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Details | Monoku |
I fear Your coming, just as I fear Your going.

March 21, 2015

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |
                               Waterfall cascading
                     Nature's teardrops dance in unison

                          Small prisms
                 Gathering the Son's light
          Spirits rise as water cascades down

                                    A rainbow
                             Appearing in the mist
                  An ancient promise that has been kept

                                         I breathe in
                                   Exhale with a prayer
                          As a single crystal teardrop falls

Nette's contest stuck in my head, I had to come back to submit this poem.
Written by: Richard Lamoureux November 3rd, 2014.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
I Love the elderly so full of history I love my generation who kept me a mystery I love the children who's future, now bright for I have died for them to capture the light for i understand pain more than ever once I released it the anger got better as it went away from the people and into my music without a single reason to prove it without a reason to let Love's light in I didn't, it found me and lesser I sin God and my father both let me know it would all be okay so very long ago even tho the road would be full of pricks even back then I'd tell them you can all suck my dick. -Bj Fard

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Big blundering beast
Poor fish have no chance whatsoever
Neither does the slowest runner in your group

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
A year is measured as an image of
life for a man or woman upon 
this earth.

Spring, which brings new life to the
world, is the symbol of baptism.
The cleansing of the souls of men and
women as it renews the soul at their 
moment of entrance into life.

Summer with its blazing heat and its
ever shinning light are also reminders
of the faithful light of another world
and the powerful love of God and the
symbol of infinity.

Autumn, the Season of harvest and
generations of old, and is the symbol
of the last judgment, that great day
on which we will reap what we have

Finally, Winter the shadow of death
that awaits the resurgence of mankind
and the renewal of life and this earth.

Through the ever changing Seasons, 
we gain knowledge of the process of
life as we walk this earth filled with symbols
and signs while under a road mapped sky
teeming with ideals.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Dramatic Verse |
The silent bell rings in the night,
Calling the devils to kneel to the light,
What once was, becomes no more,
As the light breaks through the open door.

What you think and what you feel,
What you saw and thought was real,
Is now only dust on the road,
The desolate remains of your ancient abode.

The new light is rising on the hill,
The new song is singing down in the well,
The new souls are dreaming of your face,
The new hearts are beating at you pace.

The old ideas and reasons you gave,
Are buried in the tomb and in the grave,
The rotting bone and flesh are gone,
In the morning dew, in the morning sun.

The light shines through the open door,
Casts no shadow on the old dirty floor,
The ancient laws of reason and might,
Crumble to dust in the morning light.

What once was real and certain as rock,
Is now the dream the baby forgot,
The new light coming to wake you my love,
The silent lamb and the flying dove.

more of my poems at :

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
We are born DNA syntax,
cryptic receipts with multigenerational redemption value,
to redeem through this incarnation
fully functional potential for ecological
co-operative economic practice,
through polycultural intent,
mutual subsidiarity of peace co-passioned just rightness
declared only through solidarity in comprehensive consciousness.

Who are these would be Co-Redemptive Mentors
stalking my mirror?
Whether for good and evil
I reconnect suffering to listening,
steadfastly ambivalent,
ambidextrously languaged.

Riding Time's enculturing edge,
flying forward for hope of better
surer lasting light,
fleeting backward darkening doubtful courage
to change what I cannot co-passionately tolerate
to fulfill commitments to grow Earth's justice together
as we might
were I not a lone Redeemer anti-hero species,
prophet without Time for nature's embryonic forms 
flowing full-bodied unction.

The present makes a safer home
than future's pregnant womb
or past's enslaving anthrocentric tomb
drawing analog's ecologic landscapes apart
rather than together,
double-bound stigmatic messiah wound
breathing in Eco's first while dying out Ego's last
stifling my victorious shout
"not yet...not yet"
my time portends toward climax
without sufficient Beloved Co-Redeeming Time.

