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Our Christmas Eve Dinner

'Twas our Christmas Eve dinner; we all had sat down at the table to eat. Grandma couldn’t be found! We children were fussing; Dad rose to his feet. shouting, “Where are you, Ma? We’re ready to eat!” When from the next room we heard such a noise Jenny squealed, “Santa Claus must have brought toys!” We then heard a sound like a whimpering pup saying, “Help. I’ve fallen and cannot get up.” Grandpa jumped up and then rushed to the door that led to the bathroom. There on the floor lay our poor grandma, eyes widened in fear, looking like she’d got run over by reindeer! The dresser had fallen. It had her pinned down. Grandma was wildly flailing around. More swiftly than Rudolph, we did all we were able. We unpinned her. Then Mom yelled, “Back to the table!” Back to the dining room all we kids came As our mom started to call us by name. “Davy, Mel, Jenny, Angie, Marie. . . Get back here now. I’m counting to three!” Like animals not having eaten all day, stuck in a cage without getting their way, we sat at that table our bellies all growling, and Davy, the baby, by now was howling. And then finally what did appear? Dad with our grandpa and grandma so dear! Supported by both our grandpa and dad, Grandma was flushed and looking quite bad. She was dressed in a housecoat trimmed in white lace and a big purple bruise had now formed on her face. Mom pulled out a chair helping Grandma to sit, and then our dad bellowed, “OK, have at it!” Our mouths how they watered to see the large ham. “And that isn’t all,” said Mom, “I made lamb!” Her small pretty mouth was turned up in a grin, “The food’s getting cold now. Children, dig in.” Our dad how he laughed as he poured lots of gravy onto his potatoes and kidded with Davy. And Grandma sat smiling despite her great fall while Grandpa gulped spiked nog, not talking at all. With eyes that seemed bigger than my own belly, I dished out big spoonfuls of cranberry jelly. Mom winked and I knew I had nothing to dread. Her pleasure was in us all being well fed. I went straight to work at stuffing my face when suddenly Mom said, “We didn’t say grace!” We closed our eyes listening to our dad’s prayer. I peeked but was met by my mom’s warning stare! Dad finished the prayer with a hearty Amen. Then we were all grabbing Mom’s fixings again. When the food had all vanished and our stomachs hurt, we heard Dad exclaim, “So what’s for dessert?” For the Children's Christmas or Holiday Tale - Poetry Contest of Carol Eastman

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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This year we will remember Happier times in past months of December This year we will certainly see A massive void where you used to be This year we will sit and stare At that forlorn and empty chair This year we will sit and reminisce You are not here for us to hug and kiss This year we will definitely see No gift for you under the Christmas tree This year we will shed a tear For dad as you are no longer here This year we will raise a toast To our dad who we loved the most This year will be so difficult for us all It was the year the Lord did my father call 01~07~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Sparkling snowflakes were falling around Making a thick blanket on the ground The lights on the Christmas trees Twinkling brightly in the breeze Carol singers sang a Christmas song People around joined in the throng Their lanterns casting a golden glow Their shadows dancing in the snow Two excited children were ready for bed Having left food for the reindeer's and Santa to be fed They’d left their stocking by the tree Their eager eyes sparkled with glee Hoping the stockings would be filled with gifts and toys They put in their letter they’d been good girls and boys Tommy had asked Santa for a shiny new bike The red one in the shop was the one he would like Ella asked for a new doll and a pram that was white The thought of it made her eyes shine with delight They sleepily climbed the stairs to their room Through the curtains they saw the light of the moon Soon they both were fast asleep They slept so soundly there was not a peep In the morning they bounced out of bed Wondering if Santa and the reindeer's had been fed Bits of straw and carrot peel lay on the hall floor Their mouths dropped open in wonder and awe The living room door was slightly ajar Santa has visited on his trip from afar Their stockings bulged with gifts and toys Santa had kept his promise to these good girls and boys 11~23~14

