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The Ballad of Cat Ballou - Part 1

It's a hanging day in Wolf City, Wyoming, 1894.
They're gonna drop Cat Ballou through the gallows' floor.
Cat your time has come as you stand on the brink.
It's sure making you think
about your life of sin.
Why are they now going to hang you and how did you begin?
Catherine Ballou lived in Wolf City, Wyoming 
and folks here in Wyoming
live high off the hog.
That brand new firm Sears & Roebuck send them their catalog.
It's an upright town with kind, wonderful people,
reliable people,
friendly as can be.
When they say "Howdy" they mean it. Yep they are neighborly.
If only Cat had behaved,
these folks would befriend her.
If Cat had behaved,
their hearts they would lend her,
but Cat was depraved,
and to hell now they'll send her.
She could have lived like others do.
Cat Ballou,
you're wicked through and through.
They'll now be hanging Cat Ballou.
On a mournful day she became part of a legend.
The real start of a legend
known as Cat Ballou.
When captains of industry
killed her daddy
it filled her heart with a hate that grew.
There are teardrops in her heart 
but they can't make her cry.
She refused to fall apart.
They'll never make her cry.
She's lost all the family she's known
and her tears will turn to stone.
All the teardrops in her heart will never make her cry.
It's not very hard to grieve 
when you're a little girl.
She refused to give up and leave
after they shattered her world.
They made a little girl feel
like a woman hard as steel,
and no matter how they try,
they'll never make her cry.
When you've got no tears, then you've gotta have something.
Hate really is something.
Blood is what you need
and Cat Ballou made her mind up to make this country bleed.
It took a crafty female brain
to stage the holdup of a train.
She planned it to the last detail
until it couldn't fail.
This dash and daring desperado
led her outlaw gang with cool bravado.
They all would follow where she'd lead.
They made the country bleed.
Round and round and round they went
till man and gal and beast were spent.
Round and round and round they rode.
Oh what an episode.

The Ballad of Cat Ballou
Continued in Part 2

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2010

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The Ballad Of 'Soapy' Smith

Jefferson Randolph 'Soapy' Smith was the wiliest scoundrel in the west!
He was invited to leave numerous towns since he wasn't a welcome guest!
He swindled gullible dudes throughout the west endin' up in Colorado,
Where he earned the sobriquet 'Soapy' and where he found his El Dorado!

He'd set up a soap display on a Denver street and invite folks to gather 'round.
His spiel began: "Buy a bar for a dollar and inside money may be found!"
The rush was on and suckers fought to buy bars of soap, gamblin' on a win!
Cops were even called to the scene to maintain order and to quell the din!

Folks tore at wrappers and one feller hollered, "I got a hundred dollar bill!"
Little did the unsuspectin' boobs know that it was 'Soapy's' planted shill!
Dupes lost their dough and with a five-cent bar of soap they were stuck,
He pulled the scam time and again and that's how "Soapy's' name was struck!

'Soapy' pulled up stakes in Denver and migrated to other towns out west.
He was successful with the soap scam and was adept at hidin' aces in his vest!
He made his way to Creede where he established the Orleans Gamblers Saloon.
There, 'Soapy' was involved in nefarious affairs and left town none too soon!

The gold rush was on in the Yukon and he pined to go there ere it was too late.
He arrived in Skagway and later on in Juneau where he was to meet his fate.
'Soapy' met his end in a gunfight and his final words were, "My God, don't shoot!"
Thus ends the ballad of 'Soapy' Smith, that swindlin', cheatin', rotten galoot!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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The Ballad of Cat Ballou - Part 2

The Ballad of Cat Ballou (Continued) 
With her outlaw gang they're now telling a story of how she rode the plains.
The wildest gal in the old west since Calamity Jane.
She killed a man in Wolf City, Wyoming. Killed a man it's true
and that is why they'll be hanging her highness Cat Ballou.
The day has finally come. She's being sent to her glory for the way she sinned.
They'll be sending her soul on a wayward wind.
She has the smile of an angel,
but fights like the devil.
The eyes of an angel,
but bites like the devil.
The face of an angel,
I say she's the devil.
She's mean and evil through and through. 
Cat Ballou,
what's come over you?
You're mean and evil through and through.
She escaped and rode away, 
on her hanging day.
Where is still a mystery, 
but Cat rode into history
and her legend grew.
She was the Queen of the Outlaws,
Her Highness Cat Ballou.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2010

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' Outlaw Ballad ... ' (Part 1 of 2) (Cowboy Poem # 9)

You Rode Into My Town
Gunned all The Lonely Deputies Down
Blew-Up The Bank Of Trust, In Our Face …
Where, There Was Hope … Is Now Empty Space …
               … Now, I Gotta Chase You ! …

        Outlaw !
Armed and Dangerous
        Outlaw !
Jesse James, Would Be Jealous
  … of You – Outlaw !
You’re Outrageous …
… and You’re An Outlaw ! …

Stealing Hearts, Like They Was Gold
… Silver Bullets, Are The Lies, You Told
Just A Masked-Man, Running Away …
No Longing-Arms, Can Make You Stay
                 … This Is Where You Pay (Now) ! …

        Outlaw !
# 1 On Our Wanted List …
        Outlaw !
They Told Me You Never Miss ! …
        Outlaw !
… In A Duel, or A Quick Kiss …
… You’re An Outlaw !

