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Couplet Lonely Poems | Couplet Poems About Lonely

These Couplet Lonely poems are examples of Couplet poems about Lonely. These are the best examples of Couplet Lonely poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Singing Blue Blazes

As the snowdrops nod happily when you kissed my soul warmly love
laughing in the cold spring air so stirringly beautiful flutters wings of a dove 
The daffodils yawn awakening to new life or so it seems 
sun beams smile inside a thousand songs sweetly my dream

Birds singing freely dawning tunes deep heartfelt desire  
you are amazing one faraway flame kissing beats on fire

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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I Wish Upon A Star

I wish upon a star tonight to be where you are.
When you passed from this life you left a scar.

I remember kneeling by your bed each night as you slept.
You were sleeping like an angel but did not wake so I wept.

I would love to be where you are even if it would be for just a while.
There is an ache in my heart to see your blue eyes with your smile.

My love and devotion to you has always been forever strong.
I am still here stuck in this life, but I hope it will not be long.

I love you with all my heart and you were my life’s song.
I have missed you so much baby since you have been gone.

I look up to the sky tonight knowing you are far.
I am singing you an old love song with your guitar.

There are tears in my voice crackling as I sing your song.
I love you more, and I hope it's not going to be too long.

Edward J Ebbs - October 17, 2015

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2015

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Is it Just me

Sometimes I don't know, is it just me Why am I standing, when I should be in the trees Sometimes I don't know if it's right for doing wrong It appears that I'm singing a totally different song Sometimes like in my past, is it just me Maybe I'd be happier, back amongst the leaves .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |


A telephone that seldom rings
So many songs I never sing
I open the door, but no ones there
Where are all the people who say they care
The world outside keeps going by
As I look out the window and try not to cry
Where did all the people go?
The ones I love, I miss them so
Long days turn into night
It's oh so lonely till early morning light
If I could only be what I used to be
I know how proud you'd be of me
But only then do I realize
The lord is very very close by
Then as I wipe away a tear from my eye
I hear him say, my child do not cry
And then I'm happy like I used to be
Because I know he's here for me

Copyright © Veronica Aicher | Year Posted 2012

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The Reflection

I stare in the mirror, my tears fall in vain
Can’t see my reflection through the veil of this pain.

Who is this person I struggle to see?
I don’t want to judge her but it’s surely not me.

This stranger I cast looks so tired and weak,
I wish I could help her but I’m frightened to speak.

Cause it’s dark and lonely in this shell where I’m bound
Where once there was laughter, is now void of sound.

and the beauty I knew in just yesterday’s time,
seems gone in an an instant with life’s rythym and rhyme…..

Then GOD he spoke child…What do you mean?
You’re more beautiful than anything that I’ve ever seen!

The reflection you cast it don’t matter to me,
What matters is that you can see what I see.

That your spirit is filled with a breath that is true.
And a beauty so deep that this world can’t undo.

I know that your journey seems to heavy to bear.
But I’ve given you family that love and who care.

So hold on tight through the dips and the turns,
For the ones who believe are the precious who learns.

And wether your journey is to stay here or go,
Please know I love you so much more than you know.

I wish I could tell you the beauty that awaits…
But you will know only, when you see heavens gates.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2012

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Interlude Of The Dark

I watch how your eyes flutter on the brink of waking; and here, as I think in the moon's reflection, I drink in the quiet, my confidence shakes while inviting your touch, and longing your smile to wrap me in warm arms, embracing my solitude; yet, I'm lost in the parchment, the pale of the light, as stars in a multitude comfort me tonight. My lonely heart, confused, reaching out, seeing you, a face bemused with careless abandonment. You are deep in the center of your own universe, asleep and leave me alone with notion that you willingly go... far away to your dreams, to places I cannot know: With each breath, private, and shallow, I'm left, lost, bereft, and hollow without you. This I know.... I envy you, loathe that my slumber forsakes, so I could be with you, in that distant reverie. I hesitate, to wake you, I can't help but wonder, do you stream away on a cloud and with the mistress of your dreams ?
________________________________________ For Suz's Contest:"Let's Be Open" 7/12/13

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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He’d been dead for forty years
But she carried on each day
Got up at eight and dressed
Ate luncheon on a tray

No bride was kissed as well
No groom felt more complete
And one year was their gift
When Fate served them defeat

She should have followed him
But life grabbed her instead
Who is to say what’s better
The living or the dead

Each day as sun drew low
She tossed a glass of wine
Lolled on the white porch swing
And took a dip through time
His shadow found her then
She touched his rugged face
It emphasized the fact
No one would take his place

And though she craved wild nights--
Cold loneliness was cruel--
she lived her life alone
becoming no man's fool.