Redeemer heart,
with fragile mind,
and breaking breath,
our Triumvirate Teleological Revolution,
perpetually rides suffering surf
of almost pregnant paradise.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Details | Elegy |
Oh beautiful earth that never stops moving
On earth is where souls are grooving around
Earth is where these bodies shall lay to rest

Beautiful earth that gives birth to flourishing flowers
Wonderful flowers that can do wonders on righteous 
Flowers that grows from special soil with pleasant smell
Roses that light love with sweet compelling fragrance
As Sun set leaves trails of glowing red like scarlet metal 

Out on the stars that gloats with light over oceans
Oceans that relief those envious souls filled with wrath
The ocean that talk with the most elite individuals
And mountains so humble yet aging gradually
Looking upon us as darkness deceive many individuals

Far beyond the horizons there is a dancing sun like burning furnace
It leaves earth with darkness which conquers over weak souls
But the holy moon gives earth faint light like dying candles
The night is called and handles all the stars to their delightful light

Soon when dawn calls be the first to see the dews drop

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
A demised man without
Jesus is dead.
So also living soul without
Jesus manifested
for purposes,
What purposes?
The hopeless.                 
to receive hope,
To set the captives free,
Destroying forces 
Of darkness.
With thirty pieces;he
Dark forces defeated.
Our sins forgiven,sure
Access to the father.
Breach in Adamic time,
Put in oblivion by lasting
access granted.
His love is lasting.
The death of Jesus!
Lo He has resurrected!
He lives!

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Explosions in the sky a fire in my mind starting out a broken spirit until returned, my wings, I fly and I find that I have no place to go when the desire has came and went and there is no secrets left to know I shall be the greatest teacher exponentially now I grow who wants to be my friend? I only accept good people for I have spent too much time observing dark and evil now I seek the light as I remember how to fly off I'll go to see the world with my soul mate, her and I I have not met her yet but I will know her when I see her by the feeling and the healing as if she could be the teacher and my heart is pounding celebrating life until I die when my friend, this world may end by explosions in the sky. -For Sandra

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |
The passage is the way,, 
of the almighty,, 
and the son of,, 
The Holy Ghost prepares you, 
therefore I have engaged,,
to self inline, the heavens, 
beyond my years, into new life, 
after death,, 
unto the rebirth of Christ, 
to be resurrected again,,

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |
Wash away corruption, precipitation cleanses our deeds,
Artesian aquifers washing, and nurturing planted seeds,
Torrential downfalls, baptize impermeable desert sands,
Eternal crystallization, fractals break the father’s lands,
Requisite of life, hydration for the soul, we sup on heaven’s bounty,
Sands and sins abated, lie awash profoundly, we drink of them no more.

Copyright © James Nelson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry |

Perditions flames before I give the mat….United mind my love will chase thee threw… Each and every light ray in the universe…Making a mind three into the one creator… Meek...Kind…patient…avid…good…level…piety….Sailed from thee start to the end of time

Copyright © Steven Henderson | Year Posted 2017

Details | Dramatic monologue |
Days spent searching for the Sangreal;
that I, may put my lips to where,
the Holy Lips last touched.

Cup of Life,
my faith a-harbour.
Cup of Love,
my seed you arbour.

So many truths untold?
Or was it just, for I,
so caught up in the trick-or-treat of life.
So many sins uphold?
Or was it just, for I,
so caught up in the trick-or-treat of life.

Cup of my life and love;
of many You be overflowing
with faith, that seed here words.

Life in Love.

Days spent searching for the Sangreal;
that I, may put my lips to where,
the Holy Lips last touched.

Copyright © Gavin Joachims | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Obstacles, stumbling blocks, mountains to climb, bridges to cross, many times we don’t.  With God’s help, we focus and pray that we achieve never giving up because the Lord has promised us the victory.

In God’s speed is my destiny! I must believe in a power greater than myself.
I stand on my mountains and The Word states: “Look to the hills for your health” crossing my bridges within the Lord’s intellect.

Gathering God’s protective armor in which I stand for righteousness.  I project the conquering of many souls though my evangelistic journey.  All is in the name of Jehovah.

