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Yet My Mind Holds Invincible Summer Hues

Bitter cold, ice ravages red-cliffs in my veins
Yet my mind holds invincible summer hues
O' Darkness thy black-hand my spirit restrains
Tho' thy power rages from thy dark Lord's pews

Flee thee far back into thy dark Lord's abode
Plead thy master, at Byrnhilda's rock for aid
Summer's warmth, my fiery embers sent explode
My Viking blood, proves I am iron made

With such power I banish thee with one breath
Tho' thy great wealth of evil is fierce and strong
Birthright, I draw residues from Odin's death
Epic strength and power from Valkyries's song

Bitter cold, ice ravages red-cliffs in my veins
Yet my mind holds invincible summer hues
O' Darkness thy black-hand my spirit restrains
Tho' thy power rages from thy dark Lord's pews

Carry thy dark master this warning I send
With shields of truth, and armored Nordic powers
And with soul's all, and all my strength I defend
Against stones thrown from Dark Lord's brimstone towers

When Valhalla's halls open for my passing
And Odin sits with mighty Thor at his side
Few will have entered in this pledge surpassing
Held firm, courage, loyalty and Viking pride

Bitter cold, ice ravages red-cliffs in my veins
Yet my mind holds invincible summer hues
O' Darkness thy black-hand my spirit restrains
Tho' thy power rages from thy dark Lord's pews

Robert J. Lindley, 8-19-2016

Syllables Per Line: 	
11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11
0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11
Total # Syllables: 	308
Total # Words: 	221

Note: I was bored this afternoon, decided to finish last 12 verses to this poem.
Begun as a tribute to my Viking heritage..
Hope you may enjoy it my friends..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Remembered In Thy Full Bloom 
A Collaboration By,
Robert Lindley, Teppo Gren
and  Michael P Clarke.

Thou art remembered in thy full bloom,
a rose grown within my garden of life.
Thou art lost to me and this my doom,
Gone the tender love of my precious wife.

Ill wind had blown, poisoned arrows of fate,
love lost, ever I cry, we reunite.
Tho', should such be only at Heaven's gate,
illuminated, in true love's precious flight.

Thine effect so lives in my lonesome cast
as I meander in my ruthless path,
in darkened dust of my ill-fated past,
dying to break free from this endless wrath.

Yet memories sighs they recall our love,
when we did caress love's fiery desires.
In wondrous passions our hearts flew above,
Thou art memories ghost, kindling love's fires.

Pray I, your dream-winds soft and fair tonight,
eager heart leaps to melt in beauty's glows.
With yellow-moon kisses, all could be right,
our love's truth, written in destiny's scrolls.

As lonely spirits found love's true accord,
thy gentle soul caressed my heart with joy.
It was thy gracious beauty I adored,
for endless days thy soft caress enjoy.

Thou comest beloved, love for to bring,
thy wondrous beauty, darkness doth dispel.
In divinity thy heart it doth sing,
one moment of joy my heart did foretell.

Within each heart's spirit, desire to come
pray future treasures that announce their glow.
Thy touch, paradise in love's kingdom,
may we with grace, beg our romance to grow.

The light of life returned from dust to dust
be it not my destiny to abide,
and side with mortal ways in life unjust,
with a forlorn dream to be by my side.

Now back to the terror of my dark night,
once more into the pits of hell I fall.
Despair and sorrow darken God's bright light,
Deaths promised joys shall come, I hear death call.

Pray true, warmth and true color to the rose,
return pure gleam that sent my heart to thee.
Wherein all time, forever thee I chose,
thou art ripest flower, I thy lone bee.

Rejoice in death to treasure thine embrace
as end is nigh, with courage to depart.
A halo uncovers thy beauty's grace
to cast celestial light, and mend my heart.

And now doth come my end, I see death's light,
death doth touch my heart, now eternal love.
My beloved, I see thee shining bright,
I now praise death as I ascend above.

As my life's last shadow so swiftly falls,
pray I, this aching soul hears thy dear voice.
Ancient echoes whisper love words, thy calls,
now dear wife, I fly forth, your love my choice.

In heaven‘s garden thy rose blooms in trine,
as love’s eternal bond in sacred love
is cast beyond the faith of God’s design,
and prayers of truth are whispered up above. 

