping, spitting, hitting on me.
Raping our women in your wife's sheets.
Taking our children and turning them into workers.
No sense of empathy, grief or composer.

For the brotha' on my left and my sista' on the right,
with the courage that I hold I will continue to fight.
You have taken away my freedom, and most of my life.
But what you have failed to obtain is my state of mind.

Go ahead work my body, and do all that you please.
This is just a shell anyway, it's not coming with me.
You spit, you laugh, thinking you gained the world.
You think you have power because you've raped a young girl.

Stand tall sir with all of that pride.
And go ahead and hold it until the day that you die.
But your day will come when you'll fall to your knees.
Feeling the burn on your body from the whips you've given me.

"The LORD is my sheppard,"
I continue to say.
While my soul goes up as God takes me away.
I wish you peace with smile on my face,
knowing that God teaches the fullness of grace.

Copyright © Amber Binford | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

The God came  to me in the guise of a stranger
His gold body scent was of great sublimity 
His arms were marble pillars,  and his embrace
Melted the whole world on my belly.

He tuned me to the refinement of my own nature -
Pitched me so exquisitely I fell from heaven -
Totally vanquished, till I remembered
All there was of paradise, and the number seven.

He has the unfolding of centuries since
To worship me as a goddess divine,
But they couldn’t build churches fast enough
To deny our union in the votive shrine.

The salt of humble pilgrims for my wantonness
I, who had everything but blessedness.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley
From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

Copyright © Rosemarie Rowley | Year Posted 2014

Details | Concrete |
There's a defined intervention when it comes to being happy, it's the art of being alive and to understand the story of a poet in which the audience seems to make presentation of the group. The science part comes with a dream when one gives thanks to live and settle down by fixing all the little necessities of becoming a poet,With the passion and compromise of accepting each consequence and to learn to recite back to the audience. For this then creates a pure heart of mutual understanding on love continues to grow and becomes like a familiar tune. For love has no meaning at all,just love oversees all nuisances which sometimes leads us to a quarrel, and with a quarrel comes ones pride which sometimes gets too high causing our love to slide right by. Love has no shape or size, no colors to see,it's never in disguise or has a hidden cost or surprise. It's like the shades of grey, ebony and ivory which live together in perfect harmony. So now that our love shall remain the same,its we the people create all beauty that's here for us to share and to never let our pride get so high to cause our love to slide right by.

Copyright © Terry Johnson | Year Posted 2015

Details | ABC |
im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

Copyright © pat roswell | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
The Pirates Of Great Pacific
On the day that followed their departing
When they were forced to be aliens of the great deep
Wandered back and forth with nowhere to dwell
Hunger had caused them to astray to the world of the unknown
They chose to leave and be free of humans sneer
Life was tough, and marine came to their rescue
That there was no disposable bin for a child of man
They sail in rough seas even at night
Every current of life against them, fighting for survival
Against wind and stuffs that proved impatient for the child of man
In the world of unknown, the world of deep waters
They did not know that down will find them,
Still clinging in that breath of life
With no home to turn to, they had to make pacific theirs
 And learn to sail against the storms and escape the jaws of great white
It was a life of terrible gamble to invade the world of underneath
They flip the coin with hope that destiny will guide them
While they wonder in that blue print of life
To them it was clear 
that life is like Great Pacific

Copyright © Khayelihle Bhengu | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |
And the Most High looked below,
And saw confusion and turmoil 
Beneath the firmament of the heavens -
Boiling hot waters between landmass and rocks!

He left heaven in spirit form and went
roving to and fro,
And He wondered: "What could I do with THIS"!

And in the "face" of the one who wished he could become
Like the One who created All things, including his
first born Son,
The Creator made ALL things; and they were Good!

All of Creation had and still has a unique purpose:
- Heavenly and Earthly bodies
- Stars, Planets and their Moons
- Vegetation first, to feed all living things
- fish and Sea Creatures
- Crawling things to devour debris
- Birds and Fowls of the air
- Wild animals who help decrease population of small ones
- Animals for food and domestic purposes
- And Humankind as unique individuals,
  Created a little "lower than angels" to care for
  And replenish resources of this earth;
  As well as glorify him with gifts and talents!

All these were and still are Good,
For all of creation serves a Special Purpose,
According to the will of the Almighty - 
The Alpha and the Omega,
The One who was and is to come!

What is the Purpose of his only Son today?
This is a New Year, will we make some things new?

