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Couplet Thanksgiving Poems | Couplet Poems About Thanksgiving

These Couplet Thanksgiving poems are examples of Couplet poems about Thanksgiving. These are the best examples of Couplet Thanksgiving poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Thanksgiving Every Day

Thanksgiving Every Day Every day’s Thanksgiving while I am on this earth, living life with gratitude for all its grace and worth. Every day’s Thanksgiving while I have food to eat. I can prepare whatever I like or give myself a treat. Every day’s Thanksgiving while I can walk, talk, see and hear, and live in a land where falling bombs aren’t a fear. Every day’s Thanksgiving for I have a place called “home,” where I can cross the threshold into my ‘’private zone.’’ Every day’s Thanksgiving for people that I love, safe, secure, blossoming and blessed from above. Every day’s Thanksgiving as I have a grateful mind, to offer God appreciation for life’s beauty that I find. 11/18/16 Thanksgiving Day - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Nayda Ivette Negron

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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Thanks. You are Souper!

I thought I would just say
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

For all of You Souper people are 
In my estimation, the ones who care.

It is wonderful to have your comments, too
When I write something here for all of you.

The joy of reading your works and words
Goes well beyond the things I've heard.

And in the short time that I have around you
Friendships through words abound, too.

I say that you are the cheeriest bunch
With whom I have never sat down to lunch.

But I'll say a prayer of thanksgiving for all
And hope that the Lord hears my call.

For tomorrow when we remember the good things in life
I'll count all of you in, with a thought none too brief.

With you I feel like I am a true part,
So, I say "Thank You All, from the bottom of my heart".

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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OH Yahweh, To You I Give Thanks

For the breath I took when I opened my eyes, to start this new Today
For the smile in my heart from knowing Your angels protect me along the way

I am able to stand up, to walk and run; to lift up my arms toward the sky
In this blessing of movement bestowed upon me, there is nothing that I cannot try

I thank You that I can experience life; to laugh, and hug, and dance
To share Your love with humanity - I am willing to take the chance

I praise You for those that share in my life, whose love and support I have found
And the helping hands that hold me up - when trying times get me down

Though the love of my life has passed away to join You in Heaven's Rest
I give thanks to You for the years we shared, for we gave each other our best

There are those who live in fear and pain; many souls who are lost and forlorn
In Your Word You said Christ is always with us, and so they are not alone

I thank You for hearing our prayers Holy One; sometimes we pay You no mind
But Your thoughts toward us are more than the sand, and they stand the test of time

So thank You, Great Yahweh, Creator of all - the Heavens, the Earth and the Seas
For giving Your Son, Your Spirit, Your Word, and providing for all of our needs

Singing praises to You, Father Yahweh, I'll sing praises to You everyday
To You I give thanks and to Christ, Your Son, for helping us find our way

Neva Romaine

Copyright © Neva Romaine | Year Posted 2015

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Be Of Good Cheer This Thanksgiving Day

May tranquility reign and grace your Thanksgiving board this year,
As you thank the Good Lord for all the blessings you hold dear!

I pray that it will be a time of good cheer and not a free-for-all,
As in the dysfunctional family described below, ending in a brawl!

Grandpa said grace that rambled on interminably while stomachs growl.
Grandma had heard enough of that and poked him with a warning scowl!

Pompous Uncle Blimp boasted about the democrats winning the election,
While saner heads steered the conversation in a more innocuous direction!

Ne'er-do-well Cousin Cletus who was recently released from prison,
Wailed about being falsely imprisoned saying the cannabis wasn't his'n!

Aunt Louise complained that she didn't get the turkey gizzard as was her due!
Dad was happily sozzled having consumed too much of his homemade brew!

Little Marvin slopped gravy on grandma's prized heirloom tablecloth!
Nana screeched about controlling your brats - she was most visibly wroth!

The kid howled and mommy hugged him saying, "It was not your fault!"
In the aftermath, little was said except an occasional, "Pass the salt!"

Elbows flew and the hapless turkey's carcass was stripped clean and bare!
Grandpa removed his teeth to take a snooze, fed up with the whole affair!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2012

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The day after Thanksgiving I didn't have to work
So, I decided to do something which was kind of a quirk.

I thought I would do some early shopping
For those Christmas gifts that would be eye popping.

As I started my car to begin my store raid
Something went amiss to stop my escapade.

I opened the hood to find the problem there
When I saw it, it really gave me a scare.