Robert Lindley,Teppo Gren,
and Michael P Clarke.


This poem was written to try and find the sadness of a man lost in deep despair. His only escape are those small moments when his memories sigh his beloved to him. He is ready to welcome death so he can be with and hold his beloved again. Death will be a release.

I want to thank Micheal and Teppo, for the great pleasure it has been to
engage in this three way collaboration! Both for giving me such exquisite verses to write to and with...
I know this poem is long and took us a long time to complete, but to me it is well worth it .
As I could not be happier or any more proud of what our combined efforts have thus created.
I hope this fine poem gifts and pleases those that read it.. For such is the reward that any poet should hope for.
Mike and Teppo, my good friends may God bless you both..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Sir Poet, Hold True To Thy Gifts Long Given

Sir poet, why hast thy broken thy true pen?
Are not thy words intended to help and heal?
Pray thee, returneth to world of gentle men,
Let both thy mind and fevered blood softly spill!

Sir poet, why hast thy burned thy greatest writes?
Are not thy word-gifts bearing much needed fruits?
Pray thee, this sad, dark world sees thy ink-bright lights,
Begs thy kind soul return to poetic roots!

Sir poet, write deep to heal thy wounded heart
Embrace yet again, thy soul's truest call to arms
Find thy calling, begin an earnest restart,
Seek thee to help not this rash act that so harms.

Sir poet, hold true to thy gifts long given
Join again, poet's rewards in true liven'.

R.J. Lindley
Sonnet (11)
Jan. 20th 1990

Syllables Per Line: 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11 11 11 0 11 11
Total # Syllables: 154
Total # Words: 122

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Emerald Forests

Emerald forest hiding from man's curse
if found, its never better , always worse.
Wretched destroyers we are in this abode
in our arrogance we are firmly sold.

Greed for taking everything in our path
we in our false pride deliver our wrath.
Astonished that some may in this rebel
when seeking their deaths, damn them all to hell.

If true, the meek inherit this sweet earth
then our dear souls must love for all their worth.
Where river and bend meet with shining sky
Nature teases us to ask how and why.

Shall we pray that emerald forests hide?
Take action on that we can not abide?

Robert J. Lindley, 11-29-2016

Syllables Per Line: 10 
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Words: 	108

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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Live Or Die, You Couldn't Do Both

Upon that dark ground, life was bloody and blue
all dark mists brought more than was due.
Dusty storms, blew about with black hands of Fate
lost as hurt seemed to escalate.

Within hidden shrouds, nights ate sad, dying souls
you cried within odd rhythmic rolls.
Never again, never again, your sworn oath
live or die, you couldn't do both.

Crying for rest on that spirit-eating ground
dancing along but with no sound.
Whenever that rare day's gleaming sun did shine
you grabbed it fierce, saying its mine.

Greatest of dreams was life would find saving lights
hope shown, banishing blackest nights.

Robert J. Lindley,  11-13-2016

Sonnet form, Lin 11, 8  ...

Poem Syllable Counter Results
Syllables Per Line: 11 8 11 8 0 11 8 11 8 0 11 8 11 8 0 11 8
Total # Syllables: 133 
Total # Lines: 17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically: N/A 
Total # Words: 102

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Romanticism |
Thy Silent Thoughts

So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day.
There is wonder in them, as the sun's first flash
Through tumult of ocean spray;
In them the shining calm of upland pools
Mirrors the glory round,
And their shadows are the shadows of sweet flowers
Upon the summer ground.
So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day;
More beauteous in their silence than the stars,
Than the silent stars, are they.

R. J. Lindley,
November 9th, 1973

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Classicism |
Dark Earth Folds In The Heart's Red Bloom

You and I and all we do
Know not, til our hearts are through 
The press of life, what things we be
Root or leaves or shade of tree.
You and I and all we seem
May be but as a drift of dream
In the eyes of One who gave
Self to love and love to save,-
Yea, all the deeds that men have wrought
Mere flower of dream, flame of thought,
Break of waves on a drear shore,
Scent of the wild rose on the moor.
Yet we have seen, and hold it sure,
That out of shame come forth the pure;
Dark earth folds in the heart's red bloom;
In vain, we build the soul a tomb.