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Christmas Eve of Old

In harmony that the angels hear
Sweet music of a Midnight Clear
With reverent voices, in joyful mode
A sacred song of long ago
A velvet night while stars appear
Old carols sung on captured ear
Around a piano, where candles glow
Outside the air, with breath of snow
A fireside, where flames enchant
Old memories, from lips recant
'Neath mistletoe, two lovers kiss
A soul renewed, a spirit lifts
Some lift their glass to make a toast
While others sing of Heavenly Host
Beneath a tree, the children guess
Then off to bed, with kisses blessed
In harmony that the angels hear
Sweet music about a Midnight Clear

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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Christmas Dinner

A Christmas dinner that can’t be beat
Here is the menu of what we’ll eat

Mashed potatoes whipped smooth and fluffy
Green bean casserole; nice and crunchy

Pickles and olives on a perfect relish tray
Cranberry delight that’s been chilling all day

Sweet potatoes such tasty treats
Hot rolls steaming both white and wheat

Homemade honey butter and strawberry jam
A gorgeous honey glazed Christmas ham

Turkey and noodles are piping hot
A fuzzy naval salad; I almost forgot 

A slow roasted turkey golden brown
And broccoli rice casserole; pass it around
For dessert we’ve a variety of tasty treats
Tons of scrumptious goodies to eat

Chocolate chip cookies and brownies so sweet
Four kinds of pies including minced meat

It’s all there so fill up your plate
I’m getting mine, I can hardly wait

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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/\ *** ***** ******** ************ ************** *************** ***************** ******************* Faces bright with anticipation Awaiting Christmas illumination Dad turned the switch on at the wall The Christmas lights twinkled in the hall The children gasped at the wondrous sight Smiling faces beamed with rapturous delight A magical moment for us all to see Dad switching on the Christmas tree ******************** ********************** l l l l \___/ 12~02~14 Contest: The Hush of Christmas Past Sponsor: Mystic Rose ~awarded 6th place in screwed contest~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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- Christmas Light And Joy -

Its Christmas time again
Making hot chocolate - reading Christmas stories

The windows is lit up with fairy lights
The spirit of Christmas is in the air

We light the candles in dark corners
Waiting to hear the Christmas bells

To believe in magic and love is all I want
And thank you Christmas angels

21.12.2015 - A-L Andresen :)
(Unrymed Couplet )

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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My abiding memory of 2015 is of events that are so sad With my father’s death, it’s the worst year I’ve ever had It has been the most challenging year for me But with amazing support I remain pretty happy I don’t want to dwell on events that have past My memories of the year 2015 will always last I want to leave the year on a humourous note With a true tale of a gift that didn’t get my vote! Mum and I went out to a local church fete It’s very well attended and the raffle is great We perused all the stalls and brought a few things I got some lemon cake and some brand new earrings The raffle stall bulged with wonderful prizes With boxes that ranged in all shapes and sizes One pretty white gift box really caught my eye Four ‘Dior’ perfume miniatures for a lady to try We brought some tickets then sat and drank tea I said to mum, I’ve seen just the prize for me The raffle got drawn and mum’s ticket was pulled out I collected the prize of Dior perfume without a doubt Mum told me I could have it as a Christmas gift I was overjoyed and it gave my heart a huge lift The gift box was placed under our little tree Its pretty gold ribbon was there for all to see I didn’t open the box on Christmas Day Until Boxing Day the pretty box did stay We were going out to friends later that night I thought my new perfume would be just right Taking the pretty white box from under the tree I pondered which scent would be perfect for me Upon lifting the lid of the perfume box I returned to the school of hard knocks To my consternation and my deep chagrin There was a void where the perfume once had been An empty box was my only present from my mum My gift is that I still have mum, so my poem is done. This is a true story - someone had put an empty box as a raffle prize! Contest: My abiding Memory Sponsor: Viv Wigley 9th January 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Widow Christmas - Get Low

Began in September
(Watching it grow)

A smoldering ember
(Black-orange glow)

October, November
(Can’t let them know)

Half past thru December
(Hope it won’t show)

Don’t think I remember
(Feeling so low)

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

He looks at the cards hung over the fire
Suspended in air by the finest of wire
One from his wife, his children and friends
Christmas he loves and he’s sad when it ends

Ceilings are decked with the seasonal trim
The tree is all set, baubled to the brim
Presents are wrapped, all ready to give
It’s that time of year he loves to relive

