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Couplet Relationship Poems | Couplet Poems About Relationship

These Couplet Relationship poems are examples of Couplet poems about Relationship. These are the best examples of Couplet Relationship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Yesterday I forgot the shade of your eyes
I struggled to remember your touch
Today I forgot the sound of your voice 
Each day I don't miss you so much
In the end you only brought me sorrow
I wonder what I won't remember tomorrow

Copyright © Katrina Keller-Cole | Year Posted 2013

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We Danced Through Life

We danced amongst the stars that night
when joy had fallen far from sight 

We danced under the sun so bright
And when all seemed lost, we held on tight

We danced to the music of hummingbirds
And we danced in the silence when there were no words.

We danced in the shadows of fear and doubt
And we danced when we questioned what life’s about

We danced amongst the evergreens
That posed for painters winter scenes.

We danced in the winters bitter chill
And when we danced our world stood still.

For that’s what love was meant to be
To find the dance when we cannot see.

To write a new song when the music stops
With lyrics that caress every tear that drops.

For when the rhythm changes and tempo slowed
We’re called to dance with the seeds we sowed.

For life is hard, there is no doubt
But Dancing through it, is what life’s about.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

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My Beloved

Inside such dreams of never lasting days We traversed such wanting thoughts in emotional astray On that December night, to our cottage on the hill Where on many a moonlit walk, we allowed our thoughts to spill Our footprints of life we took in threaded tread we walked When one was about to talk, in confusion abound, we baulked Snowflakes we often talked about, turned to emotional rain Drowning your wisps of auburn, natures moistness becomes our drain Such memories of our past, where the rains graced your clover And I your beloved, once graced your body over No longer shall I sense your breath so warm against my chest As you delightfully grace my lobes, my internal heart now stressed Your kisses I still feel, their once touch of tender brush Like tumble-weed they now drift, my lips in different crush On warm white sheets we used to lay, we called them our clouds of heaven No longer shall crease, not one day out of seven No longer shall our fingers dance over undulations of we Or will our torso's mingle, like the ivy graces the tree The losing of you is massive, our peripheral declares it a shame Beloved to each other we're not, it's life, no ones to blame..... < Inspired by 'Charmaine Chircop's “Pasionata” > <*>

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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Legendary Lovers

Now Adam and his beauteous Eve
A love like ours could not conceive

And Cleo and her Anthony
Could not compare to you and me

Sweet Juliette and Romeo,
our kind of love could never know

Brave Lancelot and Guinevere
Our strength of our love would surely fear

Napoleon and Josephine
of love were not the king and queen

Harsh Rochester and gentle Eyre
To love like we do would not dare

See Pyramus and his Thisbe
They died for love, but you and me

We live for love, and truth be told
Our love is ever new, not old

The tales of lovers, one by one
When matched with ours become undone

One day our names in verse will live
No greater love could cupid give

You are the symbol of true love
The kind that’s fashioned up above

I am your lover, muse, and guide
Within love’s castle we abide

The two of us can show this world
What love can do once it’s unfurled

We are the best of lovers, we
will shine in hallowed history

the legend of all legends, see
is sweetest tale of you and me

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2017

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Mummay Mummay

      Mummay  Mummay

Tucked up in bed so nice and neat
A little girl so very sweet
But all is not quite what it seems
She can’t find sleep because of dreams

Her mother sitting down the stair
Enjoying rest in comfy chair
A tiny voice comes to her ear
The story of her small girls fear

“Mummay mummay”, she faintly sings
“I am afraid of these dark things
Please come quickly my mummay
And chase these frightful dreams away”

Upon the stair a foot does tread
Then she’s beside her daughters bed
Away from eyes her hair she brushes
Red lips kisses, whispers hushes

“Now worry not you are secure
All your bad dreams I’ll endure
Come to me and let us cuddle”
Between the sheets the pair a huddle

Where golden locks begin to mingle
Faces touch and soft cheeks tingle
Hands caress to sooth away
The troubles that upon her prey

Feeling warmth of mothers breast
Against her lightly beating chest
Her eyes they flicker into schemes
Pleasantness pervades her dreams

The demons of her mind withdrawn
She’s free to slumber till the dawn
Soon from the child comes no peep
At last, she finds, her perfect sleep

Mother sees her laying there
With smile beset in golden hair
And wonders in a future day
Her little one will have to say

Now worry not you are secure
All your bad dreams I’ll endure
When in a time far away
Her babe becomes, mummay mummay