R.J. Lindley
1976 or 77 ?

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Flowers In Your Hair, Gold Dust On Your Trailing Gown
 ( Robert Lindley and Nicola Byrne )

Flowers in your hair, gold dust on your trailing gown
You my true sky angel, had floated right on down.
Golden sandals on your feet, toenails glowing white
All eternity shan’t see a prettier sight.
Your soft and gentle voice, a million ways of sweet
Your touch is my hope and your kiss, love-food to eat.
Each moment a true blessing, you my darling gave
Each dance your gift, healing treasures, my heart to save.
Love of my life, sing softest hymns to this lost soul
For before you came, sorrows took a heavy toll.
Know darling, this heart and spirit you have thus healed,
Should fate deny us, with love, truth has been revealed.

Now every balmy breeze that blows against my skin,
Resonant of your kisses, brings a joyous grin.
In the sun’s warm splendour, a halo I doth see
Shine upon the waters, where love’s eyes swim to me.
And every now and then, blessed with rains from above,
I feel your tender touch, the glory of your love.
Your scent, like fragrant blossoms, straight from heaven’s lawn
Exhilarates the senses, waking me each dawn.
Firm witness is the world, to thy healing powers
and graceful presence, bringing halcyon hours.
All that I envision, to turn around a frown:
Flowers in your hair, gold dust on your trailing gown.

Collaboration by Robert J. Lindley and Nicola Byrne

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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A Slow Hand, Deep Thoughts And True Pen

Each time I write of my crashed hopes and dreams
mind falls into black-depths, sends cold shivers.
Tempted to falsely praise my misdeeds and schemes
I return to my vow, embracing realm of true givers.

Such leaning towards positive and the good
once was abhorrent, not in my prideful style.
When lightning bolts struck me as they should
I found my life was a massive rubbish pile.

With pen and paper I then sought truth to tell
of life, love, loss and darkness once embraced.
O' yes, I did not hide my parades in hell
nor innocent young life I once so disgraced.

Years flew by and age gave its usual aches
far too oft, I swore to give my poetry up.
Darkness whispered, take well deserved breaks
porch lounge sit, empty thy hot coffee cup.

Ah, but my muse, she heard and was not amused
up she bolted, screaming like a raving banshee.
Reminded me of my past, my life I had so abused
what a coward I would be if I now sought to flee.

Pen in hand and regretful of my wasted past
I write to send some light and truth boldly tell.
Praying some good comes, a few words may last
redeem myself from youthful days dancing in hell.

( Seek to do good and watch as darkness flees )

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |
Keeps Me Young And On My Toes

Some may ask why I have not bit the dust
or found that cave to hide my sad sorrows.
I'm old but my mind has not turned to rust
nor do I fail to wish more tomorrows.
When in darkest night's long crawling shadow
my fighting spirit cries live on or bust.
You are no soft flower in a meadow
do as you may, dare to do what you must.
That moment, I see truth, joy and white light
a clarion call to hold the last fort.
Sun filled summer days and beams of moonlight
calm blue seas and old ships safely at port.

Some may ask, why do you write such deep woes.
I answer, keeps me young and on my toes!

Robert J. Lindley, 11-15-2016

Poem Syllable Counter Results 
Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140 
Total # Lines: 17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically: N/A 
Total # Words: 123

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Romanticism |
You Are My Sky, And I, Your Softest Blue

I hold this, thy sweet image close and fast
In memory seas, sailing to me at full mast
Soon shall come this soul to thy heavenly rest
Are my prayers for our Love in each request
My life lived, only to one day be with you
You are my sky, and I, your softest blue

Precious are those days we once danced
Living for each moment each hour we romanced
Thy kiss, nectar that my dreams now gift
Now I often pray my passing be swift
For my love burns hotter each lonesome day
In thy glowing love embers, I seek to play

I await sweetest moment of our first reunion kiss
That smile and thy touch I now so miss
Darling, my love, please pray my departure soon
I long for thee again this sad month of June
Our Love's fire yet burns, I allow no cold ashes
Nor destroying storms that true Love crashes

I hold this, thy sweet image close and fast
In memory seas, sailing to me at full mast
Soon shall come this soul to thy heavenly rest
Are my prayers for our Love in each request
My life lived, only to one day be with you
You are my sky, and I, your softest blue

Robert J. Lindley, 3-09-2017

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Oh How Bright Your Eyes Did Shine
(by Michael P Clarke and Robert J. Lindley)

Oh How Bright Your Eyes Did Shine that morning,
I held you so close and the world was mine,
we shared our love as the day was dawning,
I drank from your goblet, our love divine.

