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Our sweet dog Holly lies under our tree
She is wagging her tail so gleefully,

Knocking about the light Christmas tree balls.
She becomes quite shocked as one of them falls.

Holly thinks her gifts are ribbons and bows
She chews them and hides them, where?, no one knows.

Holly loves to romp in fresh fallen snow.
Her happy dark eyes just twinkle and glow.

Her cute black face is covered like frosting
While chasing a rabbit she's accosting .

She has a good canine friend named Jessie.
Holly and Jesse's paws get quite messy.

After their long frisky walk in the park
Holly gets tired from her Christmas lark.

When dinner completes her desire,
She loves to keep cozy by our log fire.

Holly is content with pats on her head,
Then snuggles to sleep at foot of my bed.


Christmas Story Contest
Sponsor Eve Roper

*This is a tribute to a very good friend's two dogs,
Holly and Jessie, who reside in England.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

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Thea, grandfather Alferd's dog died, she was so old and sick
Now is Thea on the moon, says Adrian who is six

Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly and abruptly
He is on the moon and plays with Thea, says Adrian who is a big fan

Betzy, grandfather Arild's dog died, she was also old and sick
Now Betzy is also on the moon with Thea and Michael Jackson and play all day

Great Grandmother died so unexpectedly and abruptly
Adrian who is six had difficulty understanding

Adrian who is six cried many tears for Great Grandmother
but comforted himself with the fact that she is sitting on the moon and
makes waffles to Thea, Michael Jackson and Betzy

A-L Andresen :)  - A true story -
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

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We let down the top to soak in the sun
Now that the harshness of winter is done

As you let back the seat and put your feet on the dash
Saying, “keep your eyes on the road I don’t want to crash”

I truly must admit that I’m torn completely in two 
The coast has its beauty, then again so do you

As the beauty of the Sun is absorbed by your skin
Like a kid at the candy store I simply want to dig in

If life is a candy store sweetheart you are the treat
All the other candy I tasted, never tasted so sweet

The reason I love summer is because of the heat
The skimpier the bikini, the greater the treat 

I can’t begin to express how wonderful you are
Saying, “hey take a look at her I’ll steer the car”

At first I truly had no idea what I should say?
Though now it’s, “ok sweetheart, have it your way”

I think that is because you know these words are true
I may take look at her but I shall forever belong to you

Summer is a time that is as bright as the sun
Out goes the cold as it’s replaced by the fun

We have our barbecues and sit under the stars
Let down the tops and go for rides in our cars

Go tend to our gardens in farmer John clothes
Truly amazed at how fast everything grows

Go hang out at the river as well as the lake
Cover ourselves in oil than let our skin bake

Embrace the moments because these words are true
The days last much longer and the sky is so blue

The dog days of summer I reckon that’s so
We bark and howl at folk we don’t even know

If life is banquet then summer is the feast
I think we should gobble it up, to say the least

Written for john's Summer contest.

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009

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When I walk, my chest nearly touches the floor
With tail wagging madly I know I can score.

The judges look at my teeth and nails
I give that steely look that never fails.

My coat is brushed to a high sheen
I am the proudest dog you have ever seen.

Bred to scent, chase and flush out
Rabbits and badgers, with my long snout.

I might be small but a tough customer
Lion hearted  to defend  my master.
So don’t look at size look at content
Judges chose me to win the old codgers contest

With rosette on my collar, nearly as big as my head
I walk around the show arena, thinking, where’s my bed.

Gone are the days when out in the fields I would run
Now I would rather lie in the garden and soak up the sun 

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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The Day The Dog Died

The very day her dog had died ;
she sat alone and cried and cried.

He'd been her companion for many a day ;
she thought he'd be there when SHE went away.

She wept and wept all through the night ;
somehow, her husband would make it all right.

They got in the car and went to the pound ;
she, so discouraged, just looked at the ground.

"Pick out another", her old husband said ;
"You have to face it, your boy dog is dead."

Then the old lady walked slowly outside ;
tears rolled down her face, she wanted to hide.

Up rambled an old dog, a female was she ;
crawled into their car, as bold as could be.

The dog sat patiently waiting there ;
not moving a muscle, going nowhere.

"She just picked us out !", the old lady cried ;
"I thought I'd have no friend till' the day I died."