He sits by the tree and a fire lit ball
The image reflects of the babe in the stall
A donkey is there, the parents look on
Surrounded by shepherds and kings in a throng

He see’s the whole story, slowly unfold
As each in their turn, gives baby a hold
And the great star above shines brightly and new
And the world is at peace for a moment or two

He then see’s the past when his children were young
The house full of laughter and carols were sung
When visitors called for a glass of best sherry
Good cheer was abroad and everyone merry

Now the children have grown and live far away
No more with new toys will he see them play
His wife had passed on, a long time before
Each year that passes, he misses her more

Then the ball on the tree shows him all alone
In the house that was once his family’s home
Rolls a tear from his eye, drips from his chin
Does somebody, somewhere, still think of him?

He leans back in his chair and his eye catches sight
Of the cards he hangs there each Christmas night
Suspended in air by the finest of wire
He looks at the old cards hung over the fire

A knock at the door brings him back to life
He answers and finds it’s the ghost of his wife
“They’re not coming to you, so we’ll go to them”
It’s our turn to travel to Bethlehem”

From my place on the tree, the room I survey
Though he’s still sitting there, he’s on his way
To watch over those he loves above all
But, he’ll never forget what he saw in this ball.

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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What's up with Santa

What's up with Santa

Chimneys not swept Santa isn't happy
He is sick of the soot making him snappy

Families have lost the one thing that gives a room soul
A roaring fire of wood or coal

Toasting your toes as well as the bread
Held in front of the coals which are glowing red

Back to Santa who is beginning to stumble
No longer mince pies, sometimes fruit crumble

The tot of whisky has become a shot and Fanta
The reindeers are fed up, with a drunk Santa.

Talking of striking which isn't pleasant
A Xmas morn without any presents

All because Santa can't say no to the offings
Quaffing the goodies that are left out for him

So come you Mam's and Dad this is the test
Chimneys clean a mince pie and tot is best

Children will wake up to a happy morn
Celebrate the day a baby boy was born.

Reindeers will be happy too, that's nice
So will the elves and the live in mice

Happy Xmas Santa, once more you have survived
Delivered the parcels and kept tradition alive

Left me a sackful that's kind of lumpy
Opened to find a red eyed Santa that's grumpy

So night night Santa time for a snooze
Remember next year to keep off the booze

Penned 22 November 2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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All I Want For Christmas

For Christmas I dream that it often seems
It was merely a dream for Christmas I dream

For Christmas I dream it is often alright
The demons sleep fast on Christmas Eve night

For Christmas it seems that I often dream lies
For Christmas I dream you have heeded my cries

Often for Christmas I dream it shall be
You are home for Christmas; you are home here with me… 

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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For Christmas I Dream

For Christmas I dream that it often seems
It was merely a dream for Christmas I dream

For Christmas I dream it is often alright
The demons sleep fast on Christmas Eve night

For Christmas it seems that I often dream lies
For Christmas I dream you have heeded my cries

For Christmas I dream that again it shall be
You are home for Christmas, home here with me…

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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A Christmas Prayer

A glowing Yuletide candle light
Is burning very, very bright

For all our soldiers far away
Spending Christmas a soldiers way.

Dreaming of home and holiday cheer,
Wishing that their loved ones were near.

We are at home dreaming dreams too,
While thinking of and praying for you.

Look for some gifts to let you know
That the great sacrifices you bestow

In blessing us with freedom and care
Is especially returned in loving prayer.

Please know that the Lord is with you,
Giving you courage in all that you do.

Merry Christmas to our soldiers so dear,
May you share it safe at home next year!