Our neighbor's black cat had crawled onto the engine block
Feeling the warmth, but not taking stock.

When I turned the key to give it a start
The cat shrieked as its tail was nearly cut apart.

Oh, it wasn't intentional that I hurt that poor pet
But you've never seen anything like it I'll bet.

When I heard the noise and the hissing you see,
I thought one of the hoses had broken...leaking fluently.

But it was the cat that was hissing when I raised the hood
All he could think of was to jump for where I stood.

With claws all out and teeth set to bite
Him coming at me was quite the site.

Fortunately he missed me with his outstretched paws,
Or I would have been really attached to those razor like claws.

When he hit the ground he ran away
Scared the crap out of me...that's all I'll say.

So I had to collect myself before I could go anywhere
Went back to the house and just stood shaking there.

Of course, I had to have a pop or two
To settle my nerves before I started anew.

Before I knew it, I was asleep in a chair
I never attempted to go anywhere.

All because a black cat wanted to keep warm
In the end, I was thankful I did so little harm.

"Black Friday" would have cost me a heck of a lot more
Had it not been for that cat's dozing for sure.

So, now whenever I go to the store
I buy some cat food, for that kitty next door.

He still remembers my opening that hood
I still remember him trying to claw me where I stood.

But we've come to an understanding that cat and me
And I tap the car before starting it to let him see.

As it is now...he stays out of my way,
Except when I feed him, for all the money he saved me on "Black Friday".

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Let’s push for the turkey to be the national bird So many birds could be spared, so spread the word Every turkey should be pushing for congress To help them out of their mass slaughtering mess If the turkey becomes the national bird Maybe their clucking will still be heard They could become a protected species Rather than be in tasty thanksgiving recipes Turkey’s vote for thanksgiving to be banned Then there will be even more turkey’s ruling the land! 10~14~15 N/A in original contest

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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As a child you are a free bird
Playing hide and seek, here and there
Controlling a crumbling child is truly hard
So your mother cooks up threats of invisible monster

Your twinkling eyes may be fearless
Designed devil may drive your distress, high
Smile sprouting from your rosy lips may become baseless
But your mother breaths with a sigh

Your wrist may be tender
In a crowd, she may drag you like a handcuffed criminal
You may feel, as if things are out of order
But mother ensures your safety as cardinal

Your skin may be beautiful and fair
You may like to play in the open sun
To let you out, your mother may scare
Fearing your skin may get tan

Reading aloud restrictions, may get you to burst
She focus to shape your life, decent
She knows what may happen in the worst 
As every child is naturally innocent

Only out of her own anxiety
She may at times harshly talk
She does many things to fit you into the society 
As raising a child is never a cake walk

Each action helps your personality to build
Parenting is an onerous task 
Every endeavor is to turn you as an effective child
You shall admit later, if one were to ask   

She cautiously weighs each choice of your freedom
With a reasonable rating of good and bad
She chooses to tap her own childhood wisdom
As responsibility of raising you, drives her hard

She sets the path to learn
When you win or loose, mother understands
Whenever required, she tends to horn
Learn to lead life, as your mother commands!

Above poem is adapted from the eBook “BIRD OF PARADISE AND OTHER POEMS ” by Mr.V.Muthu manickam. Copyright is held by Mr.V.Muthu manickam.

Copyright © V.MUTHU MANICKAM | Year Posted 2016

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Stork flights in unison                                                                                                                                               To teach unity to every person

Holding the neck extended                                                                                                                              Aligning the body as if amended

With legs pushed behind                                                                                                                            To cope with blowing wind

With wide wingspan like the glider                                                                                                                         In a well-defined order

Hover with one, as leader                                                                                                                                        Of course, watching is a wonder

With the flame of foresight,                                                                                                                                     Stork sets own nest on height 

Bears young ones into the wing                                                                                              Benevolently while growing

With wings, provides shade to the young chick                                                                                                                    So that they could learn to pick

Causes to clatter to communicate                                                                                                                 About the impending threat, to indicate

Maintains link with the group                                                                                                                    To get the team spirit, recoup

Revisits the old-aged-mother                                                                                                                                 To attend to issues that may bother

Cares the mother, with fresh feed                                                                                                                           As the mother may need

Stork is a bird of highest spirituality          
In Hebrew, stork means love and loyalty!   
Above poem is from “EAGLE EDUCATES ENDURANCE! AND OTHER POEMS ON NATURE ” by Shri.V.Muthumanickam.