R D Seal     18 April 2013

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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Twinkle twinkle little star How I loved you from afar Now I want the whole world to know If our hearts unite I’ll never let you go You really meant the world to me But when we met we were not free The love that burned within my heart Was so intense right from the start We met at work twenty years ago Just one smile left my heart aglow I always called you my shining star In a designer suit and your red sports car We were engaged to others, knew it was wrong Still the passion grew and it burned so strong You brought me lacy underwear We met in secret and had an affair Wracked with guilt - we had to part The last time I saw you broke my heart Thoughts of you were often in my head But we both moved on and in time got wed We are both divorced and now are free Do you still have those old feelings for me Guess we've changed a lot over the years Had our share of happiness and tears Meeting with you now it is down to fate Can we rekindle our love or is it too late? 04~23~15 Contest Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Kelly Deschler ~awarded 2nd place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Saving Grace

Strident howling I heard and feared it was my cat Ran to the porch to find a ball of fluff at bat A large hawk dive-bombing on a wee baby owl To find it unprotected evoked a fierce scowl I stood between the aggressive hawk and its prey It lunged at me viciously ‘fore it flew away The barn owl sat on my porch, puffing for a while I christened the babe “Grace” and continued to smile She seemed content to stare at me that morn in spring It was at least ten minutes before Grace took wing When summer arrived with exhausting, dreadful heat I was swimming at night when I heard such a treat Grace had never even left my backyard, you see Her repayment for kindness was to croon to me As I moved some years later, I shed a few tears Knowing Grace’s nightly song I’d no longer hear Loyalty is built on faith and trust over time Though she’d once been small, I left her in her prime
*True event. I later learned that owls are very loyal creatures. Written July 29, 2014 and dedicated to Grace.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2014

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I have got to go

For the piles of promises that were broken
And the avalanche of lies that were spoken

I have got to go, you know I've got to go

I have got to leave the lock of your arms
And escape from the spell of your charms

I have got to go, you know I've got to go

What we had was sweet while it lasted
But now it looks like our time was wasted

I have got to go, you know I've got to go

Copyright © John Pen | Year Posted 2014

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I never ever meant to ALIENATE Cruella my mother in law But her CAPRICIOUS INURBANE manner was really pretty poor Cruella was PERSPICUOUS in her opinion and she would never listen I was just her SCAPEGOAT and many times my eyes would glisten I’d try my best to FLATTER her, I’d comment on her new dress But if I’m being MALIGNANT she often looked a blinking mess! Our TRANSITORY seldom meetings were never that much fun We would DISSIPATE quickly, and out of the door I would run I would GRAVITATE to the garden to get a little bit of peace In the end I decided that our rare visits would now have to cease! FICTIONAL WRITE FOR 10 WORD CONTEST BY JOHN HAMILTON 09~04~16 Any form is acceptable. YOU MUST USE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING 10 WORDS 1. ALIENATE 2. CAPRICIOUS 3. DISSIPATE 4. GRAVITATE 5.FLATTER 6. INURBANE 7. MALIGNANT 8.PERSPICUOUS 9. TRANSITORY 10. SCAPEGOAT

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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When Mandy met Randy Oh boy her legs went bandy She began to walk like John Wayne … Looked like she was in a lot of pain But Mandy had a huge smile on her face And her nights with Randy kept that smile in place They have the most incredible sex life - Randy has stopped sleeping with his wife Randy’s wife her name is Brandy Met Mandy’s hubby his name is Sandy So Mandy and Randy and Brandy and Sandy Have done a partner swap, oh isn’t that handy! 11~26~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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The Kreutzer Sonata

(In 1807, Beethoven wrote a piano/violin
piece with this title.  Count Leo Tolstoy
followed in 1890, with a short novel of the
same name, in which he argued that
matrimony can never work.)

What is a marriage? A fusion, or a tether? 
Two very different creatures, yoked together? 
I was a piano, you a violin: 
I, solid, calming, you, discordant, thin, 
and laced with bitterness. I was your base, 
and you provided brio, flourish, grace. 
A lacewing trapped inside a window frame, 
yet driven by one blind, unchanging aim, 
you struggled up until, played out, defeated, 
you fluttered down again, debased, depleted. 
A war's a love affair, and love's a war. 
We're so inept - or what's a heaven for? 
A nest of wasps, my grievances boiled over - 
but could there ever be a vita nuova? 
We never learned. I hammered pointlessly, 
while you abraded. Why could we not see? 