Sunlit echoes played to our beating hearts,
precious, very precious our love-held Time.
We had it all and all that bliss imparts,
our days and nights joyous, dreams so sublime.

Our song it was sung our hearts love displayed,
love was our journey a heaven divine,
now in our hearts memories we replay,
Love in our summer that ever did shine.

May forever, dawns wake us together.
In true depths of love, bid us fair weather.

Michael P Clarke and Robert J. Lindley collaboration.

Truly was an honor and great pleasure to collaborate with my very talented friend, Micheal P. Clark on this sonnet..
Such inspiring verses Michael presented for me to write to .. 
Any time my friend...

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
Inspired by a Art gallery and a poem by Shelly.

A room full of  mottled multicolored butterflies
captured within a creative space
of artful design
to inspire and aspire
Flirt and flutter a delicate ballet
among the pot plants
A splash of color
an oasis
among a drab row of urban gray
The door is opened
and the butterflies are released to freedom
flying high above
lush green trees
in clear unblemished skies
floating like autumn fallen leaves
in a gentle breeze
painted Ladies
that rested on my heart for a while
and made it smile
bringing pleasure to my eye
A symbol of freedom and eternity
filling my dreams
with all the treasures of summer.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Sept.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

I reached up far to touch a star.
It only took a second.
I thought I heard a salient call 
alas it did not beckon.

While looking for an artful craft
and finding none; the time blew past
I looked toward the heaven's stars
for talents that could break these bars 

Like thickened paint on canvass fashion
Mixed with rich excitant passion 
From Starry Night to sheer delight
but never wrong and never right.

Should I envy those with deep affection
with skills that move in-synced direction
for passions born into their soul
to define their purpose-- take control.

Athletic prowess, artistic flavor, 
a builders trade, a science major,
musicians joy and mountaineer
for all of those we stop and cheer
and think if we could only be
but they are they and we are we.

Somewhere, somewhere deep inside
are struggles there we cannot hide
doubts and fears that suck the joy
from life's sweet gifts; a noxious ploy
of destiny failing in an attempt
to re-discover a lost lament.

CAK  12-2-2012

Sometimes, I find myself lamenting
that I do not possess an 
exceptional skill or talent. It seems
many people find great joy from theirs.
It seems to gnaw at my being and
I grow sorrowful that somehow
I am missing something.

Copyright © Allan Koven | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |
Must you mileage chalk up in free verse speed way

   For Kim Patrice Nunez*, with hope

Must you mileage chalk up in free verse speed way
Let your wheels skid by letting loose grip on wheel
Free verse range’s for marksmen trained on rondolet*
Dipodic foot pantun villanelle dactyl

Cut their teeth on the slippery run-on-line
Roll their anaepest tongue round limerick rhyme
Do not a ballad begin with aubade fine
Nor drive straight past end-stopped line’s feminine rhyme

Such as painters’ coprophilia canvasses
Hide chance ironic hidden ghostly faces
Cubist abstract surrealist morasses
Whose apprenticeships lead to trumping aces

Far too many poets love the sound of words
Yet shirk bardic tasks speeding on twisted roads

     * Nunez: Sorry, no tilde over the “n” on my Mac. 	
•	rondolet: French pronunciation rhymes with “way”.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Romanticism |
Day Goddess at Night
  (a collaboration)

Within Spring's timely and gentle fold,
she blossomed eloquently for all to see,
Tales of her epic, great beauty thus told,
of a flower blossom awaiting its honey-bee.

Meadows cried out and adored her sweet name
grace in glory, of her they did proclaim.

Sunny days sought to rival her soft allure
and gentle clouds her heavenly flight.
Womanhood, in her big heart so very pure
that full moon envied her touch at night!