© Connie Marcum Wong

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2015

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Christmas Castaways

Christmas Castaways

My good friend Jerry’s unemployment had run out
I feared print journalism’s future was in doubt

But while we commiserated on Christmas Eve
A disheartening report was broadcast on TV

Local law enforcement had been busy that day
People found living in the woods had been cast away

These homeless families had set up tents on state land
And police had ordered these squatters to disband

How heartless it seemed that these souls should be tossed out
Poor folks who had nothing and learned to do without

We shut off the TV, couldn’t take it anymore
And headed for a café with joyful décor

Just twenty degrees as we drove down the highway
Where a sight neath a bridge caused far more dismay

A couple and their small child huddled together
Trying hard to stay warm in cold winter weather

Sad images of Bethlehem flashed through my mind
With no room at the inn for the savior of mankind

I looked at my friend and he returned my glance
We both felt this family needed a second chance

“Pull over,” he murmured, “we can’t just leave them here
These folks deserve to share in our holiday cheer”

So money that could have bought steak dinners for two
We used to buy hamburgers for our five-member crew

Some cash left over for a room at Motel Six
Not a real solution – a temporary fix

We returned Christmas Day; our church would take them in
But they had checked out; it was half past eleven

For long I’ve wondered what happened to this family
And what each Christmas holds for those who are needy 

*Recollection of Christmas, 2007, when the economy started to fail.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Naughty Kitties In A Silver Tree

Came home just the other day
Caught my kitties well at play

Cats like to climb up trees it's true
They have the Christmas spirit too!

But not my lovely Christmas tree!
They looked as innocent as can be

With ornaments hanging off his nose
One came out smelling like a rose

For his little sister was worse than that
She was a silver garland-wrapped cat!

Oh they had such fun 'til I came home
Their saucer eyes so brightly shone

I couldn't stay mad for very long
Soon was singing a different song

Found the camera and flashed some shots
Cleaning up all the messy spots

Re-hung the ornaments on the tree
Again it was lovely as could be!

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2010

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The North Pole looks so pretty like a winter fairy land It is Christmas Eve and everyone must lend a hand Frosty the snowman is busy having such fun He's teasing the elves and making them run He says …. ‘Go get some trimming and wrap all those gifts … don’t overload the sled or it’ll get stuck in snow drifts’ The elves work so hard as Christmas is on its way They need all the toys ready for that very special day Sled bells get attached, oh how those jingle bells ring The elves are getting so exited they begin to sing…. “When Santa got stuck in a snow drift he began to shout... He’d better take a spade with him to dig the presents out” Santa Claus stood there laughing in his coat of ruby red He asks the elves to get ready to help him load his sled Huge sacks of presents are piled high on the bright red sled The reindeer's had been resting; Santa roused them from their bed With a hearty ho ho ho Santa and the reindeer's take to the sky He hopes all the children are tucked in bed - they shouldn’t see him fly! On Christmas Day the children wake, their faces are aglow They see the pile of presents and the sled tracks in the snow Contest Ho Ho Ho Required words.... Elves, Frosty the snowman, Christmas, jingle bells, toys, sled, sled bells, Santa Claus, trimming, Winter fairy land 11~28~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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'Tis the Day After Christmas


		‘Tis the day after Christmas; the house is a mess.
		When they’ll restore order is anyone’s guess.
		Bags, stockings, and bows are knee-deep near the tree.
		This family’s sluggish and tired as can be.	
		They’re still full of turkey, bread, ham, and three pies,
		four veggies . . . Mom will use her skills to disguise
		what’s left. She’ll transform it and serve it for days!
		Her pot pies, meat salads, and soups--all will praise.

		The kids come alive and enjoy their new toys,
		fight for the remote, play the Wii, and make noise.
		Dad slips to the den to his favorite chair
		for a short winter’s nap—then sees Mom standing there.
		“Your turn to do dishes and laundry,” she states.
		Then a big pile of invoices for us awaits.
		We’ll pay them online. Now is no time to doze.”
		Up from the recliner poor pooped Dad arose.


		A long-time tradition they’ll follow tonight;
		they’ll watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and delight
		in being together. They know they are blessed,
		as they enjoy life in their own cozy nest.	

December 23, 2016



Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2016

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Santa's Bad Day

The elves filled Santa's sack with toys
For all the good little girls and boys

When he lifted it up he used his back
Instead of his legs and he tore his sack

An elf gave a band-aid to Santa, their proctor
Santa said, "No, I need to go to a doctor"

But sadly a doctor he would do without
There was no time, so he started his route

He stood up in the sleigh, his jewels in a brace
Yelling, "OW, Merry Christmas!", all over the place!