In God’s speed is my spirit in which I must believe in a power greater than my existence; kicking my stumbling blocks, as I look to hills for my help!  Obstacles are no more and The Lord’s eyesight adores, as I worship The Almighty God.

In time, I will have acquired a Buddha presence.  And people all over the world will have seen The Almighty God – The Lord – Jehovah.  Mankind will be more refined for the second coming of Jehovah God Lord’s son – Jesus Christ Lord - who died for all of us {ACTS 20:21}.  So let’s join together as a universe in the magnificent.  The eyes of Jehovah God Lord are upon us and his son – Jesus Christ Lord’s – spirit is with us knowing:

This is quite marvelous.

[“But he [or she] that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 24:13).]

~Sponsor:	   Giorgio A. V.~
~Contest Name: Impress me with a small poem III~
~User Name:      Verlena S. Walker
~Nom De Plume: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
~Entry Date:       March 05, 2014~
~Motif:                Spiritual~

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |
The Fire

        A fire can heart a home
But may, out of control, vastly roam,
	A blazing fire may take a town
As the fire burns and burns all that’s around,
	The fire becomes strong
Several days pass, yet, seems long,
	Out of control does the fire storm
Traveling throughout the area, very warm,
	Burning so immensively hot
Taking down the whole entire lot,
	The fire timely is put out
But the means of a large water spout,
	The Ashes rejuvenate the trees
New vegetation goes in Its place you see.

Travis “Ceijaeh” Klein

Copyright © Travis Klein | Year Posted 2016

Details | Narrative |
The night was cold and dark , the wind strong and harsh pressing against his back and for a moment he entertained the thought that some divine force was watching and smiling, perhaps even encouraging him.
 Encouraging the tendencies that drove him, muffling the voices inside his head that asked what he was doing. 
He was beginning to transcend into the setting and situation, begging to embrace his role like an instrument in an orchestra, each working in different ways yet still all part of the same song and only together do they create orchestral music. 
Him the same as the violinist who has never played in the orchestra before, playing alone he understand solely the violin and the music he plays, in his mind he cannot fathom what it would be like to play in the orchestra and the process of a variety of sounds coming together. 
Yet upon the incorporation the violinist understand that it is no different than the music he makes alone. The violinist does not appease the orchestra; rather it is the orchestra that calls upon the violin and all the instruments of the orchestra calling upon each other, working to each other’s strengths and weaknesses this is what creates the bountiful flavour of the orchestra.
 It is then that the violinist understands what it means to play in an orchestra. One may listen to orchestral music and perhaps it has even inspired him or her to take up an instrument of their liking. Yet this does not offer them the same insight that the violinist in the orchestra has.
 They can imagine, maybe they play pieces from their favourite orchestral movements, perhaps they even go as far as playing along with the recording of an orchestra, entertaining the thought of what it would be like to play with the harps and drums and flutes, yet regardless of their manifestation they can never have the same insight as that the violinist who actually plays in the orchestra, who makes it a reality. 
And if it is not that reality, then it never will be and the fruitions of it will never come to ripen in the head of the pretender, because if the tape stops, it’s over.

Copyright © chriss todd | Year Posted 2014

Details | Prose Poetry |

The buildings for the order….Scene light vs. blind darkness Winds I will spirits minds body’s…All cross this vast land free Peace does the one mind now be…Creativity flowing through