Moonlight sought out her beautiful face,
to lavish its gleams upon her every trace.

Moonlight Queen she be,
stares to dawn with stardust need,
Speckled and bright her hope breathes the night
she of night-wind allure

Could there be softer steps for love to walk?
Mountains moan 'neath her call?

Such silver Goddess, sweet kisses to dawn
wild with starry-winks, how she must sing! ----
Glazed as newborn dreams,
Galaxy after galaxy call her name:

They've come to patron her lovely, 
(we) in our watching world, gaze her night-wind allure

Robert J. Lindley & Keith O.J. Hunt, 

Note: Keith , thanks for gifting me, the pleasure and honor of 
penning verses with you. Your poems and magnificent classic style 
verses always speak to me and have often given me inspiring thoughts
 my good friend.
Any time.. Thanks...

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Rare Cooking This Fine Morn

To have deep-thoughts, dreams a poet slowly eats
Or spiced casseroles of ink-piggy feats?
Meals written on yellow paper to enjoy.
Chinese fried rice with steamed adjective soy!

Experience new dishes, of rare flavor
Spread like butterfly wings upon glazed ham.
Pour tasty hot liquid words to thus savor
Bluebird wings sprinkled in blackberry jam!

What ? No essays,  delightful adverb desserts?
No pans of Poe-like raven-baked pies
Yes! And add in boiled rhymes and magpie tales
Booming baked echoes of Mobydick whales!

What next? Fiction, tasty mysterious spurts?
With deep fried fish and red-button from shirts.
What taste? Tonight toasted Spanish serenade
With sweetest Sangria spice red Kool-Aid!

To have deep-thoughts, dreams a poet slowly eats
Or spiced casserole of ink-piggy feats?
Meals written on yellow paper to enjoy.
Chinese fried rice with steamed adjective soy!

Robert J. Lindley

Rhyme, Lin 10/11 

Syllable count
11 10 11 10 0 11 10 11 10 0 11 10 11 10 0 11 10 11 10 0 11 10 11 10 
Total # Syllables: 223
Total # Words: 146

Note, a Lindley family tradition, I cook the last day of the old year..
I've already completed breakfast and got the idea to cook up something on paper..
Lunch is running a bit late...
I cook but no hurry,  is my motto.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet |
Transition From Deep Dark To Brightest Light
(Chained Sonnet--100 words)

Within dreams sent into this world of shades
shades full of heartaches and long slashing blades
blades severing sleeping rest on soft nights
nights of diminished hope and sharpest pains.
Pains of death at this sad door now knocking
knocking that promise evil in the flesh
flesh burnt hot, flayed back exposing raw nerves
nerves once made of black iron and hard steel.
Steel born of ancient warrior's deepest pride
pride in truth, honoring family name
name reminding one of future promise
promise of blessings and rewarded fame.
Fame's generosity and greater love
Love pure, in serving only God above

Robert J. Lindley
Chained sonnet-- and in 100 words

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Words: 100
Note- This sonnet was inspired by my reading this morn, a truly magnificent chained sonnet, written by my great friend Teppo Gren

Note- This is my first chained sonnet, theme is the transitioning from Dark to Light.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
Forgotten you
As your mind collects the memories of yesterday
Forgotten You
Epiphanies tie into knotty strings of realization
That very moment. . . 
You merely exist

Back then. . .those smiles
Those. . .distant laughs
Some you remember by name
Gone now maybe
Like the exhalation of the wind
Others dispersed in the world of arbitrary happening
Like leaves from falling, man-made trees
There is no doubt that they have
Forgotten you

Activate the bomb
Ignite the fuse
And you’re on next year’s history book
Never forgotten
But drained of all remaining good

That smile you gave
That happiness
The warm embrace so long ago
Salt-coated with piles of rubbish
Over last remaining mental spurts of comfort
Evil, evil, evil, evil, EVIL. . .
Always absorbed and remembered
. . .though never forgiven. . .