And so I played it stately, sad, no frills, 
while you kept up your repetitions, trills 
and variations. Hovering and wary, 
you shunned my structures. Ever more contrary, 
you coiled and squirmed in spasms both continuous, 
spontaneous, free-wheeling, lithe and sinuous. 
It seemed to me the harmony had gone: 
we sang on, yes, but each a separate song. 
Two butterflies together, intertwined, 
we tangled on the same, but different, line.

Copyright © Michael Coy | Year Posted 2017

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Algae bloom

The dance commences, I retreat a step
Shattered from archaic engulfing patterns

You cha cha your storm forward in
Swirls of ancient abandonment and as

I skip back another, gasping for sufficient safety from suffocation,
You unfurl your blitz clawing the lioness’ leash

You decipher my terror and it emboldens your raging compulsion
Which suspends our inner children in connected cocoons and yet somehow

We cant reach each other as we intermingle desperately
It makes us stoic, empty and musically atrophied but

At a closer distance, oxygen less and congruently alone
And it sits frog like, stale and poisonous between us and still

The spire flattens and petrifies our reflections powered by a 
Stalemate which devours our fragile humanity with a timid jocularity

Copyright © Timothy Barry | Year Posted 2016

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Love From a Distance

We may be miles apart 
But you always linger in my heart
Challenges may come at times
That weaken our mind and heart sometimes
But our faith in God will pave the way
For real love to grow more each day 
So no matter the distance, no matter the odds
If we have the Lord that lights our paths
We will always remember
The love we built and shared together

Copyright © Elaine Gonzales | Year Posted 2017

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One And Only

One and only is what I deserve to be, I was your extra eyes when you were blind and couldn’t see. 
One and only is nothing I want more, I brought you in when you were lonely and scared behind a close door. 
One and only is special words that came from my heart, I gave you the privileges and the key to enter to that part. 
One and only is something I would really love to hear, I always showed you how much I deeply care
One and only is my man which is none other than you, I brought happiness to your grey sky which I then turned blue.

Copyright © Corine Wilson | Year Posted 2017

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A skin peel

The thorougher the skin peel, 
the stronger the sex apeal.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

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My Coach

My coach put his arm around me today and said," Son,
I believe you can "...
I love my coach and today I became his biggest fan.

He said," Son, you can be what you want to be"...
And now he is helping me believe in me.

I wish I could known him years ago...
But I'll carry todays memory wherever I go.

It's amazing what a few words can do...
What an impact it can have upon you.

My coach knows Jesus, this I know...
And in my life it's starting to show.

My coach put his arm around me today and said, Son,
I believe you can,"...
Thank you coach; I love you man!


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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2 humans 2 hearts And 1 love

Once there was a girl with a tough personality. She was considered to be a friendly and talkative. She was extremely tough regardless of love and crashes. She had wishes and dreams but was never sure when it’s gone come true. She was hard working always to satisfy her family and be a great daughter. She was tough about love but at the same time she knew a special and incomparable person will come to her life, who will be very different than others. When and where she will meet him, she never thought about it because she believed that we shouldn’t look for love, the reason was that love comes itself. However let’s see how and where she finds that special person. 
One night after working so hard of her project she was bored.
“Oh God I am so bored let’s see if my friends are online I will talk to them but at the same time gone download a song” she got online but unfortunately non of her friends were online so she thought to herself why don’t I make a new friend she requested a random boy who she never knew before.  After a week passed and that boy accepted her request but they never got the chance to talk to each other.
“Oh this boy looks so cute but why can’t I talk to him” although she wasn’t trusting any boys but her heart would tell her that this boy seems to be a good boy. So she used to leave an offline massages for him in order to contact each other and be friends. One day they both were online so their conversation started.
Boy… how are u and how did u added me
Girl… I’m fine thanks well I was bored last week so I randomly added u.
They started questioning each other and she asked him have you got a brother or a sister he answered I have 5 sister but no bro. She reply but I have 2 sis and no brother. The time of Salah came and she had to pray and she asked if she can leave the conversation and pray but he was surprised that she prays. After she did her prayers she asked him why were you surprised when I said its time for me to pray? He reply afghans who live in foreigner most of them are not religious. 
Weeks passed and one day she was so excited.
Girl… You know what
Girl… I have a new baby sister
Boy… congratulations 
They kept contacting each other even though he had exams on that time but he would still take out some time for her. At the same time he would study for exams. 