Copyright © Steven Henderson | Year Posted 2017

Details | Blank verse |

don’t understand me
no numeral of quantity
preacher lady looking
at accusations in a book
saying infinity is proof
of a mathematical sacrifice
that saved humanity
if only we could get back
to three and then zero
says quantum physics
is why we have clocks
and space shuttles
slipping through cracks
in the fabrics of blankets
claims blankets are white
masses, says I’m mass
the tree is mass, birds
are mass and a mass
is a spot that breaks
into a speck so small
my car is invisible to god
claims i don’t pray right
because i do it with my
hands and my speech
is imperfect, can’t talk
to god with a slur or slang
says i need to be prized
and perfect like a precious
moment figurine, demands
i stop calling him home boy
he’s not your boy, throws
a piece paper at me with
nothing on it but a squiggle
in the middle of a circle,
claims it represent life
and who i used to be
when i had a brain
and understood counting
was invented for more
than money, need to crunch
the numbers to understand
my sister is the same as me
though she died in a hospital,
tells me i’m better than nobody
but I act like a stranger hiding
my divinity code under a hat

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

A twelve-letter word
That confuses our soul
Unlike other words 
It’s difficult to follow
Hard to comprehended and very misunderstood.

If I said, I was saved
You would say, I was mad
You would assume 
I have lost my mind
But you would only be deluding yourself.

You see being a Christian
Being saved is the best thing
I have ever done
I am a no longer a slave
To sin or man.

Free from death
Born into life
Covered by the blood
Accepted by Christ
Brought at a price.

Chosen to testify
Chosen to write
Chosen to walk upright
Given a chance to be a vessel
To serve my saviour and 

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
Blossoms sway in the gentle breeze…
A benevolent sojourner 
Never to let them entirely still--
Same brightly colored blooms
Now, of their own volition
Turning toward morning sun,
But He is no mere Puppet-master
In a light-sense--
His strings the silk 
Of Freedom-gleams...

Copyright © Joe DiMino | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |
Lines 35   words 374 
Version 1 

To my unfaithful beloved lover, my unfaithful spurned lover
I’ve been placed in the heat of love's passion gone
Betrayed since love's first kiss perceiving you were my heart’s desire
Always begging me to come over, yearning to hold my hand 
I’m not taking this anymore, I’m the one to blame
From the heavens above, and the earth beneath
My soul is torn in this emotional game

Was it once love or is it now hate?  
I am drowning in my tears, I am suffocating in my fears
All of the false hopes and dreams dead and gone
All Melted into ashes to rise up and to be strong  
I am seeking for the remedy, the elixir of a new beginning

My mind wants to scream, my voice wants to choke
Pick me up, sunder my heart, I’m living alone in the dark 
With each drop that falls from the sky, I’m bleeding away your love 
This corpse of decay that once beat your name is setting me free for another love one day
Was it once love? I’m experiencing hate, 

I’m drowning in my tears, I’m suffocating in my fears
All of the false hopes and dreams dead and gone
All melted into ashes to rise up and to be strong  
I am searching for the ray of light for a new beginning 

After being lost in the desert of scorching lies, I fall into a bloody gushing river, a river of life 
Washing away the bruises from yesterday 
Peeling the vivid masquerade clowns from my face 
I see the reflection of a pulchritudinous figure being carved out of stone

I’m swimming in my tears, I’m overcoming my fears
All of the false hopes and dreams dead and gone…

Gentle hands upon rock foundation, the water flows freely
A sanguine drop on the rose petal nurtures a new creation 
Feel the warmth. Start moving. Feel, take the breath of life
Out of the ashes from hearts laceration, I’m resurrected in the light 

I am swimming in my tears, I am overcoming my fears
All the false hopes and dreams dead and gone
All melted into ashes to rise up and to be strong 
A new beginning, crossing the boundary to a new frontier

(*Extra notes for the unfinished part 8/2/2017)

(*paragraph)6. lines      (8/2/2017)
Promised Land/nirvana
Gold  (white stone)everyone calling a different name 
Hearts(metal) melted 		Coequality
 Eyes of eternity 
Calling my sacred lover, my sacred lover
----heaven, promise land
---self, gold 
All passion
Opening my eyes to dreams where I belong
Seeing my dreams where I belong

I can now see though the illusions of my memories the love and hatred  die.

Being enlighten after going through hell and realizing the beauty of one natural self. 

My blacken eyes of love lost their last gift of friendship for you

Copyright © G. Jay | Year Posted 2017