All good and gracious sentiments
Packed up in a box set nonchalantly in Downstair’s storage
. . .that chair with the broken leg in the corner of the room
That mangled cobweb holding a dangling, lifeless spider
A drowned sailor’s hat drifting through the current of the ocean
The single tear from a soldier’s vigilant, memory-stricken eye
The frustrating thoughts of a mute
The unchanged. . .HATED deformations

Forgotten you. . .
One soul brings to light weary, unthought-of happenings
Wedged deep into what she can only imagine
With not even a hint of understanding
. . .of the pain. . . .of the bewildering distortions
Of the ugly. . .
One soul merely vomits sickly verse after verse

As humanity embraces its downfall
The poet hangs onto her unjustifiable, forgotten. . .

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme royal |

HAPPINESS is when you and I, are not STRESS
HAPPINESS is when we are feeling and experiencing being BLISS and BLESS
and, moreover, HAPPINESS, is when we are HIGH ABOVE with much, much LOVE and not with LESS, or a MESS.
In addition, HAPPINESS is when we are HAPPY and not SNAPPY; furthermore, HAPPINESS is when the HEART is feeling STRONGER and FONDER with the real BEAUTIFUL and VITAL THINGS and BEINGS of LIFE without the GRIEF and the STRIFE.
As a matter of fact, HAPPINESS is when you and I,  are FREE with lots of JUBILEE mentally and spiritually; also when we have RISE above the  NEGATIVE THINGS of LIFE through WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and with the infinite UNDERSTANDING of the MOST HIGH, LOVE, GOD and our CREATOR, LOVE HIMSELF, through POSITIVITY and MORALITY.
Above all and overall, true HAPPINESS, is when you, me and or the whole wide world, have opened up our EYES and MINDS; or our HEARTS to the SPIRITUAL THINGS in LIFE that money cannot buy; that we cannot SELL for any PRICE. In a nutshell, HAPPINESS is a GIFT from GOD, and not only that, but that it is a GIFT that is PRICELESS, and not TASTELESS; nor ENDLESS. Shalom and be happy. poem written by. (Crystal) Yehuwdiyth Y. Yisrael

Copyright © yehuwdiyth yisrael | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
I'd like to write a poem
like Cyndi has asked.
Try to capture
all my faux pas.

Describe my delights.
Share my sorrows.
Expand my expectations.
Defeat my demons.
Justify my joy.
Anchor my anger.
Free my frustrations.
Worship my womanliness.
Bestow my bounty.
Cherish my children.
Harness my hopes.
Love my lard.

I'd like to write a poem
to detail my imperfections.
But there are too many
to mention here.
Suffice to say I'm
in good cheer.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

Today I saw thunder leak from the sky,
As if the sky was water and the thunder was dye.
There was no sound there was only red,
I asked a woman if God was dead.
She led me to a house with just one door,
Inside there was a painting of an open shore.
She painted it herself she sees colors by touch.
The ocean is her mind the beach is her crutch.
She said each stroke is a single thought,
Some of them flowed others she  fought.
She rubbed the painting at a boat with a sail,
And said only the blind man can scream in Braille. 
The boat is a person she said it's a saint,
God is the canvass, reality is the paint.
We were created as the artists so the universe will grow,
Because words can't always explain all that we know.
My soul is the paintbrush as a pen may be yours,
Once you begin there are infinite doors.
She only paints at night it's when she feels whole,
The stars give her the strength that society has stole.
Quiet your mind and you will feel the yearn. 
Evolution is our creativity to explain what we learn.
Much like wings give birds the gift of flight,
We have gifts that solve the experience of life.

Copyright © jimmy peters | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |
Where Now Shines Light and Love

Far, far, far away rejected darkened hate
now banished into its own gloom.
That black fog that did so dictate
the misery in my lonely room!

Pain, pain, pain was its desired fruit
I, a mere vassal to its decrees.
Finally found was its bitter root
hiding down deep as the seas!

Swift, swift, swift came the decision
to rip out one nasty, evil tree.
With deepest thought and precision
soul ripped the seed from me!