Few month later they became best friends and one day he told her that he like her but she didn’t understand what does he mean by like. She called her best friend and told her he told her that he likes her but she doesn’t know why he said this because he loves her or just a simple like. 
Hey dude … he told me he likes me but I don’t know what he means by that.
My Friend…  ha ha stupid liking is the first step of love I think he loves u.
She also liked him but she needed time to know him more. He was so innocent and respectful boy she had ever meet. They became so closer and their friendship turned to love after a passing of time. She didn’t know much about his family and background but however she loved him and thought he is a right person for her life partner. 
For every relationship to became stronger and trust worthy it needs time. Relationships are like building a house. Some relationship ends fast because it was build quick and the foundation was not strong enough but some relationships last forever the reason is that the foundation which that relationship was build was strong. The foundation of every relationship is trust, promises, honesty, truthfulness, modesty, respect and most important thing is a true love. Be the kind of person you would like to be with. Some people come into our lives, make footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.    
She always wanted someone who is respectful and modest towards girls. Someone who is honest but she never saw any boy with those qualities in him, she only saw those qualities in him.  Even though she faced so much hardships, impenetrability and tests in life however she knew that when Allah tests you, it is never to destroy you, it’s to teach us something in life that we do not know. When he removes something in your possession it is only to empty your hands, for an even greater gift. She learned so much from those test and tried hard to become better Muslim. 
 Now they know each other and they love each other a lot.  She has a full trust on him more than herself. Even though they sometimes have argument for some Issues but their love is strong enough and they are a smart people to find the solutions. No matter what we face and how we act towards it but it shouldn’t affect a person’s trust and love in relationship because it’s so hard to make one and takes a second to destroy it. This was a good story. It’s sad that it takes a long time for people to understand values and life. We as people are so consumed with our own lifestyles and duties we have made for ourselves. 
I miss him more then he could ever know, I often ask Allah why did he have to go? I fell in love and he means so much to me, if he could look into my heart then he could see. I found something so special and it is for real, being without my love is so hard to deal. I'll be here waiting until I can be with you again, because not only are you the love of my life you are also my friend.
I just want to tell you,
I think of you every moment of the day.
And how much I love you,
Words could never even say....

I just want to tell you,
I love you with all my heart.
I wish for us to be together,
Never shall we be apart.

Copyright © Reshad Yahyaie | Year Posted 2013

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Just a Wedding Day

            Just a Wedding Day

Oh, hear the wedding bells peal out to ring
They clang as if they have no heart to sing

The groom arrives, splendoured in tailed suit
A masquerade that shields a thuggish brute

The parents meeting, warmly shaking hands
Judging; which, the most they cannot stand

The lady guests file in with happy strides
Rueing still the day that they were brides

Here comes the bride, beaming down the aisle
When her bouquet is thrown, so is, her smile

Bridesmaids, they all insist, they are steadfast
Best man repeats aunt’s words “It will not last”

With sincerity, the groom, he says, “I do”
Whilst keeping eye on Sandra in the pew

The vicar smiles with joy and yet beneath
That smile, for the pair, he holds a wreath

United, smiling cheese, they are photo’d
The camera clicks at families juxtaposed.

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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The poor

He's poorer, who rapes 
poor apes.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

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Once Upon A Time


I felt bold, placing an Ad in New York's Village Voice; see
I needed a friend, a guide, a conscientious lover of my choice

But as I read and read, one unusual two page letter
Stated that they'd be my slave, and loyal house sitter

That was start and end of that; but meanwhile,
I met a lonely young woman wanting to commit suicide

I showed her warmth, serenity, and rest; then I went to work
Leaving her with view of Hudson River, and lush trees in the park

That summer, I introduced her to her very own cozy space
Next door. Lo and behold, she found and looked like grace

One afternoon, as I hurried to fetch my usual subway train
This once lonely girl stopped to model her gold engagement ring

She stood hand in hand, with a spectacled gentleman I'd seen, so
I simply smiled, said farewell, and played back tapes of old scenes.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Blank Pages

           Blank Pages

I sit alone in my bedroom
Dim as days late afternoon
I’ve took up pen, to you to write
Oh, how I wish I had a light
A bright spark in my mind to fill
The pages you may yet read still
I’m trying hard to explain
I hope you get this letter Jane

To begin I know not where
At blank pages I do stare
In the gloom I see your face
And know that I cannot replace
The moment that did bring on rift
With excuse, expensive gift
I need words, simple, plain
I hope you get this letter Jane