Victoria Anderson-Throop
12/30/12  ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Lonely in the morning
Sailors take warning, 
Lonely in the night
Sailors delight.

Now if a sailor anyhow encourage,
They can stay there with complete courage.

Copyright © pranay devnath | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |


Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

Copyright © Les Pruitt | Year Posted 2012

Details | Couplet |


No valentine on Valentine's.
I haven't met one yet.
Each year I wait another
for a person I've not met.
There's nothing I've done wrong:
yet waiting is in vain.
And all that's left is hope
that love's a ball and chain.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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Independent But Sometimes Lonely

I know in my heart that I have 
more than most
And so maybe have no right to 
But lately it seems I am talking 
to ghosts 
While watching the same 
shows again and again. 

I have a good job, nice friends, 
my own home
So don't worry I am not  in 
I made the decision to be in 
my own
But sometimes it would be nice 
to share. 

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

Street Kids

icy sidewalks so cold they creak
as children stand with freezing feet
a warm place tonight they must seek
the sun falls down to a night so bleak

broken spirits living on the street
no protection from ones they meet
fires glow and music heard within
the comfort of homes of well fed kin

strangers walk by ignoring their plight
there came an angel, a halo of light
beckoning them to enter her warm lair
they slept in peace upon golden hair

a guardian of love and renewed hope
helping small ones try hard to cope
how loudly these small hearts can beat
if only we help take them off the street

Copyright © Betty Bateson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Living in the dark

                                        When the lights go out.

                         When the lights go out, desperation creeps in
                     Where am I, where am I going, where have I been?

                         When the lights go out, disorientation steps in
                       confidence wanes, confusion takes over it's victim.

                         In the pitch black darkness, depression sets in
                       knowing lights are off forever, future looking dim.

                  Living in the dark, is not easy, but the blind live this way
                seeing the dark side of life, their normal is our blackest day.

              For those with sight, we enjoy the beautiful colours in daylight
                    but the blind see no colour, only darkness of the night.

             They need our compassion, they feel lost, feel lonely and scared
              forsaken by the world, abandoned by friends, like no-one cares.

             Next time the lights go out on you, and it happens unexpectedly
            imagine how you would feel, living in the darkness  permanently.

John Derek Hamilton
December 23,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Lonely Rose Called Lene

Such smile so rare that fascinates me; 
Bestowed in the angel, not so long, I've known. 
Like a lightning that strikes in the middle of the day, 
In my heart I, quickly, built a home of her own. 
An angel I've known not from a friend or a dream, 
Who has teased me so gently to put-off my heartaches and pains. 
She just befell in my solitude as I try to rebirth. 
And helped me forget the troubles and the things that I hate. 

How I love to hold her and offer her a throne 
For to me she is regal and deserves to be crowned. 
Before I could do it she has transformed to a form, 
The angel is now a flower before the break of the dawn. 

Behold! A contest erupts among the bees in the field, 
To hover upon this new flower the sunrise revealed. 
I could only sigh to the heavens to send a rare summer rain 
To nourish and sustain this lonely rose called Lene. 

Time & Date Written: 
10:04pm - 10:33pm, 
February 17, 2008 

Dedicated to: A.T. whom I had the chance to chat in the net 
when I was in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. The poem is written just 
for you, my special friend, whether we've only known each 
other through the net or by subconscious circumstances. 
And when age wrinkles your lovely face, you can always claim 
that once upon a time an obscure poet had purposely written a 
poem just for you. 

It was a one-time conversation(February 10, 2008) but her story 
struck me to the bones that I vowed responsibility to protect her, 
anyhow, if ever I will have the chance to meet her personally. 
The above poem is written on imaginary impression of her that 
if she ever deferred her dark plans and have the chance to remember me, 
and read what I wrote, she will know that to me or perhaps to other 
people she is special, desirable, and deserving of a happy life too.

Copyright © Jecon B. Nadela | Year Posted 2013

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Soldier Eternal

Soldier eternal
Silently he watches the ships enter the docks
Silhoutted against the steel gray skies, the icy waters dash against the rocks.
Reverently his head bows for those who now rest
Solemnly, he salutes, the heart of a hero, beneath his chest.
Finally he reaches for the standard issue gun
Feet snap together, body poised, his duty is again begun.
He offers thanks to those who have fallen long ago
His departing steps are deliberate, steady and slow.
He knows his place is to help those who are in need of his care
Of the burdens of unfinished business, danger, and the task, he will share.
To protect God, Country and Family to his dying day,
Proudly, he will accept and endure the challenge, not wanting life, any other way.