Hope, dearest hope now rests in that hole.
Where now shines love, always a worthy goal!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-12-2015

Note- A sonnet to remind me, darkness has a 
seed that grows from within. Cut out the 
seed--light and love comes back in.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Came To Me In A Dream

Through the golden gates of hope and reprieve
race shadows of storm and restless agonies
Mere fleeting wisps that catch roving eyes
on platters of papers meant to deceive

Stories told of monsters, fools and all the like
melting into a cauldron of darkest spittle
Gouging the eyes with a pointy spike
and sending reprieve but only just a little

Where rests,dreams of gold and wanton lusts
among fallen pines and burnt ash trees
Deceptions taught and broken, shattered trusts
sailing chaotic and blind upon falsely stirred seas

All through such nightmares are stark realities of life
vapors of foul and poisonous clouds belching forth
Frozen beams that weigh the misery in agony and strife
against the harshest chills of blasts from the frozen North

Yet among the dead letters and long anguished cries
rest hearts and seeking minds staying on high alert
For true love and deeply moaned contented sighs
to counter the relentless pain of all the world's hurt.

Robert J. Lindley, 6-19-2016 

Note-- Came to me in a dream and broke my lost path...
At least today, I found my pen again--be that for good or for bad...

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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When They Tire, Give Them A Songbird's Sweetest Glee

Cried critics to a sad poet- " Write us happy poems now!
This day while the western sky sails in blue give us gold
Sad poet pondered the forceful request wondering how
Now that his ink had dried and his muse was so damn old.

The poet thought in sadness for many long, long hours
Then this new thought raced into his aching head
Give colors, rainbows glistening upon pretty flowers
Silken canopy over earth's most beautiful princess's bed.

When they tire, give them a songbird's sweetest glee
golden soft feathers that sing as they quickly beat
With honey splashed in deep in their cool green tea,
give them red-hot and fantastic meals to eat.

His mission accomplished the poet asked to leave
the critics cried , "Hell no slave, you must stay!
Then he knew, tis dangerous to such beauty weave
for his crime, his freedom he must forever pay!

Robert Lindley
Sept 23, 1987

Old Note(1987)- Way of the world, too much is still never enough.... 

New note today(2016)-  Way of the world, too much is still never enough....

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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   Seas Of Black Winds, Blast Walls Of Solid Stone

    Fighting against waves, where night's bright moon shines
    In thought, a much needed stitch often saves,
    future life like seeded cones on green pines.

    Sealing doors, when escape demands harsh pays
    In their bravest deeds, heroes do much more
    than any that in their shame falsely prays.

    Deep dark nights, echoes ring chimes very clear
    With eternal hope, faith gifts saving lights
    loves united, dreams sent forth without fear.

    Dawn's bursting gaze, when black night terrors flee
    Happiness cuts deeply retreating haze,
    as new life and great joy cries let it be.

    Seas of black winds, blast walls of solid stone
    Tis little help, being bad to the bone.

    R.J. Lindley
    Feb.21st, 1976

    Poem Syllable Counter Results
    Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 0 10 10
    Total # Syllables: 140
    Total # Lines: 18 (Including empty lines)
    Words with (syllables) counted programmatically: N/A
    Total # Words: 110 

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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Where New Skies Reach Up From Rising Ground

Darkened mists at new dawn's sweet early rise
may give just and great cause for greater fears.
Evil lurks in soul of man, no surprise
life precious as it may be, holds sad tears.

In this huge world, dark forces dance and play
abject blindness will not protect your soul.
Comes pain and heartache whenever it may
both are fruits of evil's eternal goal.

Look each day for dawn's gifts and warnings both
where new skies reach up from rising ground.
Seeing wisdom's new lights can expand growth
in living life better, always so sound.

When time has flown into its last moment
each dawn's promise will greet your life well spent.
R.J. Lindley
June 17th , 1979

Poem Syllable Counter Results
Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables: 140
Total # Lines: 17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically: N/A
Total # Words: 112

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Epic |
Norse Mythology, Return Of The Slayer Of Dragons

( Part One, Darkness Arrives)


Slayer of weak beasts, ravager of torn breasts
Darkness from East, dragons its armored crests
What hero dares to slay this foul evil
What man may dispatch this tool of the devil?
Hell's fires doth burn hot from its massive jaws
Innocent red blood drips from its sharp claws
Hero, bring thy brave heart - courage made of steel
Hope's faith, all it begets in thy iron will.