Now both the old girls sit in a chair;
discussing the world and going nowhere.

That little dog had a very sad past ;
now, she has someone to love her, at last.

She's given the dog a name, Dee Dee,
she listens intently, her chin on Mom's knee.

They pass the long hours being together;
in rain or snow, through all kinds of weather.

So, if this is a  "dog's life", lucky is she;
there's just not a  better place to be.

Perhaps they will leave on the very same day,
for, to each, there is no other possible way.

I think of them often....they'r gone from this earth;
I'm nearing her age and I  not nearly her worth.

Although. three little dogs sit on my bed;
listening and playing and tilting their heads,
at each and everything I say;
like it was important in some sort of way.

I understand the importance of each little creature ;
to someone, somewhere, for they are the teachers.

Copyright © Gail Blakeley | Year Posted 2010

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                   THE MUSHERS RIDE OUT

              Air colder than the heart of death
              Surrounds the champion teams
              And crystals dance twixt every breath
              To paint this Arctic dream
              Critics who think these dogs coerced
              To run in mighty races
              Need only bask upon the sight
              Of eager canine faces                                                                                   
              Commands are sharp , mistakes are few
              The lead dog thinks for all                                             
              And like a whisper wrapped in wind
              He hears the mushers call
              No whips or sticks strike dogs who lead
              It’s months and years together
              The musher and his dog who leads
              Are minds that think together
              As mushers wait and dogs stand tall
             All eager to be gone
             The darkness lurks beyond the lights
             And in a shot they’re gone
             Well-wishers line the barren streets
             Where winds are arctic whips
             While satellites will flash the sight
             From warmth the newsmen quip—
             Fools of Tourists dressed all wrong
             will scoff at cold life dangers
             These careless tourists wander off
             At risk to rescue rangers        

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Call me whatever to suit your moods
Lay me out with cuss words, “give me the goods”

Scandalize my name every place you go
“It’s a dog eat dog world” but I hate that flow

So scatter your venom to the four winds of earth 
Burn the night oil you may hang in dirt

While hours creep I lie comfortable in my bed
Dead to this world, I fall asleep, well fed

Like a kid after a long, hot day in the pool
In “the dog days of summer”, keeping cool

Each day with a clean heart, I go on my way
Often, “happy as a flea in a dog house”, I stay!

My preference sometimes is to “let sleeping dogs lie”
As this is one baggage, I will not carry ‘til I die

No lasting affect do your words have on me
Wishing you and yours only the best, you see

I know who I am, and keep malice at bay
Fervently I believe that “ every dog has its day”

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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I met a man on the internet, but he’s not for me to date
He seems ok because he has a dog he loves, so I think I am too late.

The dog was given a name of notable English fame
He used to live on 221b Baker Street and Sherlock was his name.

Poor Sherlock has sore eyes, so they sent him to Dr Bart
He had to have a lid lift to keep the lids apart.

Poor Sherlock is now home and feeling very sad
A cone around his head, he wants to sleep with mum and dad.

Sherlock is a bloodhound, not the smallest dog
He sleeps with mum and dad and daddy writes his blog.

Dad has found a use for Sherlock with his cone around his head
He places him in the garden for free satellite instead.

Get Well Soon Sherlock

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2011

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The neighbours went off on their yearly vacation,
Off to visit some foreign nation.
Leaving me keys and a list a mile long, 
To watch their pets. What could go wrong?

The rottweiler is a gentle soul
As long as there's always food in her bowl.
The trick is filling it as quick as can be,
So you need to be fast, faster than me.

The birds take pride in emptying their dishes
All over the floor, and then there's the fishes.
So there's food and water and then food again,
Making sure there's enough to last until when

The next day begins and we start it anew.
I'm told there's a cat. Really! Who knew?
If there is , it certainly keeps itself hid.
It's like playing hide and seek with some little kid.

Walking the dog has become quite a chore.
She sees the leash and runs for the door.
After being dragged two miles the walk finally starts.
The dog is immense, she should be pulling carts.

Back to the house and the hide and seek game.
If there is a cat, it doesn't come to it's name.
The birds are now staring at their seeds on the floor.
I refuse to refill the dishes as I head to the door.