But will the words that do sound right
Come forward like approaching night
From my heart I need to pour
How much you, I still adore
To tell of love that in me burns
And how my being for you yearns
The words won’t glitter in my brain
I hope you get this letter Jane

In brightness of a sunny day
You’d hear the words I try to say
I want you Jane, to be mine
From now until the end of time
Within my ever darkening mind
The words I seek I cannot find
I thought if we could start again
I hope you get this letter Jane

A friend of mine has reported
By another you’ve been courted
Arrangements, they have all been planned
And on the morn, you take his hand
The sun goes down to night falls bid
In darkness all my words are hid
They hide in shadows of my pain
I hope you get this letter Jane

I know that you are not to blame
I’d hoped you’d get this letter….  Jane

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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The heightened sparks of joyful days That cheer us up in many ways, When music raps, as voices drawl Before the morning winds enthrall... For his chime is a faithful song That lifts me up where I belong, Before star's luster mark a name To our talks, our gazes, aflame. Somehow the hints of love unfold Refreshing every breath I hold; So let this nightfall find it’s grace To charm my thoughts with fond embrace... Until a soft surrendering I raise my cheeks and start to fling, That from this moment’s rhapsody Life speaks of a day meant for me. In The Mood For Love For Shadow Hamilton 11/26/2015

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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Under the Christmas Tree

Under the festive Christmas tree
Down there we lie, just you and me

The lights have dimmed, but candles blaze
In tranquil night, my arm you graze

I lie still in this quiet night
Passion shines there, in your eyes bright

Your lips, they warm me with a smile
You let it nestle for a while

The colored lights on our tree blink
How do they know, I'm on the brink?

And then you love me, sweet delight
All else just blurs away from sight

No one to witness this exchange
As your hands play emotion's range

The fire gives that added glow
I am adored, and this I know

This Christmas, love has been reborn
As new vows by our lips are sworn

You touch my hair and plant a kiss
Under the tree, I taste sheer bliss

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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No valentine on Valentine's.
I haven't met one yet.
Each year I wait another
for a person I've not met.
There's nothing I've done wrong:
yet waiting is in vain.
And all that's left is hope
that love's a ball and chain.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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Knife of Silence

You whip out your weapon and wield it with ease
Your silent stiletto sends me to my knees

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2012

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Disdain from a Bull to a Cow

To stay right on one opinion, all must belong deviations and differences no matter how logical, stay wrong. Socializing with others is a forceful and noisy drag integrating is impossible, rather prefer to be an isolated bag. Based on accent, appearances and names to others, these men treat the societal value of some, measured by what they eat. Strong opinions in opposition to reasoning for logic to marvel humanity, one step towards tragedy in life’s endless Novel. A strict brotherhood with an ideology as its drive having a dangerous will to hinder any other’s strive. Human manipulations and disasters to change nature’s stage systematically cutting off the rest to give theirs undue advantage. So much lessons we have to learn from the past yet the exhibition of man’s cruelty still lasts. Evil doers, acting as nature’s sons in disguise making it shocked and look in surprise. All lives are cultivated by God’s tractor yet discrimination and persecution lay on him as the factor. As the Earth becomes smaller, civilization and globalization cope actualizing a world of fine mixture which is our hope.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Loving the Fruit Salad

With a committed one, it is wonderful and decent to chill but you eat the combination of the salad still. Twelve noon is different from nine cos it feels more like the day then longing for midnight all because the sun has gone away. You lie on rocks, sands and then swamps to feel all of earth it is because of you more girls come through birth. Flexible lips and serpent eyes were your weaknesses yesterday charming hips and arrogant breasts take over from them today. Making the decision on one to take that stand and embrace puts fidelity, strength and manliness far from disgrace. You’ve selected that one for you who’s ripe and green but pluck the fruits of different trees everywhere seen. Even a homeless refugee with an amputated knee creates a segment of your taste to make her a nominee. Free flying is this right, fun, decision and liberty to drink life’s wine by using your private property. Such a way of life you continuously employ puts you under loneliness’ trap as a prey not a decoy. Too much sinking makes you carried away by the wave time then slaps to realize no way, another chance can pave.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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On being in trend

He who's today in trend
is a tonight's boy-friend.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2015

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Always pulling rabbits 
From the bottom of my hat,
Always looking forwards,
Never looking back.
Like to keep you laughing,
Laughing through the night,
Keeps our broken hearts at bay,
Hidden from the light.

more of my poems at: http://labyrinthoflies.com

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013