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2016

Details | Concrete |
You are God’s Art Work. When you understand this; you understand the importance of being and the importance and beauty of another’s being.
Imagine a child of any age, with his or her coloring pencils drawing on a piece of paper. Tongue stuck out, eyes focused and every mark in its place. The yellow is where he or she wants it, there’s just enough blue and every line and dot in the background makes that child’s art work complete. It took some time, but it was worth it. This child is so proud of his or herself, sitting back gazing at his or her creation, knowing that he or she will never create this one masterpiece ever again. Can you feel that child’s joy, that child’s love for his or her creation?
Now, imagine another child with only one black flat tip marker, with only two strokes in only two seconds ruin the first child’s creation before he or she was able to show it to anyone. Can you feel that child’s pain, that child’s anger?
You are God’s Art Work. And every Man, Woman and Child should be treated as such.
Every scar you made on another Man, Woman or Child was a mark on one of God’s many Great Masterpieces (if you never done so, I congratulate you and ask you never feel this shame). This is how wrong our world is. You should feel ashame to have another bare the mark of your rage and even worse if you bare the mark of another because of your own wrong way of living. This is not a hard task but it must be dealt with where the problem begins. It begins with you. If you have a thought, an idea, the feeling or if someone is pushing you to hurt or harm or even dislike anyone in any manner at any time, you should have the wisdom and compassion to know that this is wrong, that this is not right and want to resolve the matter of not; the difference of the other person, but why I feel this way towards them.
Now, imagine a world with no man made scars created in anger or dislike. Can you see a World with no war, a World with no animosity toward one another Worldwide…a World without one man made bruise in anger toward another? That world can be, just by respecting...God’s Art Work.

Is Museum Art more important than God's?
These are thoughts for our wolrd to heal it from all the wrong we bring into it, we must look at ourself and see our faults and change our behavior tward one another to make this World a the wonderful place God made for us....
"Greater will be the place in heaven for the A__hole that can control His or Her tongue and actions while here on Earth."
Quote By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas

Copyright © Anthony Thomas | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
I Love the elderly so full of history I love my generation who kept me a mystery I love the children who's future, now bright for I have died for them to capture the light for i understand pain more than ever once I released it the anger got better as it went away from the people and into my music without a single reason to prove it without a reason to let Love's light in I didn't, it found me and lesser I sin God and my father both let me know it would all be okay so very long ago even tho the road would be full of pricks even back then I'd tell them you can all suck my dick. -Bj Fard

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Italian Sonnet |

I made Earth and then let spill
miracles in every spot,
wanting You should want for naught
and when I'd brought light to fill
up the world, I worked until
in my image, You were wrought.
Then, by cursed afterthought,
I bestowed You with free will

and with life and death to give,
let You choose how each would go.
Now Your death and how You live
are but what Your choices show.
Still, my Children, I forgive
all because I love You so



Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |
I tried to write about love but I haven’t felt it. 
I tried to write about the sea but I’ve never seen it. 
Then I tried to write about the air, but I have never breathed it. 
I tried to write about magic but I never believed it.
I couldn’t write about god, all I have ever done is sinned.
And when I tried to write about life I found, 
I have never really lived.

Copyright © Ag Ki | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
There are proud people “coming out!” Yet, they have no idea what real life is about! Many brag about a lifestyle that’s revealing. Yet have lost God’s purpose and meaning! I’m coming out for Jesus! I’ve nothing to hide! I’ve asked him to take away my sin and pride! Of my own accomplishments... I’ve nothing to boast! But I’m proud of God the father, son and holy ghost! Whatever pride we have… We’ve all sinned! Jesus told us; “you must be born again!” Nothing that I’ve done is worth “bragging of.” Rather, I’ve done things that I’m ashamed of! But God reached down to where I was standing! And filled my life with his peace and understanding! The more I have of Jesus, the less I need of me! His power alone is what can truly set me free! I’m coming out for Jesus! The redeemer of my soul! I’m going to shout it! So the whole world may know! I’m not ashamed of Jesus! I am NOT! By his mercy… My sins have been blood bought! For each step you take to God… He takes two! Won’t you allow him to do his work through YOU? A life of righteousness and holiness is what God is asking! Come now! And receive HIS life! It’s everlasting! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
-New Dawn-

I think it’s high time
We carefully pray
With the congregation
And stop being a prey

I think it’ll be right
From now on
To recognize who to
Partner with on and on

I think it’ll be better
For all of us
To sit down and reflect
About what really belong to us

I think it’s not normal
If we continue living
Without goals and ways
That ’re pleasing (to God)

I think it’s never too late
To learn and know
Who really care. At hidden, 
With faith their light will glow

I think it’s not that bad
To make mistake or sin and repent
All I know is that God isn’t man
Let sinners find, know Him and repent

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
Jesus Can Make ALL Things Beautiful!

You don’t have to live 
 Like you did before!
Jesus can give you true love 
and much more!

You don’t have to keep on
 “bringing up the past…”
Jesus can give a peace and joy
 that’ll last!”

The chains you once had…
 No longer have to hold you down.
Jesus can pick you up,
 and plant you on solid ground!