So this daily ritual will last  another week
And I'll keep trying to win the game of hide and seek.
Thank goodness their vacation only comes once a year.
After watching the pets ....I could sure use a beer.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

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"This is mine, and this is mine, and so is this,"
Says my unfixed dog, Willy, on all he does piss.

Copyright © Brendan J. Simons | Year Posted 2017

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So I fell madly in love, who can complain?
My sheep lassie was after all no plain Jane.
I know I've lived a life of a runaway,
How I wished to court her but what could I say?

So I applied for the job, herding sheep blocks
Well-knowing she was there caring for her flocks.
To my surprise accepted was I although
It was going to take me a week or so

To learn the fine art that lassie knew so well
Before the strict shepherd would send me to hell!
My fault I suppose since I was much too shy,
To ask her how but I decided to try.

There I was trapped in the middle of the strife.
What trouble it was just to get a fine wife.
For in the middle of idiotic sheep 
All pushing and wonder how I got to keep

My poor head above those smelly woollen brutes.
A good rock I found among the hoots and toots,
And from up there I learned how all things be done
So soon enough lassie I finally won.

13 January 2018

Picture 3

There is a Brighter Side Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: Eve Roper 

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2018

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She is the eclectic cat lady
Pretty in pink wearing a daisy
You be the judge I think she's crazy
Bobby sock chic her scarf's paisley

One big duffle with many cats inside
she will show them off with the utmost pride
In the bag you can hear them collide
Still they never stray far from her side

When the bag opens it's quite a scene
To my great surprise she has thirteen
Her favorite one his name is Dean
the smallest cat she calls Jelly Bean

As for me I am more of a dog guy
If you smelled her cats you would know why
When the cats see my dogs they sure jump high
Boy oh boy does the fur ever fly

I am the friendly dog loving fellow
My dogs love the sound of my Cello
They sing along while dressed in Yellow
Cat lady smiles while feeding us jello.

For Line Gauthier's "Crazy Cat Lady" Contest. January 2, 2018.

My first poem of the new year.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2018

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.     *DOGGY  STYLE*

Tonight! Tonight! I must display.
About my man's doggy style way.

Once he comes home he acts like I'm his "DOGGY BAG."
"It’s DOGGING ME!" The way he starts to nag.

He came from the bar with his "DOG BREATH!"
Calling me by the name of Beth.

When he settles down he starts acting like he's the "TOP DOG!"
"DOGGONE IT!" doesn't he know I'm adding this bone to my blog.

Now he's drunk acting "MEAN LIKE a JUNK YARD DOG!"
I taunt him by calling him a pig and a hog.

We "FIGHT LIKE CATS and DOGS," this really must be love?
"It's a DOG eat DOG WORLD" when push comes to shove!

Once again he will sleep "IN THE DOG HOUSE!"
This time for ripping my favorite blouse.

I wish he was a real dog, he needs to be neutered and fixed.

I think I will laugh and kiss him good night.

By morning he will be "SICK AS A DOG" and scary like a mouse.
I'm still waiting to be "Happy as a FLEA in a DOG HOUSE!"

"HE IS NOTHING BUT A HOUND DOG" thinking it's doggy style all the time!
In his rabies case his desires keeps getting worse than slobber and slime.

.Should I tell my man that his actions are  what I call humans love torch?
 With the reaction "IF you can’t run with the BIG DOG's PUPPY, STAY on the porch!"

By; smiles

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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What is it about dogs that make us love them so
I suspect a life without them is not the full show

Dogs are there for us, whenever we need
Without judgment, or intent to mislead

Their lives seem so simple, no stress, or strident demands
Eating, sleeping, playing, waiting simply to obey our commands

Even when times seem most intense
Just watching a dog sleep can help make some sense

Of things that are important, and those that are not
When dogs are up and alerted, that’s when one should possibly be fraught

What do you think gives them their sometimes fitful dreams?
I’ve often wondered, what is a dog extreme?