Copyright © V.MUTHU MANICKAM | Year Posted 2015

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Talk turkey; talk turkey
It's Thanksgiving day.
Fill up your mouths
the Thanksgiving way.

Gobble down; gobble down
meat and red berries.
Some adding gravy
for flavour that varies.

White mashed potatoes
hollowed in boats.
Filled with yellow butter
that warms 'till it floats.

Turnip and parsnip
mixed in together.
Tangy mild flavour
that lasts forever.

Green tiny peas
piled on the side; 
covered in butter
in tears they have cried.

All for the price of a prayer
to say thanks
and gathering our friends
in a place that is nice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2012

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Today, I ought to Thee, my Lord, eternal thanksgiving to render  

For it was on a day as this, Thou breathed into me, life so tender! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     15 August 2016

*It was on this date that my first breath on this planet I took.

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2016

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Thank you Lord for all that is with me
Forever I will praise and adore thee

The miracle of each breath I take with each day
Never taken for granted, thank you I pray

My being is in your hands, you have a plan
Created by you, I live at your command

Along the path you have prepared for me
Thank you for holding my hand and being the key

Written by:  Debra Falgout
November 21, 2012  "Happy Thanksgiving Everyone"

Copyright © DEBRA FALGOUT | Year Posted 2012

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Health is God's most precious gift of value untold

That is more precious than all diamonds and gold

As long as we possess it we really seem not to care

But as soon as we happen to lose it we find it unfair

Better would be for all of us health more to appreciate

Thanksgiving offer to our Lord and then life celebrate!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
        26 June 2017

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2017

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Always There

Bless us Lord today and everyday
And we thank him in our own loving way
Each letter in Thanksgiving has a special meaning
To my family and friends and me too
And I know it means so very much to all of you
So again I thank you Lord for this day that we hold oh so dear
And pray that we will all be together every year after year after year

Copyright © Veronica Aicher | Year Posted 2014

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The shadows of doubt were following me since my life’s dawn 
Overcastting my thoughts as not to find the place that I belong

But Thou, my Lord, have shown me Thy everlasting celestial way:
Unconditionally to love every being of your creation to this day

For that my heart everlastingly Thy glory would thankfully sing
Continuously working the desired peace on this planet to bring  


© Demetrios Trifiatis
    15 August 2014

*Commemorating my reaching the age of Socrates!    

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2014

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Thank you dear God for simple zest;
Thank you dear Lord for choice and quest.

Thank you for play, for easy smiles;
For light of day, for cheery style.

Thank you for jest, for wit that swirls;
For lovely fest, for dance and twirl.

Thank you for words, for lines and rhymes;
For art that's heard, for verse and chimes.

Thank you for voice, for heart that feels;
For faith and poise, for touch that heals.

Thank you for fate, for certain charm;
For healthy plate, for peaceful psalm.

Thank you for friends, for kin and kind;
For happy trends, for peace of mind.

Thank you for joy, for thoughts that spring;
For sense to toy, for sensuous flings.

Thank you dear God for earthly ways;
Thank you dear Lord for ample stay.

Leon Enriquez
11 Feb 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Answer to The Childs Thanksgiving Prayer written By Tony Lane

Lord in answer of prayer
Child of mine. I must admit I don’t hear from you very often,
Your brother though is quite devout, to him your heart should soften.

He say’s he works hard to me -  but that you will blame him.
For anything you don’t do, and you will try to shame him.

Your brother, put in a plea for you, and not for a new bike.
You had better try harder, boy before I give you what you like.

I even hear from your teacher, he’s his own wits end,
He prayed for the cane to come back, so your ways you better mend.

Your mother tries so very hard it’s not her cooking at fault,
Its you and your picky ways, so they had better halt.

Your mother works hard and has little time to bake you pumpkin pie,
You're lucky boy to have gravy, never mind the turkey dry.

Your granddad needs a rest, don’t be a pest, he’s getting on you know.
As for grandma she puts up with all of you, so let the wines flow.

Your big sister, her father has already requested the boyfriends’ disappearance.
I’m working on that and everything else, so just give me a chance.

The neighbour’s - well they have not said, anything about you.
They just prayed that your family would go out, and then come back without you.

So listen boy the lord has spoken, and you better hear me well.
Cos come next thanksgiving year, You may hear from him below.

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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Scowl from a Fowl

Scowl from a Fowl

Everybody had been saying their blessing
Started to eat turkey filled with dressing
Along with some salad and cutup tomatoes
And my favorite which is sweet potatoes.