You don’t have to live the way
 that you once lived…
Eternal forgiveness and mercy
 is what Jesus freely gives!

You don’t have to live a life
 that is filled with fear…
Jesus will always be your best friend. 
 He’s always here!

You can come to him,
 for a love that’s worth finding!
HIS promises are forever.  
You need no reminding!

You can be a new creation. 
 Old things passed away.
Jesus can change
 your life TODAY!

His name is Jesus!  Your provider. 
 and all-sufficient one!
His arms are wide open! 
 Won’t you come???

By Jim Pemberton   08/17/15

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |
Screw my father
that I never knew.
If you take the blame
screw you, too.
Help my family
my Mom, Grandparents, and my Brother.
Let them live happily,
and get along with one another.
When I leave
I hope people will will remember me.
I will believe.
Screw everyone who disagrees.

Let God rise
and let him take his final prize.
Let him free this earth from crime and lies.
If someone dies
I just hope someone cries.

I hope we all grow old
not cold, 
till we are ninety five.
If you're still alive
Will you remember me?
Will I be in you're memory?

Let the kids 
who used to beat me up
in the street
Kiss me 
from my head
to my feet.
When they die and go to hell,
and start to bleed.
Baptize me in their blood
cure other people with their love
this rhyme will start a flood.

Copyright © Blake Holland | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |
It  was  for you and me,
That Jesus left His throne,
Bore the scourge and agony,
Shivered His flesh and bone,

It was for you and me,
He took the awry tour,
Towards the dreaded Calvary,
Summed His tortured  hours,

It was for you and me,
That Jesus bore the cross,
Paid the greatest penalty,
That death supposed be ours,

It was for you and me,
He wailed the gloomiest cry,
It was for you and me,
Jesus was nailed to die,

Oh, that you and I may see,
Our wickedness beyond measure,
Jesus to set us free,
In our stead bore the torture,

His love mysterious great,
Knocks  the door of all men's heart,
His mighty power recreates,
Renews our lives whole to restart,

It was for you and me,
When on the third-day death sufficed,
The savior left His grave,
Victorious he arised,

He rose back to His throne,
Sitting by His Father's side,
Prepare! He's coming soon,
Today is to decide,

Copyright © joselito asperin | Year Posted 2007

Details | Free verse |
Don't forget to cross the Ts
and dot your Is
because if you don't do that
they're just lines vertical on a page.
Lets us forget about the imperfect words
that make us cry
the vertical lines,
like jail bars hold us back.
Stand up and out and roar like a lion!

she is mine, I love her,
but I am quiet,
held back by the vertical lines
the black oily jail bars,
that keep my hear caged in
everytime I cry and people don't listen
the guard taps his nightstick upon
the vertical bars,
the imperfect feelings of pain and sadness
feeling like this it bores me 
feeling like this makes me sick
and I feel myself wanting to vomit
and shake the nervous feeling
of falling into a dark hole,
so I sit behind these vertical lines,
like cocaine lines, ready to snort up your nose,
like cigarettes lined in a perfect and neat row,
like empty wine and beer bottles
littering around my feet.

The vertical lines take me away from reality,
close my already blinded eyes
with a black blindfold.
These jail bars cross my soul,
chain my the ankles and wrists,
and choking me, holding my head under water,
I can't breath!!! Help me!
These vertical bars hold me back in life,
hold my emotions from coming out,
to tell you how I feel for you!
I no more want vertical lines,
I want to be free.
Drive horizontal roads that wined and turn around beautiful mountains
too take a deep breathe and share the beauty
to watch the horizontal horizon.
Too sit on a beach shore and write till the sun goes down
and the mermaids sings cheerful tunes
that uplift my spirits and break the remaining vertical lines
that bind and hold my heart in place.

There is nothing beautiful in a straight line,
let alone a vertical one.
Horizontal, vertical all bad in their own ways,
always trapping us, like jail bars or barbwire that streches across the open lands.
Love has no lines,
no boundaries,
so why should I have lines that bind me together
holding my head underwater,
till a spark lights a powder keg and blows me sky high
and I finally set myself free
and roam the horizon for ever.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
How long have I been searching?

I fear I will never find

what I have been looking for

deep inside my mind.

I feel it there hiding

behind that golden door,

waiting for my return

and to mend what I have tore.

Absentmindedness has stained my consciousness,

creating turmoil at every obstacle I face,

destroying what I worked for,

while silently putting you in it’s place.

I loathe what I have been searching for,

because it’s been gone for way to long.

I hope when I find what I’m searching for,

I can sing it’s free minded song.