Copyright © Michelle Morningstar | Year Posted 2016

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Independent But Lonely

I know in my heart that I have 
more than most
And so maybe have no right to 
But lately it seems I am talking 
to ghosts 
While watching the same 
shows again and again. 

I have a good job, nice friends, 
my own home
So don't worry I am not  in 
I made the decision to be in 
my own
But sometimes it would be nice 
to share. 

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

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Lonely Bench

I remember the day
When I walked away
Not even saying goodbye
Just leaving you with a lie

When our kiss was French
And we were at that bench
Sitting under that tree
It happened so magically

But my heart started racing because of the heat
Unfortunately so did me feet
Now it feels like my heart was hit by a wrench
As I sit here thinking of you, on this lonely bench

Copyright © Julie Alcin | Year Posted 2013

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My Escort is gone

Days are long and nights are short.
To last through time I will need an escort.
But yesterday I heard the news
my escort is gone, to heaven he flew.

I saw the feathers from his wings fell
in the lonely nights did time love to dwell.
Even so, I still need him nevertheless 
though I know he's there, giving me his bless.

It's easy to walk with a pair of legs,
to fly with wings, not some wooden pegs.
The flesh was raw but now it has rot
with attempts to untangle this strangled knot.

I am in pain, in severe pain
and all this sadness do I wish to feign.
But he is gone, everything is gone.
Hopefully I'll live to see the upcoming dawn.

Copyright © Celine Tran | Year Posted 2012

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Time is most fleeting
And pleasure fading

Space is less yielding
And less convincing

Life is more precious
When one feels anxious

So swift the passage
Abrupt end message

Each soul comes alone
Then life leaves dead bones

Each life a moment
An unknown fragment

So live with sure poise
Let joy find your voice

Touch each face you meet
Style kind words discrete

Do make a clear choice
To love and rejoice

Know that death will steal
All beyond appeal

Leon Enriquez
28 January 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Shadows Of Me

It's been some time ago I sat alone
Watching mountains swallow a setting sun

Realizing my shadow had joined me there on the wall
I visited my vision before night could fall

Up, was how I was wearing my hair
Empty arms reached for no one there

Dark shadows hid the tears in my eyes
Deep green and sleepy from a day filled with lies

The image appeared startled as I arose
Turning to observe the shape of my nose

As my hand reached toward the last bits of day
Shadow followed me all the way

I force a smile believing God hears me now
Joining in prayer, me and my shadow bow

I wonder when comes end of day
Will my shadow vision stay

For I felt so, not so all alone
When shadow joined me with setting sun

Today is gone, tomorrow we'll see
If my, where my, shadow finds me

©Donna Jones

Copyright © Donna Jones | Year Posted 2013

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There was a girl that no-one knew her name
Everybody took for a silly little game

Every day she was crying
Every day she was lying

Until one day, she found a place to hide
And then she tried to commit suicide

But she was saved by someone very nice
But then tried to do it twice

But the second time she was afraid to do it again
So she started to get rid of her hate and pain

After a few days, she was strong and happy
That girl was I and my name is Julie

Now she doesn’t forget her powerful beauty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lives every day knowing that she’s lovely

Not worrying about what people say                                                                                                                   For great things were made from muddiest clay

Holds in her heart her power which is love                                                                                                         For she was made from the Creator above

She doesn’t try to be somebody that you’re not                                                                                                                  She learned to be content and appreciate what you’ve got

She doesn’t forget whom she’s meant to be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Never giving up she stays as bold as the sea

Copyright © Julie Alcin | Year Posted 2013

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You are my QUEEN

Before I met you, my life was autumn leaf, Shadows followed me, my life was in grief, Withered and wasted without your love, You came in my life, blessing from above. In the story of my life, you are my queen, So never leave me, lovely my life has been. Our days are few, time went away and flew, I know how lonely life can be without you, I no longer steer in my old memory lanes, They bring emotional pain, drive me insane. In the story of my life, you are my queen, So never leave me, lovely my life has been. April 18, 2016. Poem relates to the song: And I love you so by Perry Como Two sentences used from the song: 1) Shadows followed me 2) I know how lonely life can be Gren's Evergreens (Golden Oldies) # 1 - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Teppo Gren Enter the CONTEST NO 202 any form/any theme Sponsored by: Brian Strand

Copyright © Meenakshi Raina | Year Posted 2016

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Go Go Girl

Pretty girl dancing on stage with an edge.
Hiding softness with cold eyes that look dead.