Ate crisp piece of bread without crumpling
Discovered how much I liked apple dumpling
Which is what we had towards the end
And turkey wishbone we tried to bend.

Longer the length always better the luck
And a turkey I never have tried to pluck
When it stopped running all over the place
He was left with terrible look on his face.

Teeth loosened as days of life did increase
And we ended up eating macaroni and cheese
Never again to see a face with a big scowl
Worn by tough turkey who once was a fowl.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran
Name: jthorn5656
Password: *soldierboy*
In asterisks and one word
in small letters

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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Turkey Breast Best

Turkey Breast Best

For Thanksgiving what I like best
Has to be a big turkey breast
Or if all eaten can surely rely
On a great, good looking thigh.

Myself have not been a wing man
Being pilot was part of my plan
And if I have to be more direct
Can't stand either back or neck.

Now my wife is a cooking wizard
Is great with giblets and gizzard
Ended up huffing and stuffing
After eating all of the stuffing.

Could it be possible that a canary
Likes turkey sandwich with cranberry
She's sweet just like Russell Stover
So why don't you come right over.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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 T-hank you LORD - for all the Miracles things that you do. 
 H-elping us each day, until our day is thru. 
 A-lways there taking care.
 N-ever too busy, and knows when we are in despair 
 K-nowing when HE needs us and answers when we pray. 
 S-miling  down upon us, each and every day.
 G-rateful  just to know HE'S always very near. 
 I-f  when we're doubtful and sometimes shed a tear.
 V-ery  understanding, forgiving us no  matter whatever we do 
 I-nspiration  that HE gives us, when we're sad and blue. 
 N-urturing  us with so much care and love . 
 G-iving  HIS all from His Heaven up above.

Copyright © Veronica Aicher | Year Posted 2015

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Thanksgiving Dinner

we will eat and drink
in between we think
of all of our dreams
we've lost in the streams
our ups and downs
may bring us frowns
our hearts and souls
never pay tolls

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2016

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Thanksgiving Blessings

On the eve of Thanksgiving,
I want to give thanks for another year
More time spent with my family,
More love, less fear.
Rekindled friendships, true love renewed
Challenges, laughter, triumphs, success imbued.
I spent the first part of the year recovering, yet still alive
The unthinkable, I have survived.
I’ve been tossed, turned and thrown upside down
Set upon an unforgiving sea, but did not drown.
In an instant it can all change, it happens so fast
What you think matters really doesn’t 
There’s no point in holding onto the past .
I’ve been broken and healed and broken again
The endless cycle never seems to end.
With each breakage, I rise strong and tall
Learning a new normal,
Diving in, entranced, bated breath, I draw. 

Copyright © Michelle Morningstar | Year Posted 2016

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Sons And Daughters Of Zion

Copyright © 2014

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

Before the coffins are shipped
  and their bags are zipped.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

So, let not their Nation regret
  for their blood and sweat.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

But, represent them with pride
  not racism as most try to hide.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

So, please receive them with cheer
  it's only their enemies you fear.

These sons and daughters of Zion
  bears the songs and trails of triumph.

America, America, GOD gave this land to thee
  purge thyself from what we all now see
  for these sons and daughters of Zion
  who bears the songs and trails of triumph.

by: LPruitt
 composed:  12:25pm

Copyright © Les Pruitt | Year Posted 2014

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I Am So Thankful

I Am So Thankful By Rick Rucker I am so Thankful for this Life, Though there has been some Pain and Strife, It has been the greatest Gift, The memories do always lift, Me, when I feel a little Down, Cheer me up, like a clown. But the most Blessed thing I see, Our time Together, You, and Me! If that were all I had, I would be ever happy, never Sad! In our brief Time together, You have helped me to weather, Some pretty turbulent Seas, And you do it with relative Ease! All it takes is your Magic Touch, Our private time I love so much. I feel so blessed for the Love I have found, Which will warm me, all year ‘round, To You, I would like to say, I don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving Day!