Maybe they worry for us, and that’s what frightens them so
Or it may just be a chase that was prematurely let go

Their lives can provide perspective on what really matters
Unconditional friendship and love that doesn’t leave one in tatters 

If you’re looking for solace, some piece of mind
Look no further than a dog, a companion so inclined

Max, Woody, Huck, Bodie, Boomer and Jake
All wonderful companions through life and some heartache

I wouldn’t change a thing, grateful they were part of our being
Their memory sustains us when we’re having trouble seeing

So I suggest, a life without dogs is less than it should be
Maybe think about a faithful companion, and see what it could be

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2009

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Your personality is strong, in a perfect harmony
When I look into your eyes I see your soul

You softly brought your love to me
My sweet little girl Amy ~ I can never own you

You are a jewel of all gems and the greatest treasure of all
When the night is full of stars ~ I am sending you a sweet kiss

No poet can paint shades of blue
without tears in their eyes ~ believe me

Nameless winds will come and go, but I will never forget you
Sorry, my tears fall as warm rain

- Meet her baby brother:  - ARLO -       posted 09/29/2016 :)
-                        sister :    - AYLA -        posted 10/16/2016 :)
-                        brother: - ALVIN-        posted 10/18/2016 :)
-                        sister :  - AMANDA-     posted 10/19/2016 :)
-                        sister :    - ASTA -        posted 10/20/2016 :)
-                        sister :    - AMY -         posted 10/22/2016 :)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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My little dachshund is such a pest,
   when I'm writing he just won't rest.
He grabs the ball and comes sashaying in
   trying to gain my attentions solely on him.
I resist at first, determined to continue writing
   but his persistence is quite inspiring.
Once or twice is never enough, 
  he's a little dog hidden in the rough.
Before I throw the ball he is away
  standing, holding, waiting for the play.
I raise my arm and point to left then to right
  but he knows this game and holds steady in spite.
My little friend is wise beyond his years
  and there he goes running to my cheers.
He returns with satisfaction, holding tight the ball
   knowing at some point Ill say "That's all."
I can't resist that tiny face
  and in the yard we each take our place.
We play our games, applauding each new feat
  then go inside for a special treat.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2015

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The dog was driving fast when the light turned green
and drove as if the red was a light between.
He was in a terrible hurry for a party in a tree.
It was just about ten minutes on his clock that he could see.
He pulled up to a maple that had branches speading wide
and hanging from the first one was a poodle he had spied.
He asked him many questions to find others who were friends
and thanked him for his help as they spoke to greater ends.
He went up in the tree on an old rope ladder
and almost fell back down to a poor weak bladder.
When high attop the tree he could see quite far.
All his friends were partying hardy just above his car.
He was offered several drinks all with straws bright pink
and sipped them very slowly as the music made him think.
He talked with many friends as he shared a joke
and walked around on branches careful not to fall and croak.
As he watched the sun fall down and it got quite late
He remembered his long drive and his homeward fate.
So he said his many thank you's and goodbyes quite late
and headed for his car putting down his plate.
It wasn't very long till he reached his home
while remembering the day as his longest roam.
As he set his tiny clock to get up the next day
he knew it wouldn't be as the one today.


Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2009

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Hark! Hark! The pesky dog doth bark,

   And deposits indiscretions in the park!

      Perhaps doggie wouldn't be such a klutz,

         If masters would learn to mind their mutts!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Using a ton of poetic license, this write is based on an old nursery rhyme!

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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People were given a gift called speech
Most of the time they have nothing to teach

Dogs on the other hand can roll their eyes
They say more with wags and cries

Often people's unending words don't  matter
It might be better if people would bark and dogs chatter

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2014

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   Who would have guessed/ the love carried for a beagle no less

   Lily howling at the moon/ with ears long as her toes our coon

   she gave birth to Bambi with no tail/ jack a be , 3 yrs later she is ours still

   no describing the love for our girls / dressed in pink shirts and curly frills

   the girls don't like when we leave home / they show us for leaving them alone

   the pillows torn and howling non stop / we love our girly beagles until we drop

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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(New story about Otis)

There's a window over there 
And a man sits in an easy chair 

Warmth radiates from the comfortable scene 
But outside there's s snow storm quite mean

Ice hangs in patches from branches and fences 
Against such weather there are no defenses

But on close inspection one would notice
Under the man's window a small dog 
named Otis

Not allowed in the warm house the man has a 
rule about that
Why would a man do such a thing to a pet 

Otis, quite a small dog to meet a cruel end
Expired from cold but dog house sign did amend

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2015

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People were given a gift called speech
Most of the time they have nothing to teach