Copyright © Kee Greene | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
The water. 
It ripples and waves.
Its soothing to the touch and it runs over your body like an invisible blanket.
When life is too much to take I run to the water.
I've thought about lost loved ones over the view of the ocean.
As the waves ran over my toes and pulled back it was as if God was telling me I'm here.
I see your pain. I see your passion. In time I will wash them away.
When it rains, it stirs something inside of my heart. I know that as this storm shall pass, so will the trials of life.
The pain will be washed away. All will grow new again.
Pain is water.
Joy is water.
Life it water.
Water is beauty.

Copyright © Misty Hoot | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegy |
Oh beautiful earth that never stops moving
On earth is where souls are grooving around
Earth is where these bodies shall lay to rest

Beautiful earth that gives birth to flourishing flowers
Wonderful flowers that can do wonders on righteous 
Flowers that grows from special soil with pleasant smell
Roses that light love with sweet compelling fragrance
As Sun set leaves trails of glowing red like scarlet metal 

Out on the stars that gloats with light over oceans
Oceans that relief those envious souls filled with wrath
The ocean that talk with the most elite individuals
And mountains so humble yet aging gradually
Looking upon us as darkness deceive many individuals

Far beyond the horizons there is a dancing sun like burning furnace
It leaves earth with darkness which conquers over weak souls
But the holy moon gives earth faint light like dying candles
The night is called and handles all the stars to their delightful light

Soon when dawn calls be the first to see the dews drop

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2016

Details | ABC |
To the mother 
That was always undercover.
Who Re-Entered my life when I lost my brother.
As the tears rolled down my cheek.
I could barely speak.
But to never think in a week.
I could feel so weak.
Before I went to sleep.
I would always count my sheep.
But the love was so cheap.
From the love I never gained.
To the rain down the window pane.
As I walked in shame.
From the hurt and pain.
But to the mother I never knew.
The sky is still blue.
Can you love me.
Like I love you.

Copyright © Derrona Watts | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

    Man Walks In Darkness

    Sad excuse, not a plus
    just ask Simon Cowell
    Freedom found on a bus,
    words of Colin Powell
    Darkness and deceit, joined happily racing hand in hand
    Death, destruction and misery follows war's pounding paths
    Such cold-bloodied black that it tarnishes even the land
    Encouraging follies from man's feeble, indignant wrath
    Lies accepted as art
    where educations lays
    Those blinded do their part
    in clouding sunny days.

    World brings its hate and pains
    hunger aches, no relief
    Wicked births aching stains
    living with no belief
    Fear ye not, saving light sails forth when sincere pleas abound
    destroying vast raging seas of poison and rancid brine
    Even without heaven's sweetest angelic trumpeted sound
    recoveries and miracles bring blessings very fine
    Man will find lit paths true
    shielded from temptations
    His word reigns over you
    Love's greatest sensations.

    Robert J. Lindley, 5-19-2016

    Syllables Per Line: 6 6 6 6 14 14 14 14 6 6 6 6
    6 6 6 6 14 14 14 14 6 6 6 6
    Total # Syllables: 208
    Total # Lines: 25 (Including empty lines)
    Words with (syllables) counted programmatically: N/A
    Total # Words: 136 

Written in Peter Duggan's new form with slight deviance
made by author..
I hope that I may have done it some justice my friend.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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Adam from and by his side Eve blessed to replenish                                                             to rule over the things moving land air and sea giving meat to all                                       the green herb the fruit bearing seed after His kind it was good										             Blessed Poet potentate and man saw everything good on the sixth page    											heavens and earth finished with multitude to dwell ending his work on seventh page										blessed set apart this day for the gracious Host rested even now men search                          for metaphors similes to fill pages poems and prose words of worth                                                 to artfully describe creation life imitates life after His kind                                                   even in a fallen world after satans pride Eve being naive Adam listening to her voice                                            rather than God's the Poet maker Jesus in similitude                                                           yet He is without sin humbled Himself being born like we                                                              the true light came to heal creation walked again on the water                                                        for all to believe the Lamb's blood shed thy sin be forgiven thee                                          the Lord of the sabbath still plowing the way the Seed died and rose again 	                                             					God said bringing forth much fruit watering with words                                                             blessed are the poets of love saved justified 									redeemed resting in promised words from above                                                                  waiting to fly away to greener pastures 									          	a new heaven and new earth we look forward                                                                     to our Maker's life within the Poet's breath

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2012

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Fear Not The Darkness

Fear not the darkness of a shallow grave
 laugh at the folly of living to save
Treasures on your greed filled list
 dance as if death does not exist

Forgive at least one unforgiveable deed
 let heart seek comfort not stir greed
Strike the fear from your lost soul
 dream of another very precious goal

A love that blesses all that which matters
 leaving behind the failings that shatter
A gift so often found when one looks away
 creating a heart that never ever strays

Fear not changes that send a greater life
 cut away such fear with a spirited knife...

Robert J.Lindley , 06-15 -2014

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014