Copyright © Rick Rucker | Year Posted 2011

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Be Sure to Remember

Twas Thanksgiving and I was starving
So all the turkey we started carving
And when it was finally open wide
We looked to see what was inside

It was a message from my son
Who said after Thanksgiving is done
I'm not there and hope you understand
Have been far away for year in Afghanistan

You're lucky at home now get to stay
While I am full of sorrow so far away
And each time that turkey you do see
Be sure to remember the death of me.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2013

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The Third Day

Do you know,
have you heard

No I don't,
heard not a word

The Romans put to death
the prophet Jesus of Nazareth

It was an awfully sad day
They crucified Jesus on Calvary

We believed Him to be
the Messiah sent to save you and me

But the Romans didn't see it that way,
they hung Him on a cross, such a cruel display

So we must go to our homes with heavy hearts,
praying tomorrow God will make a fresh new start

But this second day feels like the first day,
our souls are still heavy, like the pain will never go away

Fasting and praying is all there's left to do,
any moment the Romans will come for me and you

While in the middle of our tragedy,
the wicked their hearts are filled with glee

They never liked anything the Lord said,
they're so happy that He is now dead

As for us, yes we must continue on,
to teach our children how to remain strong

Do you know,
have you heard

No I don't,
heard not a word

The women came early on this third day,
to anoint Jesus' body that lay in the grave

Ooh, but His body was not there,
as if it disappeared into thin air

They looked everywhere, asked everyone,
where is the Lord's body, what have you done

Two mighty angels told them it has begun,
the Lord has risen like the morning sun

But it was the blessed Mary Magdalene,
who was the first witness to actually have seen

Jesus Christ resurrected,
Jesus Christ perfected

On the third day,
Jesus Christ rose from the grave

It was a glorious new day,
come, let's see Him and get saved

On the third day,
Jesus Christ rose from the grave

Let's thank God for His mercy,
all of our sins got buried that day

Do you now know,
have you now heard

Yes I do,
I heard every word

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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Alluring Adoration

This is to the King of glory,
Jehovah, the changer of story...
Who has been our strength and salvation
We lift our hands in alluring adoration.

This is to the Miracle worker
Jehovah, the bondage breaker...
for giving us solution in every situation
We lift our hands in alluring adoration.

This is to the Ocean divider
Jehovah, our perfect provider...
Who gives our dreams divine direction,
We lift our hands in alluring adoration.

This is to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Jehovah, the commander of heavenly host;
Your grace and glory fill every nation...
We lift our hands in alluring adoration.

This is to the soon coming king
Jehovah, the antidote to Satan’s sting...
You saved us from death and damnation
We lift our hands in alluring adoration.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2016

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When Autumn readies for harvest
not her full silos nor baskets imprest
not mellow vistas seen nor dressed trees, yellow-red
not Indian Summer's embrace nor late coloured flower beds
not Fall's living collage or wine newly pressed
not for walks in the woods or nature's largesse
but in thanksgiving ,daily blessed
for all the Lord's bountifulness

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2009

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Summer Fun

Sweat pants and wool socks
a hand-knitted scarf or two
warm mittens and hats
no doubt you think I’m nuts

Rosy cheeks and runny nose
soggy boots and frozen toes
chattering teeth and quivering knees
when I dream, it is of these

Down jackets now long packed away
skis and poles just taking up space
in my crowded messy garage
snow covered runs - just a mirage

Sun screen and flip flops
sunglasses and sticky pits
baseball caps and Thanksgiving in shorts
I despair of weather reports

How did I get to this eternal hell?
where A/C costs you a paycheck as well
where tender skin exposed continues to burn . . .
I just know somewhere I missed a turn.

Copyright © Jill Martin | Year Posted 2006

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 Today I give thanks for a wonderful abundant life
For all my friends and family and a beautiful loving wife
God knows our very needs before they come to mind
All He wants is us to be grateful, compassionate, loving and kind
For the world is full of anger, jealousy and hate
Rise above these misdoings and make gratitude your fate
For when I rest my head and take the last breaths of my life
To know I left a drop of peace in spite of all the strife
God drifts the clouds across the sky and tells me it’s alright
So let’s give thanks on this special day and enjoy His loving light


Copyright 2011

Copyright © rick monachello | Year Posted 2011

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Thank you dear God for happy fare;
Thank you dear Lord for pleasant share.

Thank you for joy, for happy news;
For fond employ, for sanguine views.

Thank you for grace, for poignant zest;
For light to pace, for certain quest.

Thank you for calm, for subtle truth;
For sensuous balm, for brilliant proof.

Thank you for choice, for heart that knows;
For steady poise, for mind that shows.

Thank you for prize, for all things nice;
For sweet surprise, for fragrant spice.

Thank you for play, for easy fun;
For lavish stay, for wit and pun.

Thank you dear God for all that comes;
Thank you dear Lord for love that sums.

Leon Enriquez
23 June 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014