Rustlin’ Cows and Cheating at Cards
Done Knocked Down, Many A Weak and Off-Guard
I Will Chase You Long and Hard
To Show You, How It Feels To Be Scarred …
                  … My Personal Reward ! …

        Outlaw !
$ 10,000.00 Reward
        Outlaw !
A Dollar, For Each Broken Heart
        Outlaw !
… Better Get A Head-Start …
        Outlaw !


Oh, I didn’t do Anything / That’s What All Outlaws Sing!
Oh, I didn’t do Anything / Then, This is Just A Real Bad Dream!
Oh, I didn’t do Anything / Stop! … Then, Where’s Her Dadgum Ring? …
                                Outlaw …

You Avoid Honor, Like A Hangman’s Noose
Out There, Wild and Still Running Loose
Wanted Posters, Up On Every Wall
When They Look At It … Tears Just Fall …
                   … You’re A Real Quick-Draw ! …

        Outlaw !
Look At That Brim …
        Outlaw !
Cocked-Low, Like A Trigger-Rim …
        Outlaw !
… Yeah, That’s Him ! …
 … It’s The Outlaw ! …

This is Showdown For Nerves-On-Edge
No More Hide-Outs; Not Another Hedge
No More Ladies, Lying On A Ledge
No More Lies, Or A Broken Pledge …
                   … See This Badge !!! …

        Outlaw !
I Shoot Straight From A Curve-Hip …
        Outlaw !
You Won’t Get To Give Me The Slip …
        Outlaw !
You’re Gonna Get Wild-Whipped …
        Outlaw !


Girl, I Know You’re Hurtin’ / But He Was Only Flirtin’
Luv, Stop Your Crying / Break Free From His Lying
Hon, I’m Doing You A Favor / He Ain’t Never Gonna Put No Ring On Your Finger …
                           He’s An Outlaw ! 

                           (Part One of Two)

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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The Ballad Of Dan Lowe

Chorus:                River pronounced Key-yip-pa-ha

Keya Paha River
Keya Paha River
Keya Paha River
The home of Dan Lowe's dream.


When a cowboy's day is over,
And the campfire's burning bright,
We can see Dan sit and wonder,
What will spoil his sleep tonight.

Will a stampede caused by lightening,
Cracking high above their heads,
Rout him from his bed roll,
To run the race with death?

Or will the night be peaceful,
With the cattle singing low,
And Whip-poor Wills calling,
To the Mocking birds below?

Dreaming of his sweetheart,
And days that are to come,
Of the pretty little ranch,
They will settle on and run.

Down by the old Keya Paha,
With the rolling hills of green,
Where the springs are soft and gentle,
The winters hard and mean.

In summer how they sweat and slave,
To get in winter feed,
And stand by helplessly and watch,
Fire work it's deadly deed.

With calving time and branding time,
When northers fiercely blow,
They stand and watch together,
As their family starts to grow.

Then suddenly it happened,
That dreaded thundering sound,
We scrambled from our bed rolls,
And raced for higher ground.

Cut off from our horses,
It was our only chance,
I made a leap and hung on tight,
The herd was coming fast.

Flashing horns! Flying hooves!
Hot breath and eyes that glare,
Choking dust, frightened screams,
The smell of sweaty hair.

Quickly, it was over,
And stunned we gathered there,
Tom and Joe, Dick and Bill,
With thoughts we didn't dare.

When we all had wandered in,
We each knew at a glance,
The dream that we had listened to,
Would never come to pass.

It is a mystery how it happened,
And why it took Dan Lowe,
But each of us hold in our heart,
A dream that turned to gold.

When a cowboy's day is over,
And the campfire's burning bright,
We can see Dan sit and wonder,
What will spoil his sleep tonight.


                      Cile Beer

written l975

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

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' Outlaw Ballad ... ' (Part 2 of 2) (Cowboy Poem # 9)

Nuthin’, But Trouble and Texas-Tuff
But for You – Stuff’s About To Get Rough
By Now, You Should Have Had Enough
Now, Make Your Choice, Hang ‘Em High, or Cuffs ? …
          … Come Out With Your Hands Us ! …

            Outlaw !
Are You That Hot-Bloodied, Heart Killer ? …
            Outlaw !
Well, You Look A Lot Like Him, Mister …
            Outlaw !
… by the way, that You Kissed Her …
        You’re An Outlaw !

Beneath Stars or by Light Of The Moon
I’m Riding Fast … Will Catch Up Soon
Midnight … Will Be Our Stroke Of High Noon
I Stand-Steady … I Will Not Swoon …
          … This Is Your Once In A Blue Moon ! …


… and Outlaw ! … I’m Calling You Out !
Outlaw ! … Come Out, Of Your Hide-Out !
      Outlaw ! … There Is No Doubt …
            … You’re My Outlaw …

       Outlaw ! … I’m Bringing You In !
  … You’ll Never Ride The Range Again
        Outlaw ! … ‘Cause Only Then …
       … You’ll Be My Outlaw … Outlaw !

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Ballad of a Gunfighter

My hand once was ready
And my sight was true
With an eye that was steady
I would know what to do

But that was then and now is now
Know my hand now shakes away
You see I'm nearer the end - I wonder how
And will my eyes still be true and not stray.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017