Shall Valhalla send relief - heroic hands
Salvation from great beast in weakened lands
Doth not their sad cries reach their merciful gods
Can avenging warriors smite with lightning rods?
Hero! Bring thy sword and armor with dire haste
For this foul creature, such dear lives now wastes
Blessings on thy travels to their burnt cities
For they languish so sad in their deep pities!

(Part Two, Odin Sends A Hero)


From dark skies, ball of fire downward fell
From Asgard's vault, landed he in their hell
From Thor's loins this invincible form was sown
In armored flesh, power never before known
Sword fired from Asgard's own best armor makers
With Thor's own hammer, still an earth shaker
Standing eighteen foot from head to his bare feet
Thor's new warrior anything but sickly sweet.

With blue eyes and a mind keen as dawn's new lights
Courage born from his father's greatest fights
Seeing desolation, far as eye could see
He had been summoned down to set this world free
With sword and hammer obeying Odin's decree
Wings formed by Loki, flew he to the sea
Found, huge tracks of massive, marauding black beast
Blood all about, stripped bones from its bloody feast!

( Part Three, Slayer Finds The Beast)

III - (The Battle)

Far off, clouds of smoke reveal the beast at play
Slayer knew battle coming, he knelt to pray
With words sincere, he asked for Odin's favor
Strength to beast destroy, victory to savor.
As Valhalla's sign sky-fire, showed brightly clear
Slayer arrived, to conquer dragon with no fear
Beast saw Slayer in armor and keen to fight
Charged forth with fire and all its massive might
Slayer stepped quick and sent spear into its side
A mere nick to sting and burn its fierce pride.

Angry beast turned and blew fire upon empty stone
Slayer plunged sword hilt deep, hitting dragon bone 
One mighty leap on its huge scaly back 
Its vulnerable neck he began to hack.
Beast fast rolled left throwing slayer right off
Spoke of Slayer's death with arrogant scoff.
Slayer laughed out loud and gave a big smile
Said, beast you shall die in just a little while
With that said, Thor's invincible hammer he threw
Dragon received true justice so long overdue! 

( Part Four, Slayer Returns Victorious)

IV-  (Fame, Feasts And Rewards)

Death had by Slayer's right hand found its place
Slayer relaxed and sighed, with smile on his face
With one stroke he cut of mighty dragon's head
A hero's final act to prove it truly dead.
Victory won, back to Valhalla's great hall
Glory found, for answering Odin's call
Feast of honor as never had they before
Slayer's name sung on Valhalla's every shore
Odin gave Slayer castles of solid gold 
Commanding his tale to forever be told!


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Details | Sonnet |
How Fine Life Is To man, When His Crops Are All Green

Yesteryear, I saw grapes hanging heavy on the vines
Such bounty was not all, bright where the windy pines.
Green the grass grew, fodder for all of mankind,
How I wish I knew, that righteous path to again find.

Beyond that past scene, rests solace in future hope
Life soft and less mean, no bad seen in my horoscope.
Another Spring giving joy, gentle winds in my sail,
Happiness for my little boy, treasures he can retell.

With that thought, I can find another gentle peace!

Today my heart raced on again, into its new scene.
How fine life is to man, when his crops are all green.
Music reaches into his heart, dancing into his soul.
He rises in joy's restart, entering his blessed new role.

With that thought, I can find another sweet release!

Robert J. Lindley, 3-22-2016

My new sonnet form.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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In Dark Dreams

In dark dreams, seeing visions of the dead
behind veils of space and withered grapes on the vine,
we that live, love our pleasures so much instead
paying scant heed to the coming end of our line.

Ah, but Fate dances about with a wicked smile
in shoes that have no merciful souls,
seeing through our indifference and clever guile
often destroying our life's most cherished goals.

Consider the ant- toils hard but dies just the same
while we dance in folly, no soles on our shoes,
to Death we are all targets just the same
ignorant and blind, wading in with no clues.

In dark dreams, blessed if we wake before they slay
In dark dreams, blessed if we but live - yet another day!

Robert J. Lindley, 9-18-2016

Dedicated to the three poets that replied to me recently in soupmail--
telling me to look up! --and WRITE...
I did, with no edits , no worry about syllable count.
Written a few minutes ago...

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016