Costumes and glitter a mans fantasy.
Not the person she thought one day she'd be.

Daddy's little girl that was yesterday.
Today she's Lost in the rolls that she plays.

She looks in the eyes of the men as they stare.
Dancing and giarating swinging her hair.

Feeling the beat as she moves to the song.
Trying to believe she's doing nothing wrong.

Hoots and hollers they say take it all off.
Dirty old man at the front with a cough.

Dancing for money she has bigger dreams.
At home all alone her tears fall in streams.

A few more months maybe another year
Yet look at these girls that are still dancing here

Lies so convincing one day they will stop
Pouring out dreams never reaching the top


Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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A run-down barn nestled among low and gentle hills,

it adds natural charm to a breathtaking landscape.

On sunny mornings, it adorns itself with sunrays,

making the screeching ravens flee to a shady spot.

Its paint is peeling off due to an abandoned state,

it once echoed with the constant moos of cattle.

It can almost hear the tractors heading for the harvest,

emitting fumes to disperse the wildflowers' strong aroma.

Mockingbirds are too annoyed to welcome another crisp morning

with their thrilling notes that can make the radiant air so festive.     

Cowboys riding on fast horses gave life to these fileds, once tallgrass prairies...

even they have left these lands where buffalos, elks and coyotes freely roamed.  

Driving back home, dusk changes the color of fields, clouds, hills and sky...

shadows invade the lonely barn on Greenpoint Road followed by many stars.   

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |

Mr Lonely

Nobody is around me,
The figure heard is inside to be,
My heart feels cold,
Looking around feeling bought, or sold.
Characters seeking the way,
On the bench I watch as they play.

No heart to feel love,
Each who opens I choose to shove,
Shove out of anything to do with me,
Feeling as if there's no more to see.
I'm lonely in a world so defined,
Defined with labels; I'm not intertwined,

Hurt from one can last,
Now I can go with out people; I fast.
They talk up the pace of the rhythm as they do,
Although I'm lonely; I do have a clue.
Quiet lurks around every bend,
When will my voice speak out the thoughts I send?
A sponge I hold as my mind,
To take in each thing I find.
Looking over my shoulder,
Keeping my head up to those colder.
The loneliness is a box of space,
Filled up with each and every face.
You're not judged by my naked eye,
I'm a lonely one; the one who is shy.

The number one is first on the chart,
Giving this three letter word a head start.
One day I won't be so lonely I pray,
But Mr. Lonely I'll be until that day.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2012

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Hidden from view her dulcet voice rings out
carrying her dreams across the ocean with no doubt

She knows one day she will find him as she sings of love 
as she swims the ocean she is met by a white dove

A letter it holds in its beak from a mortal man
her voice has enthralled him, although it carries a ban

Curious she swims to the beach where he is sat
only once there she finds him a bit too fat

Sighing she continues her lonely search
a voice rings out calling her to a rocky arch

There she espies the merman from her dream
together at long last, they swim now as a team

At long last she is no longer alone, to him she is now bound
together their songs sing out filling the ocean with magical sound

written 05/30/2014
contest Mermaids

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Fire in the Soul

There are no juicy apples here,
No scones with jam and cream,
No lazy weekday rendezvous,
No love to reign supreme.
Alone she turns to face the storm,
Though she wants to run and hide,
From the realties she's faced with,
She said she's ok, but she lied.
Security has melted away,
And replaced itself with dread,
Strategies have made her weak,
No more plotting in her head.
It's time to pull the pin on it,
And see if the **** explodes,
She can no longer walk with this on her back,
It's such a heavy load.
She's not one who likes to whine and moan
She seeks to understand
But sometimes life seems easier
When someone can hold your hand.

Copyright © Ruby Honeytip | Year Posted 2013

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Lonely Love

Copyright © Sharon Priya Ramachandran | Year Posted 2012

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The Lonely Rose

One rose only lies alone,
Beneath the earth and a cold gray stone.

Taken from love's enduring sight,
To shine no more her beauty, bright.

No more to blossom in love's light,
left to wither in the black of night. 

Vengeful Gods have placed her there,
to serve their dream of life's despair.

Without regard, and no regret,
they wield their power, then forget. 

written   10.23.2016

Copyright © Francis J Grasso | Year Posted 2016