Copyright © PAT Adams | Year Posted 2017

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Christmas is over and I'm all alone.
The house is now quiet and I lie prone,

Remembering the merriment, the gladness and cheer,
And the wonderful feeling of having them here.

The Christmas tree twinkles by the window so bright.
In this quiet room it's the only light.

There it will stand until New Year's Day,
When I take it all down and put it away.

Then I'll clean the house from one end to the other,
Remembering with love each sister and brother.

I'll think on the past, of the joy and the fun,
Of raising my children, my daughters and sons.

The pain of not having them close by my side,
And how their success has brought me much pride.

Then I'll make some tea and sit down with my cat,
Then the dog at my side I'll get coat and hat.

I'll go for a walk in the crisp winter air,
And rejoice as the frost covers lashes and hair.

My life is a good one all things considered.
No need to feel lonely, abandoned, embittered;

For I have my life and they have theirs.
They write, visit, phone, that proves they still care.

I still have a job and my home keeps me busy.
No need to feel useless like some old tin Lizzy.

I'm not ready for the junk heap yet.
Not old, just experienced, I'm hip, you bet.

Can't wait now for Easter, they'll phone and come by,
And I'll hold each one close and give a glad sigh.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2017

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The First King Size Bed

The first king size bed was fashioned nearly two thousand years ago,
Not by Thomasville, Broyhill or Bassett, manufacturers we all know.

There was no pillow-top mattress made by Sealy or Simmons for the bed,
Nor a chenille bedspread or foam pillows upon which to rest His head.

The bed was not located in a cozy Hampton Inn or Embassy Suites,
But in a lowly stable with a bed of straw sans snowy-white sheets.

The first King size bed was a simple manger for a royal destined to rule!
A King of Kings was born whose birthday we celebrate this joyous Yule!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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Christmas Sleigh Ride

The sleigh bells jingle merrily across the horses backs,
The snowflakes fall around us, filling the horses tracks;

The silver silence broken by boisterous Christmas songs,
Midnight chimes on the clock over head but we’re still going strong;

The whiskey warms our insides as we pass the bottle around,
Aside from the caroling voices, the night doesn’t make a sound;

We’re snuggled under blankets, breath fogging in the air;
Riding along with family and friends, living without a care!

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2012

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Lady in Black

'Round & round the block she goes
Whose house she stops  nobody knows

Curtains are drawn lest darkness appear
Clip-clop the lady in dark we all fear

Neighbors are heard, sobs distant muffle
Drones in the sky quite a kerfuffle

What evil minds invent such horror?
I pray Mother Mary help us! I implore

"Cease-fire for one-day" he exhorts with mirth
"Bombings will resume" just after His Birth

© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2014

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The Reason for the Season

When did Christ get pushed aside
for a fat man and reindeer on a midnight ride?

I'm sure if Jesus had his way
he'd change his birthday to a different day.

Competition's too tough on Christmas day
when it's all about Santa and what's on his sleigh.

There's no room to park at the mall.
Is this why Christ died for us all?

So we could buy bigger, better toys
to fill our hearts with Christmas joys.

Do the little ones even know the reason
for this Christmas holiday season?

Santa's recognized by everyone 
but do we even remember the son?

Do they even know the story
of the manger, wise men and God's glory?

Santa Claus is all the rage
and Christ's day he does upstage.

So have yourself some Christmas cheer
'cause it just gets worse year after year.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Oh, Christmas Tree

An unusual thing occurred at our house Christmas Eve.
It caused us anger, it was enough to make us grieve.

We waited to the last minute for a live Christmas tree:
A brimful tree of precise size, with perfect symmetry.

On Christmas Eve, we pulled it inside the house to trim.
As we tugged it through, we discovered something grim.

Although the tree was green, it was dead as a doornail.
As we carried it in, pine needles rained down like hail.

It was too late to find another tree, the problem to rectify.
“We can’t have Christmas without a tree,” I wanted to cry.

Long gone the days to trek into woods & chop one down.
I wanted to stomp my foot, I wanted someone to crown.

Not only was there no tree, we vacuumed piles of needles.
“Honey, we need an artificial Christmas tree,” I wheedled.