Dogs on the other hand can roll their eyes
They say more with wags and cries

Often people's unending words don't  matter
It might be better if people would bark and dogs chatter

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Tall Tales In Short Form Contest Sponsor: Casarah Nance A flying chubby dog indeed, is my Mugsy the pug, with stubby little legs always acting so smug. He grew wings about a week after he was born, by the breeder, how come we weren’t warned? Last week he ran away chasing Rocky the Irish Setter, my chubby little dog should've known better! He spread his pug wings over Rocky and he pees, "I swear, my Mugsy has small-man’s disease!" Tough as a board, but scared as a tiny tot, he barks and Rocky screams, “YOU’RE ANNOYING, STOP!” Mugsy lands on Rocky’s grass and tears it to shreds, for his owner just laid sod, “OH MUGSY YOU’RE DEAD!” Mischievous and naughty he laughs in Rocky’s face, I asked him where he was, “mom I was flying out in space!” He’s a brave daredevil when crossing the street, “oh my word Mugsy, you don't deserve a treat!" ~Date Written: May 5, 2016~

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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[I wrote this one when I was a school boy - it's my stab at the shortest poem in the world ever]

Copyright © David Sollis | Year Posted 2013

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(A dog's story)
We sit by the window looking in
The rain has soaked us to our skin

We've not much fur and very cold are we
But they look past us seeming not to see

We are their family they sometimes say
Do families treat other members this way?

If they were asked to sit in the rain
They would say "that's completely insane"

They believe animals don't belong indoors
Our paws it seems cause a mess on their floors

Food and grime is on their floor is it not?
But it is spread by their wandering tot

It seems they are victims of falsehood and myth 
Holding that animals lives are not of much worth

Why do they think such things to be true 
Do we not have red blood and beating hearts too?

All that we ask is their love and affection 
There's danger for small souls who need protection 

If they should invite us to go inside
We'd show our pleasure and kitty would hide

They'd have newsprint for my wet feet
I would look but since I can't read
I'd give my thanks and upon it  I'd pee

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Recently went on a rainy walk
Wasn't my idea voted a fireside talk
Now the rain has turned to snow
Does that stop him - no ready to go
He's got the boots and other gear
My feet are bare will be frozen I fear
Home's a welcome sight at the end
I'm sure I can see it round the bend
Dogs get blamed for feet with mire 
Won't be my feet bringing the ire
If I get left on newspaper again
Then I'll know I just can't win
One more message I will leave
Dog was here and on this paper peed


Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Gazing into her sweet face
No one could deny love at first sight

Amanda fits her name perfectly
Biggest and strongest of all her six siblings

She is ready to dance until dawn's early light
With glowing eyes and a happy heart

If she had wings ~ she would fly (but, her butt is too thick :)
I will not sleep, will not close one eye until I know you're safe

You will find new friends wherever you are
Grateful to be set free, I offer you a wish

So until we meet again
Goodbye my sweet four-legged friend

- Meet her baby brother: - ARLO -   posted 09/29/2016 :)
-                          sister : - AYLA -    posted 10/16/2016 :)
-                        brother: - ALVIN-   posted 10/18/2016 :)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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One of six siblings
Life is bound together with silk ribbons

You came into the world, so tiny and so small
The sun shown brightly through fluffy clouds

At night when asleep the angels sing quiet
As you grows a little day by day, by soft diet

Your movement is so elegant on four legs
You really infused happiness in life

Five of your siblings must say goodbye
I tell myself to be strong, not cry

- Meet her baby brother: - ARLO - posted 09/29/2016 :)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Talking can lead to fights and stuff
To know someone just sniff their butt

June 9th, 2013

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Woke up this morning all forlorn
Piles of dog poop lie on my lawn

I’d love to find the offending mutt
Give his owner a cork for its butt!

Dog poop is a disgusting mess
It gets everywhere I must confess

Come on dog owners make me happy
Put your pooch in a doggy nappy

Notices say 'clean up dog poop' - 
All you need is a poop-a-scoop

Or simply carry a plastic bag …
If I see YOUR dog poohing – I will nag

Just clear up the offensive doggy doo - 
It’s not a difficult thing to do!

Contest – Everyone Poops – Roy Jerden

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015