 ‘After Christmas sales,’ afforded us a great opportunity.
  Now, I can decorate the tree each year, with impunity.

  No worry about limbs drooping, no watering to do. I
   like the convenience. I like the look of it too. After 

                               the tree 
                            that counts, 
                       it’s what’s under it. 
                        Don’t you agree? 

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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White Christmas

Presents opened by the hearth,
Gifts of goodness from the heart.

Christmas snow is falling down,
A fresh white blanket for the town.

Little eyes are opened wide,
Snowmen and angels dance inside.

A pure "White Christmas"  for us all.
Warm inside, we watch it fall.

Happy as our hearts are lifted,
A Christmas present God has gifted!

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2012

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Christmas Shopping

Town malls are cluttered with Christmas shoppers,
toting packages of last-minute-list-droppers.

Carols echo from high pillared ceiling,
leaving one and all with a charitable feeling.

Door frames draped with assorted Christmas light,
center stands a lit tree, what a glorious sight.

Children align mall walls waiting for Santa Claus,
to listen to their wishes and wants, just because.

Long grueling lines wind through department aisles,
confirming it is Christmas with occasional smiles.

Feet are aching from walks to distant shop,
shoppers sitting on benches, some refuse to stop.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2011

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T'is the Season of Golden Fish and Bells

Sudden fever, limbs trembling, the clog in breathing
why now when I wish to sing of the golden coming our way?

Packages piled beneath tree, lilies opening their heart
and I can't think, no story, no news, no hellos.

So I have only my new toy phone and these crazy fish
mating and multiplying and swimming past golden bells.

Who am I kidding, how could I not be productive every minute
when rest is denied me for a cough, swelling at throat.

No excuse, one could say, fish will always be fish, darting
from threat, meeting their feed needs, following children.

So why am I no fish, no human with this glazed brain
when the carols unroll with the bowing of violins, trumpet

of joy. Isn't that enough, sheer piping pleasure blared
to night, to dare fears entrance, to light up world

Isn't that the true message, you and I here, meeting 
for an hour, a gift of sharing, the unrolling of fatigue,

the quieting of sorrow with the birth of a new world.
How new? Minutes new, this is enough for joy

to cherish the golden fish swimming into you life
disappearing like tomorrow's sun forever but alive.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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A Farmer And A Child

Children are worthy of the strongest love
They are truly blessings from God above

They deserve the best when it comes to protection,
kindness, love and the purest affection

For those not treasured for the blessings they are,
there are people who really work very hard

to do what they can to provide some care,
wishing desperately that life was fair

So many children and so little time
We do our best to raise every dime

So many in our community do what they can
One inspiration was a very kind man

Blind generosity is so pure
This is the love that could be the cure

When strangers can give to help one another
We realize that we are sisters and brothers

We are growing here in our little town
We don't want to let each other down

I think that truly says something about us
When some are down we do what we must

I've been inspired for quite a while
To think it all started with a farmer and a child

Copyright © Nikki Reynolds | Year Posted 2016

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Who's That Knocking At My Door

Who's That Knocking On My Door?

On Christmas Eve, fast asleep,
     Since I counted all my sheep,
Snug and warm in bed I lay
     Till I wake on Christmas Day.

Who's that knocking at my door?
     God, it's only half-past four!
Half asleep and half awake,
     Suddenly, I start to shake.

Is it bad news, is it good?
     Now alarmed, think if I should
Walk the hall down to that door,
     Lift the curtain to explore?

Will I see some monster eyes,
     Or a burglar in disguise?
Not thinking straight, this is true;
     But I must, this I knew.

Knocking, knocking, still I hear
     That late night sound that I fear.
Half-past four on Christmas Eve;
     This I still could not believe.

Slowing walking with great heed
     To confront this scary deed;
Pulled the curtain back to see...
     Then I laughed so happily!

A tall box, right there in sight
     'Gainst the door, this windy night,
Knocking on the glass, you see,
     Christmas late delivery!

Sandra M. Haight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Who's That Knocking At My Door?
Sponsor: Tammy Reams
Judged: 01/02/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015